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Overview on Deep Water Drilling
Animation of deepwater drilling
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North Sea Giant.mp4
The 'Offshore Support Vessel of the Year Award' for 2012 was won by North Sea Shipping's 'North Sea Giant', built to DNV class at the Metalships & Docks shipyard in Vigo, Spain. The North Sea Giant is considered to be the largest offshore vessel of this type ever built, with an overall length of 156m, beam of 30m and installed power of more than 22MW. The vessel was given the prize for her innovative features, which include advanced dynamic positioning (DP) capability for DP operations based on a high redundancy level and high propulsion power. North Sea Giant has a capacity for 120 people and its structure is highlighted by its heliport on the bow and a bridge placed up on the sixth deck of the vessel. The vessel boasts a working deck area of close to 3000 sqm. Introduced in 2010, the 'Offshore Support Journal Awards' have been well received by the industry and this award recognizes the owner, designer and builder of an offshore support vessel that has been delivered in the past calendar year and is considered to have set an industry benchmark through innovative design and efficient operation.
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Fugro M2 Repair.wmv
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The Making of FPSO TGT1
Bumi Armada Berhard and Vietsovpetro built the FPSO Armada TGT 1. The FPSO can handle 55,000bopd and has a storage capacity of 620,000 barrels of oil. The topsides of the FPSO weigh nearly 12,000 t. The FPSO can withstand harsh environmental conditions.
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SkySails bring windpower to container ships.mp4
Not a sailboat and not a parachute—this German-built ship aims to save fuel by towing a kite to capture wind power high above the water.
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"OCEANIC VEGA" is built with a hotel compliment with permanent capacity for 70 persons. Very low noise and vibration levels are recorded in the accommodation. • Six crew state cabins with day-room and bedroom • Six client state cabins with day-room and bedroom • Fourty one-bed cabins • Nine two-bed cabins • Sick bay, separate hospital • Galley, dish wash room, mess (49 seats) • Two day rooms, smokers' day room, games room • Dry provision, two cooler, and two freezer rooms • Spacious instrument room for seismic personell • Cold store for seismic data • Misc. conference rooms and offices • Wardrobe, gymnasium, sauna • Laundry handling room, laundries, drying room • Heli reception with internet café • Engine control room on Main deck • Small swimming pool (outside)
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Ulstein Bridge Vision™.mp4
ULSTEIN has taken to the bridge to set a bold and innovative new course for marine operations in the 21st century. Focused on creating better, safer and simpler solutions for ships' crews, ULSTEIN has devised the patent-pending ULSTEIN BRIDGE VISION™ -- a ground-breaking concept that promises major improvements for the operational centres of vessels.
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Nemo 33 - The worlds deepest indoor pool
Nemo 33 in Brussels, Belgium Filtered spring water at 30 degrees down to an astonishing depth of 34.5m
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Relative position reference system - RADius.mp4
RADius is developed for applications in need for a robust and reliable relative positioning system. Many applications can benefit from RADius in operations, as there are different types of retro-reflective transponders, and different types of installation of the sensor heads,
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In the traditional azimuth propulsion system the motor is inside the ship's hull and the propeller is driven through shafts and gearboxes. In the Azipod system the electric motor is inside the pod, and the propeller is connected directly to the motor shaft. By not using a traditional propeller shaft, the propeller can be farther below the stern of the ship in a clear flow of water providing greater hydrodynamic and mechanical efficiency. Electric power for the Azipod motor is conducted through slip rings that allow the Azipod to rotate through 360 degrees. Because fixed pitch propellers are used in Azipods, power for an Azipod system is always fed through a variable-frequency drive or cycloconverter that allows speed and direction control of the propulsion motors.
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what is dynamic positioning.mp4
Dynamic Positioning (DP) and Dynamic Tracking (DT) are methodologies to keep a vessel at a certain position (DP) or track (DT) using thrusters instead of mooring lines. By measuring its position (and heading) and comparing it to the required position, the DP system on board can determine its position error. The control system reacts on that by determining what thruster action is needed to bring the vessel as close as possible to the required position. DP systems can nowadays be found on many types of vessels: drilling vessels, installation vessels, heavy lift vessels, cable and pipelaying vessels and FPSOs..
