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What Trey Gowdy Just Did Could Be A Defining Moment For America, I Was Stunned At 2 24
Boom: Trey Gowdy Just Roasted Obama To A Crisp On The House Floor And Earned A Standing Ovation The South Carolina Rep’s impassioned proclamation left the room cheering and applauding... http://www.westernjournalism.com/trey-gowdy-delivers-passionate-speech-questions-obamas-adherence-law/#wQwBUg09aiQYHd71.99 Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) really delivered when he took a stand to uplift the House members, reminding them of the purpose in their roles as leaders. Gowdy also discussed Obama’s role as President of the United States, describing the way he has managed the duties and powers entrusted to him. His speech is nothing short of thought-provoking. “I want us to talk as colleagues, because our foundational document gave us as the House unique powers and responsibilities. We run every two years because they intended for us to be closest to the people. The President was given different duties and powers. The President was given the duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, so my question, Mr. Speaker, is what does that mean to you?” “We know the President can veto a bill for any reason or for no reason,” he continued. “We know the President can refuse to defend the constitutionality of a statute – even one that he signs into law. We know the President can issue pardons for violations of the very laws that we pass, and we know that the President has prosecutorial discretion as evidenced and used through his U.S. attorneys. Mr. Speaker, that is a lot of power. What are we to do when that amount of power is not enough? What are we to do when this president, or any president, decides to selectively enforce a portion of a law and ignore other portions of that law? What do we do, Mr. Speaker, regardless of motivation, when a president nullifies our vote by failing to faithfully execute the law?” Gowdy continued to ask questions of the same nature throughout his address. “You know, in the oath that brand-new citizens take, it contains six different references to ‘the law.’ If it’s good enough for us to ask brand-new citizens to affirm their devotion to the law, is it too much to ask that the President do the same? If a president can change some laws, can he change all laws? Can he change election laws? Can he change discrimination laws? Are there any laws, under your theory, that he actually has to enforce? What is our recourse, Mr. Speaker? What is our remedy?” He closed by explaining how a bill he has chosen to sponsor would permit Congress to ensure the Executive branch has to follow the laws. “Maybe members of Congress would be respected more if we respected ourselves enough to require that when we pass something, it be treated as law.” “Mr. Speaker, the House of Representatives does not exist to pass suggestions,” Gowdy concluded. “We do not exist to pass ideas. We make law. And while you are free to stand and clap when any president comes into this hallowed chamber and promises to do it with or without you, I will never stand and clap when any president – no matter whether he’s your party or mine – promises to make us a constitutional anomaly and an afterthought. We make law.” The South Carolina Rep’s impassioned proclamation left the room cheering and applauding, with many rising to their feet, clearly in agreement with his sentiments. Well said, Trey. Well said, indeed. It’s good to know you have America’s back.
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Michael Voris freed from gay lifestyle by Jesus-Not Born That Way
Fri Apr 22, 2016 - 7:37 pm EST https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/michael-voris-reveals-he-was-freed-from-homosexual-lifestyle-by-jesus-chris Not born that way, but is a learned behavior, freedom is possible to conform to God's way which is true love family and marriage conformed to laws of nature and natures God . Michael Voris reveals he was freed from homosexual lifestyle by Jesus Christ Catholic internet evangelist Michael Voris, the founder of Church Militant and known worldwide for his famous show The Vortex, “where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed,” has revealed for the first time that he was actively involved in homosexuality “over a prolonged period of time.” The internet sensation who has been zealous in exposing error and falsehood even where bishops are concerned, has long admitted he was a revert from a sinful sexual lifestyle, but never before revealed its specific nature. “I have said many times — in public — that I was in a state of mortal sin, and had I died, I would have been damned,” said Voris in a Vortex episode released Thursday. “I will now reveal that for most of my years in my thirties, confused about my own sexuality, I lived a life of live-in relationships with homosexual men,” he said. Voris stressed that those grave sins took place before his “reversion to the Faith.” “Since my reversion, I abhor all these sins, especially in the world of the many, many other sins I have committed having nothing to do with sexuality,” added Voris. Voris said he decided to reveal the details of his past on the basis of his receipt of information suggesting that “the New York archdiocese is collecting and preparing to quietly filter out details of my past life with the aim of publicly discrediting me, this apostolate and the work here.” But beyond that impetus, Voris says he regrets not revealing the nature of his sins before because it was “limiting God” and perhaps not letting his example inspire others in homosexual lifestyles to turn to God for help. “From the time of my return to the Faith, I have wanted nothing than for others to experience the joy and life-giving truth of the Catholic Church,” said Voris, “to know that the dead can be raised, to deeply consider what is truly meant by ‘With God all things are possible.’" “He can even restore your formerly shattered, confused sexuality,” added Voris. “It does not matter — whatever the issue, whatever the sin, whatever the depth of the deepest darkness, there is nowhere God can not come to you and rescue you.” During the Vortex special, the founder of Church Militant apologizes to “anyone who is wounded” by the revelations, noting that he “did not intend to deceive” but only “didn't see the need to provide up-close detail of past sins.” While he says he does not know what ramifications to his apostolate will come of the revelation, he prays only that “the will of God be done.” Concluding, he says: “We will never cease declaring these truths, the glories of the Catholic faith, regardless of what happens.”
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Weak Catholics become Protestants Strong Protestants become Catholic 1 belief  lead  2 Catholicism
Catholics who become Protestants will generally acknowledge that they had been raised Catholic but never new Christ, I never knew my faith, it didn't mean anything to me, seemed like empty ritual to me,. I didn't find a living faith until I entered this Protestant Church. They admitted their basis in Catholicism was poor Catechesis and that was why they became Protestant. Dave tells us every Protestant I have known tells the opposite story. I was Passionate in my faith, I was studying the Bible, I studied the Church Fathers with all my Heart. I wanted to know truth and it lead me to the Catholic Church. There is one Core doctrine that every Protestant ought to answer. How do you know what the Christian Faith is? Instantly the Protestant will tell is that is what the Bible tells me. Who told you that the Bible is where you should Go? Did Jesus tell us the Bible is the rule of faith? No He didn't. Jesus said He was the final authority and He gave all authority to the magisterial teaching authority to the church through the apostles Mat 28:18-20. He who listens to you listens to me, he rejects you rejects me Luke 10:16. He frequently interjected His own authority over the OT, It is written but I say to you. When He ascended into Heaven He gave that authority to His Apostles who ordained other priests/presbyters, and Bishops in every community in the middle east, Europe etc.
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Mother Teresa Gives Her Last Speech- How To Love God – (Very Moving!
Do Not Wait for Leaders. Do it alone, person to person. Dedicated saint to Jesus Mother Teresa gives some amazing life altering advice on how to love God. She speaks from the heart and is regarded as one of the most inspirational women of all time! Here’s some things she reminds us Jesus said… “I was hungry and you gave me bread to eat” … and she continued to explain that he didn’t just mean food, but hungry for love. “I was naked and you clothed me” … not only with a piece of cloth but with human dignity. The dignity to love and being loved. “I was homeless and you took me in” … not only in a house but you took me in and away from loneliness. This video’s so good. We’re blessed to have known such an amazing soul like hers. She was only 18-year-old when she decided to become a nun. Her charity work through her life has helped millions. She was even honored with being in Rome 1968 receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for her humanitarian work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=D1uwuPu7ueo
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Chicago Black Activists: "Voting Democrat is Black on Black Crime"!--" Government's War On Family"
Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership Shocking Video – Black Chicago Activists Voting Democrat is Black on Black Crime! Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country. By Onan Coca / 29 October 2014 http://eaglerising.com/10596/shocking-video-black-chicago-activists-voting-democrat-black-black-crime/ “Look and see in your community, who are the real oppressors in our communities? … There is black on black crime in city hall, there is black on black crime in all the state capitols in America. Where black folks are voting against our interests, where black folks are getting poorer and poorer and other groups are getting richer and richer.” “In Detroit, where are your leaders? There’s no white folks running Detroit… those are black folks running that city!” “The only thing that they are offering the black community is Abortion on Demand.” “Now he wants to have this conversation about minimum wage raise, because he knows that this is the way to get a lot of poor people’s attention. But, to hell with his minimum wage raise, we don’t have any jobs! A minimum wage raise for what!?” “They’re not pushing a black agenda, they’re not pushing a family agenda, they’re pushing a neo-liberal agenda.” “They force us into a life of welfare, we don’t want no welfare. We want opportunities to go to work, we want opportunities to own businesses. They bailed out major banks and these big investors but left the people starving.” “There are no tea party’s in your city.” “We don’t have those people…” “Hundreds of millions of dollars are coming down from the federal government, but the money is going to all these special interest groups… this whole corrupt Democrat system that gobbles up all the dollars and starves the people out.”
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Gianna Jesse Abortion Survivor Powerful Testimony Before Congress Defund Planned Parenthood Now
Woman who Survived Abortion Berates Congress for Supporting Planned Parenthood By Onan Coca / 14 September 2015 / http://eaglerising.com/23715/woman-who-survived-abortion-berates-congress-for-supporting-planned-parenthood/#WUsx35GvZICcAvoB.99 In 1977 Gianna Jessen’s mother walked into an abortion clinic in Los Angeles and attempt to murder her child. For 18 hours Gianna was tortured in her mother’s womb, attacked with a painful and usually deadly saline solution. After 18 hours of this disgusting assault, she was born… alive. "Instead of dying, after 18 hours of being burned in my mother’s womb, I was delivered alive in an abortion clinic in Los Angeles on April the 6th, 1977. Thankfully, the abortionist was not at work yet. Had he been there, he would have ended my life with strangulation, suffocation, or leaving me there to die. Instead, a nurse called an ambulance, and I was rushed to a hospital." Jessen told this story to Congress this past Wednesday as she argued, passionately, against the horror of human abortion. She continued by then explaining that the attempted murder had left her with life-long disability. Because of the assault, her brain had been starved of oxygen which led to a lifetime battle with cerebral palsy. Her case is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the pro-abortion movement, arguing that the fight against abortion is a war on women. The TRUE war on women, Jessen argues, is the one being conducted by abortionists against the millions of women that they’ve murdered and the millions of women that they’ve turned into accomplices to murder. image: http://cdn1.eaglerising.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/no-rights-abortion-300x203.jpg no rights abortion"I would ask Planned Parenthood the following questions: If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine? You continuously use the argument, ‘If the baby is disabled, we need to terminate the pregnancy,’ as if you can determine the quality of someone’s life. Is my life less valuable due to my Cerebral Palsy? You have failed, in your arrogance and greed, to see one thing: it is often from the weakest among us that we learn wisdom—something sorely lacking in our nation today. And it is both our folly and our shame that blinds us to the beauty of adversity." But this was just the opening salvo of Jessen’s testimony before Congress against Planned Parenthood. Her real reason for speaking to the assembled politicians was to demand an end to Planned Parenthood’s federal funding, reminding Congress that abortion is evil and God will one day judge us all. "Planned Parenthood is not ashamed of what they have done or continue to do. But we will have to give an account as a nation, before God, for our apathy and for the murder of over 50 million children in the womb. Every time we falter in courage as individuals and fail to confront this evil, I wonder how many lives have been lost in our silence, while we make sure we are lauded among men and do not offend anyone? How many children have died, and been dismembered, and their parts sold, for our ego, our convenience, and our promiscuity?" Jessen rightly berates Congress for failing the weakest (and most innocent) in our society, but she also rightly acknowledges the real reason she is alive today. "I am alive because of the power of Jesus Christ alone, in whom I live, move and have my being. Without Him I would have nothing, and with Him I have all,” Jessen told Congress.
