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Product and Service Design
Provides introduction to product and service design. Includes, - design process from idea generation to actual production - legal, ethical & environmental issues - product life cycle - standardization - reliability - concurrent engineering - Kano model - service design
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What is Service Design?
A short animation explaining the basics of service design. Learn more at http://What-Is-Service-Design.com Made by: http://YosefShuman.com (Video without background music can be found here: https://youtu.be/hLIIl4LKBvA )
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Product and Service Design Part I
Presentation of power point notes from Heizer and Render, Principles of Operations Management 10e.
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Chapter 5 part 1   Product and Service design
In this video, the design of goods and services is covered. The presenter Eric Bakama introduces to the students the steps in products and services design. Although this is an introductory chapter on goods and services design and it does not go in depth on the topic, it does, however, points out some issues to be considered for the design process.
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Product and Service Design Introduction
Udemy Course Link www.udemy.com/design-think/ This course explains with examples about the 116 devices or techniques of READ model for designing amazing products and services. Course by Anshuman Sharma
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Documentary: Nordic Service Design
The SDN Nordic Chapters SDN Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden joined forces to develop a documentary that illustrates the value of service design. 'Nordic Service Design' showcases the most unique and forward thinking work by Nordic service design practitioners and leaders. The film was screened in the form of a roadshow across the Nordic countries in January 2018. Produced by the Nordic SDN Chapters together with the Service Design Network and LuckyDay. https://www.service-design-network.org/events/nordic-service-design-documentary-premiere https://www.facebook.com/ServiceDesignNetwork/
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"So you want to be a service designer" by Jamin Hegeman
In this talk Jamin Hegeman addresses what service design looks like, and the future of service design. Service design is no longer new or unknown. The practice is maturing as service design firms gain experience and organizations start to bring service design in house. Journey maps are all the rage, and everyone is talking about designing for the end to end customer experience. So what does it take to be a great service designer? What need do service designers address? What is the craft of service design? How might you build service design into your team? More inspiration at: www.productized.co
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Rethinking service design
View more inspiring videos like this one at http://www.designindaba.com/video Mikal Hallstrup, co-founder of Designit, illustrates the power of lateral thinking to improve the delivery of services. Service design might not be as sexy as product design but it has far-reaching consequences, profoundly impacting people's experience of everyday activities such as going to the doctor, catching a bus or paying an electricity bill. In this interview with Design Indaba's video team, Mikal Hallstrup discusses the work of Designit, which has helped major brands such as Novo Nordisk, Audi, Cisco and Vodafone rethink their services to adapt to the fast-changing demands of the digital age. One of the world's largest design and innovation companies, Designit has worked at the intersection of product and service design for more than two decades. "What's really special about us is our ability to combine these things into packages of user experiences," says Hallstrup, co-founder and "chief visionary officer" at the firm. The difference between product and service design is exemplified by the development of mobile phone technology. "Way back when Nokia was hot, a phone was a phone," he says. But we soon started to see the first signs of a phone -- in actual fact, the handset - turning into a service carrier. "Products are tangible. [They are] stuff that you drop on your feet and it hurts. Services are intangible." "Services are getting more and more important because, back to the smartphone again, its basically a device with a lot of services riding on the back of it," Hallstrup says. Designit was approached by Oslo University Hospital to improve the service provided to patients. One of largest hospitals in Scandinavia with more than 20 000 employees, the institution's systems were cumbersome and out of touch with patients' needs. For example, women with breast cancer were only regarded as "patients" when cancer had been diagnosed. Designit discovered that this was in contrast with the women's own experience of feeling like patients the moment they felt a lump in their breasts. "Based on this insight, they needed to redesign the way the system worked at the Breast Cancer Diagnostic Centre. This entailed designing the different touchpoints for the patient -- for example, what happens when you meet up at the front desk the first time," Hallstrup says. By reconceptualising the system, the design firm managed to reduce the waitingtime for breast cancer diagnosis from up to 12 weeks to four days. The Danish designer is passionate about the way lateral, creative thinking can be applied to so many of the world's problems. He's optimistic about the evolution of service design. "There's so much stuff we need to fix out there," he says. View more inspiring videos like this one at http://www.designindaba.com/video Designindaba.com hosts hundreds of videos of speaker presentations and interviews and world design news. Updated daily, its content features the most cutting-edge design thinking and the work and ideas of the world's industry leaders in all the creative fields. Design Indaba is a multi-tiered platform committed to a better world through creativity. Established in 1995 with its flagship conference, it has evolved into a multidisciplinary experience that now consists of the globally acclaimed annual Design Indaba Conference, Simulcast, Expo and FilmFest, as well as a host of parties, performances, training workshops, design projects, community initiatives and publications. www.designindaba.com
