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2017 Toto Entrada TP Test (Not Surprised At All)
Surprise!!!! Another modern toilet TP test fail. The 1994 Mansfield Quantum this replaced would’ve taken this down in one or two flushes. General Rating: 6/10. Performance Rating: -1,000,000,000/.0001
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Roblox: My Suburban House #4
Here's the largest house with two or three toilets in every bathroom. I like it. Fixtures: 3 2015 Duravit Toilets (Non-Functional) 1 1992 Kohler Kingston Waterguard 2 2014 Kohler Kingstons 1 1994 Universal Rundle Trimont
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1991 And 1995 Kohler Fixtures!!!
And a jackpot! These are amazingly powerful! Rating: 30/10
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Clogging A 2017 American Standard PA Crapdet
I told you the PA Crapdet was going to get what it deserves, and I gave it just that. The gurgle was LOUD!
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(4) My Mansfield Alto Again (Venting Problem)
Sad News: I can’t use this bathroom anymore because of a venting problem. I just called a plumber to come fix it by Sunday evening, so hopefully I get the problem fixed.
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(10th Video Special) Eljer, Mansfield, and Kohler Fixtures At Red Lobster
This restroom is at Red Lobster at Chesapeake Square. The fixtures are one 2008 Kohler Highcrap, one 1982 Eljer Sanus, one 1982 Eljer Correcto, and one 2006 Mansfield Suburban. This restroom is awesome! Rating: 15/10
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1993 AS & 2008/2016 Kohler Fixtures At Olive Garden With A Slight Update!
The pressure on the Madera and Cadet on flushometer has been turned up WAY TOO HIGH! The flushometer Cadet spews water over the rim and siphons out! My finds have been excellent recently (except for the Glacier Bay toilets I found the other day). Hopefully my streak of awesome fixtures will continue. I’m praying to god for that. Amen. 🙏 Also the 2016 Highcrap was clogged! LOL!
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Overpowered 1993 AS Madera Flushing With The Siphon Jet Plugged!!!!!! (Holy Crap!)
Now the bathroom is flooded! LOL! At least most of the water spilled into the stall with the Highcrap!
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2014 Zurn Pressure Assisted Toilet TP Test!!!
This, to me, qualifies as an Ultra High Performance Toilet (UHET)! Sucks it down here in one flush!!!! Rating: 10/10
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Why Do I Keep Finding These POS Toilets? :p (Another Aquasource)
This is a piece of crap. It is decent for an Aquasource, but I still consider it being an Aquashit toilet! Rating: 5/10 For the rest of this series, I will be clogging the toilet, as long as there is something to unclog it with.
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Tractor Supply Restroom Full Shoot (RARE LibertyPumps Washout Toilet!!!)
Although the Kohler Bardon is junk, I love that LibertyPumps washout toilet with a macerator. Rating: 9/10
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Regal Cinema Restroom Full Shoot (Other Side and gurgling 2009 Afwall)
More Eljer fixtures and a gurgling Afwall. I didn’t film the urinals because the restroom was super busy and the handicapped stall was occupied. Overall, not bad. Rating: 7.5/10 Fixtures: -3 2008 Eljer Dover Urinals (Not Shown) -1 Gurgling 2008 AS Afwall -3 2008 Eljer Auburn Toilets (Wallmounted Signatures)
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More Crappy 2013 AS Fixtures
No. The only good things are the dual flush valves. Rating: 4/10 Also, these replaced two 1989 AS Jetbrooks and two 1989 AS tank Cadets. It’s a bit strange to see a tank-to-flushometer conversion.
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(1) Mansfield Imperial Toilet
This was filmed at a veterinarian hospital in Suffolk, Virginia. This Mansfield Imperial toilet is amazing! Rating: 12/10
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2011 Toto Drake TP Test (Read Description)
Two words to describe it. EPIC FAIL!!!
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2010 Toto Fixtures (Part Shoot)
I hate these. These are 12 Toto toilets (2 Shown), 8 Toto urinal (None Shown), and 8 rare Dyson sinks (None Shown)
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AS and Kohler Fixtures at Olive Garden Full Shoot
Same restroom as before. There are 2 1993 AS Washbrooks, one 1999 Kohler Decter urinal, 1 2016 Kohler POS Wellcomme, 1 1993 AS Madera, and 1 1993 AS Comfort Height Cadet on flushometer.