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POWERFUL Fox Host CRIES as ABORTION DOCTOR DESCRIBES  Late Term Abortion Feb 28, 2019
POWERFUL: FOX HOST CRIES AS FORMER ABORTIONIST DESCRIBES LATE-TERM ABORTION ON FOX AND FRIENDS Feb. 28, 2019. “Pretty powerful. I’m the mother of a little girl and I look at your little girl Heather and think about Hayden, and I just can’t imagine,” she said tearfully. “Some of these doctors want to do late-term abortions, and I can’t even picture what that would be like.” February 28, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – With the extremes of abortion-on-demand back in the national spotlight, former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning to offer a firsthand view of the subject, with a retelling that left a deep impact on interviewer Ainsley Earhardt. Levatino is a board-certified OB/GYN who performed more than 1,200 abortions over the course of his 40-year career, but left the industry following the death of his daughter and rose to prominence in recent years as a pro-life advocate. He has offered his expertise to a series of Live Action videos detailing what abortion procedures actually entail, and congressional testimony against the claim that abortion is medically necessary. “When I graduated from medical school in 1976 I was dedicated pro-choice,” Levatino told Earhardt in the interview. “I was quite dedicated to it, this was a woman’s choice. I was an obstetrician, and I was gonna provide that care.” But his perspective began to change in 1984, after his young daughter Heather was struck and killed by a car. “If you haven’t lost a child yourself you have no idea, I hope you never find out. But what do you do after a disaster? You bury your child, you try to get back into your life,” he continued, explaining that his first dilation & evacuation procedure after the tragedy was a turning point. "A second-trimester D&E abortion is a brutal, inhumane procedure. This is a morning show so I cannot describe it, but let’s just say they call it dismemberment abortion for a reason,” Levatino said. “And I started that abortion and just stared at what I had just pulled out of the uterus. When you do an abortion, believe it or not, you have to keep inventory, you have to make sure that you get everything." “And for the first time in my career, after all those years and all those abortions, I looked, I really looked at that pile of body parts on the side of the table, and I didn’t see her wonderful right to choose, I didn’t see what a great doctor I was helping her with her problem, and I didn’t even see the $800 cash I just made in fifteen minutes,” he said. “All I could see was somebody’s son or daughter." “And it struck me in that moment, that this patient had (figuratively, never literally) came to me and said ‘here’s $800, kill my son or daughter.’ And I was the kind of person who would look her right back in the eye with no hesitation and say, ‘sure, I’ll do that,’” Levatino confessed. After listening to Levatino’s story in stunned silence, "Fox & Friends" host Ainsley Earhardt spoke up, her voice quivering with emotion. “Pretty powerful. I’m the mother of a little girl and I look at your little girl Heather and think about Hayden, and I just can’t imagine,” she said tearfully. “Some of these doctors want to do late-term abortions, and I can’t even picture what that would be like.” The interview comes amid a national furor over Democrats pushing multiple state-level laws legalizing largely-unregulated abortions essentially until birth, and opposing national legislation that would require basic medical care for infants who survive abortions. Levatino will be next making an appearance in the upcoming film Unplanned, which tells the story of former Planned Parenthood manager Abby Johnson’s pro-life conversion. He plays the abortionist who commits the “procedure that changes Abby’s life, according to filmmakers Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon. https://video.foxnews.com/v/video-embed.html?video_id=6008330259001&loc=lifesitenews.com&ref=https%253A%252F%252Fwww.lifesitenews.com%252Fnews%252Ffox-host-cries-as-former-abortionist-describes-late-term-abortion&_xcf= https://insider.foxnews.com/2019/02/28/former-abortionist-recalls-stopping-abortion-after-daughter-died-car-crash https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/fox-host-cries-as-former-abortionist-describes-late-term-abortion
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Communism Survivor Destroys Gun Control Law
This is the passionate speech of a man who fled communism and marxism and knows what will happen next. Good job sir.
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Melissa Ohden abortion survivor powerfu Testimony Before Congress on Abortion
Abortion Survivor Tells Congress: Planned Parenthood Would Have Killed Me if Given the Chance National Steven Ertelt Sep 9, 2015 During today’s Congressional hearing over Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted babies and their body parts, pro-life advocate Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor, told Congress that Planned Parenthood would have killed her if given the chance. The LifeNews writer said there are many other abortion survivors like her who are speaking up against abortion. Today was the first hearing in Congress’ multi-committee investigation of the Planned Parenthood abortion business after a series of nine videos exposed how it is potentially illegally selling aborted babies and profiting from the sales. “I’m here today to share my story to not only highlight the horror of abortion taking place at Planned Parenthood but to give a voice to other survivors like me, and most importantly, to give a name, a face, and a voice to the hundreds of thousands of children who will have their lives ended by Planned Parenthood this year alone,” she said. SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately Ohen said that while some of them had survived abortion attempts at abortion facilities not affiliated with Planned Parenthood, “the expectation for our lives to be ended by abortion are the very same as those who do lose their lives there.” “I have long believed that if my birthmother’s abortion would have taken place at a Planned Parenthood, I would not be here today. Completing over 300,000 abortions a year provides them with the experience to make sure that ‘failures’ like me don’t happen,” Ohden continued. “We are your friend, your co-worker, your neighbor, and you would likely never guess just by looking at us that we survived what we did,” she added. Following the hearing and additional hearings on the issue, Congress is expected to vote on Planned Parenthood. The House of Representatives is planning a vote on legislation in a couple weeks that would de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The two votes would follow one the Senate had weeks ago, which saw Senate Democrats filibuster and block legislation to revoke $550 million in taxpayer funding. The Senate is expected to vote soon on a second attempt to de-fund Planned Parenthood. The Center for Medical Progress recently released its most recent video — the 9th in its series of videos catching the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling aborted babies and their body parts. This latest video catches a Planned Parenthood medical director discussing how the abortion company sells fully intact aborted babies — including one who “just fell out” of the womb. The Center for Medical Progress also released the full, uncut video of the conversation between undercover investigators form CMP and top officials with StemExpress, which buys aborted babies and their body parts from Planned Parenthood. The full footage is of a shorter video that summarized the meetings earlier this week. In Congress, two committees in the House of Representatives have already launched investigations of Planned Parenthood. One committee is looking into whether or not the abortion business is breaking federal law by altering abortion procedures to better obtain aborted baby body parts for sale. Another committee, among other things, is investigating the Obama administration and whether there is any connection between it and the abortion giant. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform wants to know if the Obama administration, via the Department of Health and Human Services, provided any federal grants to Planned Parenthood that ultimately went to pay for the sales of aborted baby body parts and if they were used by Planned Parenthood to “support transactions involving fetal tissue.” The expose’ videos catching Planned Parenthood officials selling the body parts of aborted babies have shocked the nation.
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Candace Owens Blacks Have never Mattered to the Democrat Party Black Votes Matter to the Democrat Pa
Candace Owens Have never Mattered to the Democrat Party Black Votes Matter to the Democrat Party They have decimated the Black family via the Welfare state removing fathers from the hom. “In fact, the argument needs to be made that black people should not be democrats. They destroyed our communities, they’ve taken our fathers out of the home, they’ve made broken promises. It is time for a change and Donald Trump is delivering that.” “Black lives have never ever, ever, mattered to the Democratic Party, black votes always have,” continued Owens, “Words like uncle Tom, house negro, house slaves — those were created by Leftists to make sure that we are constantly at war with one another. It is time for us to stand up against that and to stand together.” “This is our time. ‘Make America Great Again’ is for us, too,” Owens stated boldly into her megaphone, as she addressed not only the black conservatives but a large group of observers as well, who had stopped to listen. “When [President Trump] says he’s going to make America great, I don’t get scared, because I’m as American as it gets.” Words like Uncle Tom, House Negro were created by Leftestto keep us at war with one another. https://www.breitbart.com/video/2018/10/27/watch-candace-owens-rallies-black-conservatives-in-front-of-white-house-this-is-our-time-maga-is-for-us-too/
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Most Honest Democrat Commercial that it is Hilarious You Will Never Vote Democrat Again
If you have a HEART you will never vote Democrat again after watching this.. Share share share because main stream commie news networds will never tell the truth. It’s funny because it’s so true 😂😂😂 Most Honest Democrat Commercial that it is Hilarious You will never vote Democrat again after watching This!!! Allie sarcastically depicts a new campaign ad for the Democratic Party. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjzeN... CRTV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHnP.. . https://get.crtv.com/
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Elbert Guillory leaving "Democrat "- "gov't run black plantation" for Repulican party of Freedom
La. State Senator Explains Why He Recently Left the ‘Government Plantation’ & Joined GOP in Powerful Video I wanted to take a moment to explain why I chose to become a Republican and also to explain why I don’t think it was a bold decision at all. It is the right decision. Not only for me, but for all my brothers and sisters in the black community. You see, in recent history, the Democrat Party created the illusion that their agenda and their policies are what’s best for black people. Somehow it’s been forgotten the Republican Party, founded in 1854 as an abolitionist movement with one simple creed that slavery is a violation of the rights of man. Fred ache Douglass called Republicans the party of freedom add progress. And the first Republican President was Lincoln, the uh a Thor of the emancipation proclamation. It was Republicans who offered the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments giving former slaves citizenship, voting rights and drew process of law. The Democrats, on the other hand, with the party of Jim Crow, it was Democrats who defended the rights of slaves on us. It was the Republican president Dwight Eisenhower who champions the Civil Rights Act of 1957, but it was the Democrats in the Senate who filibustered the bill. At the heart of liberalism is the idea that only a great and powerful big government can be the benefactor of social justice for all Americans. But the left is only concerned with one thing: Control, and they guess guise in control as charity. Programs such as welfare, these programs aren’t designed to lift black Americans out of poverty. They were always intended as a mechanism for politicians to control the black community. The idea that blacks or anyone, for that matter, need the government to get ahead in life is despicable. And even or important, this idea is a failure. Our communities are just as poor as they have always been. Our schools continue to fail children, our prisons are filled with young black men, who should be at home, being fathers. Our self-initiative and our several relicense have been sacrificed in exchange for allegiance to our overseers. Who control us by making us dependent on them. Sometime I wonder if the word freedom is tossed around so frequently in our society that it has become a cliche. The idea of freedom is complex and it’s all-encompassing. It’s the idea that the economy must remain free of government persuasion. It’s the idea that the press must operate without government intrusion. It’s the idea that e-mails and phone records of Americans should remain free from government search and seizure. It’s the idea that parents must be the decision-makers in regards to their children’s education, not shop government bureaucrat. But most importantly, it is the idea that the individual must be free to pursue his or her own happiness, free from government dependence and free from government control, because to be truly free is to be reliant on no one, other than the author of our destiny. These are the ideas at the core of Republican party and it is why I am a Republican. So my brothers and sisters of the American community, please join with me today in abandoning the government plantation and the party of disappointment.” ons-big-government-plantation
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Fr Hollowell-Protect Marital bed Chastity-powerful theology of the body
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPbKV9YSd0E letstalkaboutsexfinal 1 Fr Hollowell-Chastity-powerful-Homily covers it all 15 min.---When have you ever heard a homily on Chastity, telling the people in the pews that fornication- sex outside of marriage is Satanic communion, explaining how our schools are destroying what sex is meant to be the one flesh union of bringing a man and woman together for the raising of Godly children in family in marriage for Life till death do us part. Culture of death is working hard to destroy marriage, family & our kids through our gov't Schools(ie sex ed, etc.), social, elite & entertainment media, & gov't policy. You can make a difference We need strong Priests and Bishops and ministers to strongly unapologetic ally address the social cultural issues from the pulpit, to teach God's truth from the pulpits. This priest does a remarkable job of doing just that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now how many people are willing to share it and pass it along, we need to educate the people, the kids and even more the priests bishops and ministers so they all will willingly speak to these topics. Christian-connect the dots on Social Cultural Issues of our Day view all "12" you tube videos.....help make it go viral,spread the word--email, facebook, twitter. my thanks to Candida Eittreim "It is moral cowardice and sheer brutal determination to have a license to kill so we can enjoy sex without limits. God help us all." Connect the Dots--Jesus LORD over all, our lives, homes, families or LIAR or LUNATIC really no other options;--- Washington Farwell,-Religion and Morality necessary for good Government;---- Benjamin Franklins perfect Bibical Call of Prayer necessary for Religion and Morality Good Government;----- Pro-Life vote for, we have become a barbaric country;----- Chastity in the words of World Reknown Speaker Pam Stenzel, lack of Chastity Abortion, Family breakdown rooted in Breakdown of Chastity!!.....http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jwq... & http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jwq... Moira Brown speaks with Pam Stenzel about tough issues of sex with candor, insight, humor, and the challenge for young people to get the abstinence advantage. Pam Stenzel Founder and Director of Straight Talk Founder of ENLIGHTEN COMMUNICATIONS Inc. http://www.pamstenzel.com Most of our Gov't Schools are teaching what is termed "Comprehensive Sex Education" or "Abstinence Plus Sex Education" or "Abstinence Based Sex Education". They most all teach a little bit of abstinence such as "Abstinence only 100% effective to remain pregnancy free" They give a basic abstinence message that really boils down to lip service and then teach them all about contraceptives, where to obtain all of these reproductive services and that they do not need to worry about their parents because they are all protected by confidentiality laws. Most government schools refuse to teach an abstinence centered program which all discussion is centered on abstinence giving them the social, psychological, emotional and physical benefits of abstinence until marriage. Is it any wonder 41% of the babies born are born out of wedlock????? Is it any wonder that 50% marriages end in divorce, pornography runs is out of control. Stenzel asks why abstinence isn't taught - Pam Stenzel check her out on you tube, order her excellent DVDs and abstinence centered education at PamStenzel dot com Freedom of choice has no boundaries once God is taken out of the equation and personal self-interest, often called autonomy, moves in to take center stage. Without national morality, with out Christianity this nation is going to fall apart. Abandoning God will always lead to national calamity followed by destruction George Washington Farewell Address states that religion and morality are indispensable supports for good government. A Person cannot be a true patriot if he works to subvert Religion and Morality as they do in media, in our schools, and by our laws over the last 50 years..... Category Education License Standard YouTube License