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Dynamic Positioning - FMEA Services from Concept to Completion
Our short animation takes you through the full breadth of FMEA services provided by GL Noble Denton's global DP team; from DP FMEA on an OSV to Ballast and Crane FMEA on a large construction vessel - making sure that DP vessels are safe at all times during complex offshore operations.
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Dynamic positioning simulator, Basic trainer - Kongsberg Maritime.mp4
Dynamic positioning simulator, Basic trainer - Kongsberg Maritime
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ULSTEIN X-Bow Sarah.mp4
ULSTEIN SX121 Offshore Construction Vessel, was finally delivered to Marine Subsea . The vessel has been designed and constructed by Ulstein Group. The dialogue between Ulstein Group and the ship owner has been good during the process. We are very pleased that the vessel now is delivered to our customer Marine Subsea, says CEO Ulstein Group Gunvor Ulstein. The ULSTEIN SX121 offshore construction vessel features the characteristic ULSTEIN X-BOW®, enabling her to operate under all weather conditions while remaining steady and comfortable for the crew. Equipped for 100 persons, the 120-meter-long and 25-meter-wide vessel is an impressive sight. The Sarah is a DP3 dynamic positioning vessel that is capable of operating in depths of 3000 meters. The vessel has deck capacity of 1470 metres³ and her main features include a tower, main crane and two heavy-duty work class ROVs, as well as numerous sophisticated technical subtleties. Specifically designed for deep-water well intervention activity, she is also capable of multiple offshore support functions. This is oil service company Marine SubSea's first vessel from the Ulstein Group. Marine Subsea provides oil and gas services mainly in West Africa, with three vessels in service and five under construction. Sarah has a 10-year service agreement with the Angolan state oil company Sonangol.
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Two offshore vessels collided in Aberdeen.flv
Footage has been captured of an offshore vessel being involved a three-ship collision at Aberdeen Harbour. SBS Typhoon (IMO 9355965) collided with VOS Scout (IMO 8104125) head-on and forced her into the Ocean Searcher (IMO 7401306). SBS Typhoon's owners, SBS Marine, said the accident was caused by a software fault. SBS Marine managing director Nigel Taylor said the accident happened as a result of a glitch in fitting new, high-tech equipment. He said: "We were in the process of installing a new dynamic positioning system. We were doing checks on the system and had to have the engine running. There was a fault in the software. The controls were fully manned at the time, as were the other two vessels. No one was hurt. There was some damage caused to our ship and to VOS Scout and minor damage to Ocean Searcher. "Damage was caused to the bow of our vessel but all three vessels remained water tight." He added that the YouTube footage appeared to be speeded up (Bart: Doesn't look like it to me!). All involved ships & crew are ok ...
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Vigor's Offshore Patrol Cutter.mp4
Ulstein has over time been cooperating with the American shipbuilding group Vigor Industrial in the development of the conceptual design for a coastguard vessel (OPC -- Offshore Patrol Cutter). Vigor is now announcing ULSTEIN's SX151 design in the United States as part of a campaign aimed at the U.S. Coast Guard, that plans to renew its fleet with up to 25 new ships.
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Polarcus 12 streamer 3D4D seismic vessel.mp4
An ultra-modern 12 streamer 3D/4D seismic vessel. Built to the ULSTEIN SX124 design and incorporating the innovative ULSTEIN X-BOW® hull, this vessel combines the latest developments in maritime systems with the most advanced seismic technology commercially available. The vessel is also amongst the most environmentally sound seismic vessels in the market with diesel-electric propulsion, high specification catalytic convertors, double hull, and advanced bilge water cleaning system. This vessel complies with the stringent DNV CLEAN DESIGN notation
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Welcome To Port 2060
Modern shipping would never have evolved without the imagination, creativity and open-mindedness of past generations. Our future port project, Port 2060, was about encouraging the ongoing evolution of the shipping world -- building a vision of the future -- 100 years after the invention of containerisation. CARGOTEC CORPORATION,
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Semi-submersible MV Fjord .mp4
Semi-submersible MV Fjord transporting 26 tugboats bought by Brumby ship-holdings from Singapore.
