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Stalking the deep with NATO’s mine hunters
Sea mines are devastating weapons. Cheap to produce and relatively easy to field, they can make shipping lanes and straits impassable to military and civilian maritime traffic. Even the threat of sea mines can bring economies to a standstill. To address the threat of sea mines, the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Groups (SNMCMGs) patrol the Alliance’s waters 365 days a year. In this piece, the commander of SNMCMG2, which is currently charged with securing the Mediterranean Sea region, explains how NATO counters the danger of sea mines, and also how the flotilla provides a humanitarian service by neutralising unexploded ordnance from conflicts past. The four Standing Maritime Groups are multinational, integrated maritime forces made up of vessels from allied countries. These vessels are under continuous NATO command to perform a wide range of tasks ranging from deterrent presence and situational awareness to exercises and the conduct of operational missions. These groups provide NATO with an immediate operational response capability both in peacetime and in crisis. These four groups comprise the core of the maritime component of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), providing timely maritime support to NATO operations in a contingency. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ SUBSCRIBE to this channel http://bit.ly/NATOsubscribe SUBSCRIBE to NATO News http://bit.ly/NATONewsSubscribe SUBSCRIBE to NATO History http://bit.ly/NATOHistorySubscribe Connect with NATO online: Visit the Official NATO Homepage: http://bit.ly/NATOhomepage Find NATO on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/NATOfacebook Follow @NATO on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/NATOtwitter Follow NATO on Instagram: http://bit.ly/NATOinstagram Find NATO on Google+: http://bit.ly/NATOgoogleplus Find NATO on LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/NATOlinkedin Find NATO on Flickr: http://bit.ly/NATOflickr #NATO #OTAN #WeAreNATO
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The China Navigation Company: About Us
The China Navigation Company (CNCo) is the wholly owned, deep-sea ship owning and operating arm of the multi-national Swire group. CNCo was founded in 1872 in Shanghai and started its operations trading on China’s Yangtze river. Since then the company has expanded globally while its primary operational focus remains in the Asia-Pacific region. The Company operates a global network of multi-purpose liner services for the transportation of containerised, breakbulk, heavylift and project cargoes in addition to providing drybulk and bulk logistics services. For further information please visit: www.chinanav.com Swire Pacific Ship Management (SPSM) provides manning services for The China Navigation Company’s multipurpose and bulkcarrier fleet. SPSM is looking to recruit officers and crew for various roles. Please note that for positions of deck officers and crew, you must have prior experience of working on Multi-Purpose carriers and/or Bulk carriers (especially log ships) and understand the challenges this work brings. For Engineering roles, we require that you have worked on vessels above 3000KW, irrespective of the vessel type. If you believe that you have the experience required, please send your brief CV addressed to the Marine Personnel Recruiter at: [email protected]
Short Sea Shipping
Transporte marítimo sem barreiras no espaço europeu
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Shipping and logistics services in Mauritania
Shipping and logistics services in Mauritania and West Africa Mauritania united shipping Sarl a company specialized in Shipping and logistics services in Mauritania and West Africa: port operator, Ships consignment activities, handling activities, customs and logistics services. We provide the next services: Port Agency and operations Shipping Line Operations and Agency Stevedoring Operations Global Shipping Global Airfreights International Land Transport Vessel chartering services Air chartering services Sea and air cargo Cargo Consolidation and Marshalling Warehousing, Handling and Storage Ship supplying and Catering Haulage and Distribution Customs Clearance Document Services Project Logistics Management Tour Operator Insurance Many other logistics services Our main ports are: Nouakchott Port, Nouadhibou port (Mauritania) and Dakar port (Senegal) but we work on the entire West African coast with fortunate relationships with many regular and tramping liner vessels calling at these ports. Contact us: MAURITANIA UNITED SHIPPING Phone: 00222-36338522 Fax: 00222-45257383 P.O.Box: 303 Nouakchott -- Mauritania Nouakchott -- Tevragh Zeina -- Ilot C, 298 E-mail: [email protected] Web site: http://www.Mauritania-Shipping.mr Shipping services in Mauritania, logistics services in Mauritania, Shipping services in West Africa, stevedoring operations Mauritania, Port Agency Mauritania , Port Agency Nouakchott , Customs Clearance Mauritania , project logistics management Mauritania , Ships consignment Mauritania , Ships handling Mauritania , Port operator in Mauritania , Ships consignment in Mauritania , handling activities in Mauritania , Customs in Mauritania
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Singapore World's Busiest Transshipment Port
The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) regulates and licenses port and marine services and facilities. It also manages vessel traffic in the Singapore port while ensuring safety and security. The port section contains information, guidelines and procedures on matters relating to the port and its operations. The shipping section covers information on how to register a ship under the Singapore flag,as well as manning guidelines, procedures and requirements for owners and masters of Singapore-registered ships. MPA also posts circulars and notices to update the port and shipping community. Also important to the communities are information on port, shipping and other MPA tariffs. Available for download and reference is the maritime legislation of Singapore. As an active member of the international maritime community, MPA posts updates on IMO matters. Finally, we have information for seafarers of all nationalities, whether based in Singapore or visiting from overseas. At the crossroads of seaborne trade, Singapore’s interconnectivity makes it the preferred port of call for more than 130,000 vessels totalling some 1.5 billion gross tons. Singapore’s hub port is a complex stream of activity, handling a variety of cargoes at different terminals. About 30 million containers and 500 million tonnes of cargo are handled every year and more than 30 million tonnes of bunkers lifted annually. In addition, about a million visitors cruise into Singapore every year. Technology is at the heart of Singapore’s intelligent port. Advanced technology enables MPA to oversee port and marine service providers round-the-clock, making sure that services are safe and reliable. As Singapore’s national port planner, MPA is also responsible for the safe and optimal use of sea space and waterfront land. While our port can accommodate today’s largest ships, MPA is preparing for tomorrow’s increased cargo and mega ships by deepening channels and fairways, and developing the next generation of terminals. With guidelines, procedures and systems in place, MPA ensures that the port of Singapore remains safe, secure and clean while maintaining a high level of reliability, speed and efficiency in its operations. This material been used for Educational purpose only. National Geographic © 2012