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My Life Has Been Devastated By Abortion" -Luana Stoltenberg
TESTIMONY OF LUANA STOLTENBERG: DEVASTATED LIFE FROM ABORTION Life Oct 9, 2015 http://www.hoaxandchange.com/2015/10/testimony-of-luana-stoltenberg-at-planned-parenthood-hearings/ Luana Stoltenberg describes the horrors of her multiple abortions. House Judiciary Hearing “Planned Parenthood Exposed: Examining Abortion Procedures and Medical Ethics at the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider.” The only children that I would ever bear, we the ones I have KILLED! Kate Scanlon / October 08, 2015 A post-abortive woman testified before a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Planned Parenthood Thursday that she regrets her abortions, and that she believes that the nation’s largest abortion provider should be defunded. Luana Stoltenberg told the committee her life “has been devastated by abortion.” A teenager when she had her first abortion, she was too scared to tell her parents she was pregnant, and her boyfriend “didn’t want a baby.” She made an abortion appointment at a Planned Parenthood clinic. Before the procedure, a nurse asked her how she felt. Stoltenberg told her she was nervous. “She told me it was just a blob of tissue,” said Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg said she thought the “adults” in the clinic were “trusted medical professionals,” and so she underwent an abortion. She was told that an abortion was safer than carrying the pregnancy to term, and she would only feel a slight “cramping” during the procedure. She was not given any anesthetic. “It was the most extremely painful procedure I have ever had done,” Stoltenberg said. In severe pain following the procedure, Stoltenberg called the clinic for help. “They told me that this was no longer their problem.” Too scared to call her regular physician out of fear her parents would discover what she had done, Stoltenberg was left alone to deal with the pain. The abortion, she said, “didn’t solve any of my problems. It only created new ones and larger ones.” “The happy, fun-loving Luana did die that day along with my baby.” Depressed, Stoltenberg abused drugs and alcohol, attempted suicide, and became pregnant two more times. She had two more abortions. Eventually, Stoltenberg was able to find “hope and forgiveness in Jesus,” married “a wonderful man,” and tried to start a family with him. But physical damage from the abortions left Stoltenberg infertile. “I was angry that they didn’t give me all the facts and let me make the ‘choice’ for myself,” she said. “I thought they were ‘pro-choice’ and cared for women. I didn’t feel cared for. I felt used and I felt abused.” Stoltenberg said that the clinic workers at Planned Parenthood didn’t tell her about fetal development or the risk of physical harm a woman can suffer during an abortion. “They didn’t tell me that my unborn baby that they were ripping out of my body would have arms, would have legs, have a heartbeat, fingerprints, and she could feel pain. Why wouldn’t they want to tell me that? Were they afraid that I would change my mind? It must have been a wrong choice, if knowing all the facts, I had chosen life for my child.” She called for the nation’s largest abortion provider to lose its taxpayer funds. “All of us who have been hurt by abortion are being made to pay Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars,” Stoltenberg said. “You know, that’s like being forced to pay your abuser over and over again,” she said. “Abortion is not health care. It is the taking of an innocent life.” The hearing was in reference to “medical ethics” at Planned Parenthood following the release of a series of undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress depicting Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of aborted fetal body parts. Spokespersons for Planned Parenthood have denied illegal conduct.
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Governor Matt Bevin DESTROYS Gun Control!  Family Breakdown-violence desensitization
Governor Matt Bevin DESTROYS Gun Control!"cultural problem" Family Breakdown-violence desensitization People who have viewed this video have rated the Gov spot a ten out ten. Governor Matt Bevin took a gun control question from the audience and then laid the SMACK DOWN with one of the best answers I have ever heard! Governor Matt Bevin School Shootings "cultural problem" Family Breakdown-violence desensitization Governor Matt Bevin Gives One of the Best Commentaries on Gun Control & The Value of Life What has shifted in the last 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years? It’s not the percentage of guns that we find in homes. Americans’ mores as a society have shifted to “the degree that (morals) are largely nonexistent.” “We have a culture that is desensitized to death, that is desensitized to the value of life,” he told reporters, “and we celebrate death through our musical lyrics, we celebrate death through video games that literally reward you with extra points for going back and finishing people off.” the governor pointed to the phenomenon of broken homes. But I’ll tell you this. When I was a kid, kids brought guns to school. Kids brought guns on the school bus. They brought guns to school in their own vehicles. Kids didn’t shoot each other with them. So some things have not changed. What has changed, we as a culture, as a society — and it’s very germane to this topic as well. We don’t value human life like we did. We remove increasingly respect for the dignity of other people. You look at how rampant pornography is, the degradation and disrespect for women and for human life in general. It is so systemic. People of our age have not been exposed like our children have been. There’s not a child in America that hasn’t been exposed to pornography, I guarantee you, if they’re above the age of 12. That’s a fact. It is so systemic; it’s horrific. And it desensitizes us at every turn. And so we’re desensitized to the value and dignity of human life. We’re desensitized through — and this is to the heart of what I said that you seem to take exception with — is that through violent video games, where literally you are encouraged — you can roll your eyes all you want, ma’am, but I’ll say this. You explain to me the value of a game that encourages somebody to go back and finish him off, where you get points for kill counts and you slaughter people. We’re desensitizing people to the value of life. And we see it through the lyrics in music and we see it through television shows and we see it through movies. We see it in the fact that the mores of this nation have changed. And we see it to the fact that we increasingly want to remove any sense of moral authority from everything. And here’s — I’ll tell you again. We could have 1,000 sidebars, and you could agree or disagree as it relates to what I’m about to say. But in a nation where over the last 40 years we’ve aborted 50 something million children and we have multiple states with medically assisted suicide being provided by doctors, at both ends of the life spectrum, we’re losing the value for life that we once historically had. You can say that’s good; you can say it’s bad. But it’s a reality https://caffeinatedthoughts.com/2018/... https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/ken...
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VA Assembly  Delegate Nick Freitas Open Honest Gun Debate
VA Assembly Delegate Nick Freitas Open Honest Gun Debate A Speech by Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, the liberty-minded conservative who is challenging Senator Tim Kaine, discussing the importance of the Second Amendment has been viewed over five million times in the past 24 hours. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/03/watch-speech-guns-virginia-senate-candidate-causes-democrat-walk-goes-massively-viral-online/ Well stated rebuttal to the Left's call for gun control... If you ever wanted to say something to the Left and cover all of your points in one shot...this is how its done. Crushes it...with reason and logic...something the Left is devoid of. A Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates roiled his Democratic colleagues Friday when he delivered a speech in which he suggested many people who commit mass shootings come from "broken homes" and blamed the "abortion industry" for helping to foster such a dangerous society for decades. Frietas shared a video of his address on Facebook, explaining that he was reacting to Democratic lawmakers who have compared Republicans who have blocked the passage of gun control legislation to Nazis and segregationists. In the speech, Freitas discussed societal issues that may have lead to an uptick in mass shootings. “So, over the last several days, Mr. Speaker, there’s been a lot of discussion about an open and honest debate with respect to school shootings, gun violence, gun control, etc…and an open and honest debate as I understand it, is one that would rely on data, facts, evidence, analysis, reason, logic, etcetera, etcetera… and I’m certainly willing to have that deate,” Freitas began. “I think if we were going to look seriously at school shootings and gun control, we would analyze things like: Why do all mass shootings seem to take place in gun free zones? Wouldn’t it be reasonable to test whether or not the efficacy of gun-free zones have actually achieved what they’re intended intent is?” Freitas brought up the fact that most mass shooters come from broken homes — and pointed out some of the government policies that have encouraged the breakdown of traditional families. “We would start to look at…most of the shooters come from broken homes. What sort of government policies have actually encouraged broken homes? You can look at Left-leaning think tanks like the Brookings Institute, that will actually say that some of it can be attributed to various cultural change that happened in the 60’s to include the abortion industry,” Freitas said. “You can look at a more conservative-leaning organizations that will say that the welfare state contributes significantly to dismantling the family as families became more and more dependent upon the government than they were mothers and fathers in the home raising children.” The senate candidate also discussed how areas like Chicago, New York and Washington, DC have strict gun laws, and yet, the gun violence hasn’t stopped. Freitas also laid into the Democrats for claiming they only want to get rid of bump stocks and impose background checks. “If you’re wanting the other reason why we can’t have an honest debate about this one is because, quite frankly, I don’t think any of us, on this side of the aisle, believe you when you say that’s all you want to do. It will be bump stocks, it will be background checks, it will be a different kind of background checks that register the guns… Then, after that, it will be ‘We need to ban assault weapons.’ ‘What’s an assault weapon?’ ‘Something that looks scary,’” Freitas asserted. “Then after that it will be semi-automatic rifles, then it will be semi-automatic hand guns. Then it will be revolvers, shotguns… because when the policies fail to produce the results you were promising your constituents, you will be back with more reasons for why we’ve got to infringe on Second Amendment rights.” Freitas point was that the Democrats refuse to consider other options to end societal violence that do not consist of “tearing apart or gutting the Second Amendment.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqqJKChKRzI
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WATCH: Elvis Presley sings the “Hail Mary”
WATCH: Elvis Presley sings the “Hail Mary” We all know the popular hits of the King of Rock and Roll, but have you ever heard how he sings a prayer to Mary? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGlelYprF2M&index=33&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W4Y7H591djT7yN4OgRX5Pbw Tomasz Reczko November 18, 2016 In this recording, Elvis Presley performs the song “Miracle of the Rosary.” The lyrics read like this: - O Blessed Mother, we pray to thee Thanks for the miracle of your rosary Only you can hold back Your Holy Son’s hand Long enough for the whole world to understand After this part, Elvis sings the “Hail Mary” (at about 0:35 min), and ends with: And thanks once again For the miracle of your rosary. http://aleteia.org/2016/11/18/watch-elvis-presley-sings-the-hail-mary/?utm_campaign=NL_en&utm_source=daily_newsletter&utm_medium=mail&utm_content=NL_en
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Father Bill Casey Lukewarm Catholicism Scourge Upon the Church
EXCERPT: Lukewarm Catholicism: Scourge Upon the Church and Ruin of Souls by Fr. William Casey How long has it been since you heard a good sermon on sexual morality? Many bishops and priests no longer believe in sexual sin. People are sick and tired of lukewarm watered down Catholicism. They are sick of superficial, boring and non- committal Catholic preaching. They are sick of being fed false doctrine or no doctrine at all. They are sick of a lack of sound catechesis for our young people. They have had enough of the rotten sex education programs which do nothing but incite young people’s natural curiosity and tempt them to solve it by personal experience. They are sick of the lack of teaching about sin, virtue, and vice, the Commandments, Confession, family life and sanctity. They are tired of leaders who won’t make moral judgments publicly and stand up and defend the Faith as they are obligated by Christ to do, and who seem to fear everyone’s judgment but God’s! Moral authority is like muscle tissue. Muscle tissue, if never used, will atrophy and die. This is our present condition. Our people are tired of shepherds who seem to protect the wolves rather than the sheep! They have had enough of the modernist mush! New Age nonsense has been shoved down their throats in place of the true Faith. People are fed up with the superficial spirituality of butterflies, banners and balloons. They have had enough liturgical abuses and irreverence at Holy Mass. The Council of Trent states, “Where there is irreverence, there will be corruption.” Scandal follows corruption, like night follows the day. There is not now nor has there ever been a New America Church. It is a sham and a lie. If we don’t put an end to it, God will, sooner or later, one way or another! Call it anything you like. It comes in many different forms, by many different names and in many different disguises: • Lukewarm Catholicism • Cafeteria Catholicism • Theological Modernism • Liberal American Catholicism • Rationalism or Relativism Whatever you choose to call it, it is a fatal disease. It is a killer! Ultimately, it leads to paralysis of faith and the ruin of souls. Lukewarm Catholicism, in all its various forms, can be rooted in many things: weak faith, loss of faith, moral laxity, habitual sin, lack of prayer, pride, material prosperity, spiritual sloth, sheer laziness, worldliness, whatever; but its mindset seems to have permeated everywhere and almost everything in Catholic life today, in one degree or another. It has crept into Catholic Schools, Bible Studies, RCIA programs, Religious Ed programs, Chancery offices and liturgical preaching. If you recognize the signs of Lukewarm Catholicism, if you see some of the symptoms in yourself or your home, in your family or in your parish, wherever you may see it, please, my brothers and sisters in Christ, the time has come to do something about it! Make changes in your life. Rebuild your interior castle with the seven habits of sanctity. It is the work of a life-time and requires our determined effort and cooperation with God’s Sanctifying Grace through the Sacraments. If we are to have robust Spiritual health, we must develop these SEVEN DAILY HABITS. The Morning Offering, Spiritual Reading, the Rosary, Holy Communion, Mental Prayer, the Angelus and daily examination of Conscience. These seven habits must take priority in our lives for they are more important than meals, sleep, work or recreation. The Church is mortally wounded in this country. Friends, don’t put it off. Don’t count on others to do it for you. Our time may very well be short. Archbishop Sheen used to say that, before the hand of God comes down upon the world, it always comes down upon the Church.