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1991 Beach Restroom Full Shoot (Kohler)
I found more great fixtures today. This restroom is past awesome! I also think the assortment of autoflush valves paired with the flushometers themselves. As far as the flushometers go and their pairings, there are 1 Zurn Aquaflush autoflush head paired with a Sloan Regal flushometer, 1 Zurn Aquaflush autoflush head paired with a Sloan Royal flushometer, and a Sloan Regal autoflush head with a Sloan Regal flushometer. Rating: 20/10 Fixtures: 3 1991 Kohler Kingston Waterguard Toilets 2 1991 Kohler Bardon Urinals
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2018 AS Fixtures with very interesting Sloan Royal Flushometers
I hate the fixtures, but I like the flushometers on these.
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2017 AS Fixtures (Stallbrooks And Everclean Madera)
I like the Stallbrook Urinals, but not that Madera. Rating: 7.5/10
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Nasty Ass AS Madera Eating TP Take 5 (Both Flush Buttons)
Only the first flush was a half flush. The rest were full flushes. Failure, like I expected. The 1989 AS Cadet that was here previously would have ate more than this in one flush. I did the upside down view on purpose.
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1998 AS Crapderas & 2004 Gerber Clinton Urinal At Food Lion
Crapderas aren’t worth the film. The only reason I reshot this restroom is because of the Gerber Clinton urinal, which is rare around me. The Crapderas, however, had a slight pressure boost. Rating: 6/10
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2008 & 2017 Kohler Fixtures
I like those new Kingstons, not those 2008 Kingstons. If you listen closely, the two new Kingstons siphoned out. The gurgling was most noticeable on the second new Kingston. I skipped the third 2008 Kingston because it was boring, just like the first two 2008 Kingstons. Also, the new Kingstons were powerful, but the first 3 2008 Kingstons suck! Overall, not a bad restroom. Rating: 7/10
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More Bad Luck With Highcraps And Two Awesome Urinals!!
I seldomly come across Kohler Stanwell urinals! Someone clogged the second Highcrap, so I didn’t film it. Somebody walked in, so the video was cut.
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1970 AS & POS 2011 Proflo Fixtures (Urinal In A Stall!!)
I love that Washbrook, but that Proflo is the worst flushing front flusher I’ve ever seen. The fact it replaced an awesome 1970 AS Cadet is worse. Washbrook Rating: 30/10 Proflo Rating: .5/100
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Crane and Vintage Kohler Fixtures
I hit another jackpot. There is a 2001 Crane Atlas toilet and a 1979 Kohler Wellworth toilet. There was a Gerber Hamilton urinal, but it was out of order. This restroom is so amazing! Rating: 20/10
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My New 2018 Gerber Viper Toilet
Tell me what you think. I think it is decent for a low flow toilet.
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Of Course, Another TP Test Fail...
This is exactly what I expect from a crappy modern toilet. Rating: 3/10
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Why Did This Have To Replace A 1918 JW Mott Toilet??!!! ;(
Self explanatory. I hate this toilet. This has an okay flush, but a crappy reputation.
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Junky 1998 AS Allbrooks And Two Odd Flushing 1999 Kohler Kingstons!!!!!
The flush on the first Kingston was so short that it gurgled every flush! It even gurgled after it blew out! Talking about a possible YouTube first. A 1.6 Kingston that blows out and gurgles is a rare sight to see. I wish the pressure was turned up on both Kingstons. The second Kingston has an odd flush because it sounds different than most 1.6 Kingstons. The rest of the fixtures are complete garbage. Rating: 5/10 Fixtures: 2 1999 Kohler Kingston Toilets 2 1998 AS Allbrooks
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2003 AS Madeira TP Test
This was at the McDonalds filmed in the last video. This has a clogged siphon jet, but takes the TP just fine. This thing is okay. Rating: 6/10
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Guitar Hero 3 PlayStation 2 Kramer Review (Guitar Review)
This is a review with only my GH3 Kramer guitar controller for PS2. I will only be reviewing the guitar controller because the Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock game was a total bust because of the super deep scratches! I buy a new game later, but for now, here's my PlayStation 2 GH3 guitar's review. Enjoy! Please comment, rate, and subscribe and have a wonderful day!
