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Russia is Evil
When Russia doesn't tell China something is wrong with the plane...
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Hetalia: Russia going "aaaahhh"
Views: 8243 RE5MASTER1998
Hetalia World Series - Hungary and Prussia clip [Dub]
This is for anyone who can't view the clip in their country. View original video here if you can http://youtu.be/nqXvL_j1azY Get your LIMITED EDITION copy of Hetalia Season 4 with bonus orange bandanna on 7-3-12! http://amzn.to/HetaliaS4_yt_amzn
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Hetalia WTF...2
made a second one..yay...
Views: 67961 Realafah
Hetalia World Series  - Sealand Transform! clip [Dub]
This is for anyone who can't view the clip in their country. View original video here if you can http://youtu.be/eWXa5mHHMqs Get your LIMITED EDITION copy of Hetalia Season 4 with bonus orange bandanna on 7-3-12! http://amzn.to/HetaliaS4_yt_amzn
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Hetalia World Series - Sweden and Finland, ports clip [Dub]
This is for anyone who can't view the clip in their country. View original video here if you can http://youtu.be/nMXabivAbtM Get your LIMITED EDITION copy of Hetalia Season 4 with bonus orange bandanna on 7-3-12! http://amzn.to/HetaliaS4_yt_amzn
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Hetalia Russia and the Romanovs
The execution of Anastasia and her family. Comic by ItaLuv on DeviantART Music: Dawn's Ballet DISCLAMER: I don't own the music or the comic or the characters. Enjoy. Please Rate Comment and Subscribe.
Views: 8554 TheExpertNovice
Hetalia - Alcohol (Random Russia Lip-Sync Test)
This is an old lip-sync test that I found kinda funny. I know, I hate the subs too. Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia Audio: Alcohol - The Barenaked Ladies Program Used: Windows Movie Maker Live All content belongs to respective owners. I own none of the materials used to make this video, but I did create the video itself.
Views: 525 DoodleStruck
Hetalia World Series - Prussia's Crotch Cloth clip [Dub]
This is for anyone who can't view the clip in their country. View original video here if you can http://youtu.be/PetCT0fAPOY Get your LIMITED EDITION copy of Hetalia Season 4 with bonus orange bandanna on 7-3-12! http://amzn.to/HetaliaS4_yt_amzn Prussia come's to Hungary's rescue... whether she likes it or not!
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яойчик ++
кхем, ну с картинками пошалила, чё. помидорками потише, окда?
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Hetalia-Russia (AxisPowers:Hetalia)
random cute video i made about russia from hetalia owo
Views: 58 graceyrocks123
Axis Powers Hetalia: Switzerland and Lichtenstein (Fandub)
Here is my first attempt at a fandub....Not too bad I hope. I decieded to do her because she is one of my favorite characters from axis powers hetalia. I'm sorry about the bad quality, but it's better then nothing :) So please let me know what you think! And should I do another one and of what character if i do? _____________________________________________ I only own my voice All rights go to the appropriate people!
Views: 11282 Ashi
Funny Hetalia Mix Up
messing with hetalia clips yes i made this vid BUT I DONT OWN HETALIA! no copyright intended
Views: 543 Katie Olivier
Dear god what will he do next? Kick a puppy? Steal an old lady's purse?! Set a house on fire?! *gasp* EVEN WORSE, HE MIGHT LEAVE THE TOILET SEAT UP!!! *screams then passes out* Axis Powers Hetalia-(c)-Hidekaz Himaruya, Viz Media, and Funimation Justice League-(c)-DC Comics and Warner Bros.
Views: 990 dragonriders729
Yet another Hetalia funny pics
none of the pictures belong to me nor the songs belong to me! they belong to their respected owners! enjoy!
Views: 56996 ladyknights104
Hetalia World Series - Japan Cat's tuna crisis! clip [Dub]
This is for anyone who can't view the clip in their country. View original video here if you can http://youtu.be/HrAHnAyxHLA Get your LIMITED EDITION copy of Hetalia Season 4 with bonus SUNSHINE orange bandanna on 7-3-12! http://amzn.to/HetaliaS4_yt_amzn
Views: 54509 inceptbrian
Hetalia Clip: China
******I OWN NO RIGHTS TO THIS CLIP/VIDEO!!!!!!******* Hehehe my favorite china clip
Views: 15825 Jaron Gregory
[APH CMV] That Man
You think your heavy-handed woman is demanding? Or that your psychopathic sister is really persistent? You know nothing! 8( Welcome to the lives of Austria and Russia as they show you their everyday
Views: 173120 CrimsonHourCosplay
Hetalia: Overly Attached Belarus
DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN HETALIA, OR THIS SONG. Belarus is overly attached to Russia.
