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The Wolf
Yet another Droopy character compilation, enjoy.
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The Howlin´ Wolf cartoon
I just like this cartoon which was used in the movie The Mask with Jim Carrey. 1994.
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Put Your Arms Around Me, Wolfie
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Northwest Hounded Police 1946 (Wolf Reactions)
Northwest Hounded Police 1946 Droopy
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Northwest Hounded Police (1946) - Time Shortend
If Droopy cartoon was shortend for TV commercials between 2 TV shows? Inspired by Disney's Have a Laugh time shortend classic cartoons. DISCLAIMER -Droopy is copyright of Turner and Warner Bros.! -NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED! -FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY
Music+cinema: Red Hot Riding Hood/Tex Avery- Petit Chaperon rouge (Lyrics)
- Red Hot Riding Hood ou Le Petit Chaperon rouge revu par Tex Avery (1943) dans un cartoon culte. Ce petit bijou met en scène une pin-up merveilleusement sexy sous son Chaperon rouge face à un grand méchant Loup superbement lubrique... - Voici les paroles en anglais et français de la chanson "Hey, Daddy" de Robert Wesley Troup, Jr. - Bobby Troup - interprétée avec quelques variations par Red Hot avec la voix de Conie Russel - cf la vidéo s.t. anglais et français de la chanson à https://youtu.be/uDVOvUce7pg : [ Hey, listen to my story about a gal named Daisy Mae Lazy Daisy Mae Her disposition is rather sweet and charming At times alarming, so they say She has a man who's tall dark handsome large and strong To whom she used to sing this song ] Hey, Daddy, I want a diamond ring, bracelets, everything Daddy, you ought to get the best for me Hey, Daddy, gee, don't I look swell in sables? Clothes with Paris labels? Daddy, you ought to get the best for me I want a new car, champagne, caviar Daddy, you ought to get the best for me Hey, Pa, I want to be 19 Now, Daddy, don't be mean Hey, Woopee! You ought to get the best for me Daddy, here's an amazing revelation With a bit of stimulation I'd be a great sensation I'd even be your little consolation I'd say now, Father I kinda see that I'm more than you can be Daddy, you ought to get the best for me Oh, Daddy! ________________________ [ Français ] Hé, Daddy, Je veux une bague de diamant, des bracelets, tout Daddy, vous devriez me donner ce qu'il y a de mieux Eh bien, Daddy, ne serais-je pas belle dans une fourrure ? Dans des robes de Paris ? Daddy, vous devriez me donner ce qu'il y a de mieux Je veux une nouvelle voiture, du champagne, du caviar Daddy, vous devriez me donner ce qu'il y a de mieux Eh, Pa, je veux avoir 19 ans Allez, Daddy, ne soyez pas radin Hé, Woopee ! Vous devriez me donner ce qu'il y a de mieux Daddy, voilà une étonnante révélation Avec un peu d'excitation J'aurais fait une grosse sensation J'aurais même été votre petite consolation J'aurais alors dit, père, Je vois bien que je suis plus que vous pouvez être Daddy, vous devriez me donner ce qu'il y a de mieux Oh, Daddy ! https://youtu.be/V5SF-h0GnBQ
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Homesteader Droopy (1954)
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Modern Education: Smartboard
A video that includes cartoons and pictures with information about the modern technology of The Smartboard
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MIGHTY MOUSE is an animated superhero mouse created by Terrytoons. In this episode Mighty Mouse has to save Little Bo Peep and her sheep. They are the victims in this story that tips the hat to the Pied Piper of Hamelin as Mighty Mouse goes up against the wolves with a jazz soundtrack. ► Summary of this "Mighty Mouse" Cartoon A pack of hungry wolves, with one of them disguised as Little Bo Peep, raids a flock of sheep and captures a little lamb. The wolves' attempt to make lambchops out of the lamb are thwarted when Mighty Mouse arrives to save the day. The superhero mouse singlehandedly thwarts the wolves' dinner plans. ► Review about this "Mighty Mouse" cartoon This is called a "Mighty Mouse" cartoon but he really doesn't enter until just past the halfway point. Actually, the cartoon is a lot better (funnier and clever) BEFORE Mighty Mouse enters the picture. The wolves in here are a hoot, right from the start. The tricks they employ and they lengths they go to, to snare a lamb, are very funny. Some of this stuff was even a little risqué. One wolf is designated to go out and lure a little lamb into their wolves' den. He dresses up as a woman, with exaggerated big breasts which draws whistles from his peers. The wolf then prances out playing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on a flute. When the sheep lifts his skirt and sees he's no she, the wolf tries another plan: he plays jazz on a trumpet. The sheep follows him into the den. (This is a weird cartoon.) Anyway, all the wolves then try to kill the more little animal, whose bleats are heard by Mighty Mouse, who just happened to flying around the neighbor. Mighty Mouse then saves the day. I have to say this mouse didn't look like the Mighty Mouse I used to watch as a little kid. ► Some Facts about "Mighty Mouse" The character was originally conceived by story man Izzy Klein as a super-powered housefly named Super Fly. Created as a parody of Superman, he