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Mother Teresa on Family Prayer
St Mother Teresa of Calcutta bringing a light into the world of darkness... Where does this love begin? In our own family! In our own home! How does it begin? By Praying together... Family that prays together Stays together.. If you stay together you will love one anothe as God Loves each one of you. . This is what today is missing and that missing gap has to be filled again by bringing back Christ into the family So today when we are together let us make one fond resolution that we will bring prayer into our family.. That we will teach our children to pray and pray with them You will then see the joy, the love and the Peace that will come into your house. Because the fruit of prayer is the deepening of faith. The fruit of faith of faith is Love. And the fruit of love is service. and the fruit of service is peace. Works of love are works of peace. Let us bring the tender love of God in our families;– all over the world terrible suffering, terrible hunger for love and we know what’s happening. St. Teresa of Calcutta, on your Canonization Day, we ask for your intercession, as we strive to unite families together in prayer in Eucharistic Adoration during Family Eucharistic Holy Hour http://www.jesusthedivinemercy.com/family-eucharistic-holy-… “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” ― Mother Teresa “The Simple Path Silence is Prayer Prayer is Faith Faith is Love Love is Service The Fruit of Service is Peace” ― Mother Teresa
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Abortion from the baby's perspective will move hearts
Giving Voice to The Voiceless This video peeks inside the womb to hear what a baby might be feeling and think. It punches hard but at the same time is tastefully done. Have tissue near by, most people cry the last 2 minutes of this video. Life begins at conception and we certainly don't need planned parenthood doing partial birth abortions. Stop abortions now. Abortion has never been about ‘choice’ … It’s about escaping the consequences of your choice by taking all the choices away from another human being,” reads the hand-lettered sign. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1400121446669965&set=a.503888006293318.137450.100000163694972&type=3
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ProLife Homily Voting 4 abortion puts your soul in Jeopardy Father John Lankeit Diocese of Phoenix
Father John Lankeit from the Diocese of Phoenix http://www.defendingthebride.com/Free/ A Phoenix bishop's plea to voters and politicians: no votes for abortion : Catholics may never legitimately promote or vote for any law that attacks innocent human life,” Bishop Olmsted said, latter adding “being right on all the other issues can never justify a wrong choice on this most serious matter.” “If a politician is actively supporting and furthering the culture of death, he is not only causing scandal; he is sinning. Similarly, when a politician performs actions (like voting) that allow for abortions and even promote abortions, or that mandate the distribution of contraceptives by pharmacists and others, that politician is materially cooperating in grave sin,” the bishop’s booklet continued. DEFENDING THE BRIDE Print Free Pamphlet - Spanish Version see Católicos y Vida Pública A Phoenix bishop's plea to voters and politicians: no votes for abortion : Catholic News Agency published the following article by Kevin Jones about Bishop Olmsted’s new guide. CNA has given permission to republish their article below. Phoenix, Ariz., Sep 20, 2016 / (CNA/EWTN News).- Catholics should be consistent in public life and need to make protecting innocent life a serious political priority, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoenix has said in the latest edition of his booklet on the duties of Catholic voters and politicians. The booklet “Catholics in the Public Square,” now in its fourth edition, makes a distinction between support for intrinsically evil issues and support for different methods of achieving policy. “For example, Catholics may never legitimately promote or vote for any law that attacks innocent human life,” Bishop Olmsted said, latter adding “being right on all the other issues can never justify a wrong choice on this most serious matter.” The guide reiterated the need to examine one’s conscience and the need for Catholic politicians to oppose laws that allow or promote abortions. “If a politician is actively supporting and furthering the culture of death, he is not only causing scandal; he is sinning. Similarly, when a politician performs actions (like voting) that allow for abortions and even promote abortions, or that mandate the distribution of contraceptives by pharmacists and others, that politician is materially cooperating in grave sin,” the bishop’s booklet continued. These politicians must make a sincere confession before receiving Holy Communion, he said. Because the harm they have done was public, they should also publicly make amends. “The Church needs clear and courageous teaching and witness to confront the idols of a secularized, post-Christian America,” Archbishop Gomez said. Bishop Olmsted suggested that some Catholics have been “frightened into silence and even confused by charges that they are imposing their morality on others.” “Of course, if one’s faith does not impact on one’s whole life, including one’s political and social responsibilities, then it is not authentic faith; it is a sham, a counterfeit,” he countered. “A democratic society needs the active participation of all its citizens, people of faith included,” he added. “This is not an imposition on other’s morality. It is acting with integrity… The active engagement of Catholics in democratic processes is good for society and it is responsible citizenship.”
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pro abortion minded young people change mind
Live Action October 9 at 7:36 PM · Can one four-minute video change a person’s mind to be against abortion? The answer is YES! YOU can ensure more self-described “pro-choice” people see the same videos that changed the minds of the people featured below. Learn how YOU can change more hearts and minds and protect preborn children by signing up to join Live Action today!
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Trump Delivers Easter and Passover Greetings
Trump Delivers Heartfelt Easter Message Every Christian Needs To Hear 'God's Love Redeems the World': President Trump Delivers Easter and Passover Greetings Trump Powerful Praising Celebration of Passover & Easter Unlike Any Other President “My fellow Americans, at this holy time of the year, families across our nation gather in homes, churches and synagogues to light candles and to praise God,” he said. He began by describing the “sacred holiday of Passover,” celebrated by Jewish members of his family including daughter and son-in-law Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Trump said the holiday is celebrated by families around the world who “give thanks to God for liberating the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt and delivering them to the promised land of Israel.” Shifting to the season’s Christian holiday, the president emphasized the importance of Easter to the faith. “For Christians, we remember the suffering and death of God’s only son and his glorious resurrection on the third day,” Trump said. “On Easter Sunday, we proclaim with joy ‘Christ is risen.'” The two holidays serve to “remind us that God’s love redeems the world,” Trump said. He added that this sentiment is expressed in the earliest scriptures of the Judeo-Christian tradition. “Almost 3,000 years ago, the prophet Isaiah wrote, ‘Darkness covers the earth, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you. For the Lord will be your everlasting light,'” Trump said. He said that America has shown a commitment to adhering to that guiding principle. “In America, we look to the light of God to guide our steps,” he said. “We trust in the power of the Almighty for wisdom and strength and we praise our Heavenly Father for the blessings of freedom and the gift of eternal life.” While Trump’s personal and professed Christian faith has been the subject of media scrutiny, his public comments have frequently offered rhetorical support to the Christians who played a vital role in securing his 2016 election victory. RELATED: Elizabeth Warren Says Democrats Need To Be More Than ‘Not Trump’ in 2020 During a speech delivered in the nation’s capital at the Values Voter Summit in October, Trump stressed the sentiment that Americans “don’t worship government, we worship God.” His comments were received enthusiastically by many in the predominantly Christian audience, including a standing ovation when he mentioned the appointment of conservative Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. The president also used his address to rail against “the attacks on Judeo-Christian values” and emphasize the importance of faith in preserving the nation’s heritage. “We know that it’s the family and the church — not government officials — who know best how to create strong and loving communities,” he said.
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Fr  Robert Altier HOMILY Purification begins in the House of God AUGUST 19 2018
Excerpts from Fr Robert Altier HOMILY Purification begins in the House of God AUGUST 19 2018 since 2002 when all this broke, the bishops keep on coming back to the same point, pedophilia, its pedophilia, it’s pedophilia, its pedophilia. No, it’s not. In fact, the John Jay institute, the group that the bishops themselves hired to look at what was going on, came back and said this is a homosexual problem. 86.6% (if I recall correctly) of all of the abuse cases were on post-pubescent males, and the bishops told them “no you go back, and you rewrite it and you say that it isn’t a homosexual problem So, pedophilia is the violation of pre-pubescent children, less than 3% of all of these cases were pedophilia. Ephebophilia is the violation of post-pubescent children, pederasty particularly, post-pubescent males. That’s what we are dealing with here. Church is very clear that even for men with a deep-seated homosexual tendency, that they are not to go to the seminary and that has to do with puting a priest in a temptation situation. When I was in the seminary, it was one of the worst seminaries in the nation. 1983 is when our seminary was at its absolute worst; I started in ‘85. It was getting slightly better. But these people were so arrogant. I should point out when I was in the seminary if you were not homosexual or a radical feminist you were in big trouble. One of the professors actually was arrogant enough to stand up in front of the class and say “Martin Luther had the right idea, but he did it the wrong way – he left the Church. You can’t change the Church from the outside you can only change it from the inside, so we’re not leaving.” So, these are people with an agenda. And what are the two groups? The two groups are: number one, a group of predatory homosexuals. They started their infiltration of the Church in 1924. You want to look it up? There is a book called The Homosexual Network written in 1982, so this is 20 years before all of this stuff hit. A man named Enrique Rueda looked at all of this, studied all of their own publications, (they were publishing every year the number of seminarians, priest and bishops they had), he traced it back to when they started, it began in 1924. And then five years later, in 1929, the communists began their infiltration of the priesthood and the two groups did exactly the same thing. You want to read about the communist one? There is a woman by the name of Bella Dodd who was a deep-seated communist who got out of communism and converted to the Faith. She testified before congress in 1953 and in that testimony she said that “we got the instructions from kremlin in 1929 In 1932 he wrote a book called Toward Soviet America. And in that book, he said “we aren’t being able to get to the Americans because of three things, their morality, their family and their patriotism.” And he said: “so the way that we are going to attack these three things is through homosexuality and radical feminism.” They have been extraordinarily successful. So, what are we dealing with? We are dealing with a group of predatory homosexuals who became priests not to serve the Church but to destroy her from within. In this, they are at every level. There was – there is an article that just came out from the Catholic Register in which six priests from the Newark diocese were interviewed and they spoke about the homosexual network in their diocese. It’s in all of them, not just in Newark. They cover up for another, they share their victims with one another, they do all kinds of horrible things. It is so wide spread now that there is actually talk on the federal level of using the RICO laws against the Church because of this kind of nonsense that’s been going on. And people ask, why don’t the good priests speak up? I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, he looked at me and he said: “I’ve known about this for 50 years and you’ve known about it for 40 years.” Yep, it’s about time it’s coming out. So why didn’t somebody speak up? Number one if I would have stood here even a couple of years ago would you have believed what I am telling you? Number two, who were we supposed to go to? It was at every single level all the way to the top. You wanted to be ordained a priest, you couldn’t day a word. And even as a priest you can’t. Again, these priests that were interviewed in the Catholic Register were interviewed only because of anonymity. It required anonymity because they were afraid of what was going to happen to them if the bishops and the people at the chancery found out who it was that spoke.