Sea Freight Shipping
http://www.kmbshipping.co.uk We are number 1 for your sea and air freight shipping lines requirements, we specialise in Irish shipping, European logistics and more... Contact us for more info.. Unit 28 Groveland Road, Tipton, DY4 7TL. Tel: 01215 573352
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China Navigation: Crew Orientation Training (S-Class)
The China Navigation Company (CNCo) is the wholly owned, deep-sea ship owning and operating arm of the multi-national Swire group. CNCo was founded in 1872 in Shanghai and started its operations trading on China’s Yangtze river. Since then the company has expanded globally while its primary operational focus remains in the Asia-Pacific region. The Company operates a global network of multi-purpose liner services for the transportation of containerised, breakbulk, heavylift and project cargoes in addition to providing drybulk and bulk logistics services. For further information please visit: www.chinanav.com Swire Pacific Ship Management (SPSM) provides manning services for The China Navigation Company’s multipurpose and bulkcarrier fleet. SPSM is looking to recruit officers and crew for various roles. Please note that for positions of deck officers and crew, you must have prior experience of working on Multi-Purpose carriers and/or Bulk carriers (especially log ships) and understand the challenges this work brings. For Engineering roles, we require that you have worked on vessels above 3000KW, irrespective of the vessel type. If you believe that you have the experience required, please send your brief CV addressed to the Marine Personnel Recruiter at: [email protected]
Shipping and Marine Technology
The Department of Shipping and Marine Technology conducts research regarding the development, design, and operation of vessels and their associated systems. We offer a high quality education for ship’s officers, naval architects, and marine professionals.
Inside Oil Tankers - Documentary Films
CLICK HERE - http://activeterium.com/1DCR - FOR MORE FREE DOCUMENTARIES Inside Oil Tankers - Documentary Films All over the world, tanker operations are constantly moving. Oil tankers are ships specially designed for the bulk transport of either unrefined crude oil or petrochemicals. Their size classes can range from coastal or inland tankers of a few thousand metric tons of deadweight (DWT) to a colossal amount of 550,000 DWT. These giant specialized ships transport approximately two billion metric tons of oil across the sea every year. Crude oil is one of the world's most consumed sources of energy. Oil tankers, therefore, play a significant role in the way the country operates. Because of the products they are built to carry, without proper maintenance, these mammoth ships of black gold can also pose a threat on the environment. To ensure that an oil tanker does not severely impact the environment, oil companies must employ an expert and highly experienced ship management service to oversee tanker operations. They must also routinely check their oil tankers for maintenance purposes. Fixing the smallest dent, scratch or crack can mean the difference between safe sailing across miles of seawater and a devastating oil spill. On board the ship, safety measures should be strictly imposed. Because of the hazardous - and often flammable - nature of the materials being transported, the possession of flammable objects should be avoided if not prohibited entirely to avoid accidents, which can threaten the lives of the people on the ship, as well as the surrounding marine life. Whether at sea or anchored at a dock, tanker operations and safety measures should still be strictly implemented to prevent the ship from negatively affecting the environment.
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Crowley Corporate Overview Video
Crowley Maritime Corporation (http://www.crowley.com) is a U.S.-owned and operated marine solutions, transportation and logistics company providing services in domestic and international markets through six operating lines of business: Puerto Rico/Caribbean liner services; Latin America liner services; logistics; marine contract solutions; deep sea petroleum transportation; and petroleum transportation, distribution and sales in Alaska. Additional information about Crowley, its subsidiaries and business units may be found on the Internet at www.crowley.com.
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PostNet Australia Shipping services
PostNet Australia Shipping services
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Building Doha's new port
AECOM's providing program management services for Doha's New Port Project in Qatar, which is integral to the successful completion of World Cup stadia and will accommodate large-scale imports of construction materials. Learn more about AECOM's global port projects in ONE: http://one.aecom.com/issue07/
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Six Months At Sea In The Merchant Marine
In this short documentary, I tried to answer some of the common questions that I usually get about shipping. The footage I took myself using fairly basic cameras that I could fit in my pocket while I was on the job as a deckhand. The story follows me on a six month journey around the world on a container ship which was on a run between New York and Singapore via the Suez Canal. This was my first time going to sea on a large ship so everything was relatively new to me, therefore please excuse the couple of shipping terms I misused (such as saying "license" when I should have said "credential"). I have been on many ships since and will continue to ship out for the foreseeable future. Thanks for watching. Film by Martin Machado - http://www.martinmachado.com -Special thanks to Jesse Chandler with Third Street Works, and Kai Hsing for their help All Rights Reserved 2012 - This video can not be duplicated or used in part in any form of media. Use of this video in a business or institution for training purposes is prohibited without written permission by Martin Machado.
