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Drunk girls from an uber go on a rampage in a Hollywood In'N'Out parking lot
(for licensing / usage, please contact [email protected]) August 19th 2017 - In'N'Out off of Sunset and Orange in Hollywood So I picked up 2 girls in Hollywood and they were wasted but I first asked if they are going to be sick and if they puked already but they said they were good so I continued the ride. Not even a minute down the street the girl in the back starts making gagging noises so I immediately hand her a vomit bag but she does not even use it. She begins puking all over herself and the back of my car so I pull into the nearest parking lot which was a In'N'Out off of Sunset and Orange in Hollywood. Her friend gets out of the passenger side of my vehicle and tried helping her friend out but they both stumble out of the car covered in puke and fall on the ground. They become agitated with one another and I try to kindly explain I need to cancel and stop the ride but they both became very violent and began smashing up my car with their fists and high heel shoes so I closed up my car and locked it and got away from them so they couldn't try to hurt me while I called 911. They ripped my driver side door handle out and knocked my mirror off. Many witnesses began getting involved and began recording with their cell phones. These 2 girls literally begin rampaging in the In'N'Out parking lot and start hitting other vehicles as well as mine and use their high heels to hit my windows of my car as well as other parked vehicles and vehicles in the drive-through waiting to order food. They then also begin hitting and attacking innocent bystanders. This continued until police arrived to tackle the one that rampaged off into Sunset blvd traffic and hogtied her while the other can be seen in the video being retained by a mystery women until the police arrived. They were placed under arrest for vandalism and assault. They also assaulted the police. Over 1,300 confirmed rides as an Uber driver and nothing like this has happened until tonight. What a night... I had to drive all the way home with my windows down and puke all over the inside and outside of my car. Was a horrible night. Now I can see what some Uber drivers can face. This was amongst the worst I've seen from what's posted online. Drivers need to be very cautious about who they allow into their vehicles. I definitely learned a tough lesson tonight. Stay safe out there people.
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Drunk Girl Stumbles out of West Hollywood Club and Falls
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Drunk Girl In Public Social Experiment
Un nuevo experimento ha sido publicado en Youtube a través del usuario Stephen Zhang, a modo de estudio del comportamiento social para conocer cómo reacciona la gente -en este caso el sector masculino- cuando una mujer desconocida considerada atractiva se presenta en estado ebrio preguntando por una parada de autobús para volver a casa. En este estudio se pretende mostrar el problema que supone el alcoholismo para cualquier persona y a cualquier nivel socioeconómico, añadiendo además el problema del acoso hacia las mujeres, un comportamiento sexista que en algunos sitios es costumbre, como demostró la organización internacional Hollaback -que intenta evitar el acoso sexista en las calles- a través de otro vídeo publicado en su web. Volviendo al experimento, en este video aparece una joven con una botella en la mano que finge estar afectada por el alcohol en Hollywood Boulevard (Los Ángeles) y se encuentra con cinco chicos, cuatro de los cuales intentan manipularla y llevarla a sus respectivas casas para continuar la fiesta y probablemente abusar sexualmente de ella, según ha publicado el diario peruano La Republica.
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Drunk Celebrities Compilation
These celebrities sure don't know how to handle their liquor.
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Drunk girls Hollywood Halloween 2012
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Night Ride to Hollywood | Passed Out Drunk Girl
In this video, we rode with an old friend from High School, took the Groms to Hollywood, saw some gansta motorcycles and some girl who was passed out, all with some randomness and laughs along the way. If you enjoyed the video please hit that like button and share! Stay Flexin! ∆ Subscribe to my Motovlog! http://bit.ly/1ue8fFx ∆ GentleBros Online Store - http://goo.gl/GLOaSv Check us out on: - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gentle_bros/ OR @gentle_bros - Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/goodfornothing #FLEXBY Music Featured in this Video: Zomboy - Nuclear (Dillon Francis Remix) Zomboy - Like a B*tch Like, Subscribe, Comment, & Share! --------------------------------------------------------- GFN 06 GSXR 1000 | 14 Honda Grom (Black) GoPro Hero4 Silver Icon Alliance Icon Hypersport Prime Alpinestars Celer Gloves Sony ECM-CS3 TinyArmz 11 ZX10-R | 15 Honda Grom (Red) GoPro Hero4 Black Icon Alliance Sony ECM-CS3 --------------------------------------------------------- Check out these other AWESOME motovloggers: *Fooligan https://www.youtube.com/fooliganvlogs *Sinsityslik https://www.youtube.com/user/MuralsMoto Stay flexin! Business Email: [email protected]
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Drunk Hollywood Girls! (VLOG #83)
Roscoes chicken and waffles + girls = mmmmmmmhhhhhmmmm
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The Real Drunk Girls of West Hollywood!