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Selling Service Design to Product Oriented Companies
How do you convince product oriented companies of the value of service design? You need to focus on the business case for service design. And there are two very effective arguments which will help you make a convincing business case: 1. Services are harder to copy. 2. Customers pay more for services. (which mind you doesn't automatically lead to higher margins but that's a different story) You need to be aware that these arguments are just conversations starters. If you'd like to learn more about the single best way to get people (in general) interested in service design check out the Selling Service Design with Confidence course here below 👇 ⭐️ Selling Service Design with Confidence Course ⭐️ https://go.servicedesignshow.com/9947p ---------------------------------------- 🎙️ PODCAST https://go.servicedesignshow.com/podcast 📷 INSTAGRAM https://go.servicedesignshow.com/instagram 💬 FACEBOOK https://go.servicedesignshow.com/facebook 🚀 [FREE COURSE] HOW TO EXPLAIN SERVICE DESIGN https://go.servicedesignshow.com/free-mini-course ---------------------------------------- Our goal with the Service Design Show is to help you design services that have a positive impact on people and business. If you're into that then we'd we'd love to have you subscribe to the channel! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE https://go.servicedesignshow.com/subscribe
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Product Design Service
For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Product Engineering Service, Prototyping company, Prototype engineering, Prototype Manufacturing
Product Design - How to Get Started (in 2019)
How do you get started in product design? AJ&Smart's Brittni Bowering takes us through 5 steps to learn product design fundamentals, approach product design professionals and get started in your product design career! Brittni shares 5 steps to get started in product design. Ranging from the tools you should be learning to use, what books and courses are on offer, and gaining some experience. How to plan your first career moves, and how to get expand your skillset. How to get started in Product Design (Links): The Futur’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSkoolRocks Learn design without school (The Futur video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47e8b5XmHfQ Udacity https://udacity.com/ BOOKS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFHEZ2ZDAn8 Learn the Tools: Jesse Showalter’s video on design tools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cewz5lXWd98 Get some experience: Meetup.com https://www.meetup.com/ Global Service Jam Network http://planet.globalservicejam.org/ Find someone to look up to: Tobias Van Schneider: https://www.vanschneider.com/ Ryan Singer: https://medium.com/@rjs Whitney Hess: https://medium.com/@whitneyhess Find a Job: Our video on getting a job in product design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za39f3hAF5A&t= Watch a FREE 1.5 hour Design Sprint webclass, featuring Design Sprint creator Jake Knapp: https://events.genndi.com/register/818182175026315610/61911740ff You can also sign up to our school for expert Design Sprint training: https://ajsmart.com/masterclass Thanks so much for watching this video! Like what you see here? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! https://goo.gl/aRQXPS Follow us on our other channels for more great design tips! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ajandsmart/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajsmartdesign LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aj&s... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ajsmartdesign/ Medium blog: https://blog.ajsmart.com/ digital design Product Design - How To Get Started https://youtu.be/NIkg3Ui7ITY
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Service Design 101
Service design is the activity of planning and organizing a business’s resources in order to (1) directly improve the employee’s experience, and (2) indirectly, the customer’s experience. #UX #servicedesign
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New Product Invention Design Service - Design, Engineering, Prototypes - King Design Canada, BC.
Help to design and develop your new product invention for the market Do you have a bright idea for a new product? We can help design, develop, package and assist in manufacturing your product ready for launching on the market. Take action and no longer delay developing your new product idea for the market. Let's chat and meet and bring your idea to life! Andrew King, industrial designer. http://kingdesign.ca
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Problem in Product & Service Design
-- Created using Powtoon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/youtube/ -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free tool that allows you to develop cool animated clips and animated presentations for your website, office meeting, sales pitch, nonprofit fundraiser, product launch, video resume, or anything else you could use an animated explainer video. PowToon's animation templates help you create animated presentations and animated explainer videos from scratch. Anyone can produce awesome animations quickly with PowToon, without the cost or hassle other professional animation services require.
Product or Service? - Furniture Designer Makers
A short taster of a lecture by UK furniture designer makers Andrew Lawton and Jeremy Broun at the Society of Designer-Craftsmen AGM in March 2018. The lecture will be available later on video at http://www.woodomain.com
Product & Service Design Part II
Presentation of power point notes from Heizer and Render, Principles of Operations Management 10e.