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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs, Typical day.
Oil Rig Jobs http://www.rigzone.com/oil/jobs/categories/drilling-rig-personnel-3/ https://www.airswift.com/as/oil-rig-job-vacancies/ Ensure you meet the minimum qualifications for employment on almost any oil rig. They are the following: You are over 18 years of age. You are very physically fit. You should also be mentally fit. You will be required to pass a physical exam before being hired. You are a non-smoker, and you can abstain from alcohol during your long 14 to 21 day shifts. You are willing and able to take on the unusual schedule of an oil rig worker. You should be open to working nights, and you should be able to work many days on end without weekend breaks. An oil rig is a manned platform used for land or off-shore drilling. An oil rig worker can denote an employee on either platform, responsible for a large number of duties associated with safely drilling for oil. The schedule for most workers consists of working 14 to 21 consecutive days before being given time off. As well as earning a wage, most offshore oil rig workers are provided food and board and some travel expenses. Getting your first job on an oil rig may be the toughest part of the process, because oil rig managers value experience.
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Cargo Ship At Sea

CARGO SHIP AT SEA GV Cargo ships in small harbour. GV Looking out over sea from window with curtains. LS Cargo ship at sea. (Eastman Colour) FILM ID:3195.03 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT'S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES. http://www.britishpathe.tv/ FOR LICENSING ENQUIRIES VISIT http://www.britishpathe.com/ British Pathé also represents the Reuters historical collection, which includes more than 120,000 items from the news agencies Gaumont Graphic (1910-1932), Empire News Bulletin (1926-1930), British Paramount (1931-1957), and Gaumont British (1934-1959), as well as Visnews content from 1957 to the end of 1979. All footage can be viewed on the British Pathé website. https://www.britishpathe.com/
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Red Star Forwarding Company Presentation Eurosatory
A brief presentation of The very specific competences of Red Star Forwarding & Logistics, the highly successful freight forwarder in Antwerp, providing logistics services to practically all deep-sea ports world wide. Our core expertise: complex, sensitive, strategic and dangerous cargo, military and non-military.
Port of Morgan City | Short Sea Shipping
Call (985) 384-0850 or visit www.portofmc.com for more information
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WORLD'S LARGEST CRUISE LINER- Independence Of The Seas Full Documentary
Check out creation voice affirmations app on the android app store. Create your own reminders and affirmations easily to make life smooth! World's Largest Cruise Liner- Independence of the Seas
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Lost in the Deep
During a transit from San Francisco Bay to the Port of Los Angeles on 26 February 2004, the cargo ship M/V Med Taipei weathered a storm but lost fifteen 40-ft shipping containers in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS), and another nine south of the sanctuary. One of these containers was discovered by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) on June 9, 2004 at a depth of 1,281 meters, 17.5 nm NW of Point Pinos (near Monterey, CA). This was not an isolated incident. Containerized maritime trade grew eight-fold from 1985 to 2007, and worldwide there are now approximately 5 to 6 million containers in transit at any given moment. An estimated 10,000 shipping containers are lost at sea every year, often due to the nexus of rough seas and inadequate or faulty securing mechanisms. Many containers are not weighed prior to loading, resulting in extreme forces being placed on container stacks when bad weather strikes. Depending on the cargo, containers may float at the surface for several days or weeks prior to sinking. Unfortunately, it is not mandatory to report container losses to all relevant management agencies. From March 8-11, 2011, a science team led by Dr. Andrew DeVogelaere (MBNMS) and Dr. James Barry (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, MBARI) conducted a research expedition aboard MBARI's R/V Western Flyer. The remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Doc Ricketts was deployed to address the following goals: • Assess the container's current condition by gathering high-resolution imagery • Describe sea life on the container and at different distances from it • Bring public attention to this deep-sea phenomenon that has been increasing with economic globalization and increased shipping For more information, please visit http://sanctuarysimon.org/projects/project_info.php?projectID=100388
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Merchant Marine in WWII: "Men and the Sea" 1943 US War Shipping Administration
more at http://quickfound.net "Short documentary shows how U.S. merchant seamen were trained in seamanship, signaling, gunnery and radio operation." Public domain film from the US National Archives, slightly cropped to remove uneven edges, with the aspect ratio corrected, and mild video noise reduction applied. The soundtrack was also processed with volume normalization, noise reduction, clipping reduction, and/or equalization (the resulting sound, though not perfect, is far less noisy than the original). http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Merchant_Marine The United States Merchant Marine is the fleet of U.S. civilian-owned merchant vessels, operated by either the government or the private sector, that engage in commerce or transportation of goods and services in and out of the navigable waters of the United States. The Merchant Marine is responsible for transporting cargo and passengers during peacetime. In time of war, the Merchant Marine is capable of being an auxiliary to the Navy, and can be called upon to deliver military personnel and materiel for the military. The Merchant Marine, however, does not have a role in combat, although a merchant mariner has a responsibility to protect cargo carried aboard his ship. Merchant mariners move cargo and passengers between nations and within the United States, and operate and maintain deep-sea merchant ships, tugboats, towboats, ferries, dredges, excursion vessels, and other waterborne craft on the oceans, the Great Lakes, rivers, canals, harbors, and other waterways. As of 2006, the United States merchant fleet numbered 465 ships and approximately 100,000 people work on U.S. flag merchant ships. Seven hundred ships owned by American interests but registered, or flagged, in other countries are not included in this number. The federal government maintains fleets of merchant ships via organizations such as Military Sealift Command and the National Defense Reserve Fleet. In 2004, the federal government employed approximately 5% of all American water transportation workers. In the 19th and 20th centuries, various laws fundamentally changed the course of American merchant shipping. These laws put an end to common practices such as flogging and shanghaiing, and increased shipboard safety and living standards. The United States Merchant Marine is also governed by several international conventions to promote safety and prevent pollution... Revolutionary War The first wartime role of an identifiable United States merchant marine took place on June 12, 1775, in and around Machias, Maine. A group of citizens, hearing the news from Concord and Lexington, captured the British schooner HMS Margaretta... Word of this revolt reached Boston, where the Continental Congress and the various colonies issued Letters of Marque to privateers. The privateers interrupted the British supply chain all along the eastern seaboard of the United States and across the Atlantic Ocean. These actions by the privateers predate both the United States Coast Guard and the United States Navy, which were formed in 1790 and 1775, respectively. 