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K-Lion Santa 200 ATV Demonstration, Surin, Thailand
Apologies for a bit of wind noise but not a bad little demo near my house. I mostly use it on farm tracks anyway where it just flies over the terrain. This is the first video I've made with Mimee's Nikon D5300 DSLR camera. A bit of trial and error to share this to YouTube but it looks as though I've cracked a method. A bit disappointing that there is no pause button/feature.
Project Stinky Duck Pen And Some Fun On The Farm, Ban Nontapang, Chumphonburi, Surin, Thailand
Any ads that may appear on this video are due to a copyright claim on a Thai song playing in the background.
Building Our Place In The Sun Ban Nontapang, Chumphonburi, Surin, Isaan, Thailand 2012
Started building at the end of September, finished at the beginning of December. House cost 1,200,000 (materials & labour), 3 wall sides 35,000, front wall and gate posts 9,000 (labour only), Gate 45,000 (manufacture & fitted price), Bore hole and pump 25,000, staircase at the back 30,000. Paid extra for fancy floor tiles, western luxury items in bathrooms and kitchen, LED downlights etc. The house as evolved over time to suit practical requirements...tbc
Drilling For Water In Surin, Thailand. Not Recommended For H&S Fans 555
I found some long lost footage from my now defunct Panasonic camcorder yaay. My early years in Thailand.
A Bimble Around My Village In Surin, Thailand Testing My New Action Cam Attached To My ATV
Well it works but that shackle will be going in the storage bin.
A Weekend Away With The Local School Teachers In Chantaburi And Trat, Thailand
The first of a few videos from the weekend I'll be posting.
K-Lion Santa 200 ATV Features, Trailer Hook Up, My MTB And Emergency Starter Power Bank
What a nightmare lol. After 9 hours and numerous attempts, finally uploaded to YT
Road Widening
Well someone's had a bright spark and a wad load of government cash and decided to widen the road into our village. Dunno what will happen when it gets there though 😨😨😨
Nearing the End of the Day After Building the Eaves for the Barn Roof
Beautiful weather, clear blue skies, cool breeze, couldn't be better.