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Stop Washing Machine From Dripping Inside the Wash Tub.  Easy Fix.
Stop Washing Machine From Dripping Inside the Wash Tub. Easy Fix. If this video helps you, please subscribe to my channel and help me! Thanks. Water was dripping from the top of my washing machine down into the tub after every load of clothes was washed. If I didn't take my clothes out immediately, they be soaked. Here's what worked for me to stop the drip and fix my washing machine: I poured CLR into the cold and hot water hoses. To hold the hoses up so the solution could flow into the machine and stay there a while, I taped the hoses to the wall. I let the CLR work for 10 or 15 minutes. Then I reconnected the hoses and ran the washer on short cycle, making sure to have water flow through cold and hot water hoses. That solved my problem and according to internet research I've done this method works for many people. Link to purchase CLR: https://amzn.to/2O1M7T5
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I lost the key to my treadmill.  No problem!  Make one!
Tip the creator if you like. Thanks. Rich paypal.me/richdavis101 I lost the key to my treadmill. No problem! If you have lost the little key that came with your treadmill, you can easily make another out of an old credit card, rewards card, or motel room key. I also have a video on what to do if you've lost the magnet needed to start your treadmill.
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I installed a new flapper in my toilet and now it doesn't flush right.  Quick fix!
Problem: the flapper goes down too quickly when I flush, thereby stopping the fill process before it is complete. If I hold the flush lever down a few seconds, it will work, but I don't want to do that. Solution: Chain is probably a little too long. This job took me less than a minute. I assumed the chain was probably too long (why would the company send me a chain too short?), and so I simply made the chain three links shorter. I'm happy to say it worked perfectly first time. Korky QuietFill universal flush valve kit.
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Should I buy a soprano or concert ukulele?  Easy question for me to answer.
If this video helps or amuses you, please subscribe and help me build my channel. There's no cost. Share the love. Thanks! Should I buy a soprano or concert ukulele? Easy question for me to answer. There may be certain situations where a soprano is the preferred choice, but in most cases I say go with the concert. I should add that My choice of ukes are baritone, concert, tenor, and soprano--in that order. I've played them all and own them all (numerous of each) and that's how it is with me. For someone who is planning on buying just one uke, concert is probably the best choice. Choosing between soprano and concert is almost a no-brainer for the average person, I'd think. If you have a soprano, and chose that over the concert, then I'd say play it, and love it, and make it your pet. You can make amazing music on it. You can dazzle the world with a soprano as well as you can a concert, tenor, or baritone. Update: Forgive me soprano ukulele players and lovers! This video was my opinion based on experience with all types of ukes. Months later, I haven't changed my mind on this but I have heard from enough soprano ukulele players that I thought I'd apologize for my cocky and flippant tone here. Concert seems a better choice to me but millions of soprano uke players are thrilled with their instruments and more power to them! I love all ukes and uke players!!
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Make a magnetic key so your treadmill will come to life!
paypal.me/richdavis101 Tip the creator if you like. Thanks. Rich Make a magnetic key so your treadmill will come to life! So you've lost the little magnet on a string that came with your treadmill . . . it's not the end of the world! Find a small magnet, or buy one at a hardware store, and attach it to a string with clear tape. Bye the bye, it's easy to make the card type of treadmill key as well. An old credit card should do the trick. I use motel room keys. Any type of thin plastic about that thickness should do. Here's a link to a video I made to show how to make the card type of treadmill key: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=WEeJMMDykdM
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Why I prefer the Gazelle Glider over all other exercise equipment.
Gazelles are great. They are quiet. They don't have to be plugged in. They are cheap. They aren't likely to break. They fit into a small space. They exercise all of your body without impact. You can focus on upper or lower body or do both at the same time. If you buy a Gazelle you might want to check out another of my videos on how to carry the Gazelle. It's easy . . . if you grab it in the right place. Otherwise, it will beat you up! I had my shines barked a hundred times before I stopped to ask "how should this thing be carried?" I don't like the display on a Gazelle and it's not necessary to me. Expect to pay $12.99 at a thrift store and $40 on Craigslist, though you may do better. Be sure it doesn't squeak before you buy! If you want to know if you're getting a good aerobic workout, you should be sweating after twenty minutes. If not, pick up the pace! By the way, I sold one of these on CL Jan 1 for $40. I have one in better shape listed now for $45.
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What sounds better baritone ukulele tuned DGBE or GCEA?