19th and 20th centuries The merchant marine was active in subsequent wars, from the Confederate commerce raiders of the American Civil War, to the assaults on Allied commerce in the First and in the Second World Wars. 3.1 million tons of merchant ships were lost in World War II. Mariners died at a rate of 1 in 24, which was the highest rate of casualties of any service... Merchant shipping also played its role in the wars in Vietnam and Korea. During the Korean War, the number of ships under charter grew from 6 to 255. In September 1950, when the U.S. Marine Corps went ashore at Incheon, 13 Navy cargo ships, 26 chartered American, and 34 Japanese-manned merchant ships, under the operational control of Military Sea Transportation Service, participated. During the Vietnam War, ships crewed by civilian seamen carried 95% of the supplies used by the American armed forces. Many of these ships sailed into combat zones under fire. The SS Mayaguez incident involved the capture of mariners from the American merchant ship SS Mayaguez. During the first Gulf War, the merchant ships of the Military Sealift Command (MSC) delivered more than 11 million metric tons...
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Why the GWADAR PORT in Pakistan is changing the world’s geo-political landscape - KJ Vids
Why a fishing town in Pakistan is changing the world’s geo-political landscape! A small fishing town in the South-West of Pakistan, Gwadar is the gateway city of China's $62 Billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor. A deep sea port strategically located in the Indian Ocean at the opening of the Strait of Hormuz. Pakistan leased Gwadar Port to China in 2015 as part of a $62 Billion deal. China also acquired 22,000 acres of land adjoining the port in Gwadar which has been declared a Special Economic Zone. A 1224 Kilometre highway is being built from China ending in Gwadar emulating the ancient Silk Road Gwadar will link the Silk Road on land with the Maritime Silk Road The new Silk Road reduces shipping times for Chinese goods to the Middle-East, Africa and Europe by up to 80%. Gwadar is being developed under the model of China's Shenzhen through the establishment of Special Economic Zones. Shenzhen was amongst the fastest growing cities in the world growing from a population of 30,000 in 1979 to 10 Million in 2017 with a GDP of $294 Billion! Zhang Baozhong, the Chairman of China Overseas Port Holding Company said “China plan to spend $4.5 billion on developing Gwadar.” In November 2016 the first cargo travelled the Silk Road from Kashgar in China to Gwadar and shipped out from Gwadar to the Middle-East and Africa. Currently there are some 2000 Chinese personnel in Gwadar this number is projected to grow up to 500,000 by 2023. There is a geo-political shift happening in the world and Gwadar is at the heart of this. We're also currently running a crowdfunding campaign to help our operation produce more and better videos. You may donate what you towards our project here - http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/kj-vids Support our content by becoming a KJ Patreon https://www.patreon.com/kjvids Website - www.kjvids.co.uk Facebook - www.facebook.com/KJVids Twitter - www.twitter.com/kjvids2016 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kjvidsofficial All Rights Reserved. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in licensing our content, advertising or working with us in other ways. We hope you enjoyed and learn't something new from our video. You can help us make more videos by supporting our crowdfunding campaign; Would you like to support our channel? If you enjoyed or learnt something from this video, you may kindly support our crowdfunding campaign on www.fundmyvideo.com/kjvids Fund My Video enables video creators to recover costs for their videos, which are much higher than any revenues they receive for most channels. Most YouTubers make videos as a hobby and spend dozens of hours editing videos for little in return. Your contributions towards this channel will significantly help us create more content with even better quality. Many thanks for your support. For business and other enquiries please email [email protected] Links we want you to check out; KJ Vids Book Store - http://kjvids.co.uk/books Patreon Club - https://www.patreon.com/kjvids Fund My Video Page - https://www.fundmyvideo.com/kjvids
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European Gateway Services (EGS)
Company Profile Via European Gateway Services (EGS), ECT offers high frequent rail and barge connections between Rotterdam and an integrated and rapidly expanding network of inland terminals in the European hinterland. Shipping lines, logistics service providers and shippers alike can benefit from this. European Gateway Services brings the deep-sea terminals of ECT right up to your front door. However EGS offers also connections between other ports and terminals in West Europe. Reliable EGS builds on decades of experience of ECT and its sound reputation. Companies can leave their entire hinterland transport to EGS. Immediately after having been discharged from the deep-sea ship, containers are reliably and sustainably moved to one of the participating inland terminals throughout Europe by train or barge. The customer can next collect the containers at his convenience or have them delivered just-in-time at the final destination. Of course, EGS provides a similar service for export cargo from the hinterland to the port of Rotterdam. Strategic network of inlandterminals The inland terminals participating in European Gateway Services are spread throughout the European market. All the inland terminals are highly frequently connected with ECT’s deep-sea terminals. In addition, the inland terminals are also linked with one another as well as with other deep-sea terminals in both Rotterdam and beyond. The result is a constantly expanding and increasingly more comprehensive open network of efficient, reliable and sustainable connections. All the inland terminals in the EGS network offer a wide range of supplementary services, such as temporary storage, bonded warehousing, pre-transport and post-transport by truck, fumigation services, empty depot and more. In its network EGS cooperates with trusted partners in the logistics