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Natasha Kam - Cost of Living in UK
Living Cost in Sunderland, UK by Natasha Kam FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pharmacystudentnatasha Livesonline blog: http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/natashakam/
Full video of Martin Janecky glassblowing at the National Glass Centre may 2014
Full video of Martin Janecky glassblowing at the National Glass Centre, shot in 1080p on a canon eos 600d, select HD and full screen for a perfect view of dedication of skill within hot sculpting and blowing glass, here at the BA(hons) Glass and Ceramics course, everything is possible.
OSCE for Pharmacy Students
Just had my mock OSCE today at UoS so please watch for more details especially if you'd like to study pharmacy:) ~Natasha Kam~
Panns Bank Flat Tour
A tour of a Hart Court flat at Panns Bank (University accommodation). x
Changing Courses at University! | Liam
Yo! I thought it might be a good idea to make a video on how easy I've found it to change course at the university this past year. I've done it a lot and might actually do it again. Enjoyyyyy!
How to make Toaster Strudels in the UK! - Jessica, Lives Online
Toaster strudels are an American delicacy for breakfast. Unfortunately they aren't sold in the UK so we have to make do with home made strudels! They actually taste the same!
Stanislava: Moulding a Gum Shield for The UoS Kickboxing Society
The Kickboxing and Self-Defense Society is one of the many great societies available for students to join at the University of Sunderland. This weekend will be the first grading period and a gum shield is required. Therefore here's my video on how to mould your gum shield! Enjoy! Make sure to follow me on: Wordpress: http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/stanislavaponjevic/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stanislava-Ponjevic-Pharmacy-Student/680942128668340 Twitter: https://twitter.com/stan_islava Instagram: http://instagram.com/stannielivesonline
Year 4 Pharmacy Research Projects
So I've gathered around some of my course mates and asked about their final year project (FYP) topics- Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Chemistry. Good Luck and All the best everyone! :D ~Natasha~ https://www.facebook.com/pharmacystudentnatasha
Comfort food - Laura's Panacalty recipe!
Panacalty or Corned Beef Hash is my ultimate comfort food tea
How to become a fashion journalist?
in this video blog an ex fashion journalism student from the University of Sunderland, Raminta Paukstyte shares her tips how to become a fashion journalist. find out more here: livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/ramintapaukstyte
Tour of Panns Bank - Student Accommodation
Hi everyone, just a quick tour of my friends flat in Panns Bank, opposite the St Peters campus! - Jessica Duncan Lives Online Don't forget to follow my blog: http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/jessicaduncan/
Pharmacy OSCE Vlog
For more details, please look me up on http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/natashakam/ or https://www.facebook.com/pharmacystudentnatasha Cheers, Natasha Kam
University of Sunderland Open Day 2013
Lives Online Bloggers Anna & Grant take us on a tour St Peter's Campus during an Open Day.
Assessed Screening - Dissertation! | Tasha Steel
Yesterday was the big day - dissertation screening day when we sit with the tutors while they watch it, and they give us feedback and assess what mark they'll give us for the project. Pretty stressful stuff, but as always I'm on hand to make it less stressful by occupying myself trying to control the umbrella and vlog at the same time! Hope you enjoy it! Keep an eye out for my next video coming next week!
110 Above Festival! | Liam
Hola! Last weekend I went to a music festival! It wasn't some big extravaganza like Glasto, but it was fantastic. It was low-key in comparison but the music, location and vibe of the weekend was amazing. Not to mention the incredible price of tickets. I'd recommend you check out 110Above 2016- I know I am! - Liam Human. Student. Traveler. Blogger. Part time Super Hero. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liam-L... Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiamLivesOnline Instagram: http://instagram.com/liamlivesonline Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/user/115591133
Pharmacy Students Exams
You can find me on: http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/natashakam/ and https://www.facebook.com/pharmacystudentnatasha. Cheers, Natasha Kam
How to survive Pharmacy at UoSun
Pharmacy is a really challenging degree at the University of Sunderland, and it involves lots of studying and preparation for our exams and assignments throughout the year! Here's what a few other second years had to say about making sure they pass :)
River Flows In You Improvised (Piano)
Hey guys, this ain't the original song as I've improvised it. However, hope you will enjoy it despite me having limited keys on my keyboard! xx
Napoleone Martinuzzi. Venini 1925--1931 Exhibition Tour - Eduard Ruane
The exhibition Napoleone Martinuzzi. Venini 1925-1931, curated by Marino Barovier, open to the public on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, on trip with University of Sunderland glass and ceramics and foundation students.
Anna Robinson - Dissertation Deadline!
Here's my latest video all about third year dissertation deadlines!!
Application process for Hospital Pharmacy Pre-registration 2016
A quick outline of the application process for hospital pre-registration places in 2016.
A typical day at university!
Just had this bright idea while getting ready today to record short clips of my day and put it all together and it turned into this! I am based at City campus specifically in Priestman Building because that is where the majority of the Social Sciences are taught!
