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Introducing Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop
Learn how sales reps can can rapidly and easily increase their productivity with the full functionality of Oracle CRM On Demand, right within Microsoft Outlook.
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Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing - integrated sales & marketing
Justin Anderson, Senior Director CRM Product Management is demonstrating the integrated sales and marketing capabilities of Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing R18. The demonstration will cover the experience of : - Marketing (Planning) - Customer (Web Interaction) - Sales (Follow up) - Management (Analytics)
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Get Smarter and More Productive with Oracle CRM On Demand
Learn how Oracle CRM On Demand provides business leaders with unparalleled insight, plus the ability to increase productivity on their sales teams with an on demand CRM solution that provides the best value.
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CRM Oracle on Demand
CRM concepts for Oracle CRM
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Oracle CRM Overview
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Oracle CRM Desktop for Oracle CRM On Demand
Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop increases CRM user adoption and maximizes sales productivity by providing CRM capabilities directly within Microsoft Outlook. With features such as seamless Microsoft Outlook integration, unified data, mobility, and customizability, Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop provides sales professionals access to essential CRM data, right at their fingertips. Visit the Oracle Products page for more information on Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop: https://www.oracle.com/applications/index.html
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Обзор Oracle CRM On Demand
В этом обзоре: Единая клиентская база данных Обзор карточек основных объектов Права пользователей Аналитика Мобильный клиент для планшетов Подробности на http://getcrm.ru/
Oracle CRM On Demand Administration Essentials  Oracle crm online training
www.Magnifictraining.com-oracle apps r12 scm fuctional online training. contact us: [email protected] or call us: +919052666559,919052666558 oracle apps technologies like oracle discrete manufacturing, oracle apps purchasing training, oracle apps order management training,oracle apps r12 functional training. real time Oracle scm online training by industrail experts for details call:+919052666559,919052666558 hands on training on oracle online TRAINING. Oracle Apps CRM online training course content Oracle APPS CRM Online Training Course Module 1:Introduction to Oracle CRM Service Fundamentals Understand iStore's shopping cart and ordering functionality and other key features Understand features of Oracle's sales applications Create leads and convert them into opportunities Create opportunities and convert them into quotes Describe Campaign Flows, schedules and target groups Under geographic territories and named territories, set up in Territory Manager Explain the Basic Sales Flow Set up common components, such as Notes, Tasks and Calendars Describe the Lead to Order Process Create Customers and Contacts using Oracle trading Community Architecture model Create Employees and Users, Import Resources, and assign roles and responsibilities to users Understand implementation steps required to set up sales products Describe integration points between Oracle Sales and Oracle Marketing applications Understand Global Address formatting Understand Oracle Sales related personalization features available in OA Framework Create proposals for leads, opportunities or quotes
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Oracle CRM On Demand to Oracle Sales Cloud Migration Utility
As more CRM On Demand customers begin to see the benefits that Oracle Sales Cloud can offer, the inevitable question about migration is asked. Oracle has been working on a tool to streamline the migration process from CRM On Demand to Oracle Sales Cloud, automatically creating custom fields, objects, importing data and more - enabling Partners to utilize resources to focus on value added services, all while ensuring migration accuracy. In this video, learn about the CRM On Demand to Oracle Sales Cloud Migration Tool and how it's used to support a smooth transition to Oracles' next generation CRM solution.
Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle CRM On Demand
Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle Marketing Cloud can be integrated together to bring Modern Marketing into your CRM system. Watch this video to see how Oracle CRM On Demand is enhanced with the ability for you to qualify Leads by tracking the Lead’s digital body language so you can concentrate on your highest ranked Leads and the ability to send HTML rich personalized emails quick and easily from CRM On Demand. For more information about Oracle CRM On Demand R26 please visit our Products page http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/crmondemand/current-release-1876528.html For more information about Oracle Marketing Cloud please visit the Oracle Marketing Cloud product page http://.... I’m not sure which link to use for the Oracle Marketing Cloud product page: http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/features/marketing-automation/index.html
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Integrated Siebel CRM On Premise and CRM On Demand from Oracle
Learn about this prebuilt integration that provides a single customer view across on demand and on premise CRM deployments. With this solution,organizations gain additional flexibility to add integrated and easy-to-use on demand CRM to quickly support new sales teams and meet ever-changing business needs. Because these integrations are based on Oracle's standards-based technologies, you can easily extend them to meet the unique requirements of your company.
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Getting Started with SSIS Integration Toolkit for Oracle CRM On Demand
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Oracle CRM On Demand is a cost-effective and easy-to-use data integration solution that works for Oracle CRM On Demand by utilizing Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) capabilities. This video demonstrates some basic features of the library, including Oracle CRM On Demand connection manager, Oracle CRM On Demand source component, and Oracle CRM On Demand destination component. For more information about the product, please visit our home page at http://www.kingswaysoft.com.