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Offshore Oil Rigs.mp4
Offshore Oil Rigs
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The adjustable bolted propeller allows the most efficient blade matching for optimum efficiency, while simplifying the installation process. The Kamewa range of ABP is based on a hollow hub with blades bolted to it from the inside. A unique feature is the method of bolting the blades to the hub using simple hand tools. In comparison to conventional monobloc fixed pitch propellers the ABP has higher quality blade machining and educed overall weight, which give easier shipment, handling and mounting. The slotted holes on the hub allow the blade pitch angle to be conveniently adjusted at commissioning, or in service to compensate for long-term variations in hull resistance. Individual blades can be replaced without dry docking, and only spare blades have to be stocked rather than a complete monobloc propeller. Key features: • Spare propeller not needed, thus short pay-off compared to FPP • Slotted holes on the hub allow stepless blade pitch angle adjustment • Stainless steel or NiAl-bronze blades • 4, 5 or 6 blades available • Simpler, less costly installation at the shipyard. Match marking not needed • Smaller, lighter components mean lower costs for shipment, storage and handling • Individual blades can be replaced if damaged • Easy underwater installation and replacement of blades • Hollow hub reduces total weight and extends bearing life • Higher accuracy than a monobloc propeller since individual parts are machined more efficiently • No limitation in size or weight
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How to Convert a Ship into DP.mp4
We have heard of ships constructed for dedicated purposes. For e.g. oil tanker is constructed of transporting oil, whereas a drill ship is constructed for taking out oil from the ocean floors. But here is a technology that helps in converting any ship into a dynamic positioning (D.P) vessel. The Hi-load technology or the Hi-load attachment technology as it is better known, helps in converting a vessel into a dynamic positioning (DP) vessel. The Hi-load technology consists of an external attachment which is fitted to the ship. The ship along with the Hi-load technology is called as a Hi-load unit. Some of the applications of Hi-load unit includes offshore loading of crude oil, detachable turret mooring systems for FSOs and FPSOs, and add on propulsion for semis, barges, and ship shape hulls.
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New sophisticated eBird® streamer control system.mp4
Kongsberg Seatex, Kongsberg Maritime's specialist in position reference systems, and attitude determination has redefined lateral steering with the introduction of eBird® to the marine seismic acquisition market .
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Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Training
When the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 comes into force it will replace 40 existing conventions and 29 regulations. It will provide seafarers with fair terms of employment and guarantee them safe, secure and decent living and working conditions on board ship. Shipowners will benefit from having a clear, consistent set of standards with which all must comply. Once the Convention is in force all ships which trade internationally must meet its requirements, whether their flag States have ratified it or not, ships will be subject to inspection. Inspectors' powers are the same as those under ISM or MARPOL, including the power to detain ships that do not comply.
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Pieter Schelte - Allseas' platform.mp4
Length excluding tilting lift beam protrusion and stinger 382 m (1253 ft) Length between perpendiculars 370 m (1214 ft) Transit speed 14 knots Accommodation 571 men Dynamic positioning system LR DP (AAA) Cranes Three pipe transfer cranes of 40 t (88 kips) at 33 m (108 ft) main hoist capacity; one special purpose crane of 500 t (1,102 kips) at 15 m (49 ft) main hoist capacity Topsides lift capacity 48000 t (105800 kips) Jacket lift capacity 25000 t (55100 kips) Total installed power 95 MW Stinger length 170 m (558 ft) Welding stations Double joint factory with 5 line-up stations and 2 stations for combined external and internal welding. Mainline with 6 welding stations for double joints, 1 NDT station and 6 coating stations Tensioner capacity 4 x 500 t (4408 kips) at 30 m/min (100 ft/min) Pipe diameters From 6" to 68" O.D. Delivery date 2013
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The Triple-E_ Efficient propulsion_ breaking conventions
Triple-E class vessels mark a major break from convention in hull and engine design. 
 Moving the engines further to the back of the vessel allows space for additional containers, improving the economies of the vessel further.
 These changes, along with super long-stroke engines, lead to greatly enhanced fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions by some 50 per cent compared to industry average on the Asia-Europe trade lane.