Pre-Registration Pharmacist Vlog
Look me up on: http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/natashakam/ Like me on fb: https://www.facebook.com/pharmacystudentnatasha Cheers, Natasha X
A look at Sunderland Town Centre
Hi guys. I was wondering what to do for my next video and I thought it would be nice for you all to see what Sunderland is like off campus and the kinds of places students go to spend their money. Hope you all enjoy!!
Brigita visits Davenport's Chocolate factory
Happy National Chocolate Week!
About my magazine work placement in London
first week in magazine work placement, fashion editorial internship Wonderland magazine via http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/ramintapaukstyte/
A Great Big World - Say Something (Cover by Usman and Becca)
Hi everyone. Me and my good friend Becca Melia both study drama modules and wanted to share with you a cover of something we've been working on. Hope you all enjoy it!! :D
Karina Rooney - What jobs you do with a Law degree?
Hi! Most people assume that your going to be a solicitor/barrister when your doing a law degree but for many thats not the case so heres a few other jobs that can be done with a law degree and why! If you have any questions feel free to comment here or view my blog or Facebook pages i'd be happy to answer them! Enjoy!
How To Make Healthy Nutella
A short video showing how to make healthy Nutella! In a blender/food processor add: -250g roasted hazelnuts -2 tablespoons pure vanilla extract -30g of dark cocoa powder -80g of honey -70ml of unsweetened almond milk -2 tablespoons of coconut oil Blend well! Store in an airtight container in the fridge. Follow me on: Wordpress: http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/stanislavaponjevic/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stanislava-Ponjevic-Pharmacy-Student/680942128668340 Twitter: https://twitter.com/stan_islava Instagram: https://instagram.com/stannielivesonline
Student Ambassador Scheme
Please follow my blog for more from me at: http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/laurablackett/
Lives Online goes Glass Bauble making at The National Glass Centre !
A great experience with my fellow bloggers taking part in learning about Glassblowing. They took part in making their own baubles and giving them a sense of the first experience that a prospective Glass and Ceramics student would have when trying to work with glass for the first time ! Their experience can be viewed in their Lives online blog posts, In this video Tasha uses a Headcam to give you guys an experience like no other. enjoy ! Eduard http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/eduardruane/ Check out Grants first experience with glass blog here http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/grantridley/
Visit the North East - Newcastle Castle Keep
A look at Newcastle's Castle Keep, a fantastic attraction here in the North East.
Top Tips for International Students Part I
Due to popular demand here is Part I of my top tips for International students that plan on studying and living in the UK! Follow me on: Wordpress: http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/stanislavaponjevic/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stanislava-Ponjevic-Pharmacy-Student/680942128668340 Twitter: https://twitter.com/stan_islava?lang=en Instagram: https://instagram.com/stannielivesonline/
National Glass Centre Faculty Demonstration
James Maskrey,Colin Rennie and Jeffrey Sarmiento all practicing artists working as part of the Glass and Ceramics Faculty here at University of Sunderland. Here they demonstrate the processes and techniques that they use in creating their precise and demanding work. http://www.sunderland.ac.uk/courses/artsdesignandmedia/undergraduate/glass-ceramics/
My EXCITING time at Google!
Grant Ridley - Lives Online. My review of my time spent at Google's HQ in Dublin whilst participating on their world renowned AdCamp!
Making tablets - Pharmaceutics lab
Making tablets in our Pharmaceutics lab, level 2 Pharmacy, at the University of Sunderland
Eduard Ruane - Glass and Ceramics trip to Venice
Travelling with University of Sunderland to Venice. The trip was organised by the Foundation Art and Design team, thanks guys ! It was great getting to know prospective university students, locals, artists and curators. I'm aching to return soon. Perhaps when the flooding has quietened down!
Lives Online - Amy McLean
An introduction from Amy McLean, Lives Online 2011
Grant Ridley Lives Online - Google AdCamp Blog Trailer!
I was recently selected to travel to Google's HQ in Dublin, Ireland. I took part in a programme called AdCamp. It was an incredible experience! I can't wait to tell you all about it in a more detailed blog, COMING SOON!
University of Sunderland Student Night Out
Wednesday nights out are notorious for university students in Sunderland for being the best night out for various reasons (including the fact that it is when all the Societies at the university dress up in themes). Have a look at what a typical Wednesday night out looks like! Follow me on: Blog: http://livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk/stanislavaponjevic/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stanislava-Ponjevic-Pharmacy-Student/680942128668340 Twitter: https://twitter.com/stan_islava Instagram: http://instagram.com/stannielivesonline
Amy McLean: Language and Culture (LAC171)
A little about module 'Language and Culture' (LAC171) - an option for most on an English programme, but core for a few. Amy x
Metro Radio Access All Areas
A snapshot of inside the Metro Radio HQ in Newcastle, featuring an interview with local DJ Alan Robson.

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