chain. Extended gates® Several of the inland terminals in the European Gateway Services network act as extended gates®. On the routes from Rotterdam to these terminals, companies can conveniently benefit from additional customs services such as paperless transport. In that case, containers travel under the customs license of ECT. It is not until the extended gate that a customer needs to arrange the customs formalities. This allows companies to achieve additional time savings and increase efficiency. Synchromodality as a starting point Making use of European Gateway Services means a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. Compared to trucking, transporting cargo between Rotterdam and the inland terminals by rail or barge considerably lowers a company’s carbon footprint. The starting point for EGS is always the synchromodal organisation of hinterland transport. For each trip, the modal choice (rail, barge, feeder, truck) is based upon the most efficient and sustainable solution. If necessary (due to speed requirements or obstructions en route, for example) modes of transport can be immediately switched. Companies are always assured of the best transport combinations, EGS offers you an easily accessible, synchromodal solution for your hinterland transport.
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What It Feels Like 10,000 Feet Under the Sea
Intense dark, intense pressure (literally) and certain death upon mechanical failure. Welcome to exploration in the deep ocean. We caught up with submarine pilot Bruce Strickrott, Alvin Manager of Operational Scientific Services at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, to see what it feels like 10,000 feet under the sea. Hint: there's no talking crab from a Disney film. SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/vR6Acb Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: http://goo.gl/2KABeX Make our acquaintance on Facebook: http://goo.gl/Vn0XIZ Give us a shout on Twitter: http://goo.gl/sY1GLY Visit our world directly: http://www.greatbigstory.com Great Big Story is a video network dedicated to the untold, overlooked & flat-out amazing. Humans are capable of incredible things & we're here to tell their stories. When a rocket lands in your backyard, you get in.
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sea freight
www.parcelaudits.com, freight consultants, transportation companies, cass freight payment,bill payment software
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Kakinada Deep Water Port Fertilizer Terminal
Sarat Chatterjee & Co Visakhapatnam Pvt Ltd , a Bothra Group company in association with Kakinada Seaports LTD has designed and developed a customised 6 MMTPA capacity Fertilizer Terminal at Kakinda. Taking advantage of the excellent connectivity, the terminal is capable of supplying fertilizer to a vast hinterland including the east, central & southern agricultural belt and stretching till the Gangetic plains.
Container Ship lost part of its cargo in rough seas 01/06/18
Container Ship lost part of its cargo in rough seas Nappies and surgical masks were washing up on New South Wales beaches as boat operators were warned to look out for debris after more than 80 shipping containers came loose from a vessel off Newcastle. The Liberian-registered YM Efficiency was making its way from Taiwan to Sydney on Thursday night when it encountered rough seas. It lost 83 containers overboard and a further 30 were badly damaged. The ship, operated by the Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, spent Friday night at sea off Sydney and as assessment was due on Saturday. Roads and Maritime Services warned boaters over marine radio to be aware of the potential hazards and said two containers were spotted about 100 metres off Fingal Head and Boondelbah Island, near Port Stephens while sections of another container were found on rocks at Yacaaba Headland. A helicopter scoured the coastline on Saturday for the 40-foot containers while nappies, surgical masks and plastic containers were among the first debris to wash up on Jimmys Beach and Rocky Point. A Yang Ming spokeswoman said there were no dangerous goods or marine contaminants inside. “There is no security concern about the condition of the vessel,” she said. The company was informing customers and discussing the next steps with its insurer. YM EFFICIENCY Container Ship IMO: 9353280 MMSI: 636013698 Call Sign: A8OS5 Flag: Liberia [LR] AIS Vessel Type: Cargo Gross Tonnage: 42741 Deadweight: 52773 t Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 268.8m × 32.2m Year Built: 2008 Status: Active Read more at http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:754239/mmsi:636013698/imo:9353280/vessel:YM_EFFICIENCY#i7RXfjEAvUbWZrbp.99
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20th Annual Marine Money Greek Ship Finance Forum
16 October 2018, Athens Hilton Hotel Panel THE NEXT 20 YEARS Looking into the crystal ball and the next 20 years in Greek shipping Game changers in finance, technology and corporate structure Panel discussion Mr. Antonios Xylas, Deputy Director, Ariston Navigation Corp Mr. Roberto Coustas, Co-Founder & CEO, DeepSea Technologies Mrs. Ismini Panayotides, Founder, Pavimar SA Mr. Frans van de Bospoort, Managing Director and Co-Divisional Head Shipping Finance Eastern Hemisphere, DVB Bank SE Mrs. Marina Tzoutzourakis, co-Founder SFG Ship Finance Global Ltd Mr. George Cambanis, Managing Director, YieldStreet Marine Finance LLC Moderator: Mr. Chris Vartzis, Partner, Stephenson Harwood
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GOT A HOT ONE TODAY GUYS. In this video, we are proud to introduce PRIME SHIPPING. World's first payment system for business customers, small and big corporations, participating in the marine shipping market. Their payment provider uses our own cryptocurrency PRIME and integrates with their crypto bank and exchange. Their goal is to create an international B2B payment ecosystem for shipping. Prime Shipping Foundation started with the vision of a technology-driven B2B payment processing which can provide B2B payments with significantly less overhead in the shipping industry. All their products are based on the cloud and store relevant data in blockchain. They provide online services with an interface via modern web & mobile apps. Designed for typical users and businessmen, not for tech geeks. ENJOY THE VIDEO! Email Inquiries Contact: [email protected] Telegram Inquiries Contact: https://telegram.me/professorcryptoico ________________________________________________________________ ▶️ WEBSITE: http://primeshipping.io/ ▶️ WHITEPAPER: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Od8e-lM2wMRlyH_FvgDAEZqIPxsvtm7e/view ▶️ TELEGRAM: https://t.me/psf_channel ________________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: There is risk involved in trading, mining, staking, lending and investing in Cryptocurrency. Professor Crypto does not take any responsibility for any losses that may occur. Professor Crypto does not give financial advice. No copyright infringement intended. This video is strictly intended for entertainment purposes only. Professor Crypto does not own any copyrights to the music, videos, or images being used in this video.