Views: 7262 Mary Gillengerten
[APH] Creepy Belarus is creepy.
This is what spawns into existance when boredom, hetalia clips and the grudge collide... QAQ The sound Belarus is making is the oh-so-famous 'Grudge noise'. e u e DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own anything in this video. All audio and video clips, and all characters mentioned or used in this are copyrighted to their original owners. I am not making any sort of profit out of making this video; I only made it to entertain, scare and possibly scar people.
Views: 7739 FullmetalFreak45
[APH]One More Time - LithuaniaXPoland Doujinshi
This is probably my favorite Hetalia doujinshi and the second doujin that ever made me cry. I kinda like the fact that this refers to the short time Poland was removed from the map of Europe. If I'm correct, I think his country came back after 125 years? Maybe... Well... This is the third doujin I've uploaded and as usual, I wish you guys would love this as much as I did! Diclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. HETALIA BELONGS TO HIDEKAZ HIMARUYA. "When You're Gone" is a song by Avril Lavigne and "My Immortal" is by Evanescence!
Views: 33486 Alice K. Lalonde
Hetalia- America x England
song: Romeo and Cinderella - Hatsune Miku SUSCRIBANSE
Views: 10830 Nagato Sukade
"Christmas Kiss" - GerIta ( Germany X Italy )
GerIta doujinshi... Boy X Boy ...Don't like don't watch! doujinshi belongs to their rightful owner
Views: 120657 Anineko chan
hetalia random 4
another video...enjoy
Views: 62000 Adamarys Aguilera
Hetalia Doujinshi - Zodiac Proposals Gemini - Gerita
Hope you like it! ^^ This is so cute and so funny at the same time~ .- If you want you can Subscribe to my channel, I'll be uploading every weekend. :D No es mucho pero quería compartirlo, me parece tierno pero a la vez torpe:3 Espero que les guste! .- Si quieren pueden suscribirse a mi canal, estaré subiendo cada fin de semana -w- .-Music Mika - Love today with
Views: 6883 Yamiiartigas
When You Are Hetalia Obsessed (Funny)
My friends and I own all the images in this video. We do not own "Hetalia" or "Juvenile". No copyright infringement intended.
Views: 264 SaraiRinLenVK
Moments of Prussia - Hetalia Day
HETALIA DAAAAAY! Porto Alegre/R.S 20/10
Views: 736 Foster Cosplay
Hetalia - The end of Prussia
Le immagini e la canzone NON SONO DI MIA PROPRIETA'! Images and song ARE NOT MINE Original Compositor is Masashi Hamauzu.
Views: 12921 Trizia Ballad
America DUDE! Hetalia
This started as just shits and giggles :) I wanted to make myself a Hetalia ringtone, using America DUDE! Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia Made by: Smilesarebetter =3 Second Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Smilesarebetter2 Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/Smilesrbetter Instagram http://instagram.com/smilesarebetter Deviant Art http://smilesarebetter.deviantart.com/ Tumblr http://smilesarebetter.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/Smilesarebetter Thanks for watching =3 - Subscribe
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Hetalia World Series - America, Japan and sizing clip [Dub]
This is for anyone who can't view the clip in their country. View original video here if you can http://youtu.be/kCmUCV7QmM8 Get your LIMITED EDITION copy of Hetalia Season 4 with bonus orange bandanna on 7-3-12! http://amzn.to/HetaliaS4_yt_amzn America and Japan have some different interpretations about what size is...