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WhatWasYourName Pro Life Banned-Censored  Joyce Im Bartholomew
Why Was this Powerful Pro-Life Video Banned from Youtube? Watch it and see the kind of pro-life speech that's being suppressed. https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/youtube-banned-this-powerful-pro-life-music-video.-then-the-artist-sued https://vimeo.com/96140592 NAPLES, Florida, December 18, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Joyce Bartholomew has always had a compassionate heart for young women faced with difficult, life-changing choices. That’s why about a decade and a half ago she volunteered as a lay counselor at a crisis pregnancy center in Toronto. “I just felt called to this pro-life Christian center. It was something I felt led to go into,” she told LifeSiteNews in an exclusive interview by phone from her home in Naples, Florida. “I just saw all these people and I thought, ‘Wow, there has been 58 million abortions since 1973. And I thought, ‘Look at all these people, and how many babies have been aborted and killed, and who would they have become if they had been given a chance?’” Joyce could not get her experience on the interstate out of her mind. She thought about it all the time. And that’s where the inspiration for a new song came from. “What was your name?” was composed in 2013 and recorded in 2014 along with a gripping video. The lyrics tell a story familiar to many girls who once upon a time visited Joyce when she used to work as a councilor in Toronto. I was alone and afraid, they said I wasn’t ready for you. They said a baby is a ‘big mistake,’ I had no choice, it was all I could do. God alone ordained all your days for you, you could have have changed our world. I wonder what God wanted you to do, were you a boy or a girl? What was your name, what were you meant to be? I wish I could’ve known you. What was your name, what were you meant to be? I wish I could’ve known you, before you saw eternity. The video that accompanies the song tells the story of a girl who aborts her baby following her boyfriend's demands. But an older woman, who also had an abortion when she was younger, helps the girl to find healing and peace after the traumatic experience.
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Governor Matt Bevin School Shootings  "cultural problem" Family Breakdown-violence desensitization
Governor Matt Bevin Gives One of the Best Commentaries on Gun Control & The Value of Life What has shifted in the last 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years? It’s not the percentage of guns that we find in homes. Americans’ mores as a society have shifted to “the degree that (morals) are largely nonexistent.” “We have a culture that is desensitized to death, that is desensitized to the value of life,” he told reporters, “and we celebrate death through our musical lyrics, we celebrate death through video games that literally reward you with extra points for going back and finishing people off.” the governor pointed to the phenomenon of broken homes. But I’ll tell you this. When I was a kid, kids brought guns to school. Kids brought guns on the school bus. They brought guns to school in their own vehicles. Kids didn’t shoot each other with them. So some things have not changed. What has changed, we as a culture, as a society — and it’s very germane to this topic as well. We don’t value human life like we did. We remove increasingly respect for the dignity of other people. You look at how rampant pornography is, the degradation and disrespect for women and for human life in general. It is so systemic. People of our age have not been exposed like our children have been. There’s not a child in America that hasn’t been exposed to pornography, I guarantee you, if they’re above the age of 12. That’s a fact. It is so systemic; it’s horrific. And it desensitizes us at every turn. And so we’re desensitized to the value and dignity of human life. We’re desensitized through — and this is to the heart of what I said that you seem to take exception with — is that through violent video games, where literally you are encouraged — you can roll your eyes all you want, ma’am, but I’ll say this. You explain to me the value of a game that encourages somebody to go back and finish him off, where you get points for kill counts and you slaughter people. We’re desensitizing people to the value of life. And we see it through the lyrics in music and we see it through television shows and we see it through movies. We see it in the fact that the mores of this nation have changed. And we see it to the fact that we increasingly want to remove any sense of moral authority from everything. And here’s — I’ll tell you again. We could have 1,000 sidebars, and you could agree or disagree as it relates to what I’m about to say. But in a nation where over the last 40 years we’ve aborted 50 something million children and we have multiple states with medically assisted suicide being provided by doctors, at both ends of the life spectrum, we’re losing the value for life that we once historically had. You can say that’s good; you can say it’s bad. But it’s a reality https://caffeinatedthoughts.com/2018/03/video-gun-violence-and-the-culture-of-life/ https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/kentucky-governor-points-to-societys-devaluation-of-life-as-the-bigger-issu
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Trump calls out ABC's David Muir not covering March For Life
Thu Jan 26, 2017 - 9:59 am EST BREAKING: White House confirms: VP Pence to speak at March for Life https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-vice-president-mike-pence-will-speak-at-march-for-life WASHINGTON, D.C., January 26, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Vice President Mike Pence will speak at the March for Life, a senior White House official confirmed to the New York Times this morning. This is the first time a Vice President of the United States will attend in the Washington, D.C. March's 44-year history. When March for Life organizers released the list of speakers last week, they mentioned a “surprise VIP guest TBA.” Rumors that Pence was going to appear at the March for Life have been circulating in DC and were heightened when March for Life organizers sent out a note warning of extra security screening. “Participants should be aware that due to heightened security concerns, all will be required to go through airport-type screening to reach the rally site,” they said. “The screening stations will be on the Washington Monument grounds directly north of the Monument near 16th Street.” Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund, would not confirm or deny to LifeSiteNews that Pence would attend. But she said they are "delighted" by the Trump administration's support for the March and their pro-life actions in the first week of their term. Pence's presence highlights what is expected to be an unprecedented turnout from a presidential administration. Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager and now Counselor to the President, will also speak. White House spokesman Sean Spicer has suggested Trump will call in to the March rally, as George W. Bush did during his years in office. At the first official White House briefing this week, Spicer promised a "heavy Administration presence" at the March. March organizers were already promising a stellar list of March speakers including Conway, Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA), Rep. Mia Love (R-UT), Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), and NFL star Ben Watson. Yesterday ABC released an interview with Trump in which he berated the mainstream media for failing to cover the March for Life. ABC's David Muir asked Trump if he "could hear the voices from the women’s march here in Washington?" "I couldn’t hear them, but the crowds were large," Trump responded. "You’re gonna have a large crowd on Friday, too, which is mostly pro-life people. You’re gonna have a lot of people coming on Friday, and I will say this, and I didn’t realize this, but I was told, you will have a very large crowd of people. I don’t know – as large or larger – some people say it’s gonna be larger. Pro-life people. And they say the press doesn’t cover them." Friday's March for Life is the 44th annual gathering demanding human rights for the pre-born. It is the largest annual American civil rights demonstration.
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Sex Education Sells Abortion Per Abortion Provider Planned Parenthood Carol Everett  War on Children
Sex Education Sells Abortions We Created Demand for Abortion by Pushing Sex Ed on Kids’ Carol Everet former abortion provider running four abortion clinics explains how and why they went into the schools to teach sex education. Sex Education Sells Abortions. You have to break down their natural modesty. You have to become the kids expert in their lives and separate them from their parents and their values. So how do you do this? Former Abortion Clinic Owner: ‘We Created Demand for Abortion by Pushing Sex Ed on Kids’ 06.12.14 https://illinoisfamily.org/life/former-abortion-clinic-owner-we-created-demand-for-abortion-by-pushing-sex-ed-on-kids/ From LifeSiteNews.com https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/we-created-demand-for-abortion-by-pushing-sex-ed-on-kids-former-abortion-pr “How do you sell an abortion? In the US it’s very simple: You do it through sex education,” former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett told participants at the Rose Dinner following the National March for Life on Thursday in Ottawa. Everett, who ran a chain of four abortion clinics in Texas from 1977-1983 — where an estimated 35,000 unborn children were aborted before her dramatic conversion and departure from the industry — told about 430 participants at the dinner that she had a goal of becoming a millionaire by selling abortions to teenage girls. “We had a goal of 3-5 abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 18, because we all work on a straight commission inside the abortion industry,” she said. With every customer, Everett became a little richer. But in order to reach her financial goal, Everett said she first had to create a “market for abortions.” That meant convincing young people from the earliest age possible to see sexuality in an entirely different way than previous generations. “We started in kindergarten. In kindergarten you put the children in a circle and you go around the room and you ask them all the same question: ‘What do your parents call your private parts?’” “You know and I know that every family in this room has a different name for the private parts. So by the time you reach the third or fourth child it is clear to those children that parents simply do not know what they have. But we did. We said: ‘Boys this is what you have and girls this is what you have and don’t be ashamed of your private parts.’” Everett explained how sex education at the earliest ages aimed at eroding in the children what she called “natural modesty.” Everything was calculated to “separate the children from their values and their parents.” By third grade, children were shown explicit ‘how to’ diagrams of intercourse. By fourth grade, children were encouraged to masturbate, either alone or in groups of the same sex. It was during the fifth and sixth grade that Everett herself supplied the missing link between sex-ed and abortion. The curriculum turns to “talking about having sex” and intentionally encourages a “parents don’t understand you” mentality. “My goal was to get them sexually active on a low dose birth control pill that we knew they would get pregnant on. How do you do that? You give them a low dose birth control pill that, in order to provide any level of protection, has to be taken accurately at the same time every single day. And you know and I know, there’s not a teen in the world who does everything the same time every day.” Everett said that a girl on the pill who thought she was ‘safe’ typically had sex more frequently than those not on the pill. Often going from maybe once a week to 3-5 times a week “That pill did not work, and we could accomplish our goal of 3-5 abortions between the ages of 13 and 18,” she said. Everett said that if the sex-education was done correctly, then when the girl becomes pregnant, she believes she has only one real choice. Scared, vulnerable, and conditioned to avoid discussions of a sexual nature with their parents, they call the only people they think they can trust. “She’s going to call our clinic because she’s been told we’re ‘pro-choice.’” In order to sell as many abortions as possible, Everett trained her employees to lead the distraught callers towards abortion as the only possible solution. “When our telephone rang, we were ready. You see, we had trained the people to answer our telephones as telemarketers. They sold over the telephone. But we couldn’t call them telemarketers, that’s far too harsh. We called them telephone counselors. We trained them with a script designed to overcome every single objection. That’s what sales is, isn’t it? Overcoming the objection and filling the order, in this case the abortion,” she said. The former abortion provider said she knew the sex-ed strategy was more than a success when a young woman visited one of her clinics for her ninth abortion.
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Trump Ends War on Christmas with Biblical Speech
Rarely will political correctness characterize President Donald Trump's personality, and that isn't about to change when it comes to his feelings about Christmas. During the White House Christmas tree-lighting ceremony last week, Trump displayed a boldness that has not been seen from the Oval Office in quite some time. In a short message, Trump not only confirmed the biblical Christmas story, he did it in a manner his predecessors did not dare approach. When President Donald Trump presided over the 95th annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree on Thursday, he reminded everyone that Jesus is reason for the season by an invocation at the ceremony that was openly, unapologetically Christian. “For Christians this is a holy season, the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” Trump said, according to CNS, standing before a Colorado blue spruce tree that was covered by thousands of lights. “The Christmas story begins 2,000 years ago with a mother, a father, their baby son, and the most extraordinary gift of all — the gift of God’s love for all of humanity,” he continued. “Whatever our beliefs, we know that the birth of Jesus Christ and the story of this incredible life forever changed the course of human history. “There’s hardly an aspect of our lives today that his life has not touched — art, music, culture, law and our respect for the sacred dignity of every person, everywhere in the world.” TRENDING: Leftists Begin Disgusting Politicization of George HW Bush’s Death Just Hours Later Talk about amazing. We haven’t heard a president talk about Jesus like that in years — and it’s refreshing to hear it now. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke must have known what was coming when he introduced Trump, according to The Associated Press, as “a man who loves our parks, loves our military, and loves our country. The man who brought ‘Merry Christmas’ back to our nation’s capital — and you did, sir.” The lighting ceremony was followed by an hourlong celebration hosted by NBC’s “Today” show co-host Kathy Lee Gifford and actor Dean Cane. https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/trump-christmas-lord-jesus/
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Dr  Levatino 2ond trimester abortion congressional testimony- Democrats almost censored
horrifying abortion video House Democrats tried to strike from the record https://www.lifesitenews.com/pulse/see-the-abortion-video-house-democrats-tried-to-strike-from-the-record?utm_source=LifeSiteNews.com+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=a0a1d4eb22-LifeSiteNews_com_US_Headlines_06_19_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0caba610ac-a0a1d4eb22-397580665 Oct 8, 2015 C-span http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4554570/dr-anthony-levatinos-testimony At the congressional hearing Thursday on Planned Parenthood, House Democrats vehemently objected to a video, and struck it from the record for about five minutes The video reveals the truth about the abortion industry and later-term abortions in general, demonstrating that abortion clinics fail to actually care for women and leave possibly living babies to die in toilets – all while charging thousands of dollars to do it.