What sounds better baritone ukulele tuned DGBE or GCEA? Thanks Ernest Kwok for making the comment that inspired this video. https://goo.gl/QN6C6F GCEA tuning is low G Kala KA-MBE-C baritone ukulele mango gloss GCEA Kala KA-ABP-CTG baritone ukulele cedar gloss DGBE product link http://amzn.to/2vPT5AR
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Jesus Met the Woman at the Well.  P, P & M.  Mysteries?
Jesus Met the Woman at the Well. P, P & M. Mysteries? Okay, these aren't big mysteries, but maybe little ones. First, I really like this video and Peter, Paul and Mary. I find it interesting that Paul seems to have a guitar problem at the beginning of the song and later Paul and possibly Peter have some interesting air strums ... or so it appears to me. I'm sure this is all explainable, but these are things I noticed. Also, the bass guy seems left out, playing off stage in the dark. Still, this is my favorite Peter, Paul and Mary song and video. 1965 was the year. Suits and cuff links for the guys; Mary is beautiful and well dressed. Audience looks neat and well-mannered. Times have changed! Here's a link to see the 17 song performance. What a gem! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdcapT2Tdag&t=961s
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I'm new to pill cutters and I want to cut one into fourths!
I'm new to pill cutters and I wanted to cut one in quarters! I could do this better and faster if I wasn't being videoed! It would not be difficult to line up two 1/2 pills and cut them. Probably easier to do with the tip of a knife instead of an index finger! Anyway, I'm pleased with the CVS pill cutter and the deal they gave me. 20% off with a coupon! $6.08 total.
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Presto electric stirring popcorn popper:  Thrift store bargain makes my popcorn diet more fun.
Presto electric stirring popcorn popper: Thrift store bargain makes my popcorn diet more fun. Model number 05200. There's a lot to like about this popper! I especially like that I can add my own ingredients to the popcorn. This makes popping corn more fun, cheaper, and neater. Cool. Also, my popcorn diet is working like crazy so I'm happy about that! Very fine. Update: I've found Orville Redenbacher's White Corn Gourmet Popping Corn is far superior to the regular pop corn we got at the super market. It's the only one I will use now. I count to ten after the last popcorn pops and then unplug. I let the machine sit a couple of minutes then turn it carefully upside down. I put the lid back on when I eat the popcorn so salt and stuff doesn't come out!
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Shall I buy laminate, solid top, or all solid ukulele?   Easy decision according to Davis.
My goal here is to provide a simple guide for making a decision some people agonize over. If you have already made your decision, enjoy your instrument and don't second guess. If you are in the decision-making process, I hope this video will help. I believe beautiful music can be made on inexpensive, mid-range and high dollar ukuleles. Here are some product links: Kala KA ABP-CTG baritone ukulele http://amzn.to/2wmel2g Kala tenor all solid: http://amzn.to/2vVbeLK Recommended laminates: can't go wrong here! Oscar Schmidt OU5 concert http://amzn.to/2vUEwdv Kala KA-CG http://amzn.to/2fXieEc
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Which Caramel baritone ukulele to choose?  CB103A or CB500. Davis quickly makes his favorite known.
No one really knows what endears us to ukuleles. Caramel makes two quite different but both interesting, pretty good, and inexpensive baritone ukuleles. CB103A is zebra wood gloss. CB500 is rosewood. I prefer the look of the CB500 and the sound. To my ear it's not quite as loud as the CB103A. For that reason it seems to record better and work better with my singing. I notice for $75 you can also get the Caramel rosewood in the tenor size. Maybe that will be my coming up birthday or Christmas ... if I can sell some more ukes and guitars and treadmills first!
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I've lost the key to my storm door!  Relax.  Easy fix!
This video has a surprise and happy ending. Quick fix is just to remove the lock and take it to someone and have a key made. Another fix may be to ask yourself where you will put the key after you have it made...and look there! We found both of our keys! Anderson all seasons fullview storm door. Double door kit. On the receipt I note: doors purchased June 2004 for $699, including $250 for installation. I'm glad I don't have to replace them!