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SDGC18 | Zachary Jean Paradis: Service Design & Product Management - Friend or Foes?
As every discipline evolves their practice, and gets better at creating value, contemporary organizations are being caught between potentially conflicting approaches. Service design, modern product management, and lean startup-like new offering innovation processes all purport to be a path to drive customer-centered, business-driving results! Yet, there seems to be little to zero understanding of how these fit together, or if they are in direct conflict. This presentation will propose a model to drive clarity in how potentially conflicting approaches are actually complementary, specifically in the context of business favored topic of the day–Digital Business Transformation. Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/sdnetwork/zachary-jean-paradis-service-design-product-management-friends-or-foes Become a member! https://www.service-design-network.org/membership Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sdnetwork Or on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2933277/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ServiceDesignNetwork/ Behind-the-scenes on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/servicedesignnetwork/
√ Operations Strategies: Product design and development | Busines Studies
#iitutor #BusinessStudies #ProductDesign https://www.iitutor.com Product design and development. It is important that businesses are looking forward. Although their core product may be popular with customers at the moment, this may not always be the case. Businesses must constantly upgrade their designs and products. During the product design and development steps, the following needs to be considered: Quality, Supply chain management, Capacity management and Cost. Product utility: The usefulness and value that a product has according to the consumer. The consumers perception of a product is very important at all stages. Service design and development: Services are very different from goods! How? They are intangible. Production and consumption occurs at the same time. When designing new or improved services the following needs to be considered: Explicit service? Implicit service? Will goods be required? Cost? Sometimes, services require goods. For example: Doctors need bandages. Cooks need food, Teachers need stationary. Often new technology can improve the service provided. Example: Robotic doctor.
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Difference between Product and Service based company (in Hindi) | IndiaUIUX
Product vs Services. Difference between Product and Service based company. Differences between Product and services. The Difference between Product and Service based company, Product based, Services based, Salary, what is the difference between Product based and Service based company, product company vs service company salary, examples of product based and service based companies, service based companies example, product based company means, service based companies in india About channel: Indiauiux is a Hindi Youtube Channel where you will find all information, tutorials, knowledge, tips, and trends about User Interface and User Experience Design in Hindi FACEBOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/indiauiux/ TWITTER LINK: https://twitter.com/indiauiux
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OPRMGMT - Overview of Operations Strategy, Product and Service Design
OPRMGMT - Overview of Operations Strategy, Product and Service Design Tutorial by: Steven Lim Ang (YES), Jossana Sarno (YES), and Chester Chua (YES) Edited by: Aira Catrina Casas (YES) Brought to you by the Business College Government (BCG) and Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (YES).
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Product and Service Design
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Lecture - 28 Product & Process Design
Lecture series on Project and Production Management by Prof. Arun kanda, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in
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Designing Service Product
This is discussion with students on designing a service product.
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How to Sell Your Product or Service by Designing a Sales Process (Part 5 of 11)
My YouTube Video Gear Kit - http://geni.us/17Iz8 Edit videos with FCPX - http://geni.us/LNR1F9 Camera microphone - http://geni.us/fTsnqFL Website - http://geni.us/n1Bu Facebook - http://geni.us/92Qk Instagram - http://geni.us/vOEm8 YouTube - http://geni.us/qWYWHhR Twitter - http://geni.us/ZK8BN LinkedIN - http://geni.us/SejN1W1 Kit - http://geni.us/17Iz8 How to Sell Your Product or Service (Part 5 of 11) Sales Training Course. In this course, sales trainer and sales motivation expert Victor Antonio introduces you to a process to learn How to Sell. For more info go to Victor Antonio http://www.VictorAntonio.com In this video, Victor walks talks about the sales process and how to sell more products or services ---Get more Sales Training and Motivation Tips on Selling with Victor Antonio at http://www.SellingerGroup.com Bio: Sales Motivation speaker, trainer and author Victor Antonio is proof that the American dream of success is alive and well. A poor upbringing from one of the roughest areas of Chicago didn't stop Victor from earning a B.S. Electrical Engineering, an MBA and building a 20 year career as a top sales executive and becoming CEO of a multimillion dollar high-tech company. Prior to being CEO he was President of Global Sales and Marketing for a $420M company. He was tasked with building a global sales force, establishing contract agreements, developing financial pricing models and in charge of developing the corporate brand and marketing the company's services for worldwide acceptance. Before that he was Vice President of International Sales in a Fortune 500 $3B corporation at the time. Within a two and half year time period he grew their business from $14M to $98M in annual revenue. During that time period his sales totals were $162M and was selected from over 500 sales managers to join the President's Advisory Council for excellence in sales and management. International: His success in sales and management also helped him establish channels internationally. He has conducted business in Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Latin America, Middle East, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. How to Sell Your Product or Service online Sales Training Course.