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Unborn baby's prayer- Reality of Abortion guarenteed to Touch your heart.
film student's story on abortion -- very well thought out and done tastefully Michelle Baxter i found out i was pregnant when i was 15 years old. My son will be 20 this August. I could never imagine my life without him. My life changed. Life became hard, lonely, and scary. But it also was an adventure and had meaning. And now look! 20 years of wonderful memories and having love that's so strong and so above any other love i feel. I now have a young man for a son and he and my daughter are my everything. God blessed me by allowing me to have my kids. I'm also looking forward to many more years with them and my future grandchildren. I feel so strong and so womanly being a mother. So, I am just saying that if and when you allow yourself to love your child, I promise it'll be worth it. it will NEVER be easy but it'll be worth it.
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Mother Teresa Abortion is a Rejection of Jesus
Mother Teresa: Every Abortion is a Rejection of Jesus It was no mistake that God came into the world as a baby, an innocent child. It was all part of His divine plan. Had Mary said no, had she rejected God's will, then our salvation might not have been. She cooperated with God, as did Joseph. There's a lot of theology in that point but one lesson is clear: In accepting pregnancy, in accepting a child, every mother and father accepts Jesus to one degree or another, but if they say no to a pregnancy, they reject Him. Jesus told us this Himself in the Gospels, "Anyone who welcomes one little child like this in my name welcomes me." (Mt 18:5). Mother Teresa (1910-1997) emphasized that point in a now-famous speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 3, 1994. "But I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because Jesus said, 'If you receive a little child, you receive me,'" said Mother Teresa. "So every abortion is the denial of receiving Jesus, is the neglect of receiving Jesus. It is really a war against the child, a direct killing of the innocent child, murder by the mother herself." As Mother Teresa spoke, on stage with her were some of the most anti-life politicians in history, President Bill Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton and Vice President Al Gore and his then-wife Tipper Gore. Mother Teresa, 5-feet tall and probably weighing no more than 100 pounds, was not afraid. She explained (see video), "[I]f we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?" If it is okay to kill babies, then why are we shocked over shootings at Newtown? About 3,000 children are killed by abortion in the United States every day, yet the dominant media say ... nothing. They instead demand gun control while the Planned Parenthood mill down the street is killing children by the bushel. Mother Teresa continued, "How do we persuade a woman not to have an abortion? As always, we must persuade her with love and we remind ourselves that love means to be willing to give until it hurts. Jesus gave even His life to love us. So, the mother who is thinking of abortion, should be helped to love, that is, to give until it hurts her plans, her free time, to respect the life of her child. "For the child is the greatest gift of God to the family because it has been created to love and to be loved," she said. "The father of that child, whoever he is, must also give until it hurts. By abortion, the mother does not learn to love, but kills even her own child to solve her problems. And, by abortion, the father is told that he does not have to take any responsibility at all for the child he has brought into the world. That father is likely to put other women into the same trouble -- so abortion just leads to more abortion." "Any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people to love one another, but to use any violence to get what they want," said Mother Teresa. "This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion." However, there is a simple solution: adoption. There is never any reason to kill a child. There are millions of couples in the United States and around the world who want to adopt -- today. There are also hundreds, if not thousands of organizations working to make that happen. "A most beautiful gift God has given our congregation is to fight abortion by adoption," said Mother Theresa. "We have given already from one house in Calcutta over 3,000 children into adoption. And I can tell you what joy, what love, what peace, those children have brought into those families. It has been a real gift of God for them and for us." She continued, "I remember one of the little ones got very sick, so I sent for the father and mother and I asked them, please give me back the sick child, I will give you a healthy one. And the father looked at me and said, 'Mother Teresa, take my life first, then take the child.'" "So beautiful to see, so much love, so much joy that little one has brought into that family," she said. "So pray for us that we continue this beautiful gift. And also, I offer you -- our Sisters are here [the Missionaries of Charity] -- anybody who doesn't want their child, please give it to me. I want the child." Yes, the Missionaries of Charity will take the child, as will countless other groups, religious and secular. There is no need to abort a baby, to reject a pregnancy, to say no to Jesus. Mary said yes. Joseph said yes. We should strive to be like them. It will bring great joy to the world and to ourselves.
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Gun owner giving City Council Epic Speech  2ond Amendment is for EVERYONE  DEBUNKEDTop 5 AR-15 Lies
"I AM THE MAJORITY!" Full Gun Rights Speech *MUST WATCH* Gun owner giving Greensboro, NC city council speech. Second Amendment is for EVERYONE= DEBUNKED Top 5 AR-15 Lies On April 3rd, 2018, resident Mark Robinson gave an impassioned speech at the Greensboro, NC, city council meeting in support of the Second Amendment. This speech is the best four minutes you'll ever watch about how important gun rights are to the majority of American citizens. Watch Robinson’s whole speech all the way through, you will not be disappointed. “I’ve heard a whole lot of people in here tonight talking about this group and that group, domestic violence and blacks, these minorities and that minorities, but what I want to know is, when are you all gonna start standing up for the majority?” said Mark Robinson. “And here’s who the majority is: I’m the majority,” Robinson said pointing a finger at his chest. “I’m a law-abiding citizen who never shot anybody, never committed a serious crime, never committed a felony. I’ve never done anything like that.” But it seems like every time we have one of these shootings no one wants to blame… put the blame where it goes which is at the shooter’s feet,” said Robinson. “You want to put it at my feet. You want to turn around and restrict my rights – Constitutional Rights, spelled out in black and white.” Robinson didn’t stop there and went on to blast some of the remarks made by other attendees, saying that the idea of them wanting to strip him of his Constitutional Rights was “ridiculous” and that “Rod Serling couldn’t come up with a better script.” Turning his attention to the City Council, Robinson then asked what they were going to do after they disarmed citizens and the criminals still have their guns. Robinson warned that if the City Council tried to take his right to bear arms away, he’d “come down to this City Council and raise Hell just like these loonies from the Left do until you listen to the majority of the people in this city.” Watch Robinson’s whole speech all the way through, you will not be disappointed. The best way to keep up to date is to join my mailing list: http://twangnbang.net/signup/ I am active throughout the day on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TWANGnBANGdo...
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Democrat Gov't War on Black Family"-Ex-NFL Player-Congressional Candidate
Former NFL Pro Explains Why He’s a Republican: Democrats Are Destroying Black Communities Aug 09, 2014 http://joemiller.us/2014/08/former-nfl-pro-explains-hes-republican-democrats-destroying-black-communities/#Pw6XJfiL56Z2zSzC.99 He took a lot of hits playing for the Philadelphia Eagles…. and now he’s not pulling any punches in politics. Garry Cobb, the 57-year-old former NFL linebacker, is running as a Republican for Congress in New Jersey, and he recently sat down with Newsmax TV to explain why he has rejected the Democrats. “We started out poor,” Cobb said. “As a kid I could remember eating mayonnaise sandwiches, ketchup sandwiches and drinking sugar water, but we were able to go out and do better than our parents and that’s what my parents dreamed of.” A major reason his family succeeded: his dad was around. “All my brothers and sisters have gone to college,” Cobb said. “The reason we were able to have some success was our dad was there, there was some discipline in the home.” While Cobb said he was a Democrat in his youth, he has since realized that many other black families did not have a father in the home because of the actions of Democrats. He pointed to President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” anti-poverty programs, saying that since single mothers were afforded more aid under the programs than intact couples, many black fathers were tacitly encouraged to leave their families. “[LBJ's anti-poverty programs were] an incentive for the man to leave the home, and it’s destroyed African-American families throughout the country,” Cobb said. Now he’s running for Congress in a bid to turn things around and get government out of areas in which it has no business interfering. “African-American communities throughout the country are doing horribly under Democratic-run cities and that’s why I want to put an end to it,” Cobb said. Cobb faces state Sen. Donald Norcross, the brother of “the top Democratic power broker in New Jersey,” in the race for the Garden State’s 1st Congressional District seat. The Issues; Securing Our Borders and Upholding the Rule of Law America is the greatest nation on earth: founded by a creed that all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. We are a nation of laws, and everyone must follow the rule of law. The first step in immigration reform is to secure the border, enforce existing laws, and reform our legal immigration system. Immigration reform must take a common-sense approach that focuses on a long-term solution that is clear, concise, and enforceable. National Security; Our nation faces enemies that threaten our safety and security. Since September 11th, we are continuously reminded that the world today is a dangerous place. And yet recently, misguided foreign policy moves are being made, especially in the Middle East. Isolating our allies and negotiating with our enemies is never a strong position. Our military must be equipped to respond to the changing threats to our national security and have the resources needed to protect our freedoms. Holding Government Accountable; Garry supports a smaller, less intrusive government that defends capitalism and private property rights, and provides for the common defense. However, Washington has only expanded the reach of the government and imposed more red tape and regulations on its citizens. We must eliminate this bureaucracy of wasteful spending that only erodes the public’s trust in government. See Garry Cobb For Congress; http://garrycobb.com/ Check out his goals and all the issues... Video uploaded under the "Fair Use" provision, which allows reasonable use of copyrighted work, without permission, for criticism, commentary, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, research, or educational purposes.
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Ben Shapiro Engages in Tense Back and Forth With Pro Choice Student Explain When Life Begins
Tue Apr 5, 2016 - 10:53 am EST Pro-abort college students publicly challenged Ben Shapiro. Big mistake. (VIDEO) Calvin Freiburger https://www.lifesitenews.com/pulse/ben-shapiro-reveals-sorry-state-of-college-students-pro-abortion-logic Conservative pundit and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro has done yeoman’s work in exposing the illogic of pro-abortion doctrine, and his latest work is no different. During the question session following a recent speech at Salisbury University in Maryland, a number of pro-abortion college students finally got an opportunity to try out the talking points that have so impressed them against a real, live opponent… and it didn’t go so well for them: The video is deeply satisfying to see pro-abortion ideologues’ ignorance finally catch up to their arrogance for once, but it’s also deeply disturbing. Most of us have from time to time seen web forum discussions in which people absolutely convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority display a scandalous lack of critical thinking skills and unfamiliarity with the most rudimentary facts of the issue, but at least they tend to have the caveat of “it’s the Internet,” hardly representative of our country’s true intellectual condition. Here, though, we have college students—who are presumably in college to pursue “higher learning,” have achieved enough academically to get admitted in the first place, and are attending a campus political talk because they’re more engaged than others in the student body—who are every bit as uninformed and thoughtless as the average internet troll. Let’s take a look at some of the most damning examples. STUDENT: It’s my body. How about you just stay out of it? [Crosstalk] STUDENT: Why do you care so much about— SHAPIRO: I don’t care about your appendix. I don’t care about your thorax. I don’t even care about your uterus. I care about what’s in it. STUDENT: And I can take out my appendix if I don’t want it. So why can’t I take out other parts of my body? SHAPIRO: Because they are not independent living human beings. STUDENT: They’re not independent living human beings when they’re a bundle of cells. To this, Shapiro asked, “at what point does that bundle of cells become a human being in your view?” After a tellingly-long pause, an “um,” another pause, some crosstalk, her explanation that “I just need to calm down for a second” before answering,” and another lengthy pause, she replied by… changing the subject to life-of-the-mother cases and late-term abortion. Think about that: “what exactly is in the womb?” is the very first question any sane person should ask before figuring out what to think about abortion. It’s bad enough when pro-aborts try to change the subject or twist logic to pretend it’s not really a human life until birth, but to not have any answer ready? Has she never bothered to research it? How do you argue for or against anything without familiarizing yourself with the basics first? At this point, another pro-abortion student stepped in to take over for her clearly-floundering classmate by invoking the famed “bodily autonomy” argument for abortion, which while still fallacious is at least an argument. But she too soon proved to be ill equipped for serious discussion.
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Let Freedom Ring June 28 2011 Kitty Werthmann
Katie Worthman was born in Austria, and lived there for seven years under Hitlers brutal regime, and after world war II, she also lived three years under Soviet communist occupation. Needless to say, but Mrs. Worthman is someone who has an acute awareness of how media distorts things and tyranny comes to power. Mrs. Worthman, not only says that the media was wrong about how Hitler came to power, but she says that "In the beginning, Hitler didn't look like, or talk like a monster at all. He talked like an American politician." She says that the story of Hitler overthrowing governments and people in order to come to power just simply isn't true, but rather the Austrian people elected Hitler with 98% of the vote at the ballot box. Mrs. Worthman then goes on to say that the Austrian people had guns, but the government began to say that they were dangerous, so they began to implement gun registration. Then she said this was followed by turning in their weapons to the police station in order to cut down on crime, and if citizens didn't... there would be capital punishment. Mrs. Worthman says that the dictatorship, "didn't happen over night, but it took 5 years, gradually, little by little, to escalate to a dictatorship." She then goes on to say that, "When the people fear the government, that's tyranny, but when the government fears the people, that's liberty." As a Nazi survivor, what is her advice to us... "Keep your guns, keep your guns and buy more guns."