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North Sea Giant.mp4
The 'Offshore Support Vessel of the Year Award' for 2012 was won by North Sea Shipping's 'North Sea Giant', built to DNV class at the Metalships & Docks shipyard in Vigo, Spain. The North Sea Giant is considered to be the largest offshore vessel of this type ever built, with an overall length of 156m, beam of 30m and installed power of more than 22MW. The vessel was given the prize for her innovative features, which include advanced dynamic positioning (DP) capability for DP operations based on a high redundancy level and high propulsion power. North Sea Giant has a capacity for 120 people and its structure is highlighted by its heliport on the bow and a bridge placed up on the sixth deck of the vessel. The vessel boasts a working deck area of close to 3000 sqm. Introduced in 2010, the 'Offshore Support Journal Awards' have been well received by the industry and this award recognizes the owner, designer and builder of an offshore support vessel that has been delivered in the past calendar year and is considered to have set an industry benchmark through innovative design and efficient operation.
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Overture: Carrying Power - Yoshinari Nishiki
Its been roughly five years since so-called “new delivery” services emerged on the street, starting the British firm Deliveroo. Although their services are now deeply embedded in our culture, still nobody has approached them as a serious logistical system. Would it be possible to transport something rougher and heavier with these services, such as raw materials? And can we reimagine them to be a modular zero-emission transportation vehicle? Many Deliveroo drivers will take part in this experiment and intervention by Japanese artist Yoshinari Nishiki (aka Inari Wishiki), who is currently doing a residency at The Grey Space. This is in the context of a bigger project, in which he is developing a novel concept for autonomous deep sea shipping. As part of the intervention, the drivers will attempt to move a mountain of potatoes together. The distribution and assembly process will be accompanied by a sound piece by electronic composer Kepla (aka Jon Davies). Yoshinari Nishiki is an artist based in Rotterdam. His work explores the entanglement of economics and ecology. This performance was supported by Deliveroo. http://todaysart.nl/2018/program/yoshinari-nishiki-overture-carrying-power/ Kepla https://soundcloud.com/kepla Video edited on Kdenlive
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A single bomber can now lay a minefield deadly to enemy shipping. Rhino Defense members are sharing stories, insider tips, news from the front lines, and unique slices of military life including the tough stuff of war. Rhino Defense provides headline news and technology updates since our community answers the call and makes news. We also cover the rest of the military experience —and in our military equipment guide we present what makes the military unique (and fun). We also wan't to revolutionize the way for Americans with military affinity stay connected and informed. The United States Air Force will be a trusted and reliable joint partner with our sister services known for integrity in all of our activities, including supporting the joint mission first and foremost. We will provide compelling air, space, and cyber capabilities for use by the combatant commanders. We will excel as stewards of all Air Force resources in service to the American people, while providing precise and reliable Global Vigilance, Reach and Power for the nation. The U.S. Army’s mission is to fight and win our Nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of military operations and spectrum of conflict in support of combatant commanders. We do this by: Executing Title 10 and Title 32 United States Code directives, to include organizing, equipping, and training forces for the conduct of prompt and sustained combat operations on land. Accomplishing missions assigned by the President, Secretary of Defense and combatant commanders, and Transforming for the future.
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Shipping brown water in a rough blue sea
Possibly a bit long. Cheers Ma Dears!