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What is PRODUCT DESIGN? What does PRODUCT DESIGN mean? PRODUCT DESIGN meaning & explanation
What is PRODUCT DESIGN? What does PRODUCT DESIGN mean? PRODUCT DESIGN meaning - PRODUCT DESIGN definition - PRODUCT DESIGN explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Product design as a verb is to create a new product to be sold by a business to its customers. A very broad concept, it is essentially the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas through a process that leads to new products. Due to the absence of a consensually accepted definition that reflects the breadth of the topic sufficiently, two discrete, yet interdependent, definitions are needed: one that explicitly defines product design in reference to the artifact, the other that defines the product design process in relation to this artifact. Product design as a noun: the set of properties of an artifact, consisting of the discrete properties of the form (i.e., the aesthetics of the tangible good and/or service) and the function (i.e., its capabilities) together with the holistic properties of the integrated form and function. Product design process: the set of strategic and tactical activities, from idea generation to commercialization, used to create a product design. In a systematic approach, product designers conceptualize and evaluate ideas, turning them into tangible inventions and products. The product designer's role is to combine art, science, and technology to create new products that people can use. Their evolving role has been facilitated by digital tools that now allow designers to communicate, visualize, analyze and actually produce tangible ideas in a way that would have taken greater manpower in the past. Product design is sometimes confused with (and certainly overlaps with) industrial design, and has recently become a broad term inclusive of service, software, and physical product design. Industrial design is concerned with bringing artistic form and usability, usually associated with craft design and ergonomics, together in order to mass-produce goods. Other aspects of product design include engineering design, particularly when matters of functionality or utility (e.g. problem-solving) are at issue, though such boundaries are not always clear.
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Product and Service Design Techniques
Udemy Course Link www.udemy.com/design-think/ This course explains with examples about the 116 devices or techniques of READ model for designing amazing products and services. Course by Anshuman Sharma
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In this video, I talk about the product design and process selection in detail.
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Product and Service Development
Subscribe to CUSTOMER ACCELERATOR: http://www.smallbusinesselite.co.uk/customer-accelerator/ Video transcript: Have you ever watched Dragons Den on the television? Now what you have to remember is that the people who are on the panel are successful business owners and entrepreneurs in their own right so have seen it, done it, and have a good idea what makes a good product or service. That is why they are often amazed by some of the people who pitch on the show. How often do we see a pitch about a product or service for which there will never be a demand! And sadly, more often than not, these same people have invested everything they own to 'create' this product that will never find a buyer. It's as simple as this ... if you want to make money to have to sell your goods or services to other people, your target audience. But they can only be your target audience if your goods or services match their needs or wants. Every selling proposition moves a potential customer either closer to desire or further away from pain so your products or solutions have to be tailored to their needs or wants. You should be looking at your products or services and seeing have they fit in with what your clients want and not with what you want, or your family wants, or even what your employees want. Let's have a look at some examples to illustrate the point I'm trying to make .... 1. You're a self-employed plumber who insists that your customers pay cash and there's no paper work ... your customers actually want a receipt and written guarantee with the option to pay with a debit card 2. You're a self-employed plumber who doesn't take cash, provides a receipt for all of your work, and gives a guarantee ... your customers want the cheapest possible price and want to pay cash 3. You design a rain proof coat from a special material meaning that it is dry again within minutes no matter how wet it is. Comes with a hefty price tag ... your customers are happy with an inexpensive fold away coat These aren't particularly great examples but what I'm trying to do is illustrate the fact that you can't sell what your audience doesn't want or need. So in practical terms what do your products or services do to meet the needs or wants of your target market? Are there things you could add to your service that would increase the positive experience of your customer? Actions Take a look at the products or services you offer to your customers and check ... Are you providing the ideal service or product for your customers ... for example, if you sold wood flooring do you provide a delivery service? 1. Could you improve your customers experience ... for example if you sold wood flooring could you provide videos on your website or from the manufacturer on how to fit it correctly? Could you happily recommend tradesmen who would enhance or compliment your local brand to ensure it is fitted properly thereby giving them the floor they dreamed about? 2. If you do provide 'free' delivery do you offer a discount if they take it away themselves for customers who want the keenest prices? 