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Alien Planets Revealed - A Nova Science 2014 Doc.
Documentary which aired in january 2014, a good documentary which asks the question "Are we alone?" and what might alien life look like on these other worlds that are being discovered. Kepler indentified more than 3,500 planets orbiting other stars in our Milkyway galaxy. Sorry that its only 480p hope its still viewable.
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Journey To The Edge Of The Universe   National Geographic, 720p
Egde of Space, A Journey to the edge of the Universe. A National Geographic Documentary from 2008 in 720p [HD] This is a subject that I really enjoy to watch documentaries of, and I wanted to share this for educational purpose. I think its a extremely interesting subject that can really get your brain working. The Documentary is of a pretty good quality and I really hope that atleast some people will find this to be of great use to them. And that you might learn something new. The thumbnail photo used if the same that is used by National Geographic. Its a picture taken with the Hubble Space Telescope and its called: V838 Mon (Light Echo) so it is actually a magnificent real thing.
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[HD] Alien Earths, NatGeo, 720p
A 2009 documentary by NatGeo, showing us the hunt for earthlike planets which orbits other stars. Using the Kepler spacetelescope to detect a tiny wobble in the stars, due to the effect of a planets gravitational pull.
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Documentary: Yellowstone Eruptions, Super Vulcano
A doc. on past eruptions and a possible senario for a future eruption in Yellowstone. Its obviously not my own documentary, and sadly enough only in 360p
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Quick rundown: Solar system and Universe beyond
This video gives us a quick tour of our solar system and the universe that surrounds it.
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How the Earth Was Made: Birth of the Earth, 2009, 720p
The Earth isn't an ordinary, generic planet. The processes, that created an Earth, suitable for intelligent life are unique and surprising. Documentary which show us, how and when our planet first formed. How old is the Earth really? Great doc.
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Doc: Down to the Earth's Core [HD] - National Geographic
Another educational documentary. Kept in the genre of planet earth. Here we get a bit of a peak into the core of the earth. This one I have in 720p, good quality. So I hope you enjoy and hopefully learn something along the way.
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Doc: Volcanoes and Earthquakes - Inside the Volcano
Its all about how the two are connected. What they have contributed to ever since earth started to form. A documentary related to the Yellowstone Super Vulcano that I have uploaded. 360p is sadly the best I have.
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Pacific Ocean Paradise - National Geographic - 720p
*Sorry for the somewhat poor quality, especially at the start In a remote corner of the South Pacific, National Geographic Explorer Enric Sala – one of the world’s leading marine ecologists – leads an elite team into an isolated underwater Eden. Sharks reign in the southern Line Islands, where humans rarely visit and survival is still of the fittest. Completing a daring survey of life on the reef from the micro to the mega, the research team uncovers secrets in what could be the last unspoiled archipelago on Earth.
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[HD] Documentary: Life of Albert Einstein
Telling you the story of Einsteins life. 720p secures a good viewer experience. How he came to be what we know of through history. What happened before all that? What if he hadn't become a professor?
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Mission Pluto - National Geographic, 2015 [720p]
*The 14th of july 2015 is when the spacecraft reached Pluto. Also im not sure why it says only 480p, because the video is 720p, I will wait a bit and see, if nothing else I can try reuploading. At this moment, three billion miles away, NASA spacecraft New Horizons speeds through the outer solar system at ten times the speed of a bullet. It is headed where no spacecraft has ever gone before: The last great, uncharted realm of our solar system called The Third Zone. There it will intercept the last unexplored world, the former ninth planet, Pluto. No-one yet knows what Pluto really looks like, but one thing is certain: It looks set to revolutionize planetary science forever, because it could answer some of the biggest questions about how our solar system evolved and, ultimately, how the earth was formed.
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The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse? [2011, 720p]
Hard as it is to swallow, cutting-edge theories are suggesting that our universe may not be the only universe. Instead, it may be just one of an infinite number of worlds that make up the multiverse. In this show, Brian Greene takes us on a tour of this brave new theory at the frontier of physics, explaining why scientists believe it's true and showing what some of these alternate realities might be like. A Nova Science episode, S38 E19 I found this on my harddrive, and it's decent quality. So even though it's an older clip, I still figured I would put it out there.
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Wild Buffalo at Yellowstone National Park
Had several close encounters with wild buffalo at various locations around Yellowstone National Park. This is a short clip of a bull finding a good place to rest, with a fumarole in the background. The bulls were much more active due to the cows coming into heat.
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Active Mud-Vulcano, Yellowstone National Park
This is an active "mud vulcano" recorded in Yellowstone National Park. Its at the area called: Sulfur Cauldron. The reason why mud pools/vulcanos and such form rather than a clear pool of water is due to the lack of ground water in the area. These mud vulcanos has a high level of sulfuric acid which also breaks down the rocks around it which in turn produces more mud. Yellowstone NP is an area mainly located in the north-west corner of the state Wyoming, USA.
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