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Learn Oil and Gas with Animations
- Like our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oilvips - Oil and gas are generated from a source rock, organic matter buried in the depths of the earth. Once formed, they climb back towards the surface. On their way, cap rocks can impede their progress and they accumulate in reservoir rocks. Here they constitute hydrocarbon fields, which can be identified by interpreting seismic data (a sort of echography). The data is obtained with the help of a seismic ship. To confirm the interpretations of seismic data, two types of drilling gear exist. Each is adapted to a range of depth of water (down to more than 2500 meters). The platform seen here is a semi-submersible, which floats and retains its stabilised position by means of anchors fixed on the seabed. Platforms at sea are used not only for drilling but also for the production of hydrocarbons. This production consists of the separation of oil, gas and water, before the oil and gas is taken by pipeline towards a mainland terminal. Where it is impossible or too expensive to link the field to the coast by a pipeline, an FPSO ship is used (Floating Production Storage and Offloading barge). Onboard, the hydrocarbons and the water are separated. The oil is stored prior to being loaded on tankers and the gas is re-injected into the reservoir rocks. Gas from a field is taken to land through an underground gasoduct to a processing plant. There, if the gas is to be transported by sea, it is converted into liquid obtained by cooling it down to --163°C. When it arrives at the plant terminal, the liquid natural gas (LNG) is returned to its gaseous state in a re-gasification plant, before being introduced into the local gasoduct network. The LNG is stored in tanks before re-gasification. The crude oil is transported in a petroleum tanker, the capacity of which can attain 200 000 tons. It is commonly called a "super- tanker". The terminals capable of receiving such giants are few and far between. The ships used to transport the crude oil produced on an FPSO ship are of a much smaller capacity. The crude oil, before being refined, is stored in the port in the large capacity tanks. The natural gas is preserved in reservoirs (artificial or natural). It is ready to be injected by pumping into the gasoduct network for industrial and domestic use or as fuel in power-generating stations. As far as the crude oil goes, it is transported by oleoduct to the refinery. There it undergoes a number of transformations and blending. A variety of finished products are obtained (LPG, petrol, kerosene, diesel ...), or naphtha, which will be used as the basis for the composition of plastic products by complex petroleum chemistry. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oilvips Twitter: https://twitter.com/oilvips And Don't forget to subscribe to our channel
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Hoondert Services & Decommissioning
Hoondert Services and Decommissioning teamed up with the Seafox 5 to put parts of the platform back onto the shore safely. Hoondert has clustered the various disciplines in dedicated subsidiaries to serve our clients as best as possible. The subsidiary Hoondert Services & Decommissioning BV is focusing on the following North Sea related activities: - Dismantling and recycling of ships, shipwrecks and offshore installations - Refurbishment of offshore installations - Transportation, loading, assembly and storage of maritime structures - Support of maritime, offshore and wind energy projects - Support and storage for maritime emergencies - Ship cleaning & maritime waste (in cooperation with Hoondert's subsidiary Martens Cleaning) The relation with the North Sea is obvious. Our company is situated in the South-West of Holland close to the North Sea and the Western Scheldt river. We operate a yard in the harbor of Flushing that is equipped to be a multipurpose land sea interface for our activities. The yard has unrestricted access to the North Sea and features the certificates, environmental permits, facilities and equipment to meet the requirements of almost any project. We are committed to the highest environmental and safety standards for these aspects are very important in building long term relationships with our clients and other stakeholders. Over the past decade we have built up an excellent track record with a variety of projects for very different clients like oil & gas companies, shipping companies and heavy lift and salvage companies.
ONGC : Oil and Natural Gas Commission of India
Since its inception, ONGC has been instrumental in transforming the country's limited upstream sector into a large viable playing field, with its activities spread throughout India and significantly in overseas territories. In the inland areas, ONGC not only found new resources in Assam but also established new oil province in Cambay basin (Gujarat), while adding new petroliferous areas in the Assam-Arakan Fold Belt and East coast basins (both inland and offshore). ONGC went offshore in early 70's and discovered a giant oil field in the form of Bombay High, now known as Mumbai High. This discovery, along with subsequent discoveries of huge oil and gas fields in Western offshore changed the oil scenario of the country. Subsequently, over 5 billion tonnes of hydrocarbons, which were present in the country, were discovered. The most important contribution of ONGC, however, is its self-reliance and development of core competence in E&P activities at a globally competitive level. Today, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) is, the leader in Exploration & Production (E&P) activities in India contributing 72 per cent to India’s total production of crude oil and 48 per cent of natural gas. ONGC’s quest for energy goes deeper than setting new benchmarks in deep-water drilling in the Krishna Godavari Basin or finding new frontiers of energy. Global decline in crude prices notwithstanding, we have taken significant investment decisions diligently and aggressively, reversing the production trend in offshore. And now we are venturing into deeper offshore plays in our quest for energy security. It is this journey that has placed us among Fortune “World’s Most Admired Companies” and ranked us 3rd in the E&P industry globally on the Platts Top 250 Rankings 2014. This footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of HD imagery from South Asia. The collection comprises of 150, 000+ hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM / SR 1080i High Definition, Alexa, SR, XDCAM and 4K. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We are happy to be commissioned to film for you or else provide you with broadcast crewing and production solutions across South Asia. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world... Please subscribe to our channel wildfilmsindia on Youtube for a steady stream of videos from across India. Also, visit and enjoy your journey across India at www.clipahoy.com , India's first video-based social networking experience! Reach us at rupindang [at] gmail [dot] com and [email protected] To SUBSCRIBE click the below link: www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=WildFilmsIndia Like & Follow Us on: Facebook: www.facebook.com/WildernessFilmsIndiaLimited Website: www.wildfilmsindia.com
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Xeneta - Changing Shipping & Global Logistics
https://bit.ly/2GTGSSN At Xeneta we believe there is an untapped potential for everyone in the industry, to systematically learn from our individual and collective efforts. We hold true that "if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it". That’s why we think actionable metrics is the key to continuously evolve for every business, and ultimately the entire industry. With international experience from the logistics industry, we have first hand knowledge of the challenges related to high volatility and lack of transparency in the sea freight market. By combining logistics background and information technology expertise, we found the solution to these challenges.