 The propulsion comes from two engines and two propellers. Accordingly a twin island hull design is applied.
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Dynamic Positioning System by Volvo.mp4
Dynamic Positioning System Press a button and the Dynamic Positioning System holds your boat´s heading and keeps it within a very limited area, even in a current or in windy conditions. A perfect feature for waiting at the fuel dock or for a bridge or lock to open. When docking, the Dynamic Positioning System gives you time to "freeze the moment" so that your crew can prepare fenders and lines totally stress free. Hold the position! When activated, the Dynamic Positioning System automatically holds your boat´s heading and keeps it within a very limited area. The system uses twin GPS receivers in the special antenna to determine the boat's position and heading. Sophisticated and specially developed software in the EVC system transforms this data into steering angles, gear shifts and throttle positions to keep the boat still. Engines, pods and propellers are therefore active and your boat should be regarded as under way with the driver responsible. No one should, of course, be in the water close to the boat.
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A good example is the X-BOW® -- a revolution in offshore ves....mp4
Ulstein Group builds advanced and highly effective vessels, such as offshore support, offshore construction, seismic and research vessels, with a strong focus on innovative technological solutions and methods. A dedicated workforce together with streamlined production processes result in a high level of flexibility and quality
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This superb mega-yacht with 132 cabins is the result of the expertise of the Italian Fincantieri shipyard and French sophistication, as interpreted by designer Jean-Philippe Nuel. L'Austral remains faithful To The philosophy - to create a unique atmosphere, a subtle blend of luxury, intimacy and well-being. 
 A sleek silhouette softened by elegantly smooth contours and large, arched windows opening up to the sea and the light: so many features come together to give L'Austral her distinctive shape. Precious materials, discreet elegance and a perfect balance between chic and casual, combine to make you feel as if you are on your own private yacht. A design blending tradition and innovation, where a nautical mood has been subtly recreated. Precious materials in smoothing neutral tones are brought to life with splashes of cheerful reds. So many personal touches create the spirit of a "private yacht."
 The ship, chic and elegant yacht-like ambiance, raffined and personalized service as well as gastronomic cuisine. • From 224 to 264 passengers • Up to 132 outside cabins • Length: 142m (466ft) * Beam: 18 m (59ft) • Average speed: 16 knots • 139 crew members • Elevators to all decks • Dynamic positioning system • « Clean ship » standards • French flag
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Total vessel recycling.mov
Maersk Line will implement the most comprehensive cradle-to-cradle passport ever seen for the new giant Triple-E ships. The cradle to cradle passport will identify each and every nut and bolt of the giant 60.000 ton ships, making vastly improved recycling possible for most materials as well as safe disposal for the rest. The materials of the ships will all be marked and numbered -- separating high and low grade steel, copper wiring, hazardous materials and waste. Based on the sorting it will be possible to reuse nearly all materials for new ships making dangerous and polluting scrapping a thing of the past.
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Shipping and World Trade.mp4
Around 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry. Without shipping the import and export of goods on the scale necessary for the modern world would not be possible. Seaborne trade continues to expand, bringing benefits for consumers across the world through competitive freight costs. Thanks to the growing efficiency of shipping as a mode of transport and increased economic liberalisation, the prospects for the industry's further growth continue to be strong. There are around 50,000 merchant ships trading internationally, transporting every kind of cargo. The world fleet is registered in over 150 nations, and manned by over a million seafarers of virtually every nationality.
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DNV Survey Simulator.mp4
DNV Survey Simulator is flexible and highly effective virtual training environment, working on independent models.
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Latest Invention Oyster - the New Wave Power System.mp4
Oyster wave power technology has a number of natural competitive advantages: • Accessibility -- Oyster's electrical equipment is onshore, the Oyster device itself is nearshore. • Reliability -- Oyster uses conventional off-the-shelf hydro-electric generation equipment. • Survivability -- Oyster is a simple hinged flap, it ducks under the largest waves so it doesn't have to shut down to survive extreme weather conditions. • Efficiency -- Oyster has a high capture factor, and a high power to weight ratio even when compared with offshore wind turbines. • Scalability -- Oyster is designed for low cost mass production. Multiple flaps feed one onshore generator. • Adaptability -- Oyster can power desalination plant, delivering fresh water through zero-emission reverse osmosis.