3. Could you create sample packs of your flooring with a deposit (to encourage them to return to your business) so that they can go home with the samples and choose the exact colour or finish they wanted? 4. Take that one step further ... could you send someone to their house (by appointment) to show them a selected range and receive advice on which way the floor could be laid to reduce costs or achieve a better finish? Final Note Don't forget, as a local business owner, the greatest source of information for all of these types of questions are your current customers. As them what they thought of your service, your products etc. What would they have been willing t pay more for and what would did they not like paying for? Answering these questions will enable you to provide a range of products or services. Again, as an example using the flooring we were discussing earlier ... Product A - discounted price on your flooring, take it away today Product A - regular price with free delivery Product A - premium price with free delivery and free fitting by guaranteed tradesman It doesn't matter what you sell or do, every product or service can have various price points and packages. Take the time to look at your business if you are providing the goods or services your customers are looking for or are they going elsewhere, to your competitors because you don't meet their needs? Further Resources: Membership site: http://www.smallbusinesselite.co.uk Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/smallbusinesselite Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/109944232888714697316/
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School of Design
The School offers programmes in Design Products, Fashion Menswear and Womenswear, Global Innovation Design, Innovation Design Engineering, Intelligent Mobility, Service Design and Textiles. These programmes range from the highly conceptual to the deeply practical, however all share a strong culture of experimentation, innovation and debate within differing approaches and curricula. Their shared aim is to provide a dynamic and vibrant environment that encourages risk and originality, diversity in thinking, opinions and ideologies. Find out more: https://www.rca.ac.uk/schools/school-of-design/
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product service system design 2013
As one of the final outputs of the PSS design course at UNIST, students produced a movie that introduces the background and their solution. We wanted to address the social and environmental problems raised from the production and consumption of bottled waters and aimed at proposing a 'drinkable water supply solution' without sacrificing the customer values and stakeholders' interests.
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The blurring boundary between product and service design / Mark Rolston / Episode #33
Does it even make sense to separate product from service design these days? Mark Rolston talks about how these the worlds have been blending into each other. We also talk about the new design materials: data and intelligent systems! We must inherently design for dynamism, but how?! Awesome episode. Don't forget to click that LIKE button if you enjoy what we do on this channel. Thanks! ---------------------------------------- EPISODE GUIDE 2:30 - First encounter with Service Design 5:03 - What is changing in our relationship with products and services? 19:50 - What is happening in the greater world of product design? 29:17 - How do we move forward? 34:50 - Big question: Do you feel truly integrated with product design? ---------------------------------------- 🔔 NEVER MISS AN EPISODE Subscribe to the channel and always stay one step ahead in Service Design https://go.servicedesignshow.com/subscribe 🎙️ LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Listen to the Service Design Show on your daily commute! * SoundCloud ➜ https://go.servicedesignshow.com/podcast * iTunes ➜ https://go.servicedesignshow.com/itunes 🚀 THE UNIVERSITY Take your Service Design skills to the next level. https://go.servicedesignshow.com/university ---------------------------------------- On the Service Design Show we discuss how to make a POSITIVE IMPACT through design. If you're interested in Service Design, Design Thinking, Customer Experience, Business Innovation, Organisational Change and Creative Leadership we'd love to have you subscribe and join us! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE https://go.servicedesignshow.com/subscribe
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Creating Service Catalog Items
Provides an overview of catalog items in the Service Catalog: what they are, and how to create them and define variables for them. Applies to the Istanbul release of ServiceNow. May apply to future releases as well. Role required: admin. catalog_admin, catalog_manager or catalog_editor. For best video quality, increase your player resolution to 1080p. For more information on creating service catalog items, see: ServiceNow product documentation: Service catalog items: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/istanbul-it-service-management/page/product/service-catalog-management/concept/c_IntroductionToCatalogItems.html Create a catalog item: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/istanbul-it-service-management/page/product/service-catalog-management/task/t_DefineACatalogItem.html ServiceNow Education Services: http://www.servicenow.com/services/training-and-certification.html ServiceNow Community: https://community.servicenow.com/welcome ServiceNow TechBytes Podcast: https://community.servicenow.com/community/experts-corner/techbytes-podcasts For general information about ServiceNow, visit: http://www.servicenow.com/ Your feedback helps us better serve you! Did you find this video helpful? Leave us a comment to tell us why or why not.