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I fix a loud key on my Yamaha DGX 520 Digital Piano.  May work for other keyboards.
paypal.me/richdavis101 Tip the creator if you like. Thanks. Rich I fix a loud key on my Yamaha DGX 520 Digital Piano. May work for other keyboards. All the keys sounded perfectly when struck except one! This "A" note was essential to the use of the instrument. The hardest part, and most time consuming, of the fixit project was taking out the 50+ screws needed to remove the top of the machine. Look closely and you'll actually see a white speck of something that I believe caused my problem. This was a very rewarding project to complete! From my research I believe this may be a solution for keys that sound too loudly or not at all. If you need a new Yamaha Digital Piano, here are several links: http://amzn.to/2uAcvtO Yamaha DGX-660 $799 http://amzn.to/2txOHSu Yamaha YDP143R $1,099 http://amzn.to/2txeJFw Yamaha P45 Digital Piano $449
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I found a great exercise for herniated disc and sciatica.  I'm not ready for Lo-Bak Trax.
I was given a Lo-Bak Trax by my sister to try for my back pain. I went to YouTube and saw so many advertising testimonials I was a little turned off by them. Then, when I tried it, I couldn't feel anything special from one use. In the mean time, I stumbled on this exercise. Follow the link I provide below. This exercise specifically addresses Sciatica and Herniated Disc. I tried the exercise, felt better quickly, used it a couple more times during the day, and felt good all day. I'm convinced. I appreciate having the Lo-Bak Trax but will keep it in reserve. The second exercise I show in the video is designed to give your hamstrings a nice stretch. I believe this exercise is extremely important also to keep people flexible and moble. Update: I posted this video six days ago. Since then I've done it every day and it has been amazing for me. Usually once or twice a day is enough to stop the pain in the area of my disc. For me this is a breakthrough and gives me great hope for the future. Absolute Best Exercise for Sciatica & Herniated Disc- McKenzie Approach.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clfpWjqVP6U
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Sound test between baritone ukuleles tuned GCEA and DGBE.
Sound test between baritone ukuleles tuned GCEA and DGBE. I also include a little concert uke and classical guitar to put the baritones in perspective. Oscar Schmidt OU3 concert ukulele, Kala KA MBE-C baritone uke, Classic baritone ukulele, Cervantes Clase 500 classical guitar. The price I paid for each instrument: $59, $147, $37, $650. My goal is 100 subscribers by January 1. Help me!
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How to change strings on a Aklot tenor ukulele with pull through bridge!
If you don't see a place to tie ukulele strings on the bridge, you may have a pull through bridge. To string, cut off and remove old strings. Push string through hole in bridge, tie a tight little knot, then pull! The knot will pull tight underneath the bridge and you can string the ukulele the regular way from there. This seems to me easier than tying down on the bridge. Since I was saving my strings, and I was doing this for the first time, it took me longer than it will next time. Also, I cleaned fretboard with lemon oil and polished the uke body with guitar polish. I always do these things when I have strings off any instrument.
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Things to look for when buying a ukulele.  How to tell a quality instrument from a cheap one.
Things to look for when buying a ukulele. How to tell a quality instrument from a cheap one. I tend to prefer Kalas and Oscar Schmidts. These cost from $75 to $125 when I buy them on eBay or Amazon, new or used. Even though I like my Bruce Wei uke, it's a little risky buying from places very far away. (Wei shipped from Vietnam.) The second one I bought from him arrived in awful shape. Something happened to the gloss coat. He doesn't sell many gloss ukes anymore, and that may be a good thing. EBay has good protection for buyers and you can find some great deals there. I got a tremendous deal on several new Kala KA-CGs a few weeks ago. This would be a good, beautiful starter uke for anyone. Oscar Schmidt OU3 is very nice, too. Cordoba Protege and Kala KA-CEM are great. Kala KA S is a recommended soprano.
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CLEP Success Story #1
Earned 42 college credits by exam. Used CLEP and other college exam programs. Visit BenFranklinUniversity.com for help getting the maximum amount of CLEP credit your college will allow quickly.
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Oscar Schmidt OU2 Concert Ukulele, Sound Test.
Oscar Schmidt OU2 concert ukulele, sound test. I'm sorry for the video quality of the first part of this video. Lighting impoves and you get a good view of the uke toward the end.
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Which ukulele to get if you plan to only have one?  And keep forever!
