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Keroro Gunso AMV~Ari e nai kurai kiseki
Ughh i really need to stop reusing the same clips =.= and the quality stinks (my free demo for making quality better expired!!!) I hope its good :U **PLEASE NOTE** This is 100% FAN MADE! I own nothing here!!! Keroro Gunso (c) is owned by Mine Yoshizak. (not me :3)
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♥Mune Mune Kyun! Kawaii AMV♥
This is my first AMV! I hope you like it! Animes I used are: Sailor moon, tokyo mew mew, onegai my melody,cinnamoangels, and axis powers hetalia. Please note I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING! This is 100% fan made! Please dont delete you tube :3
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Koi Suru Shooting Star - Sumomo's song [FULL]
This is sumomo from keroro gunso's song full version. From episode 12. I dont own this song or sumomo all rights go to the owner.
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[APH] Bad apple english DUB
I dont own anything!
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[APH] Funny america and canada moment
Its so funny XD its from episode 52 or world series episode 1 (correct me if im wrong =.=) I do not own this! This is uploaded for the fans by a fan! All rights go to funimation.
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Axis Powers Hetalia~ Lollipop AMV
I dont own hetalia fanmade
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*hurrays* My 3rd AMV! I hope the quality dosn't come out poopy :| I just love giroro and natsumi! ♡ Also if you are wondering..ok so i downloaded this song from some weird website and all these random noises are in the song for some reason (like one in the begining and end) so please ignore them XD so umm..yeah ENJOY OwO
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Keroro Gunso~Le Festin AMV
I got bored and this song was stuck in my head XD It is actually form the movie ratatouille :) its in french (if u didn't know :P) also please note that i do not own any of these characters this is 100% fan made. Made by a fan for a fan. also.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELIZE!!!! I LOVE YOU XD
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Keroro Gunso~Cartoon Heroes AMV
YAY! 4th AMV! This one took me the longest ...Please note I do not own keroro gunso or any of these clips this is 100% fan made! Dedicated to: Delize,Davis,and Angie :)
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Pururu's Transform
I dont own this!!
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Tamagotchi cute overload!!!! AMV
Cute over load cute over load! This has been stuck in my head all day XD and i threw this together in 45 minutes ,:D Oh yeah, I LOVE TAMAGOTCHI XD Song- Cute overload Anime-Tamagotchi Please note this is 100% fan made I own nothing here!!
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Keroro Gunso~ Funny pururu moment
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Funny and cute hetalia pictures
do not own anything!!
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[Hetalia Fan Flash] PRUSSIA DID SOME THING!!!
I drew it :D
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My sylvanian families collection
My sylvanian families and calico critters collection! I have been collecting for 8 years now and this is what i got ^_^ my dad made me the table for christmas a couple years ago if any body is wondering where i got it. Sorry for bad quality :(
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Keroro Gunso~ Skittles Candy POP!
GAHH! XD It is finally finished! I went through A LOT to post this ,:) Like it or hate it, i tried my best .... I got inspired by the hauhi suzimiya one XD
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U HAVE NO IDEA HOW BORED I AM RIGHT NOW!!! i dont own hetalia or sparta
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i dont understand ----------- i dont own this yo its cartoon network and stufffff all rights go to the owner
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Doki Doki~ Kawaii AMV mix
Dont own anything D:
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Dramatic Pikachu
OH COME ON!!! Some one has already done this TT.TT (i didnt know untill i uploaded it :T) so please dont comment and say "some one has already done this!!" okay? T.T
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[APH] England is an English Muffin! AMV
Annoying song+awesome english dude+bored girl+boring saturday afternoon = this. ENJOY IT!!! :3 Please note this is fan made and i own nothing!!
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Keroro Gunso Epic cool stupid supper happy fun time THE SECOND!!!!!!
You asked for it and now its back! Wait...no body asked for it..._ _ |l what ever i got bored so yeah....
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Keroro Gunso Epic cool stupid supper happy fun time!
Let's just say I got bored and felt like playing with sound effects... Please comment, rate , and subscribe. *puppy eyes*
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IM SO BORED oAo i dont own dah faces
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Di Gi Charat~Honey Punch AMV
I got bored and i felt like doing some thing with this anime...hope you likey :3 Also i do not own di gi charat or any of the characters this is 100% fan made made by a fan for the fans also the begining i did not draw from nico nico douga.
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