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Industrial Product Design Company Service Portfolio
Industrial Design, Industrial design company, industrial design services, product design, product development, design portfolio, mechanical engineering, product engineering, design studio
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How to become a Product Designer (in Hindi)
How to become a Product Designer? In this video, we learn about Product Designer roles, salary and from where you can learn Product Designing in India. What is Product Design, Product Design kya hain, How to become a Product Designer, Product Designer Career, How to be e Product Designer, Product Designer kaise bane, Product Designer in Hindi, Product Designer courses, in India, Career in Product Design, product designer tutorials, About channel: Indiauiux is a Hindi Youtube Channel where you will find all information, tutorials, knowledge, tips, and trends about User Interface and User Experience Design in Hindi FACEBOOK LINK: https://www.facebook.com/indiauiux/ TWITTER LINK: https://twitter.com/indiauiux
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Chapter 5 part 2   Product and Service design
In this second part of Chapter 5, the presenter takes students through how to build the house of quality which is a tool of Quality Function Deployment used to translate customer wants into attributes that the organization can understand and act upon. It converts customers requirements into design attribute that the organization can create.
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Product Service System Design - Design per il sistema prodotto servizio (Open Day Magistrali 2018)
Presentazione del corso tenuta durante l'open day dedicato ai corsi di laurea magistrale della Scuola del Design (25 maggio 2018)
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Designing the product or service - Unit 2 - Edexcel - AARevision
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Product Design, Development, Engineering, Prototyping, Patenting, Manufacturing.
R&R Associates provides services that span the entire product development process, including product definition, market analysis, design, engineering, in-house rapid prototyping, and overseeing the final design into production. http://www.rnrassociates.com/ Original idea: Leo Riza Script: Leo Riza and Corentin Blondiau Camera and cutting: Corentin Blomdiau FX and motion graphics: Corentin Blondiau Starring: Tony Quirke Music: Taos
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How lean and service design methods can create innovative, digital products
Keynote by Magnus Christensson, Socialsquare Speaker at NEXT Service Design
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Product People: Service Design Consultant Terhi Hänninen
Join Jay Stansell in an interview with Service Design Consultant Terhi Hänninen, from Helsinki, Finland. We discuss how Terhi discovered design thinking, what design thinking is, how Terhi launched a disruptive change for a Real Estate client, the mindset and ways working needed to support design thinking, as well adopting design thinking into the product workflow. Resources recommended by Terhi: Books: THIS IS SERVICE DESIGN THINKING: Marc Stickdorn, Jakob Schneider http://dschool.stanford.edu/recommended-reading/ Community: http://www.practicalservicedesign.com/ Articles: http://www.humana.design/service-design-product-management-co-exist/ http://spmintersections.blogspot.fi/2015/01/design-thinking-and-product-management.html http://www.mindtheproduct.com/2014/09/design-thinking-and-product-management/ http://www.mindtheproduct.com/2016/11/designing-your-way-to-better-team-collaboration/ Toolboxes: http://dschool.stanford.edu/use-our-methods/ http://www.designkit.org/
Design & Innovation for Sustainability - 2. Product Service Systems, Matt Cook June 2013
Product service system design has the potential to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing and use of products, and the effectiveness of resource recovery at disposal. Matt gives examples of the 3 types of product service system (PSS) identified in the literature --product, use and result-orientated types, with the last of these focusing on results and functionality. No PSS type is in itself the answer to the challenge of sustainability. However, they may all form part of the mix of innovations required to assist in transitions to more sustainable living.
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#165 Service Design with Liz Brown
This talk will cover a brief history of service design, an explanation of what it is, and how it compares to UX design. Liz will also share a few tangible examples of how service design can benefit products that are just starting up and also corporations at large-scale. She’ll leave you with a few resources to explore and a couple quick service design tools you can try for yourself. The last 15 minutes will be Q&A so come prepared with all questions about service design. "Service Design" was presented on 18 October 2018 by Liz Brown. Sponsored by Ancestry.com.
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Product Design Service - Xotiv Technologies
We’re a team of curious people that share a passion for creating Experiences that generate greater results. Follow Us: Twitter- @xotiv_tech Facebook- xotiv.technologies Google Plus- Xotiv Technologies
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Product and Service Design Matrix
Mc-Graw Hill
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