(For licensing and usage, contact: [email protected]) The Real Drunk Girls of West Hollywood. 2018 Happy Cinco de Mayo! Don't get too drunk kids. Gay Rumble! Boystown. Robit DiCecco
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Drunk Girl Fight In Hollywood... Cops Called To The Scene
I don't know what it is about Hollywood when you're East of Highland, but there's always some kind of drama poppin off over yonder. Matter of fact, I know full on burly dudes who are straight scared of venturing down those parts, cause they know violence and madness pops off all the time... like it dude a few weeks ago at The Roxbury So it was no surprise to me as me and my party were walking out of the club near Hollywood Blvd, that we saw a massive Catfight break out in a parking lot across the street. It got so major that even cops pulled into the lot to try to restore order. By the looks of it, no arrests were made, but there were definitely a few wardrobe malfunctions. Folks... Stay off the Sauce www.SunOfHollywood.com Exclusive Video: www.SunOfHollywood.com
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Fun drunk people in Hollywood on Halloween.
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Drunk Girl in Hollywood parties a little too much part 2
Man, she is kicking and screaming about going home. How much do you need??? I love her!
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Drunk white girls in Hollywood California
She never drinks guys...
drunk girl in hollywood
driving on hollywood
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Drunk Girls Pulling Hair in Hollywood - 2013 Девушки дерутся на автопати Юмор! Прикол! Смех
DRIVE FOR UBER 250$ FREE RIDE CODE:: DEFQZ https://www.ubr.to/1o4L3wj https://www.uber.com/a/join-vs?invite_code=defqz Meanwhile in Hollywood... Girls gone wild... pulling hair... 2013 - Девушки дерутся на автопати Юмор! Прикол! Смех
Drunk Wasted Girls @ the HardRock Cafe in HollyWood Florida
Watch and see!! They are wasted!! LMAO, LOL
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GONE- Drunk Hollywood Female Celebrities - Reggie G
Download: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/reggie-who/id400203965 Drunk Girls in Hollywood caught in public.
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E-40 Greets drunk girls at Sayers Club in Hollywood
Wow E-40 meets some drunk girls after partying lol!
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Drunk Girl in Hollywood parties a little too much part 3
....and the saga continues.....well, looks as if she finally get's thrown in the car. She put up a real good fight to the dismay of all her friends standing off to the side laughing there butts off at her. what mean friends!! lololol
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Drunk Fat lady sitting on Hollywood blvd. (I've fallen and I can't get up)
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Drunk guy try's to get girls at Hollywood hot spot the WRONG WAY...
Club Guy goes wild after Hollywood club and tears his clothes off and starts dancing in the street.
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Drunk Hollywood White Girl
Toby Forrest and CityZen in LA
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Planet Hollywood Drunk Girl Dancing
Our weekend in Vegas was highlighted by this extremely drunk girl dancing
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Teas and Kikis: Anatomy =/= Destiny, Drunk Girl on Hollywood Blvd, Leslie Feinberg
Tune into the FIRST episode of teas and kikis on our new youtube channel! As usual, if you have a comment or a topic, leave it in the comment section!  Please follow us on google plus: https://plus.google.com/+TeasandKikis/posts
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2012 New Years On Hollywood "DRUNK WHITE GIRLS!
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Drunk Girl forcing herself to puke on Hollywood Blvd
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Drunk Girl in Hollywood parties a little too much part 1
Oh Man, She doesn't seem like she's ready to go.....you think?
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Hollywood High  school punk drunk
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Drunk Girl In Hollwyood Won't Turn Down
A drunk girl in Hollywood won't turn down on New Years Eve.
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Crazy Drunk White Girl Dancing Her Night Away in Hollywood
A Crazy ass drunk white girl dancing her ass off in Hollywood, FL jadekoth.com
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Drunk valley girls looking for del taco driving in hollywood being funny
Drunk valley girls driving from a party on their way to a del taco
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Drunk in Hollywood
Dude sitting in his own throw up....
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Drunk Heckler gets knocked out twice by planet hollywood in las vegas
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Drunk lady on the 224 in North Hollywood
just a lil more leading up to the the epic exodus from the North Hollywood 224
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Drunk on Hollywood Blvd
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Moonshadow bar north hollywood. Me and my friends drunk.
Moonshadow bar north hollywood. Me and my friends drunk.
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"Drunk in love in West Hollywood
Video from 1 302-613-8905
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Drunk in Hollywood part 3
My old apartment
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