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Star Parker Blacks kept on plantation by Democrats war on God, Marriage and Poverty
Star Parker Blacks kept on Uncle Sam's plantation Liberal Democrats started three wars. The War on God and Religion, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U-TumigDUY&index=1&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W7Uep_iTt0rEQW2XQ-chYoL The War on Marriage and Family https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W67tM6tOuytOvuldgQINh8M The War on Poverty https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W4uSPf68ac0c3bO6YgCrxph In 1960, 2 percent of black children lived in a household with a never-married parent. By 2008, this was up to 41 percent. Over this same period, the incidence of out-of-wedlock black births increased by more than 100 percent – to 72 percent by 2008. And the incidence of marriage dropped by half. In 1960, 61 percent of black adults were married. By 2008, it was down to 32 percent. Trillions have been spent on government programs addressing the issue. Arguably, the alleged cure – government programs and spending – has really been the disease. There has been a lot of attention over the last week about the 20th anniversary of welfare reform. One of the enormous problems of welfare was its implicit incentive to women on welfare not to marry. Courts took God out we get abortion, fornication, porn, gay marriage U S Supreme Courts Great Lie of Separation of Church & State and what it means to the moral character of our nation, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muGRFvPZaoo&index=1&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W7Uep_iTt0rEQW2XQ-chYoL Courts took God out we get abortion, fornication, porn, gay marriage U S Supreme Courts Great Lie of Separation of Church & State and what it means to the moral character of our nation, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muGRFvPZaoo&index=1&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W7Uep_iTt0rEQW2XQ-chYoL few people know or understand this because we do not teach this in our schools, in our colleges, in our law schools and our media and press censors all of this information...... SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IS A LIE, A FRAUD, A HOAX THE COURTS FEEL FREE TO DENY THE RIGHT TO LIFE to segments of the population ie abortion, euthanasia etc.. Because They Have Illegally Declared Separation of Church And State, A Violation of US Code of Law, and have illegally ignored the Northwest Ordinance which states religion and morality were forever to be part of education & the declaration of independence which states our rights and right to life come from God--both are part of the US Code of Law from whence the God Given right to Life is stated. Take away the right to life you have no rights at all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w95QtxurqbQ&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W7Uep_iTt0rEQW2XQ-chYoL&index=1 Declaration of Inpendance foundational to all US Law David Barton- Proof there of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0uzszp9MSA&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W7Uep_iTt0rEQW2XQ-chYoL&index=6 The courts took God out of local schools and gov't ant they gave us abortion, fornication, porn and now gay marriage. 1st Amendment twisted by SCOTUS to Deny Religious Freedom & God https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U-TumigDUY&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W7Uep_iTt0rEQW2XQ-chYoL&index=1
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Homily Dressing Modestly especially in Church
Fr. Dominic Mary. He spoke of St. Bernadine of Siena, who is well know for his promotion of the virtue of purity. Fr. Dominic's homily focused on modesty and the way that we dress, especially at Mass. Purity requires modesty. Modesty is the dignity of the person and protects the mystery of the person. Culture now sees people as things. We have become desynthesized to the value of a person. We should not dress in a way that provokes others to have an unhealthy curiosity. :It is a virtue-branches out to attire because clothing veils the body (aka: the temple of the Holy Spirit) and the intimate center of the person. "It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden. It protects our brothers in Christ and it also protects our heart http://rediscover.archspm.org/belonging/topic.php?id=7359 Modesty is a virtue necessary for purity. It flows out of the virtues of temperance, chastity, and self-control. A modest person dresses, speaks, and acts in a manner that supports and encourages purity and chastity, and not in as manner that would tempt or encourage sinful sexual behavior. Modesty protects the mystery of the person in order to avoid exploiting the other. This attitude instills in us the patience and reserve we need for avoiding unbecoming behavior. Modest relationships reflect the connection between the marital state and sexual behavior. Modest behavior respects the boundaries of intimacy that are imbedded in our natures by the natural law and the principles of sexual behavior laid out in Divine Revelation. Modesty ensures and supports purity of heart, a gift that enables us to see God's plan for personal relationships, sexuality, and marriage. Recovering Modesty Modesty protects the mystery of persons and their love. It encourages patience and moderation in loving relationships. . . . It inspires one's choice of clothing. It keeps silence or reserve where there is evident risk of unhealthy curiosity. It is discreet. —CCC, no. 2522
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Devestating Effects Of Porn and Its Victims Elizabeth Smart
elizabeth smart , fight the new drug , porn , pornography , video In June 2002, Smart was kidnapped at knife-point, dragged into the woods, and told she was the “bride” of Brian David Mitchell. He bound the 14-year-old girl’s feet to the bed and raped her, sometimes multiple times a day, for the next nine months. Smart says things got worse after he exposed her to pornography. “I remember he pulled out this magazine full of hardcore pornography. And I remember he would just sit and look at it and stare at it,” Smart says in a new interview with the anti-porn group Fight the New Drug. “When he was done, he would look at me, and he’d be like, ‘Now we’re gonna do this.’” “It just led to him raping more – more than he already did, which was a lot,” she says. In court proceedings, she testified to being assaulted three to four times a day. “Looking at pornography wasn’t enough for him. Having sex with his wife after he looked at pornography, it wasn’t enough for him. And then it led to him going out and kidnapping me,” she says in the new video. “He just always wanted more.” He is only one of many criminals, including numerous serial killers, whose actions have been fueled in some way by pornography. Ariel Castro, who imprisoned and sexually abused three women in his Cleveland-area home for years, told his judge in 2013, “My addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has taken a toll on my mind.” Serial killer Ted Bundy also went to his grave blaming violent pornography for his 1970s killing spree. FREE pro-life and pro-family news. Stay up-to-date on the issues you care about the most. Sign up today! Select Your Edition: USA Canada World 6 Related Articles Ariel Castro gets ‘life plus 1,000 years’ for forced abortions, reveals porn addiction Ariel Castro victim gets five rose tattoos - one for each forced abortion Updated: Ariel Castro found dead in his prison cell Click to view more Advertisement https://www.lifesitenews.com/…/must-see-video-elizabeth-sma… https://www.youtube.com/watch…
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Ben Carson You're right you came from a Monkey
“I remember a few years back I was engaged in a debate in Hollywood with a leading atheist. This guy thinks anybody who believes in God is a total moron. As they got to the end of the conversation, you know, he is denigrating anybody who could believe in Creation, I said, “You know what? You win.” “I believe I came from God, and you believe you came from a monkey. And you’ve convinced me you’re right.”
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candace owens making Ted Lieu and Jerry Nadler look like Morons
Candace Owens HUMILIATES Democrat on Race Candace Owens outsmarts congressman Ted Lieu Candace Owens TORCHES the Democrat Party in front of House Judiciary Committee! Two million views and counting for video of Candace Owens making @tedlieu & @RepJerryNadler look like morons.
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Schools Sexualizing Youth--Father upset- School's sexual education poster
Government schools are literal cesspools. sebastians of secular humanism, anti God, antifamily, antilife, antihumanity........ Notice how they claim that this is an abstinence based program--what an absolute farce. And This Kansas School's Sex ed is based on National Standards. This is in reality your average school, and most of America does not understand the harm that is being done to their children!!!!! They say I know that a lot of schools are not doing so good, but my school is a good school. That happens over there but my school is a good school. They are abstinence based yeah right.. Middle School Under Fire for Classroom Poster Listing Sex Acts by Steven Ertelt | Kansas City, KS | LifeNews.com | 1/16/14 12:29 http://www.lifenews.com/2014/01/16/middle-school-under-fire-for-classroom-poster-listing-sex-acts/ The abortion industry is targeting schoolchildren more frequently with sex education than ever before — something not surprising given that studies show sex education campaigns lead to young women eventually purchasing abortions. But the father of a 13-year-old girl in Kansas is upset and says one campaign has gone too far — by putting a poster in his daughter's classroom that lists explicit sexual acts. Brietbart News reported on what's happening in this Midwestern state: As local Fox News affiliate in Kansas, fox4kc.com, reported Tuesday, Mark Ellis said his daughter, a student at Hocker Grove Middle school in the Shawnee Mission School District, was "shocked" by what she saw on a poster on a classroom wall in school. Ellis said his daughter took a picture of the poster and showed her parents. The poster, entitled, "How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?" lists sex acts such as: Oral Sex, Sexual Fantasy, Caressing, Anal Sex, Dancing, Hugging, Touching Each Other's Genitals, Kissing, Grinding, and Masturbation. Ellis said after being told by the school principal the poster was "teaching material," he is now concerned about what his daughter is being taught in school. "It upsets me," he said. "And again, it goes back to who approved this? You know this had to pass through enough hands that someone should have said, 'Wait a minute, these are 13-year-old kids, we do not need to be this in-depth with this sexual education type of program.'" The pro-life movement has noted for years that the abortion industry understands the link between teen sex and abortions. That's why Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion business in the United States, has pushed so hard to get sex education classes in as many high schools as possible. Now, new information from the Family Research Council confirms these concerns and the information will be presented in a lecture. "Recent analysis of demographic data on abortions indicates that abortion advocates use inflated abortion numbers to support their positions. Rather than the 1/3 of women commonly cited by abortion supporters as having obtained an abortion an analysis of the data indicates that the number is 1/6," FRC says in a promotional for the lecture. "Come listen the FRC's Marriage and Religion Research Institute team as they discuss these compelling new numbers."
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Duck Dynasty’s Missy--Virgins Until Marriage No Baggage No Diseases God Recommended It
Duck Dynasty’s Missy: We Were Virgins Until Marriage – No Baggage, No Diseases, and God Recommended It July 21, 2014 - 2:56 PM http://cnsnews.com/news/article/michael-w-chapman/duck-dynasty-s-missy-we-were-virgins-until-marriage-no-baggage-no (CNSNews.com) – Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson said she “definitely recommends” chastity before marriage and added that she and her husband, Jase Robertson, maintained their virginity until their wedding night and, in this way, they “have no baggage, we have no diseases,” and “God recommended” such self-discipline for couples “many, many moons ago.” Missy Robertson also said the highly popular Duck Dynasty television program was an opportunity that God provided to the Robertson family to spread a pro-family, pro-Christian message – “a way for us to get that message out” – stressing that the family hopes “to appeal to people, so they can want to learn more about this Jesus, who is this character, and why our family works, why are we not broken apart?” CNSNews.com, in an exclusive interview, asked Missy Robertson, “In your husband’s book, Good Call, he talks about your courtship and how the both of you maintained your virginity before you were married. And I wanted to know if you would recommend that for all young couples and, if so, what specific advice or counsel could you give to young folks today who are considering getting married and are trying to stay chaste before marriage?” Missy Robertson said, “Well, I would definitely recommend it, although it’s not easy. It was very difficult. We dated for almost three years. But, you know, God had this plan before we were ever born. So, if you trust God with all your heart, soul, and mind, He’s not going to do you wrong. And so, we tried. We’re not perfect, and we tried very hard to do that, and that’s one thing we did accomplish and we waited until our wedding night. “ “We have no memories of anyone else, in our past; we have no baggage; we have no diseases that we have to take care of,” she said. “So, yes, I would definitely recommend it. God recommended it many, many, many moons ago. It just works out that way.” Missy Robertson continued, “Jase said, his buddies would make fun of him, when we were dating, they’d say, ‘How are you going to know what to do?’ He says now, ‘Look, I’ve got three kids, I figured it out.’ So, it’s not rocket science.” “Would I recommend it, yes,” she said. “I recommend it to my own children, and, so far, they have also. It’s a big goal but it’s very attainable.” Asked whether maintaining virginity during her courtship strengthened their marriage, Missy Robertson said, “Oh, no doubt about it, no doubt, definitely. We built it on a spiritual foundation and we’ve both been married for 23, almost 24 years. So, I wouldn’t regret any of it.” Jase Robertson is the second oldest son of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and the author of Good Call: Reflections on Faith, Family, and Fowl.