Two comments today inspired this video. First was a person who spent $1,400 on his first guitar. That seems excessive to me, but this person was a very careful shopper and rented a guitar two years before purchasing the exact one he wanted. Second was a viewer from France who wanted to buy only one ukulele and keep it a long time. So, I'm challenged to recommend a top quality tenor ukulele that would be satisfying and worth keeping forever. I can't recommend ukuleles I'm not familiar with...but I think I have some good choices. And, I show you what I'm talking about. You can purchase from these links. Won't cost you more and will help me a lot! Kala KA-ABP-CBG $294 Best all round. This is a baritone! Kala KA-ATP-CTG $279 Best tenor http://amzn.to/2BrvWrD Kala KA-TG $129 Nice compromise of cost and quality http://amzn.to/2G7uCsL Oscar Schmidt OU6: $167 Prettiest http://amzn.to/2EytUYF Cool Choice: Caramel CB500 baritone $98 http://amzn.to/2EoL63y Best Buy: Aklot tenor $69 http://amzn.to/2Ch6y4h
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Where is the G note on the piano?  Here are all the G notes.
Where is the G note on the piano? Here are all the G notes. I'm having fun here, but if you want a quick G note, well . . . I'm afraid I don't do anything too quick.
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Kala KA-SEM vs. Kala KA-S: Which of these soprano ukuleles to buy?
Kala KA-SEM vs. Kala KA-S: Which to choose? Here are two recommended soprano ukes from the same company. You can't go wrong with either one. Just pick your flavor: fancy or dignified. Kala KA-15S is another good choice. About $20 cheaper than the KA-S, the 15-S gets a little better reviews on Amazon. I expect for the great bargain it represents. $55 Amazon Prime, it's hard to beat.
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Someone asked, "Why tune a tenor ukulele DGBE?"  Five good reasons!
Neznar Castro asked "Why play DGBE on tenor rather than your baritone ukulele?" Here are my five best reasons. 1. It's cool 2. Create a portable, baby or travel guitar 3. Great for guitar players wanting a quick entry into ukulele 4. Great for frustrated guitar players 5. People with only GCEA ukuleles will find having one tuned DGBE will make half the songs they encounter easier to play! Since tenor uke can be tuned 3 or 4 great ways, it surely is the most versatile ukulele: I have them tuned GCEA, low gCEA, DGBE.
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Wood filler vs Durham's water putty to make deck repair. I saved $200.
Wood filler vs Durham's water putty to make deck repair. I saved $200. Which helped? Which hurt? Ace Wood Filler is the winner here! Reasons not to use Durham's water putty for this job: Putty will come loose with movement of boards. Putty must be painted! Putty absorbs water and should not be used when moisture can come from underneath. Putty is a pain in the butt to mix! Okay for small jobs, not so great for large ones. I would be very careful how I used Durham's water putty, especially outdoors! Durham's has great reviews on Amazon and is a cool product in a big, cool can...but using this on my deck cost me a lot of wasted time. My bad. I should have read and studied the small print on the can!! By the way, Ace natural Wood Filler worked great. It was easy to apply and spread into the holes, easy to smooth out, dried quickly, no need to read the small print! Can be sanded and stained, or painted! I used the same filler to repair several rather large holes in the cedar siding on my house.
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Cordoba Protege U-1 M concert ukulele, it's the loudest and the bestest.
Cordoba Protege concert ukulele, it's the loudest and the bestest. This is a very nice uke. I noticed that one model of the Protege is sold exclusively by Amazon. This is not that one. I like the looks of this one better. This uke surprised me by winning out in a sound test against a Lanikai concert: the one my wife calls her baby! Without being able to see which uke was being played, she chose the sound of the Protege as best. Later, when we did the same test with me being the listener, it was quite clear to me that the sound of the Protege was better.
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Squeaky Gazelle . . . problem solved!
Squeaky Gazelle . . . problem solved! My Freestyle gazelle picked up a little squeak while spending the summer in my open air gazebo. I was surprised how simple the fix was.
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One drop of Peppermint oil makes a mouth-freshening 16 ounce glass of water!
One drop of Peppermint oil makes a mouth-freshening glass of water! Don't have time to brush your teeth? Need a little pick-me-up during the day? Don't like the taste of your water? This video may provide a solution that will work for you.
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The difference between tenor and concert ukuleles in sound and size.
I talk about the difference between tenor and concert ukuleles here. I was requested by a channel viewer to make this video. Concert is 23" and the tenor is 26". There is considerably more room between strings for easier play for people with larger hands with the tenor. People with smaller hands are likely to find concert a little easier to play. Tuned GCEA I don't really find much difference in the sound of the two. You get a more noticeable difference if you tune concert GCEA and tenor low GCEA or DGBE. Here's an Amazon Link: Concert: Oscar Schmidt OU5 ukulele bundle http://amzn.to/2Hs6jHE Here's one of my favorite tenor ukulele recommendations: Tenor: Kala KA-ATP-CTG http://amzn.to/2FbKMSG
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Sound test between the Kala KA-CG and the Kala KA-CEM concert ukuleles.