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US Foodservice Grows Market with Oracle CRM On Demand
U.S. Foodservice, one of the country's leading foodservice distributors, deployed Oracle CRM On Demand to over 6,000 users. By standardizing best practices and improving visibility, they grew revenue and added new accounts.
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Oracle CRM All Things On Demand
Demonstrating Oracle's commitment to ongoing innovation, Oracle CRM On Demand Release 18 introduces industry-leading capabilities designed to drive revenue and reduce costs. Release 18 delivers enhanced lead quality with progressive profiling and advanced data integration, allowing companies to target potential customers with more relevant messages using adaptive campaigns, and to increase conversion rates. Enterprise-grade cloud security helps ensure that critical data is safe and secure in the cloud, providing enterprise-grade data encryption, virtual private network connections and access control auditing, protecting customer interactions in the cloud while adhering to data compliance standards.
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Oracle CRM On Demand. Demostración e introducción a funcionalidades básicas
Presentación de Qualita, partner certificado en aplicaciones y tecnología Oracle con 35 empleados, oficinas en Sant Cugat del Valles, Valencia y Sevilla, y que tiene dentro de sus principales áreas de conocimiento el ERP, CRM, EPM y Business Intelligence. En esta presentación nos explica su solución Oracle CRM On Demand.
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be Social with Oracle CRM on Demand
Social CRM with Oracle CRM on Demand - a world of information with you in the centre
Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing Demo/Webinar-March 14, 2013
Learn how Oracle's marketing tool allows you to: • Increase campaign effectiveness by delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right time with adaptive 1:1 campaigns • Deliver higher-quality leads to sales by gathering more complete and valuable information through progressive profiling at each interaction • Increase lead volume and conversions with automated lead nurturing campaigns • Build a comprehensive prospect database with a robust response management system • Maximize marketing ROI by analyzing the unified revenue funnel across marketing and sales
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Conemis Data Migration from Oracle CRM on Demand to Fusion CRM
Full Data Import to Fusion CRM from Oracle CRM On Demand. For more information please contact: Mr. Omid Afaghi / [email protected]
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Oracle CRM On Demand. Introducción y demo.
Joseba Pastor, de Omega CRM Consulting, explica en este webinar las características de Oracle CRM On Demand desde la perspectiva del equipo comercial y presenta una demo en donde se ven los diferentes perfiles que participan en el CRM, como el rol comercial, el rol de marketing y el rol de dirección.
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Oracle CRM on Demand
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Oracle CRM On Demand Analytics
Use Oracle CRM On Demand Analytics to provide real-time and actionable business intelligence thru powerful reporting capabilities and interactive dashboards Product portal: http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/crmondemand/analytics/analytics-306299.html
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Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop
Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop centralises essential business information in the familiar Microsoft Outlook environment complementing existing capabilities that Oracle CRM On Demand provides. Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop can be used to: - Manage Oracle CRM On Demand data - Links Oracle CRM On Demand data to Oracle CRM On Demand records from Microsoft Outlook. The user can manage accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities and activities, including appointments and tasks, directly in Microsoft Outlook. - Synchronise data - Performs bidirectional, incremental synchronisation between Oracle CRM On Demand Desktop and Oracle CRM On Demand. - Work while disconnected - Allows you to work with your records when you are disconnected from the corporate network or the internet.
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Oracle CRM On Demand Web 2.0 Features
A 3 minute video highlighting the Web 2.0 features of Oracle CRM On Demand. To learn more, go to http://crmondemand.oracle.com
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Oracle CRM On Demand and Oracle Social Network Integration
Oracle CRM On Demand Release 26 has continued our social strategy by completing integration to Oracle Social Network which offers internal conversation and document collaboration. Watch this video to see a sales team working within Oracle CRM On Demand to win an opportunity, recruiting assistance from other people within the organization through Oracle Social Network. For more information about Oracle CRM On Demand R26 please visit our Products page http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/crmondemand/current-release-1876528.html For more information about Oracle Social Network please visit the Oracle Social Network product page https://cloud.oracle.com/social_network.
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Buzzient Enterprise - Making Customer Engagement Social with Oracle CRM On Demand
Slide deck and video showing the creation of a social media engagement platform in Oracle CRM On Demand with Buzzient Enterprise. For more information visit www.buzzient.com for a free trial or to watch some more.
CRM Gadget 2 GO - Oracle CRM on Demand on IPad
CRM Gadget 2 GO - Oracle CRM on Demand on IPad
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Oracle CRM On Demand    YouTube
Conoce algunas de las funcionalidades de Oracle CRM on Demand. En este webinar se ofrece una visión del funcionamiento de la herramienta desde la perspectiva de los diferentes roles que pueden tener acceso a los datos de la plataforma: comerciales, directores de marketing, ventas, etc.