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Fr Dereck Sakowski Homily  Same Sex Marriage & Theology of The Body
Are you or a loved one experiencing homosexual attractions and looking for answers? http://couragerc.net/ Courage, an apostolate of the Catholic Church, ministers to persons with same-sex attractions and their loved ones. We have been endorsed by the Pontifical Council for the Family and our beloved John Paul II said of this ministry, "COURAGE is doing the work of God!" We also have an outreach called EnCourage http://couragerc.net/EnCourage.html which ministers to relatives, spouses, and friends of persons with same-sex attractions. The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) is a multi-disciplinary professional and scientific organization dedicated to the service of persons who experience unwanted homosexual (same-sex) attractions http://www.narth.com/menus/gender.html#!about2/c1vor Help for Those who Experience Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction If you don't want to be gay, you don't have to be. There is a way to overcome your same-gender (gay or lesbian) feelings and homosexual behavior. If you want to make changes in your life, you can. This site can provide help. http://samesexattraction.org/ http://pfox.org/resources_list.html We need strong Priests and Bishops and ministers to strongly unapologetic ally address the social cultural issues from the pulpit, to teach God's truth from the pulpits. This priest does a remarkable job of doing just that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theology of the body defines from the church that marriage is a freely given, total, unconditional commitment, faithful and open to children. Sex says with the body "I freely give myself to you, totally, completely. I hold nothing back. And I accept you completely. I want to be one with you, in body and soul. And our children will be the fruit of our union, the literal embodiment of our one flesh union". The three "goods" of marriage defines what is essential to marriage. The language of the three "goods"-comes from St. Augustine — are procreation, fidelity and permanence. We saw sexual promiscuity, which led to the novel concept of so-called "open" marriages. That strikes down the good of fidelity in marriage. Then we saw couples entering into marriage without any intention of having children, so that strikes down procreation. And in the early '70s, we had states passing laws allowing for no-fault divorce. When we're in a divorce culture rather than a marriage culture, that strikes down the permanence of marriage. So, this erosion of the meaning of marriage has been going on for a very long time. Contraception can be the gateway to exploitation: "When that petition is made for contraception, it's going to make pleasure the point of the act, and any time pleasure becomes the point rather than the fruit of the act, the other person becomes the means to that end. And we're actually going to hurt the people we love." Christian-connect the dots on Social Cultural Issues of our Day view all "28" you tube videos.....help make it go viral,spread the word--email, facebook, twitter. my thanks to Candida Eittreim "It is moral cowardice and sheer brutal determination to have a license to kill ie. abortion, so we can enjoy sex without limits. God help us all." Youtube Connect the Dots Michael Jacques This site is to help provide the answers from a Judea Christian perspective to the Social Cultural War-connect the dots, help pass this along via twitter, email, facebook. Encourage ministers, priests,Bishops to preach on these issues. Culture of death is working hard to destroy family and our kids through our gov't Schools, social, elite and entertainment media, and gov't policy. You can make a difference, See Feed on social cultural issues-connect the dots, all of the issues are interconected: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jwqP4zRycWJcy1aYDZMyw/feed See Video uploads, most shorter on most all of the social cultural issues, connect the dots: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jwqP4zRycWJcy1aYDZMyw/videos http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-jwqP4zRycWJcy1aYDZMyw/v. Facebook Chastity abstinence education page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chastity-Abstinence-Education/125749137440317?v=wall&__req=5d Freedom of choice has no boundaries once God is taken out of the equation and personal self-interest, often called autonomy, moves in to take center stage. Without national morality, with out Christianity this nation is going to fall apart. Abandoning God will always lead to national calamity followed by destruction George Washington Farewell Address states that religion and morality are indispensable supports for good government. A Person cannot be a true patriot if he works to subvert Religion and Morality as they do in media, in our schools, and by our laws over the last 50 years.....
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Tx  patient prays for life as hospital seeks to deny him treatment
This is what all of euthanasia is about, the ability of the state to determine who lives who dies based on the medical costs of keeping someone alive. Must-see video: Texas patient prays for life as hospital seeks to deny him treatment https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/must-see-video-texas-patient-prays-for-life-as-hospital-seeks-to-deny-him-t December 4, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - Chris Dunn is praying for his life, as the "faith-based" medical center currently treating him is taking extraordinary means to cut off care. Houston Methodist Hospital is seeking to strip the 46-year-old's mother of legal custody, so it can deny her son life-sustaining medical treatment, Texas Right to Life announced. David Christopher Dunn, who goes by Chris, has been hospitalized for about seven weeks after he began spitting up blood due to an undefined internal issue possibly related to his pancreas. He is on a breathing tube and receives heavy sedation. But a video shows him alert and able to respond to questions - even to plead for his life. Because of his medicated state his mother, Evelyn, exercises power of attorney on his behalf. Both she and her son want to fight for his chance to survive. But the staff of Houston Methodist decided that providing Dunn with further treatment would be ineffective and have invoked a state law allowing them to remove his ventilation tube, effectively ending his life - even if it is done over the patient's objections. "Chris is an American hero, who has served his community and the nation as an EMT, a police dispatcher, a Harris County Sheriff, and a Homeland Security employee. Chris even fought Somali pirates as part of a security team," Texas Right to Life, which is assisting the family in the case, said. "Rather than protecting Chris’s right to life, the state of Texas is rewarding his lifetime of selfless service by relinquishing him to a hospital panel, who have judged his quality of life too low to merit continued treatment." The Texas Advanced Directives Act allows hospitals to withdraw all life-sustaining treatment after giving the patients 10 days notice. Hospitals that deem a patient's treatment futile may also impose a Do Not Resuscitate order on the patient, even if doing so contradicts his express wishes or those of his family. That makes Texas more liberal than New York state, which requires a patient's consent before ending critical end-of-life care. In November, the hospital sent Evelyn a letter stating its intention to end care in 10 days, sending the family scurrying to find a hospital that would place Chris, who has no medical insurance, in its intensive care unit. So far, the search has been unsuccessful. Rather than give up, his mother turned to legal counsel. In a video just posted to YouTube, Chris nods his head affirmatively when Evelyn asks for his consent to hire lawyers to help him continue receiving care. One of the two lawyers hired to help his case - former Texas State Representative Joe Nixon - says, "Chris, we're trying to make sure the hospital continues giving you good care. Do you want to stay alive?" Dunn joins his hands in prayer, pleading for his life. He then nodded, agreeing to be legally represented by Nixon and his fellow attorney Trey Trainor, who called the hospital's ethics committee a "death panel." Since the November letter, a local judge in Houston has granted the family a two-week extension. A second two-week extension was granted on Thursday. However, the hospital sought to wrestle legal custody of Dunn away from his mother, ending their legal battle to deny him care, according to Texas Right to Life. "Since Evelyn would not succumb to pressure from the hospital to impose death upon Chris, Methodist’s lawyers are now trying to remove Evelyn from Chris’s bedside and from his medical care," the group said after the court proceeding. "The hospital is attempting to neutralize her ability to protect the life of her 40-something-year-old son.” The hospital cited its faith and values in standing by its decision to end Dunn's care. “Houston Methodist is a faith-based, values-centered organization that strives to make the best choices for all our patients,” the hospital said in a statement. “End-of-life decisions are never easy, but Texas law is clear about our hospital's responsibility in these cases.” The family has 13 days left to find a hospital willing to treat Dunn before the present extension ends. Contact: Houston Methodist Hospital Dr. Marc L. Boom, President and CEO [email protected] 1-877-709-DOCS (3627) 6565 Fannin Street Houston, TX 77030
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Ben Franklin's Call 4 Prayer @ Constitutional Convention Our Consitution Founded On Prayer.
Separation of Church and State is a LIE. We have been had!!!!! So much of our history is lost, no longer taught in our schools or printed or discussed in news outlets.. Those who do not know true history are easily mislead down wrong paths. George Washington our 1st president, and president of the constitutional convention stated in his farewell address that religion and morality were essential for good government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCmG6CbKDhg&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W7Uep_iTt0rEQW2XQ-chYoL&index=4 http://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/minute/Washingtons_Farewell_Address.htm And http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/GPO-CDOC-106sdoc21/pdf/GPO-CDOC-106sdoc21.pdf Page 20 of this document “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars” Our Constitution was founded on prayer. Ben Franklin (who many of our history books call a deist, someone who does not believe in a God who answers prayer) when there was trouble reaching any kind of agreement got up on the floor to call for prayer. He Stated “Is it probable an empire can rise without his aid, have we now forgotten this powerful Friend” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhqPe-Uqvo4&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W7Uep_iTt0rEQW2XQ-chYoL&index=2 & http://chaplain.house.gov/chaplaincy/chaplain_brochure.pdf and also by former Senator Robert Byrd here http://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/resources/pdf/Chaplain.pdf Our Declaration of Independence states that “our rights come from God” and states in the opening paragraph that laws were from the laws of nature and nature’s God. The Declaration of Independence was so important to our founders it was codified along side of the constitution into the US Code of Law Volume I as Organic law, or foundational law. http://uscode.house.gov/download/annualhistoricalarchives/pdf/OrganicLaws2012/index.html Also note the NorthWest Ordiance of 1787 is another one of the Organic laws where it states religion and morality being necessary for government shall for ever be part of education https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5JC8jryko0&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W4MCAQgr89PfFTcWO75-oA3&index=4 Take a tour of our Nations Capitol; Our National monuments are etched in stone with references to God, Ten Commandments etc. We will have to sand blast Washington DC to take God completely out of our Government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s82bl8fnook&list=PLxqqo6Ofo2W7Uep_iTt0rEQW2XQ-chYoL&index=6 We HAVE BEEN HAD. The 1st amendment was ment to protect the states from the federal Government interfering with relegion at the State Level. That is why it reads "Congress" Congres shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor interfering with the practice there of.
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Congress Sean Duffy Blacks targeted for Abortion in inner cities
Black Caucus upset for being called on the carpet for hypocrisy of turning a blind eye toward the targeting of blacks for abortion targeting the termination of black girls, genocide in the inner cities. Instead they accuse Sean of being a hypocrite for not supporting the funding of Planned parenthood so the poor can obtain quality health care, yea right, what they are talking about, is reproductive health care death to unborn babies, free contraception to encourage out of wedlock sex, recreational sex, so that they will be back for their abortions when the contraception fails as it inevitably will..... break down the family, is the goal... In Context: Sean Duffy on African-Americans and abortion By Tom Kertscher on Thursday, January 14th, 2016 http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/article/2016/jan/14/context-sean-duffy-african-americans-and-abortion/ "I hear a lot in this institution from minority leaders about how their communities are targeted. But what I don’t hear them talk about is how their communities are targeted in abortion. "There are some stunning facts. The African-American community is 15 percent of the country as a whole, but account for 40 percent of the abortions -- 15 percent of Americans, 40 percent of the abortions. "In New York City, the most recent stat, African-American women had more abortions than live births. "There is a targeting going on, in a lot of spaces, in a lot places. And it’s going on in the abortion industry. "And my friends, my liberals, Congressional Black Caucus members, they talk about fighting for the defenseless and the hopeless and the downtrodden. But there is no one more hopeless and voiceless than an unborn baby. But their silence is deafening. I can't hear them. Where are they standing up for their communities, advocating and fighting for them, their right to life? "Black lives matter. They do. And Indian. And Asian. Hispanic and white. All those lives matter. We should fight for all life, including life of the unborn. "We’ve talked about this a lot tonight. In two weeks, there’s going to be an amazing march that takes place right here at the Capitol. And you are going to see tens of thousands of people come out and support life. Now, you’re not going to see the national media cover this; they’re going to ignore it. Tens of thousands of people. "Just think, how powerful that rally is going to be when you have Rev. Al Sharpton standing on the stage talking about how he’s going to fight for his community and his unborn babies and all the Congressional Black Caucus standing behind him going, you know what, we are going to fight for the defenseless and voiceless little babies in our community that are being targeted. "And just think, if our president, who sheds a tear for violence, goes to the West Wing (of the White House) and sheds a tear for the unborn. I can only hope -- and pray."
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California holds miles of homeless camps
What AOC & Kamala won't tell you The Democrat stronghold of California holds miles of homeless camps Tents, trash, poop, needles, hunger, disease, & misery Illegals get far greater care than our own citizens
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