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The Stanley Parable Demo - Other Dialogue and Secrets
This channel was terrible and dis-continued years ago, titles have been fixed to be less of a click-bait. ALL MAIN Easter Eggs / Secrets in The Stanley Parable Demo INCLUDING the facepunch Easter Egg New video on how to enable sv_cheats in the full game: http://youtu.be/sjEIx4I-LiM To do the facepunch easter egg, type "facepunch" ANYWHERE in-game on the keyboard. 1 small small thing I forgot is if you type "sv_cheats 1" into console a message will show saying "why???" Also I did not include any references or items because I am not sure what is what and if it even is a reference so I kept it out in case it came back to bite me in the ass. But one silly thing is at the very very end, if you go to the left there will be a cup that says "who farted?" on it... small thing but I did not really think of it as a secret :P All Easter Eggs where mostly found by me, or at least all of them I found my self. The Stanley Parable is a great game by the way. If you don't have it, get it... even though it is not out yet but get it! There is something somewhere that will make him say about doors and how fun they are but I am not sure how to activate it, it might be a loose file but if anything it is activated somewhere near where you press "yes" or "no" SKIPPED THINGS: Ducks - Possible PewDiePie reference but not sure. Who Farted - Mug at the end not much of a secret Numbers - End counts from the original office numbers but thought of it as a game introduction not a secret Form - Possible secret but I was not sure, it had something on a form on a desk saying "Do you even have a company?" 0:40 - Going Back 1:04 - Portal Reference 1:24 - Nothing 1:43 - The Wall (Comes in again later) 1:56 - Boxes not spheres 2:14 - Dance Party 2:46 - No not yet! 3:07 - Random Dance 3:14 - 8!!! 8:04 - That's my cue 8:24 - No Exploring! 8:41 - Stuck cup 9:19 - Lost cup 10:09 - Wait I said no not yes! 10:36 - The wall again 10:52 - Facepunch 11:33 - How to do the Facepunch easter egg
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The Stanley Parable - Adventure Line Montage
Follow the adventure line! Go on keep going! YOU CAN DO IT! JUST A LITTLE MORE!! YES, KEEP GOING, ALMOST THERE!!! A Little video I put together of the Adventure Line, The Stanley Parable is just so great... I mean if you do not already have it just go get it, do you need any more convincing after watching this video? Wait, if your reading this how could you be watching the video, do... do you not like the video? I put 40 minuets into this video and this is how you repay me!? By reading this instead? This long boring Description that is not even describing what the video is about? The video is much more interesting I'm telling you, look see, the adventure line and the "dun dun duur" ... oh, I see, you don't like me. Well then you can go... It is not like I really care... But I did put so much into this video just for you, how could you not like it! Well... if you don't appreciate all this work you can leave, I have had enough with this Description...
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The Stanley Parable - Successfully Enabling sv_cheats
I can not reply to comments because I don't use google+ and am not planning to, so please don't ask me stuff, sorry :P HOW-TO DO IT: http://youtu.be/sjEIx4I-LiM For those who do not know, you can not enable sv_cheats and use noclip or such commands without being teleported to a serious room full of tables (one table) and it instantly being turned off. This is Successfully Enabling sv_cheats in The Stanley Parable! Showing off simple commands such as noclip in The Stanley Parable
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The Stanley Parable - How To Enable Sv_Cheats
How to enable Sv_Cheats in The Stanley Parable, Simplified... I guess If you don't have the Demo or want to have commands that work or just prefer pressing a button, here (Not sure if it will work for everyone): http://www.mediafire.com/download/5ww9933vg32f77m/TSP_-_Cheats.EXE Created with Cheat Engine Aww dam just thinking of it now, should have made the Hotkey "8" How-To Use It (Open Game First) Open The Stanley Parable, wait for it to be fully loaded... go into the level first if you want I don't think it matters, then open the downloaded program and press C to enable sv_cheats and X to disable... Oh by the way, don't type sv_cheats in, unless you are using the demo's server.dll toggle that in the program or cheat engine if you use it Do not worry if the game exits while in noclip, that is because using noclip and going out the map will exit the game but you can just look strait down and go out and it should work (oddly does not have the effect of kicking you out on any other level apart from the first one you load into) you can speed up noclip with "sv_noclipspeed (numer)" recommended you do speed 3 or 5 If it does not work, sorry just... your pc type I guess I duno... maybe try do it yourself with Cheat Engine... Or get the demo.
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