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Advantages & Disadvantages of Oracle CRM on Demand
Advantages & Disadvantages of Oracle CRM on Demand
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Oracle CRM On Demand Sales Productivity
Learn how Oracle CRM On Demand and complementary on demand offerings from Oracle help organizations boost sales productivity in critical areas such as prospecting, campaign management, proposal development, and deal management.
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Get More Insight and Get More Productive with Oracle CRM On Demand
What this great short demo on mobile capabilities, analytics and gadgets by Reg Hingley.
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Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing
902 002 048 www.oraclemascerca.com [email protected] oraclemascerca.com les muestra como esta solución le permite: Automatizar los procesos de Marketing, diseñar campañas, crear y seguir efectividad de microsites, Formularios Web y "Landing Pages", Encuestas y análisis de respuestas, E-mailings, etc., permitiéndole, gracias a la integración natural con el resto de funcionalidades CRM, conocer el ROI real de sus acciones y tener una visión completa de una oportunidad: desde su fase inicial como oportunidad potencial hasta el cierre de la venta.
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Oracle CRM On Demand Mobile Sales Assistant on Apple iPad
This is a short demo of Oracle CRM On Demand on the iPad using the Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant App.
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Oracle CRM Self-Service
Today's customers expect that businesses are able to serve them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With Oracle's self-service CRM tools, businesses can not only meet this demand but also provide rich functionality for customers to manage their accounts, explore alternative tariffs and services, and resolve their queries. The commercial benefits include enhanced customer loyalty, new revenue streams, lower support costs and gathering immediate feedback for product and service improvement. This demo walks you through some of the self-service features available with Oracle CRM. For more more Oracle videos, please click on the following link - http://www.youtube.com/oraclevideo
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Clash of the CRM Titans: Comparing Oracle /  Microsoft / Salesforce.com
Your organization can reap many benefits from the right CRM system - streamlined sales & marketing processes, increased sales productivity, improved customer service, loyalty and retention, and better return on marketing investments – if you choose one that fits your business. In this live webcast, Jim Marzola will compare and contrast Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, and Salesforce.com, focusing on: • Usability • 3 Year total cost of ownership (TCO) • Deployment options (To Cloud or not to Cloud; that is the question.) • Information storage and access • General pros and cons of each solution Join our webcast on February 6, 2014 and discover some of the hidden consequences and undocumented benefits of the big 3 CRM software solutions.
Clicktools & Oracle CRM On Demand
An introduction to the integration between Clicktools and Oracle CRM On Demand.
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Oracle CRM on Demand Travel Software
If you are looking for car rental solution,Contact us at 714 257 1144
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Oracle CRM On Demand User Group March 2012
This video shows highlights from the 2nd Oracle CRM On Demand Users Group meeting held in North Sydney, Thursday 1st March, 2012.
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Oracle CRM On Demand Integration with Oracle CPQ (Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting) Cloud
Oracle CPQ Cloud Integrated with Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle CPQ Cloud solution for quotes, orders, contracts proposal generation to help your sales staff, channels, and customers find the right products through guided selling. Quickly generate sales quotes and proposals right from your CRM system. Oracle CPQ Cloud's BigMachines products streamline the sales process from inquiry to order with flexible, cloud solutions. For additional information please visit the Oracle's CPQ web page http://www.oracle.com/us/solutions/customer-experience/cpq-cloud/overview/index.html
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Agencourt Bioscience Enhances Sales Productivity with Oracle CRM On Demand
Rosa Cintron of Agencourt Bioscience discusses their Oracle CRM On Demand success and the benefits of working with a single vendor. Read more at http://www.oracle.com/customers/snapshots/agencourt-bioscience-corporation-crm-snapshot.pdf.
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CRM On Demand Outlook Integration
This video provides a quick demonstration of how Oracle CRM On Demand fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook. For more information about how CRM On Demand can help your business go to www.crmondemand.com.
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CRM On Demand Integrated with Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring - Walkthrough
Oracle Social Cloud's Social Engagement & Monitoring, integrated with customer relationship management on demand for a rapid, attentive customer experience
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An Interview with CRM Now, an Oracle CRM On Demand partner - Nov 2009
Interview with CRM Now, an Oracle CRM On Demand partner in Asia Pacific, featuring Rob McGregor and Clive Smith. CRM Now is a company that serves enterprises in Asia Pacific using only Oracle CRM On Demand.
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Oracle CRM On Demand Web 2 0 Features
A 3 minute video highlighting the Web 2.0 features of Oracle CRM On Demand. To learn more, go to http://crmondemand.oracle.com.
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CRM Gadget 2 GO - Offline Client for Oracle CRM on Demand
Sync data to Oracle CRM on Demand
Oracle CRM On Demand Delivers A 350% Yearly Return To Equifax
Tripp Partain, CIO, Corporate Platforms at Equifax, discusses Equifax's Oracle CRM On Demand deployments.
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Oracle CRM On Demand Heads Up
A sneak peek at just one of the many new features upcoming in the soon-to-be-announced next version of Oracle CRM On Demand
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