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Fugro Symphony.mp4
Video demonstraiting what Kongsberg Maritime has delivered to the 130-metre long, 24-metre wide offshore construction vessel Fugro Symphony. The delivery includes nautical bridge, aft bridge and machinery control.
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Seapath position, attitude, time & heading sensors.mp4
Seapath offers the advantages of gyrocompass, GPS and vertical reference technologies in a single, robust system. Multiple sensors in one package!
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Promas propulsion and manouvering system - YouTube.mp4
High efficiency propulsion and manouvering system
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Maersk- Line Triple-E_ Smarter design, with room for 18,000 containers
While the new Triple-E class is only a few meters longer and wider than the current world record holder in size, it offers no less than 16 per cent more container space due to its wider, more bulbous bow. The wide body allows room for an additional row of containers. Moving the bridge forward improves the line of sight and makes it possible to stack containers higher, Moving the engine backwards increases stability and allows for more containers below and above deck, It all adds up to a 16% capacity improvement over the previous world record, and contributing to the 50% decrease in co2 emissions making the Triple-E the most advanced and efficient ship in the world.
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Seven Borealis.mp4
The deepwater construction vessel 'Seven Borealis', Subsea7's flagship, arrived in the Netherlands in spring 2012 for final outfitting at the Huisman facilities. The vessel is the first customized version of Ulstein Sea of Solutions' successful SOC 5000 vessel design and fully developed by the Netherlands based ULSTEIN design office. The vessel features an offshore mast crane which can lift 5000 mt and will be capable to perform both J-lay as S-lay operations.
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The vessel is designed and equipped for Subsea operation duties with a high focus on good sea-keeping abilities and excellent stationkeeping performances. It is environmental friendly with focus on low fuel consumption ,and precautions in accordance with DNV's CLEAN DESIGN requirements are incorporated in the design.
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The patented Thrustmaster Portable Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS) is for dynamic positioning of vessels, barges and floating structures of any size. The system consists of several hydraulic outboard thrusters with a HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) for each. If needed a DP Control Van contains the DP electronics with air conditioning Thrustmaster's portable dynamic positioning system makes affordable and quick dock-side conversion of any vessel to DP-0 thru DP-3 per any of the major classification societies. Typical power ratings range from 300hp (225kW) to 3000hp (2250kW) and can be mounted directly onto the deck or onto platforms attached to the side of the vessel.
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Icebreaker Otso
The Finnish icebreaker Otso cutting sealanes across the Gulf of Bothnia in the arctic circle.
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Voith Water Tractor.mp4
Film about the Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP)
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AIT Video Safety Briefing
Safety Briefing Video explicily explains the various precautions that need to be taken in a helicopter flight.
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Maersk - We push boundaries
Inquisitive minds, skill, knowledge and innovation lead to the discovery of oil fields.
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Egyptian Dynamic Positioning Operators Association
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Blue Fighter.mp4
The first platform supply vessel (PSV) new building of the PX121 design from ULSTEIN®, M/V Blue Fighter, was named in a formal ceremony at Ulstein Verft, Norway on 12 January.
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Watch 8982 from STX co-workers create worlds first human ship
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Deepsea Atlantic.mp4
Odfjell Invest Ltd. had one new sixth generation deep water and harsh environment semisubmersible The units are designed for operations in harsh environments and water depths of up to 3,000 m. They are equipped with a full conventional mooring spread for operations in water depths of 70 to 500 metres. Their 7,500 mt loading capacity in all operating conditions ensures efficiency, with a reduced need for supply. Additionally,full winterization may be provided for improved working conditions in an arctic environment. The rig has a state of the art, highly efficient drilling system,which includes a dual derrick with a main and an auxiliary work centre to facilitate a number of simultaneous operations. The drilling system has dual active heave compensating drawworks for increased performance, efficiency,safety and redundancy. The rigs are designed for worldwide operation and will be especially suitable for development drilling.
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