Sound test between the Kala KA-CG and the Kala KA-CEM concert ukuleles. These two ukes go head to head. I'm a bit surprised by the difference in sound I noticed. To choose between the two ask: Where will I be playing this? Do I need loud or would I prefer warm? Do I like soft and sweet or bright and bold? I see the CEM more like the traditional uke. The CG is kind of like a classical guitar in looks and sound.
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My Top Three Ways to Tune a Tenor Ukulele.
I prefer the tuning GCEA for tenor ukulele. Low G,CEA is good and DGBE actually sounds better than I thought it would. The more I played, the better I liked it. Thanks Cynthia for asking the questions that inspired me to make this video. Regarding DGBE tuning for tenor ukulele: I used a wound string for tenor ukulele tuned low g for the 4th string AQ-16. I used AQ-11 set for strings 1, 2, and 3. Thin white string was 1, mid white string was 2, fattest white string was 3. You may want to use all four strings in the AQ-11 set as it comes to you, but this is what worked for me. Aklot tenor ukulele https://amzn.to/2rKH78S AQ-11 strings https://amzn.to/2IjGH3z AQ-16 string https://amzn.to/2rQ6qG6
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Car headlights cleaned up nicely with rubbing compound.  Makes car look five years newer!
I used No. 7 Heavy Duty Rubbing Compound. I'll enjoy this new look for my car for a long time. It's an eleven year old minivan that is my daily work hauler, so I'm not super fussy how she looks. However, this one little thing made a huge difference!
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Why you need two baritone ukuleles.  This was a big discovery for me!
To play all songs on a baritone ukulele tuned DGBE means you'll have to play some difficult chords. If you have one bari tuned DGBE (for key of G songs) and another tuned GCEA (for key of C songs) you'll be able to be able to play almost all songs without difficult chording. My baritone tuning of low G,CEA suits me perfectly for all key of C songs. I have several baritones tuned DGBE. I feel I'm pretty much covered for all songs I might want to play. If you'd rather have a baritone and a soprano, concert or tenor, that will serve the same purpose.
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Oscar Schmidt OU3 concert ukulele, different strings = different sound.
Subscribe for more fun and useful videos. Thanks! Oscar Schmidt OU3 concert ukulele, different strings = different sound. Just talking about some observations I've made about my two OU3s. This is one of my favorite ukes and you can get one on eBay for less than $60-70 total cost if you keep your eye out. Look at the detail on this baby. Rosette, binding, cool Oscar Schmidt logo, spruce top, gloss! How can they make one of these and sell it for $100? Aquilla New Nylgut ukulele strings. D'Addario concert ukulele strings Nyltech EJ88C.
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Here's advice from a professional about repairing digital pianos that have a loud key.
Davis gets a message from a professional tech about his popular video on repairing a digital piano with one loud key. People who have a bad note (or several) on their electronic keyboards should see this video and my earlier one. Here's the link to the earlier video: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=1Wzf4V1KBug
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My washing machine wouldn't agitate.  I fixed it!
My washing machine wouldn't agitate. I fixed it! I have a hotpoint washer but I think this fix will work with GE and other washing machine models. I used a GE part for my hotpoint washer. I could have bought the model number on that was written on top of my part 175D2846P001 but it was more expensive than the GE part I found on eBay. I found that they were interchangeable. Part is called agitator coupler.
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Does your washing machine make a sloshing sound when empty?
When we moved the agitator we could hear what we took to be the sound of water trapped between the inner and outer tubs! Since we had a drip at the top of our washing machine tub, we assumed we had a pretty serious problem! I took the washing machine outside so that I could drain all that water...it sounded like tons! When I disconnected the drain hoses, about a quart or less water came out, and still the machine made that sloshing sound. I practically stood the machine upside down, and no water came out from inside! Ho, ho, ho! It wasn't supposed to. That's a sound the machine is supposed to make. It's the balancing ring, a fluid filled ring at the top of the tub (inside). My wife happened to walk by as I was puzzling over why no water had come out, and why my washing machine was still making that sound. Ginger noticed a clear hose connected to the side of the machine that was obviously stopped up. I cleaned out the hose (the pressure switch hose) and we've had no trouble since. We have an older model Hotpoint washing machine.
