Q: WOW!!! What is that sleek, sexy, powerful machine?!!
A: The SportCycle is a pre-assembled kit that can be attached to any donor motorcycle stop loss. Just remove your motorcycle�s front fork then bolt the motorcycle to the SportCycle. Attach the SportCycle levers and hoses to the motorcycle�s clutch, rear break, throttle and shift controls, connect the wiring harness, and it�s ready to drive! All motorcycle functions are controlled via the driver�s cockpit and are similar to Formula 1 and CART racecars. The SportCycle patent pending design features and efficient construction help keep the overall weight of the combined vehicle to a minimum. This results in incredible acceleration and spectacular handling that will trounce some the most powerful performance sports cars on the market. In other words�it screams!

Q: Is the SportCycle street legal? 
A: Although current federal highway laws treat three-wheel vehicles as motorcycles, rules and regulations governing a hybrid take profit vehicle such as the SportCycle may vary state to state. Consult the Internet or your local government for a complete description of your state�s requirements.

Q: Will my existing motorcycle insurance remain in force when I attach the SportCycle kit? 
A: Although the SportCycle is classified as a motorcycle, some motorcycle insurance underwriters may elect not to continue to insure a motorcycle with a major modification such as attaching the SportCycle kit. Check with your underwriter before making the modification to determine the limitations and restrictions of your policy. 

Q: Will I damage my motorcycle in the process of attaching/detaching the SportCycle kit? 
The goal of the SportCycle kit long term trading is to deliver the ultimate in performance and handling while at the same time provide a simple assembly and impart minimal damage to the motorcycle and its components. To reduce cost and avoid mismatched components, the cockpit utilizes the motorcycle�s existing gauges and controls (i.e. speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, light switches, turn signals, key ignition, horn, kill switch, and choke.). Under most circumstances, the electrical wire harnesses must be cut and spliced onto an extension harness that connects to the transferred motorcycle gauges and controls inside the cockpit. Such splicing may void a portion of the motorcycle�s warranty. Some motorcycles may require other minor or major modifications or relief in order to attach the SportCycle kit. Additionally, it is recommended that a passenger car tire with a wider tread replace the standard rear motorcycle tire in order to improve lateral traction and reduce fishtailing at high speed. A wider tread tire may require some modification to the chain guard or other frame components in order to provide sufficient tire clearance.

Q: Can any motorcycle be turned into an SportCycle? 
The SportCycle kit has been designed with a large opening in the rear to handle most motorcycles. Our prototypes are attached to late model **Kawasaki ZRX 1100�s, but almost any motorcycle will do. If you are looking for the ultimate in performance from the SportCycle kit, start with a powerful donor motorcycle. Our website contains the important specifications and dimensions of the SportCycle kit. If you are still unsure about a custom fit, please contact us.

Q: Does the SportCycle have reverse? 
The SportCycle kit contains no equipment or components to provide reverse, although we are currently developing several configurations, which may be available in the future.

Q: Should I allow a passenger sit on the rear saddle while the vehicle is in motion? 
No, the SportCycle is intended to be driven only by a single occupant in the cockpit. A typical motorcycle leans into a turn and the operator and passenger are forced downward into the motorcycle�s saddle. Three wheelers, such as the SportCycle, do not lean into a turn. Therefore, because of high lateral G-forces, a passenger sitting on the saddle would have difficulty holding on and could be thrown from the vehicle causing serious injury or death. In addition, the superb handling of the SportCycle is attained by a very low center of gravity. A passenger on the saddle would upset the balance of the vehicle.

Q: Is the SportCycle safe? 
The SportCycle is classified as a motorcycle. It is not required to meet the safety standards of a typical motor vehicle. It has no airbags, no bumpers, and sits pretty low to the ground. It is extremely lightweight and offers little protection to the occupant in the event of an accident.

Q: Will my wife allow me to buy and drive a machine with such awesome performance? 
Maybe, not. After all, once you experience the raw power and superb handling of the SportCycle, you may begin to neglect your duties at home in order to spend your weekends wandering around town searching for unsuspecting lightweights such as Corvettes, Porsches and Ferrari�s.

Q: Is the SportCycle really as much fun as it looks? 
It's more fun than it looks..

Q: How do I purchase an SportCycle kit? 
E-mail us at
sales@indycycleonline.com. You must be at least 18 years old. It is recommended that you are mechanically proficient and/or have access to someone who is mechanically proficient when assembling the SportCycle kit.
**Kawasaki and ZRX 1100 are trademarks of the [Kawasaki Corp]. Attaching the SportCycle to the ZRX 1100 or any other motorcycle has not authorized or recommended by Kawasaki or any other motorcycle manufacturer. The purchaser and/or operator of SportCycle assume full responsibility for the assembly, safety and performance of the vehcle.