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Smith Corona Coronet XL Coronamatic Electric Typewriter
A quick run through of the typewriter visually talking about it's functions and how to remove the case followed by a function demo, some typing, type shown, and the case.
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Brother Compactronic 310 Typewriter Demo
Brother Compactronic 310 Typewriter Demo - Walk around Functions Typing Demo Typed text view
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Corona Model 3 Foldable Typewriter viewing and demo -  post cleaning
Walk around demo of a Corona Model 3 Foldable Typewriter - during cleaning / partial restoration phase
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Brother AXZ-350 Electronic Daisy Wheel typewriter, serial number C26897303 (also applicable to Nakajima AX-90 typewriter). Ser No, CONDITION Walk Around 0:00 OPENING top, ribbons and daisywheel: 1:17 PAPER, Inserting and TYPING through keys: 1:56 DEMO, Running: 3:07
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1979 Brother L10 Cassette Correction Plus 3 Typewriter
Walk around, function overview, and demonstration of typed text output from a light tan 1979 Brother Cassette Correction L10 Plus3 Electric Typewriter Case NEW Ribbon Installed for sale on Ebay currently by familyworks. I will soon have a video up of how to install new black/white ribbons in these cassettes for those that are interested and handy. I will provide this service for a reasonable price, if asked. INDEX: 1. Overview: 0:25 2. Functions 0:48 3. Tabs 2:07 4. Paper Install 3:35 5. Typing (close up) 5:02 6. Corrections 5:43 7. Ribbon Remove/Install 7:00 8. Close up video walk around 7:29
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1980 Brother Cassette Correction L10 Electric Typewriter Demo
This Brother L10 Plus 3 , Model JP10, Serial Number D0131850 was manufactured in April of 1980, and is for sale by familyworks on Ebay, usually along with others, including antiques restored to various levels, but ALWAYS 100% functional.
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Brother EP7 Demo L73473168
A demonstration of the apparently rare Brother EP7 Electronic Typewriter (Ser. # L73473168) with manual key typing, demo mode, and the produced type on paper. This is an early 1987 dot matrix typewriter, tap tap free, with some functions like centering, spell check, expanded type, etc. that was wall wart or five D Cell battery powered.
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Vintage Manual Typewriter: 1960s Olivetti Underwood Lettera 32, Italian made
Contents with time stamps: Intro 0:00 Functions 0:42 Tabs: 3:04 Typing: 4:24 Typed Text on Page: 5:54 Case: 6:12 Views Inside and Outside: 8:18
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Smith Corona XE-5100 demo 6 8 18
Demo of Smith Corona XE-5100, walk around, demo, then some typing. Shows printed page after demo and during and after the typing section.
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Smith Corona SC210
A demo of the Smith Corona SC210 and some of it's functionality Hand typing @ 4:11
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Dept. 56 Fezziwig Village House with animated dancers. Music is added afterward (public) and not part of the features of the house.
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