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Do you suffer from UAS?  Gotta have that perfect ukulele?  Dr. Davis says ...
Do you suffer from UAS? Gotta have that perfect ukulele? Dr. Davis says ... take this pill and call me in three years if you aren't better. We all want to sound like great players, but buying an expensive ukulele, if you are not a very good player, is not the answer! A good rule of thumb, in my humble opinion, is to play a ukulele that is just a little better than you are. If you are just starting out, a ukulele $60 to $100 should do you for three years. If you are a rich beginner, start with a $125 Kala or Oscar Schmidt and stay there until your ukulele play requires you move up. Buying multiple instruments and craving more expensive instruments, just starting out, sounds a lot like a disease I had a few years ago. I ended up with 10 or 12 ukuleles but couldn't play any of them! I sold my ukulele collection to concentrate on classical guitar. When that got overly difficult, I went back to buying ukuleles. Now, I'm finally where I want to be: musical! I can play and sing for my own enjoyment, and I'm pretty pleased about that. Excessive thought about buying ukuleles and other instruments takes away from time you should be spending playing. Get a better ukulele than the one you have now when you have earned it. I have had this conversation on my channel before and there are people who think I'm trying to tell THEM what to do. I'm not. I'm just sharing my experience which has come to me at a high cost. If you pick up the ukulele, dig in, learn five songs in a month and are flying high, hey, reward yourself with another ukulele. You deserve it. Don't buy a bunch of ukuleles or an expensive ukulele until you can play. That's all I'm saying. Here's a list of perfect beginner ukuleles: Aklot concert $59.79 https://amzn.to/2pDGZqW Aklot tenor $69.99 https://amzn.to/2IQVBeg Cordoba Protege concert $59.00 https://amzn.to/2G4zofb Oscar Schmidt OU3 concert $105.20 https://amzn.to/2DQqdcl Kala KA-CEM $119.99 https://amzn.to/2I4fNbJ Kala KA-CG $119.99 https://amzn.to/2pCABA6 Kala KA-TG $139.99 https://amzn.to/2I01a8Y Looking for an inexpensive baritone? I can't find Caramel rosewood being offered anywhere. Here's a Caramel zebra wood. I owned this one. Sounded great, played great. I didn't love its appearance: $95 https://amzn.to/2G7zqCX
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Do you need air conditioning for a room that doesn't have windows?
My Carrier split system air conditioner heats, cools, dehumidifies and cleans the air in my room above our garage. I have no windows. Since I play piano and other instruments in this room, it's important that the room is comfortable. I like not having windows because I hear less noise from outside. It's called a split system because there is an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, and these are connected with several wires and hoses. If you are considering one of the inexpensive portable units, we bought one and returned it. This Carrier split system is a serious piece of equipment on a quality level with the main HVAC unit in your house. It provides as much heat and cool as I want! Carrier split system model # 40QNHO12300
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Guitalele or baritone ukulele?  Davis says baritone is the best choice.
If you want a small guitar, with odd tuning, go with the guitalele. If you want something easy to play and to sing along with, go with the baritone ukulele. Both these instruments could lead up to guitar, but I suppose lots more folks move from guitar to baritone ukulele than baritone uke to guitar. People who start with guitalele would have less distance to travel to be able to play guitar, so this might be the perfect place to start if you really want to play guitar. One thing I didn't like about the Guitalele was the tuning. Baritone uke is the same as the first four strings of a classical guitar, DGBE. Guitalele is ADGCEA. Here is a clip off the internet that helps me recall some on my frustration with guitalele tuning and chords: BaBang: I decided to purchase a guitalele as my first instrument. It was inexpensive, very portable, and should be a nice introduction into guitar when I decide to try that. That being said, there aren't exactly "guitalele" song books. For those that don't know, the guitalele is tuned A-D-G-C-E-A. It is like having a capo on the 5th fret. So far, I've been going through "30 Easy Spanish Guitar Solos" and been enjoying it tremendously. But I also purchase some ukulele song books; problem is, strumming upwards is nearly impossible since it means avoiding the top two base strings... and thus, I can't play many of the songs in an ideal fashion (I simply strum downwards all the time). So, I was wondering if anyone could recommend some songbooks for a beginner. I don't have any strong music genre-preferences... just want something that will sound great solo and that has tabs. Tabs are a must. Perhaps there are songbooks for guitars that normally place a capo on the 5th fret... that would be awesome. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1494933 Rich Davis: Playing baritone ukulele, I have no problem using Roy Clark's Deluxe Big Note Guitar Song Book or any music for guitar or baritone ukulele. I have tons of sheet music available.
