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SpongeBob (Spužva Bob Skockani) - Slavko, Vrati Se (Croatian | Hrvatski) [HQ]
SpongeBob Gary Come Home Croatian
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SpongeBob v Kalhotách - Gery, Přijít Domů (Czech | Čeština)
SpongeBob Gary Come Home Czech
Views: 4893 Zweets
LazyTown - Master of Disguise (35 languages)
its not a one-line multi language this time! but i prefer to do one-line multi's because they are easier to do. if you have a scene you want me to do in different [i have a discord server for some reason - https://discord.gg/Kz2u7zm]
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LazyTown - "Who did you expect, Sportaflop?" in 16 different languages!
videos like these will now have a watermark added to them because i can [who did you expect, sportadiscord? - https://discord.gg/Kz2u7zm]
Views: 1183 Zweets
Lorax - Let it Grow (Croatian/Hrvatski) HD
Views: 1990 Zweets
LazyTown - "ITS MIIIIIIINE!" in 33 different languages/versions!
i think stingy wants it [IT'S DISCORD! - https://discord.gg/FcS3Dy3]
Views: 16731 Zweets
LazyTown - "ROBBIE ROTTEN?!" in 36 different languages
robbie rotten: the movie
Views: 1230 Zweets
LazyTown - Spooky Song (French | Français)
Spooky Song French
Views: 1141 Zweets
LazyTown - S2E15 Za Sedmero Horami a Řekami (Czech | Čeština)
Once Upon A Time Full Episode Czech
Views: 7686 Zweets
LazyTown - Greatest Genie (German | Deutsch)
Greatest Genie German
Views: 1155 Zweets
LazyTown - "Give me a CD, a giga-dvd" in 36 languages/versions!
what the hell is a giga-dvd??? [give me discord, a giga-discord https://discord.gg/FcS3Dy3]
Views: 2133 Zweets
Mr. Krabs, I have an Idea... in 24 different languages
what did you say, punk?
Views: 432 Zweets
LazyTown - "Use your brain..." in 36 different languages/versions!
what brain? [this is totally not a link to my discord server - https://discord.gg/Kz2u7zm]
Views: 4740 Zweets
Squidward... TORTELLINI? in 18 different languages
will i ever win?
Views: 507 Zweets
LazyTown - "What flowerpot?" in 31 different languages/versions!
this treehouse is mine [discord server? what discord server? mine of course! - https://discord.gg/Kz2u7zm]
Views: 15619 Zweets
SpongeBob v Kalhotách - Nejlepší Den píseň (Czech | Čeština)
SpongeBob Best Day Ever Czech
Views: 17005 Zweets
LazyTown (Vilamandra) - I Am A Prince (Catalan | Català)
I Am A Prince Catalan
Views: 563 Zweets
LazyTown - Ziggy's Cooking by the Book in 36 different languages/versions!
(Suggested by IdentFan101 Wayside&HorselandFan) [i'll pile on the discord, its such a great program - https://discord.gg/FcS3Dy3] If you would like to see a LazyTown scene in a different language/version, tell which scene in the comments and i will do it because im running out of multilanguage ideas. I now only do one-line multilanguage videos btw
Views: 2149 Zweets
LazyTown - It's Mine in 41 different languages/versions!
Requested by JoeyJonJon [thats what i said, it's discord - https://discord.gg/FcS3Dy3]
Views: 2339 Zweets
SpongeBob (스폰지밥 네모바지) Gary Come Home (Korean | 한국어)
SpongeBob Gary Come Home Korean
Views: 1555 Zweets
LazyTown - Wake Up (French | Français)
Wake Up French
Views: 843 Zweets
[REDONE] LazyTown - "And now the prince" in 36 languages/versions!
[and now the discord, UH - https://discord.gg/FcS3Dy3] Redone because the original seemed a bit long and boring to me, so i redid it and made it shorter than the original
Views: 698 Zweets
LazyTown - "Shake it piggy... yeah!" in 33 different languages/versions!
piggy is best lazytown character [shake it discord, yeah! - https://discord.gg/Kz2u7zm]
Views: 1212 Zweets
LazyTown - We're Dancing (German | Deutsch) [Das Tanz Duell]
We're Dancing Dancing Duel German
Views: 720 Zweets
SpongeBob v Kalhotách - Ne, tady je Patrik (Czech | Čeština)
SpongeBob No This is Patrick Czech
Views: 19879 Zweets
SpongeBob (Bob Esponja) - Very First Christmas (Castilian Spanish | Español Castellano)
SpongeBob Very First Christmas to Me Castilian Spanish (or European Spanish) [También conocido como Español Europeo]
Views: 3159 Zweets
SpongeBob (Paavo Pesusieni) - Best Day Ever (Finnish | Suomi)
SpongeBob Best Day Ever Finnish
Views: 4136 Zweets
SpongeBob (Bob Esponja) - No, es Patricio (Latin Spanish | Español Latino)
SpongeBob No this is Patrick Latin Spanish
Views: 20087 Zweets
Loud House - "Música Muito Alta" Músicas (Brazilian Portuguese | Português do Brasil)
loud house episodes 'really loud music' songs brazilian portuguese
Views: 963 Zweets
LazyTown - "I'm Ziggy..."  in 35 languages/versions!
and i like candy 𝚒 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝
Views: 927 Zweets
LazyTown - It's Fun To Be The Mayor (German | Deutsch)
It's Fun to be the Mayor German
Views: 411 Zweets
LazyTown - Pixel and his gizmo-guitar in 31 different languages/versions!
in the thumbnail, pixel is holding a stephanie guitar [is this the krusty krab? no, this is discord - https://discord.gg/FcS3Dy3]
Views: 946 Zweets
SpongeBob (Spužva Bob Skockani) - Najbolji Dan (Croatian | Hrvatski)
SpongeBob Best Day Ever Croatian
Views: 2599 Zweets
SpongeBob (Bob Esponja) - Best Day Ever (Castilian Spanish | Español Castellano)
spongebob best day ever castilian spanish
Views: 544 Zweets
LazyTown - Pixel's Cooking by the Book in 35 different languages/versions!
(Suggested by IdentFan101 Wayside&HorselandFan) ["oh yeah, this is my food analyser!" - https://discord.gg/FcS3Dy3] If you would like to see a LazyTown scene in a different language/version, tell which scene in the comments and i will do it because im running out of multilanguage ideas. I now only do one-line multilanguage videos btw
Views: 1053 Zweets
LazyTown - "Get up Sleepyheads..." in 34 different languages/versions!
(Requested by: Enzo Du Kirby) hey, im no sleepyhead! [wake up discordheads - https://discord.gg/FcS3Dy3]
Views: 2550 Zweets
LazyTown - "What's That Smell?" in 30 languages
whats that smell? smells like a new multi language video by zarjon zweets
Views: 1699 Zweets
LazyTown (Lijeni Grad) - Cooking By The Book (Croatian | Hrvatski) [Miss Roberta]
Cooking By The Book Croatian Miss Roberta This version has better sync than the Swiped Sweets version NoOnesLazy uploaded
Views: 473 Zweets

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