first appeared in 1942 in a theatrical animated short titled The Mouse of Tomorrow. The original name of the character was Super Mouse, but after 7 films produced during 1942 to 1943, it was changed to Mighty Mouse in the 1944 cartoon The Wreck of the Hesperus when Paul Terry learned that another character named Super Mouse was being published in comic books. Super Mouse appeared briefly in the Marvel Comics interpretation of the character and was nicknamed Terry the First, as he was the first version of the character. Mighty Mouse was first drawn wearing a blue costume with red trunks and a red cape, similar to Superman, but over time this outfit changed to a yellow costume with red trunks and a red cape, his most popular colors. Roy Halee, Sr., was the first actor to provide the voice of Mighty Mouse. The role was later taken by Tom Morrison. In The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse and Heckle and Jeckle Alan Oppenheimer provided the voice, and during the run of Mighty Mouse, the New Adventures Mighty Mouse was voiced by Patrick Pinney. As with other imitations of Superman, Mighty Mouse's super powers include flight, super strength, and invulnerability. In various films he has demonstrated the use of X-ray vision, and has used a form of telekinesis that allowed him to command inanimate objects and turn back time (The Johnstown Flood and Krakatoa). Other cartoons show him leaving a red contrail during flight which he can manipulate at will like a band of solid flexible matter. First appearance: Mouse of Tomorrow (1942) Last appearance: Cat Alarm (1961) Created by Paul Terry Portrayed by Roy Halee, Tom Morrison Species: Mouse Gender: Male Significant other: Pearl Pureheart ► Qoutes of this Episode Narrator: What brutes! What cowards! What fiends! Wolf: What lamp chops! [first lines] Narrator: Little Bo Peep had lost her sheep. / While out in the meadow green. / They wandered close by / Some wolves who were sly. / And soon by these wolves they were seen. [last lines] Narrator: And Mighty Mouse proves again that he's the champion of sheep and men. ► External Links for Mighty Mouse Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mighty_Mouse IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0153889/ ...enjoy this cartoon, enjoy Mighty Mouse!
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sinhala cartoon
niyama patta cartoon
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L'éducation moderne - Blackboard Jumble
http://www.xn--lecanardrpublicain-jwb.net/spip.php?article533 Extrait du dessin animé, Blackboard Jumble, réalisé par Michael Lah en 1956. Dans les rôles principaux, on retrouve tout d'abord pour les trois Droopy: - Philippe, futur spécialiste en électroménager ; - Claude Nostradamus ; - Jack l'opportuniste. Ensuite, à titre exceptionnel, le bisounours est joué par le loup.
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Droopy funny quotes and moments
Droopy funny quotes and moments made in windows movie maker. other info: I sorry I apologize yt:stretch=16:9 that used to full screen videos stopped working hopefully can get the videos full screen again ha I hope everyone having a good weekend and has a good week and everything its almost holidays happy holidays everyone God bless.
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" Good Dog Man "
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Deputy Droopy (1955)
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howling wolf 1943
(cartoon/animated) Howling wolf series 1.Tex Avery - Red Hot Riding Hood (1943) 2.Hound Hunters (1947) 3.The Mask (1994)
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Whistling Wolf
from "Droopy Dog (1953) The Three Little Pups"
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Whistling "Jubilo Wolf"
"Year of Jubilo" / "Kingdom Coming" as performed by that whistling wolf in Tex Avery's "The Three Little Pups" (1953). Just slightly edited to remove the dog bark and gate closing -sounds whilst preserving the drums. Also dropped the "good dog, man" from the end in this one.
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Droopy Moo Moo Baa Baa
I created this video at http://www.youtube.com/editor
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Looney Tunes | Foghorn Leghorn on the Farm | Classic Cartoon Compilation | WB Kids
Join Foghorn Leghorn on the farm as the rooster hums "DOO-Dah! DOO-Dah!" and doing all sorts of mischief! WBKids is the home of all of your favorite clips featuring characters from the Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry and More! Available now on DVD #WBKids #LooneyTunes #ClassicCartoon Stream Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry and all of your other favorite cartoons at Boomerang. ►http://boomerang.com SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! ►http://bit.ly/1HiLT1U Like us on Facebook for other great content ►http://bit.ly/ScoobyDooFB For more great Scooby-Doo fun, visit the Scooby-Doo website! ►http://bit.ly/1P3ImXK All Warner Bros. related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 2018
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Leggy the Lamb
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Hello Billy Boy Boy Boy
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Oh Wollfy  Tex Avery
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Droopy "Good Joke, Man"
Jubalio Wolf really says it.