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The best ukulele songbook:  The Daily Ukulele by Liz and Jim Beloff
The best ukulele songbook: The Daily Ukulele by Liz and Jim Beloff 365 songs for better living. Very well done! At $26.95 Amazon Prime this is a best buy. Great gift for the uke player. Visually appealing, good instruction and tips, great songbook. Comes in the regular edition and baritone edition. Check out also, the Leapyear version. If you know of other great uke instruction or songbooks, please comment. Thanks!
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Learning ukulele as an older person has one advantage.
Learning ukulele as an older person has one advantage. Thanks, Manfred, for giving me the idea for this video! People approaching music for the first time in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond have some difficulties that people who learned music in youth and early middle age don't. Probably the biggest difficulty is just thinking they can do it! Once they see progress being made they may take off and fly. For even young players it may take a while for things to begin to click, however. So, I thought I'd speak about one clear advantage I see that older adults just learning an instrument have over their counterparts who may have been playing the same instrument for five or six decades. I love all people who play music and want to encourage all. This video does not mean to diminish the importance and joy of learning music early in life and keeping a passion for music lifelong. But I thought I'd give Manfred and the legion of others learning music later in life a cheering boost with the one advantage I think older adults just learning music do have.
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Which concert ukulele to get?  Kala KA-CG, Oscar Schmidt OU5, or Cordoba Protege.
Candice Miao gave me a pleasant task this morning. Here's her message to me: Hi! I am trying to start learning ukulele. I am considering buying a concert ukulele and all of the following ones are within my budget range. I was wondering if you can tell me which one is the best one to get in the list (or a recommendation that's not in the list) Thank you!!!! * Kala KA-CG Glossed Mahogany Concert Ukulele $119.99 * Kala MK-C Makala Concert Ukulele Bundle with Gig Bag, Tuner, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and Polishing Cloth $79.99 * Protege by Cordoba U100CM Concert Ukulele (Amazon Exclusive) $59.99 * Protégé by Cordoba U1 Concert Ukulele $79.99 * Oscar Schmidt OU2 Concert Ukulele $50.49 * Kala KA-C Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele $109.99 * Oscar Schmidt OU5 Concert Ukulele $112.91 The Cordoba Protege would be a good choice for people who want to try ukulele and not put a lot of money into it. It will look great, sound great, and come with a cool gig bag. The Oscar Schmidt OU5 would be the uke I'd go after if I was pretty sure I was going to be a ukulele player and keep my ukulele for years and years. This is my choice from Candice's list. I also like the Kala KA-CG and I have purchased these on eBay for less than $100. Still, all things being equal, I'd take the OU5 over the KA-CG.
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How to Set Split Voice on your Yamaha Digital Piano.
How to Set Split Voice on Your Yamaha Digital Piano. A fun and easy way to play piano is to play melody with right hand and chords with the left. Adjustments can be made so that chords can be played with one finger. Using the right hand for the melody voice and the left hand for chord accompaniment (split voice) can provide a great sound for little playing effort. A little time learning the secrets of the digital piano can save years of practice time learning to play piano. I'd love to play piano like Billy Joel or Barry Manilow, but this method gets me making great sounding music quickly. Here's a link to the white Yamaha DGX-660 digital piano. For $799 you can't beat this bundle deal. https://amzn.to/2LXc8OV
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Self threading needle.  Start Sewing in One Second!  Amazon Prime purchase.
I thought this was going to be a snap. Well, it was a snap. Snap goes the thread when you try to load the self threading needle! I cut several threads (and stripped a few as well) trying to thread the self threading needle! There is a small picture for demonstrating how to operate the self threading needle. I had to hunt up a magnifying glass to figure it all out. I was not sewing in one second! This is better than trying to thread a needle with a tiny eye, not as good as threading a needle with a large eye. I don't recommend this product. If you do choose to buy, I notice on the Amazon listing it shows in nice detail how the self threading needle works! Why not include that on the package? 48 needles, 3 different sizes, are included.
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Image 8.25 elliptical machine.  Smooth-working and stable.
These cost around $250 new. If you can find one in great shape used for $80 I'd go for it. One of the most important things I look for in an elliptical machine is sturdiness. This one does not wobble with me ... provides a nice, smooth ride. Resistance is effective. Handles can be raised or lowered. Sporting yellow, it's not boring looking as many of these machines are.