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Cargo from UK EU to Nigeria with MDS Cargo
Cargo your goods from UK EU to Nigeria by Air or Sea Freight starting from £2.99/kg by Air and £1.50/kg by Sea. We ship out every Friday with 5 to 7 business days delivery time to Lagos, Abuja, PortHarcourt and other parts of Nigeria.
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1st Panel - 18th NAVIGATOR FORUM 2018
“The future of shipping: the role of technology, environmental developments and changes in human resources” Moderator: Elena Athoussaki, Head of Maritime Sustainable Center at PwC Speakers at the panel were: - Katerina Skourtanioti, Managing Director at VENLYS Maritime Specialization Services - Roberto Coustas, Co-Founder and CEO at Deepsea technologies - Costis Achladitis, Managing Director of Golden Cargo and 2nd Vice President – PCCI - Anna-Maria Kotrikla, Assistant Professor / Department of Shipping, Transport and Trade, University of the Aegean.
Kribi Conteneurs Terminal - A window on Africa
As Cameroon's only deep-sea port, Kribi Conteneurs Terminal is well adapted to the new generation of transoceanic ships and will provide a very modern link in the country's logistics chain. Gateway into Cameroon and the countries in its hinterland, including Chad and the Central African Republic, this new terminal is destined to underpin commerce across the region and accelerate the country's growth. Kribi Conteneurs Terminal also aims to become a transhipment hub.
Capitalism and the Dutch East India Company: Crash Course World History 229
Want to help keep CrashCourse going? Consider becoming a Patron and help us keep making awesome content for such awesome people. SUBBABLE SUBSCRIBERS READ FURTHER ↓ https://www.patreon.com/crashcourse In which John Green teaches you about the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, doing business as the VOC, also known as the Dutch East India Company. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Dutch managed to dominate world trade, and they did all through the pioneering use of corporations and finance. Well, they did also use some traditional methods like violently enforced monopolies, unfair trade agreements, and plain old warfare. You'll learn how the Dutch invented stuff like joint stock corporations, maritime insurance, and futures trading. Basically, how the Dutch East India Company crashed the US economy in 2008. I'm kidding. Or am I? Citation 1: William J. Bernstein, A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World. Grove Press. 2008. p. 218 Citation 2: Stephen R. Bown. Merchant Kings: When Companies Ruled the World, 1600-1900. New York. St. Martin’s Press. 2009. p. 28 Citation 3: Bernstein p. 223 Citation 4: Bernstein p. 228 Citation 5: Bown p. 53 IF YOU ARE A CURRENT SUBBABLE SUBSCRIBER Go to https://subbable.com and click the "continue to patreon button." You will be guided through the process to merge your account with Patreon to continue supporting your portfolio of creators. Make sure to use the money in your perk bank by August 1st, 2015. Get yourself something nice you deserve it! Also. you are the best. Yes. You. You are awesome, and we can't thank you enough! FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR MOVE TO PATREON WATCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO_1VbQADW8 Thanks so much for your continuing support on Subbable and we hope to see you on Patreon!
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A rare sight at the Rhenus Deep Sea terminal in the port of Rotterdam
On the 23rd of July this Super Puma transport helicopter of HeliSwiss departed from the Rhenus Deep Sea terminal back to its home base in Switzerland. The Super Puma helicopter was used for aerial work at the Merida Cable Car in Merida in Venezuela, the highest and largest cable car in the world. After it finished its job the Super Puma was shipped back to Europe by Nirint Shipping. https://www.portofrotterdam.com Follow Port of Rotterdam also on: Facebook: https://tiny.cc/zdshhy Twitter: https://tiny.cc/peshhy Linkedin: https://tiny.cc/cdshhy Website: https://www.portofrotterdam.com
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Intermodal  Short Sea Shipping
Combining different transport types Governments around the world are issuing laws in order to diversify the use of different transport types, especially focused to limit road transport impacts and taking advantage of other transport types, to: Relieve traffic congestion. Reduce energy consumption. Preserve the environment. Increase road security
ISS World of Ports in Action
See how ISS World of Ports from Inchcape Shipping Services can be used to help the Marine Assurance function in tanker shipping as we model the voyage of the VLCC Juliette from Qatar to Japan.
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Andaman Tourism - Green Ocean Ferry Boat Journey from Port Blair to Havelock | Rainbow In Sea
Port Blair to Havelock Island Cruise Journey - OnBoard MV Green Ocean 1 Music Courtesy - Song: Elektronomia - Sky High [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/TW9d8vYrVFQ Download Link: https://NCS.lnk.to/SkyHigh
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How Tugboat Works
A tugboat (tug) is a boat that maneuvers vessels by pushing or towing them. Tugs move vessels that either should not move themselves, such as ships in a crowded harbor or a narrow canal, or those that cannot move by themselves, such as barges, disabled ships, log rafts, or oil platforms. Tugboats are powerful for their size and strongly built, and some are ocean-going. Some tugboats serve as icebreakers or salvage boats. Early tugboats had steam engines, but today most have diesel engines. Many tugboats have firefighting monitors, allowing them to assist in firefighting, especially in harbors. https://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/how-tugboat-works.html
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July 2018 Ocean Freight Rates at a Glance
Review of the Q2 2018 Ocean Freight Rates with the Xeneta platform.
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