Views: 233263 inceptbrian
Hatafutte Parade Russia's Version
Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya, 株式会社フロンティアワークス, Studio Deen and FUNimation. *~*~*~*~**~*~*~**~*~ English lyrics: In my right hand is a vodka~! In my left hand is a faucet! Searching for sunflowers, it's a дружба парад Towards the enchanting world, Добро пожаловать! Take our hands, make a circle, spin, right? It's the world! Along with Latvia, I'm in the best condition! белый, синий, красный are my Три колор! I'm always having a smile, Hetalia! "After a long severe winter, we have a brilliant spring. Though, my scarf and vodka are with me the whole year." Searching for sunflowers, it's a дружба парад! Sound your instruments, it's time to march! All together, play the instruments! It is the one-earth completion! (Ufuu!) Playing balalaika, I am Russia! "Is solo a compromise? In Russia there isn't that kind of service." Magnificent Степь The art of the flower blooming Государственный Эрмитаж Last moves to the elegant tone colour The Балерина is dancing beautifully! Пойдем туда, где тепло! Пойдем туда, где тепло! Пойдем туда, где тепло! Tomorrow it's 100, today 50 Пойдем туда, где тепло! Today's step is surely one step forward Пойдем туда, где тепло! Break out with a shout of joy! Пойдем туда, где тепло! "Of course, everyone is following? Uwaah~ it's so fun. I had a dream, I was living in a warm place!" Searching for sunflowers, it's a дружба парад This melody is universal! The 5 continents and the 7 seas At this energetic tempo, they traverse each other grandly! {C I'm looking forward to every years' Масленица to celebrate the arrival of the spring белый, синий, красный are my Три колор! Someday everyone will be my home! He-ta-li-a! "Someday everyone will be my home...... ufufu...... ufufu Ah, but Belarus, GO HOMEEEEE!"
Views: 333 Moongoddess1817
【Prussia and Gilbird】 "My Friend" (Hetalia)
I OWN NOTHING! song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_Am4cHMBKM This is really sad. and all of you voted for this. so here you go. if you want to vote again, please do it in tumblr or in Twitter. i found this doujin in Tumblr and Zerochan.net http://www.zerochan.net/655646 other doujin! iToy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nNAZbN8eOg&context=C48e63c8ADvjVQa1PpcFM6pm94o0BnGAUMHvatkQZbgkHFVXY4hsY= the runaway angel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89xr-dXLhRE&feature=plcp&context=C43dd87fVDvjVQa1PpcFM6pm94o0BnGLQeWzRvJANJhe4uT2COsv4%3D Shizaya funny and Cute mini Comics :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIRDOYu5NDs&feature=plcp&context=C45c92baVDvjVQa1PpcFM6pm94o0BnGINR5pfkvwq4NbdSgGQgl3A%3D Shizuo x Izaya - 3 long mini Doujin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=it4lLFAFW1Q&feature=youtu.be Don't Die in my dreams (also a sad one "shizaya") http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ekq2XT0g3PY&feature=plcp Tumblr: http://shippy-senpai.tumblr.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/ShippingClaws thank you :] SUBSCRIBE!! :D
Views: 70680 LuvHatsuneMiku
Behind The Scenes of Bleed Red Hetalia CMV
Hi guys, Ok so this is the Behind the scenes of our CMV Bleed Red. Its mostly us goofing off at a local park XD but it was fun! Series: Axis Powers Hetalia WE DON'T OWN THE SONG OR THE CHARACTERS! also IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON'T SAY IT! you will be blocked and reported! that is all~! ^w^ Video taking by :SimsBoy14 America: Wolves1234 Canada: holathespanard England: SimsBoy14
Views: 1535 TheAmericanPartyPro
Hetalia Gay Bar
I just had to do this! XD contains yaoi so if you don't like, then don't watch!
Views: 4248 Boku
[APH] A Day in the Life of Switz
***PLEASE READ! THANK YOU!*** First assignment for the Hetalia Cosplay group ran by FelicianoItaly. (I didn't get to do all the scenes I had planned, and I felt like everyone else was already getting theirs done so I just used what I had.) The stories behind events: 1.) I am going to be in a Hetalia skit at the next A2F Con and after our first rehearsal we went to the food court at the Center where we rehearsed (I was wearing my Switzerland wig). At the table next to us there was a group of teenagers, they saw me and asked me if I was Lady Gaga. To humor them I said yes, so one of them asked if I would sign his coke can while another was making a video of me on her phone saying "OMG it's Lady Gaga! Lady Gaga is here at the Center!" Now it is a running joke with us. 2.) Our America was celebrating her birthday, so we had a giant Hetalia slumber party. We played the Kings Game per Estonia's request XD If you don't know what the Kings game is, it involves chop sticks with numbers 1-10 on each and then one has a colored tip. Whoever draws the colored tip chop stick is king and gives an order to the other players. WARNING: IT CAN BE DANGEROUS. Special thanks to my friends for being fun! To aphKatyusha, I used some of her videos because my footage was a fail. (AKA Estonia is great with computers but not cameras LOL jk). And to FelicianoItaly for allowing me to be in the group! I do not own Hetalia or Switzerland (neither the nation nor the character). Contrary to a growing popular belief, I am not Lady Gaga. I am just a cosplayer.