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Raceway Gas Station Restroom Featuring 1993 Kohler & POS 2009 Glacier Bay Fixtures
It’s about time I found another Kohler Kingston Waterguard! The Kohler Kingston and Bardon are awesome, besides the fact of it being the weakest Kohler Kingston I’ve EVER COME ACROSS. That Glacier Bay sink is crap. Overall, the restroom is awesome.
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Extremely Powerful 2009 AS Madera Toilets
I wasn’t expecting these to be so powerful. The first one almost overflowed from being overpowered. These are okay. Rating: 7.5/10
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1973 American Standard Fixtures (Afwalls and Trimbrook)
I hit the jackpot today! These are super awesome! Rating: 30/10 Fixtures: 2 1973 American Standard Afwall Toilets 1 1973 American Standard Trimbrook Urinal
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1996 AS Madera
Weak and it sucks. I didn’t film the other Crapdera because it was out of order and it had a lot of a worst flush than this one. The urinal was a 1996 AS Allbrook which was not worth filming. Rating: 2/10 Also, this restroom is most likely getting renovated. When I heard the news, I was glad.
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2017 American Standard Colony
I think it is an American Standard Colony toilet, but I am unsure. Any ideas on what model? Anyways, the flush is really sluggish, but rare where I live. Also, that hand gesture I did at the beginning of the video is asking for your opinion on this toilet (Is is good? Is it okay? Is it bad?), but I don't like it. Rare: 6/10
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1993 Mansfield & 2003 Eljer Fixtures (Men’s Room With No Urinals)
I like the Eljer Savoy toilet and I love the Mansfield Imperial 210 toilet. These Mansfield Imperials are the more common vintage fixtures around me. This Mansfield Imperial is the fourth or fifth one I filmed locally. Also, this restroom lacks privacy and there are no urinals.
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2001 Toto CT705 Eating 14 TP Balls
Gulp! Unfortunately it wasn’t a Big Gulp! Now I’m in the mood to go to 7-eleven.
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1957 Out Of Order “Standard” Chinal Urinal And 2000s Mancesa Toilet
The Mancesa toilet is a huge disappointment because it replaced a 1957 “Standard” Cadet. ;( Ratings... Chinal: 50/10 Mancesa: 6/10
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1999 Kohler Kingston TP Test...
Fail and a sucky flush equals something that deserves to be blown up with 100 Megatons of dynamite (TNT).
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Target Restroom Full Shoot (Crane And AS Fixtures)
This restroom is good, except for that Crapwall. Fixtures: 1 2002 Crane Cromwell Urinal 1 2002 Crane Placidus Toilet 1 2017 AS Crapwall ElectricBird hates Placiduses.
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(13) Mansfield Alto Vs Four Paper Towels
It takes it all, but it takes two flushes to take it all down. Rating: 7/10
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My Gerber Viper Flushing Stuff
I was amazed to see the stuff actually go down! I flush some balls, washcloths, and a broken plastic whistle. It is good for a modern toilet!!!
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Weak Kohler Kingston Eating 40 FT Of TP!
This took it down, but it hesitated because of the weak pressure and the short flush. Then, the flushometer got stuck and I had to slam the handle to get it to stop flushing. I think the flushometer is either a Toto or Kohler flushometer. They both look alike. I’m 99% positive that the flushometer is a Toto manual flushometer. I also flushed The Kohler Bardon as well.
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Very Powerful 2009 Kohler Highline Pressure Lite Toilet TP Test
Wasn’t expecting this to clog, and my expectations were 100% accurate. It is decent for a modern toilet! Rating: 10/10
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2017 Toto CT708 Toilet
This was at a very fancy movie theater. It has a decent flush. Rating: 6/10
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1998 Mansfield Alto With A Black Bemis Seat
I like this toilet. These comfort height Altos are rare where I live. I especially like the black Bemis seat.
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Why Do I Keep Finding These POS Toilets? :p (Another Hoeflo Toilet)
I do not like it and the flush on this is far worse than any Proflo (Noflo/Hoeflo) I have ever seen. Also, the handle on this toilet has been replaced three other times. Rating: 4/10
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