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URPOWER Solar Outdoor LED Lights Motion Sensor.  Wife is pleased!
URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light for for Patio, Deck, Yard, Garden with Motion Activated Auto On/Off (4-Pack) $29.99 Amazon Prime. Very simple to install. No batteries or wires! Wife is very pleased. I saw similar lights on TV but with shipping they were more expensive. Ever Brite. Not as good reviews for Ever Brite on Amazon. Update: These are now $36.99 on Amazon. After having them a month or so, we wonder how we lived without. Very nice! Update: I've also purchased and received MagicPro led solar motion lights from Amazon. MagicPros are cheaper and brighter. Light is yellowish rather than blueish. I don't know how well the MagicPros will work, but looks fine so far.
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A look around our new front yard.  House for sale next door.  Ya'll come!
A look around our new front yard. The house is for sale next door. Ya'll come! We are on Bellevue Drive in Gadsden, Alabama. Our house is on The Mountain, otherwise called Lookout Mountain or Noccalula Mountain. About 1 1/2 miles from our house is Noccalula Falls. This area seems to be a great place for older folks wanting a slower and less expensive style of life. Climate seems to be about perfect, except for occasional tornadoes. In South Carolina we had hurricanes every year and were located on an earthquake fault. Check out the big earthquake that hit Charleston, SC around 1900. It was centered near where we lived.
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Cat litter box.  Problem solved!
Update: This has actually turned out better than I imagined so far. It's now June 1 and I have not emptied the cat box since I first filled it with litter. That's almost two months. I normally would have emptied the box 8 times since then. Cat litter still has that litter smell, not that cat smell! Cat box still scoops cleanly. A marvel! Update: It's now June 27. Almost 3 months since I cleaned out the cat box. Still smells great! A miracle. I used to empty the box and wash and scrub it every week. Update: September 8, 2016 I emptied the cat box for the first time in over five months today. The bottom of the litter box was clean when I emptied the box! I could not smell the box, but I think some cat stuff was under the box. The cat box itself is not a problem, amazingly! You just have to make sure to keep the floor under the box and around the box cleaned and mopped occasionally. Occasionally wash the bottom of the box if nasty stuff finds its way to that area. I'm sooo glad I don't have to change the box weekly, monthly or even quarterly!!! I do expect to buy a new cat litter box the moment I detect stuff beginning to adhere to the bottom. Original post: April 5, 2016 If cleaning the cat litter box is a problem for you, the nine minutes you spend watching this video may save you years of costly, ineffective, nasty cat box management! Amazing cat litter box discovery! I save a lot of time and money, toil, tears and blood every week! I apologize for the length of the video, but this was a forty-year problem for me and I enjoyed over-much sharing my secret with you. My wife giggled at some this video's imperfections. However, if I try to edit this I may never post, so I'm sending it into the world as it is. I clearly provide the solution to the problem of how to keep a clean litter box (and much more), so hopefully this will be appreciated by people with similar issues. The final solution. Both were purchased at Walmart: Pet Champion X-Large Cat Litter Pan cost $5.92 Scoop Away Extra Strength scented 38 lb. cost $12.13 tight-clumping formula Follow Scoop Away simple directions and trust! Replace cat litter pan every 6 months, every year, or as needed so you do not have to wash the litter pan out to clean it! It should just swipe clean with the cat pan scoop. This is not a high expense item! Using old cat litter boxes was the main cause of all my problems. This was a foolish economy since it meant I spent every Saturday morning for years dumping 20 pounds of cat litter into the garbage and hosing out the cat box!
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Aklot tenor ukulele review.  Davis says it's a good starter uke value.
This looks like a great deal for a person buying their first ukulele. $66 and you get a ukulele, gig bag, strap, strap buttons, electronic tuner and more! I don't love the appearance. I don't love the plastic feel of the tuners. I don't love the strings and sound. I believe I could get used to the appearance if the ukulele sounded better. Probably sound can be improved with different strings. These truly remind me of fishing line. My Caramel tenor sounds better to my ear. If money was a big issue for me and I was buying my first ukulele I would choose this one because of everything that comes with it. If money isn't important and you want a quality ukulele, go with a Kala KA-TG or exotic wood for around $130. If you just want an inexpensive ukulele that sounds good (without all the stuff) the Caramel butterfly tenor at $41 is a bargain.
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