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Rainbow- Original on the Ukulele
Welcome to my SECOND video on Youtube :) Never thought i'd even improve enough to post a second video but i'm not the type to give up! Chords and lyrics will follow. Until then, have an amazing day and stay positive 💕✨ Raibow 🌈🌧 Intro: C, Cmaj7, Fx2 C. Em. Am F I've been wandering around town. Sometimes there are troubles in my head. E7. G7. C. Am It'd be so much easier to let them win. But I promised you to be as strong as the wind. [Chorus] F. Am C So I / Cry tears / Of rainbow F. Am. C On the cold ground of the underground metro G7 Ooh C Em. Am. F I've been feeling real low. You tell me to just take it slow E7. G7. am. C Honestly / I don't even know let's just pretend / there is no tomorrow F. Am. C So I cry tears of rainbow On the cold ground of the underground metro. Am C I cry tears of rainbow. Am. Cx2 Tears of/ rainbow
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Show me your love-Original on the Ukulele
Thank you for watching, this means a lot to me 💕 i'm sorry if my voice wasn't really loud, I am still strumming with a pick so the Ukulele is always louder 😅 Show me your love Chords: Am, C, F and G7 C. Am. F Hold me in your arms boy. Show me we're meant to be together C. Am. F Show the world i'm yours. Make it forever and ever. [Chorus] G7. C. Am 'Cause right now, I feel like you F don't care anymore. G7. C. Am. and right now, I feel like i'm wasting F my time and yours. F. Am. C So please show me your love. C. Am Walk me through the woods boy, F Cause you know how I feel amongst the trees C. Am. Say the words "I love you" F wherever whenever you please [Chorus] Show me your love x2
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Moon River-Ukulele Cover
Some late night jam ^^ (and by late night I mean it's 9:00pm but i'm already sleepy 😴) I didn't film an intro or an outro, I wasn't planning on posting this here, but I was so proud of that take that I thought why not :) Be proud of yourselves people, there's no shame in that 💕 Stay positive xxx
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