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"I GOT STRIPES!" Johnny Cash with Droopy cartoon
Tex Avery's classic cartoon of Droopy as a Canadian Mounty who always gets his man...uh...wolf! Carefully edited from a much longer cartoon and fitted with a Johnny Cash classic in the background. Smokey was going to record with karaoke and sing one of the verses in Spanish but mercifully his microphone is broken. Here are the words to the Spanish verse though: Con la alba crucé El Rio Grande; En la mañana llegué en Los Angeles. En la tarde pillado por la Migra Y en la noche estoy en Tia Juana otra vez. CORO: Ya tengo rayas sobre mí comisa Y cadenas, cadenas en mís pies. Tengo rayas sobre mí comisa que me dicen que estoy en la carcel otra vez. Smokey's rough translation: With the daybreak I crossed the Rio Grande, In the morning I arrived in Los Angeles. In the afteroon I was caught by Immigration Now in the evening I'm back in Tia Juana once again. CORO: Now I"ve got stripes upon my shirt and chains on my feet. I got stripes on my shirt that tell me that I"m in jail again.
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Short Clip - Droopy
A clip from Northwest Hounded Police. One of Tex's finest.
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That's A Hungry, Little Billy Goat-Goat-Goat-Goat-Goat....
The title is self descriptive. And funny.
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Bills movie
Tex Avery spliced for a school project.....God Bless Teachers
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City Wolf
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howling wolf cartoon
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TEX AVERY début de "Swinging shift Cinderella" VF
Aperçu des voix françaises
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Sudden Sheep Anthropomorphism
Here's a bit from a Droopy cartoon where a sheep goes from a normal sheep, to a somewhat cartoony sheep, to suddenly a *sexy* sheep. What a fascinating metamorphosis. From the cartoon Sheepwrecked
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Droopy Bullfighter Video
Wolf gets run over by speeding bull
Views: 17608 Big Bubba
Big Bad Wolf........
Scenes taken from Tex Avery Cartoons. 'Red Hot Riding Hood', 'Swing Shift Cinderella', and 'Little Rural Riding Hood'.
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Sam Sheepdog & Ralph Wolf
Sam Sheepdog & Ralph - Ready, Woolen and Able (Jones) MM, 1960.
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Classic Cartoon Scoring (Music composed by Carlos Vivas)
Animation is one of the most interesting and complex genres to score in film music. The way composers today score cartoons has substantially changed compared to the golden age of animation in Hollywood (early 30's to late 60's). But one thing still remains true, and that is the fact that this style is really fun to score! Here is an example of what in film music we call "Mickey-mousing" music as close to the action as possible; a style particularly popular in the early days of animation. Music composed by Carlos Vivas www.carlosvivas.com
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Looney Tunes - Pigs in a Polka 1943
After an introduction by the wolf, the plot follows closely to the story of the three little pigs. The first pig erects a wire structure, then quickly bushels hay over the structure for the house. The second pig uses hundreds of matches to make up his house. The third pig goes through the tedious task of laying bricks for his house. After the first two pigs have quickly finished their houses, they start dancing around and laughing with each other. The wolf dresses as a gypsy and temporarily fools the pigs, but soon drops the disguise and chases them to their respective houses. With the straw house, the wolf uses a lit match to burn the house, and with the match house, he drops a solitary match on the roof, causing the house to collapse. Once the first two pigs join the third pig in his brick house, the wolf again dresses up - this time as a homeless woman playing a violin, while it's snowing outside (the 'snow' actually talcum powder held above the wolf's head on a stick). The first two pigs have pity on the wolf, and despite the third pig blocking the door, the two other pigs let the wolf in. When the wolf continues to play the violin, the third pig sees that the wolf has a record player hidden behind him. The third pig switches to the other side of the record, putting on a fast-paced dance. The wolf dances to this new tune, but loses his costume as a result. The wolf then chases the pigs up to the second floor of the house. The pigs make their escape in an elevator, but when the wolf tries to use the elevator, he drops into an empty shaft and falls at the feet of the pigs.
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Cartoon Girls 01
Cowgirl from saloon sings, dance, then kidnapped and attached to a chair by a Wolf. From: Metro Goldwyn Maer Cartoon "Wild And Wolfy" by Tex Avery
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The Big Bad Wolf from Red Hot Riding Hood cartoon going wild.
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Speed Drawing | Droopy and The Wolf
A classic cartoon from the 50's. Hope you enjoyed watching! Please like and subscribe
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Cartoon Girls 10
Ms. Vavoom, Droopy And McWolf: Droopy kiss. From: "Droopy, Master Detective" Hanna-Barbera
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BIGGEST TEX AVERY MGM CARTOON COMPILATION: Doggone Tired & More! [Cartoons for children HD]
This is compilation features some of the best-known Tex Avery & MGM cartoons from the golden era. All episodes have been digitally remastered & restored. The episodes' details are listed below, and please subscribe for more entertaining movies and cartoons! 00:16 Doggone Tired 07:47 Jerky Turkey 15:16 To Spring 8thManDVD.com and all content © 2016 ComedyMX LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

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