Views: 24473 RutoZ
Russia and Shinigami sama  "Jiii"
I'm surpirsed this hasn't happened before.
Views: 493 ass dick
Hetalia- Lines you wouldn't hear in a war film...
So I took an audio clip from my fave comedy show and added it to my current fave anime XD Sorry for the British accents, I know it feels weird applying them to the hetalia chars, but I couldn't pass up the jokes in this :D Frankie Boyle is a legend. This was done in a couple of hours, so plz forgive any errors in transitions.
Views: 10957 Sugarjunkiexox
Russia (Ivan Braginski) - Get You
Russia's Eurovision song from 2011. I love this song and Russia!!
Views: 67 Rebecca Murphy
Hetalia Day Fun! Part 12 (FINALE)
ALRIGHT EVERYBODY! This is the last video of October 20th,2012! It was fun,for me and all my friends,so I hope you had fun mocking us or watching lol. cx
Views: 195 DeepWithin Cosplay
Hetalia: France is a Bed Intruder
I know it's been done before, but I just couldn't resist. Here's another music video for "Bed Intruder" with France as the bed intruder. (Sorry about the watermark.) I do not own the music or clips. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Disclaimer* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
Views: 3654 TM1Forever
Hetalia America Speech
Views: 41 Nicole A.
Preview super junior hetalia
Going through my MMD model folder and found a lot of Hetalia models! Italy and Romano by Nachi Akira Japan England by kanaha America Canada by zeze China Russia and Iceland by roco Germany Prussia by hana hong kong by あっきー Macau by namima where to find some of the models http://mikudance.info/models/hetalia/links.html most models are password protected good luck with that ^__^ google translate and this website will be your friend http://nihongo.j-talk.com/kanji/
Views: 1255 Jimmz189
Hetalia Clip: America
**********I OWN NO RIGHTS TO ThIS VIDEO/CLIP!!!!!!!!********
Views: 899 Jaron Gregory
Hetalia voice actors Q&A at Anime North 2012
A part of the Q&A with the voice actors Akira Sasanuma (Austria), J Michael Tatum (France), Monica Rial (Belarus), Brina Palencia (Chibi Italy) from Hetalia answering questions at the Anime North 2012 convention in Toronto Canada. Michael Tatum was hogging the spot light but he was so funny XD Some fan asks what would happen if France and Sebastian met, his answer was hillarious =P
Views: 5761 mazokuchan
Hetalia pics
funny hetalia pics!1!!!!!!
Views: 35 Awesomness350
My 15 Favorite Hetalia Guys!
These are my favorite Hetalia Guys :) All of the guys in Hetalia are so sexy, so it was a bit hard to choose. I hope you all enjoy, I had fun making this video! Feel free to comment or post a video response about who you like from Hetalia. And Subscribe if you want! Like my Facebook! : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ryxbantti/100317833383548
Views: 84 Ryxbantti
Hetalia - Ukraine - Angel
I do not own the song, pictures or Hetalia. This video was made for fun.
Views: 1203 owenzeegirl
Hetalia England and America  I need you now Olly Murs
i do not own any thing on here.... this is a video about england and america in hetalia... the song is i need you now by olly murs.
Views: 6230 AniworpStudio
[APH][Russia/China] Could this be out of line...?
Well, another MMV. This one really got me in trouble D: I had many moments in wich I just wanted to give up. Because it´s the longest vid I ever made. Anyways, I´m kind of happy with the final result, perhaps I had a way different idea for this vid in the beggining. If someone is wondering what doujinshis I used, PM me. And I don´t own any of them, all copyrights for the artist, same for the music. That´s pretty much everything, I had lots of fun editing this one c: If you are a hater of this couple, just don´t watch the vid. I just admit reviews about the video itself, not about how much you hate the pairing. So, haters are not welcome. But if you did not like the video because of my editting skills, welcome, and say it. It might help me to improve. Oh, and my fav part of this vid was the one of child Russia(?).
Views: 1657 xSvyaz

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