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Recognizing the 5 Types of Vaginas
Elite Daily published a story quoting an anonymous former bikini waxer who shared her view that there are five "types of vaginas," by which she meant vulvas, the external female sex organs. there is "Ms. Barbie," the type in which the labia minora or inner lips are completely inside the labia majora or outer lips. There's "Ms. Curtains," where the labia minora extend beyond the labia majora; "Ms. Puffs," which is apparently where the lips hang noticeably lower than the pubic bone; "Ms. Horseshoe," where "the opening of the vagina spreads wider at the top"; and "Ms. Tulip," which "looks like a flower bud about to bloom." Genitalia are unique from person to person. Lumping them into categories may do more harm than good: codifying vulva/vagina types may lead people with female anatomy that doesn't conform to a type to feel abnormal. http://www.allure.com/story/vagina-vulva-types-problem http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Miss Marie Pussy tattoo Day™ 1
⭕VIDEO DESCRIPTION: She is wild and crazy. She means what she signed up for. Truly no limits for this extreme sexy lady. The skull is tattooed right above and around her #vagina. Even her actual pussy lips are getting tattooed. Those screams are real, those tears are real and the result is permanent. This extreme #pussy will never be the same, but so extreme sexy and one of a kind. A #tattoo lover can understand about another who crazy to draw tattoo on body.... ⭕Miss Marie Monster Skull Pussy Tattoo Complete.Day™ 2 Finished ⏭ https://youtu.be/NKyP5lrf5Uw Watch more..... ⏭ https://youtu.be/ACygu4833uY ⏭ https://youtu.be/qQqVRWbJdo4 ⏭ https://youtu.be/OI_cvdmor2Q ⏭ https://youtu.be/_JcobuxcmvE Hope you meet with us again. Bcz we will remain upload this category videos only for our fans. So, don't late. 🔺Subscribe our channel now
Vagina Vulva Real Gynecologist Exam vagina Training Video Pelvic Exam, Rectal Exam
Real Gynecologist Exam vagina Training Video Pelvic Exam, Rectal Exam
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Farrah Abraham's CyberSkin Backdoor Entry
Buy now: http://amzn.to/1V1YMkH Sexy doggy style position molded directly from reality TV star Farrah Abraham CyberSkin® is soft and yielding just like her real skin 6 function vibrating egg makes her vibrate and pulsate until you explode Each function of vibration is available in 6 speeds Two included warming wands bring her to a lifelike temperature in 10 minutes Tight pussy and anal entry each feature uniquely textured love tunnels Farrah’s favorite doggy style position with hand grips for better leverage Her hand painted pussy lips look sweet and pink just like in real life Suction back design will stick on smooth flat surface Open-ended and waterproof for fun anywhere and easy cleaning Phthalate free Made of CyberSkin® Uses 2-AA batteries (not included)
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Top 10 Pussy Eating Position that Make Her Orgasm
Photo Credit: https://sexinfo101.com/ Cunnilingus is an oral sex act performed by a person on a female's genitalia (the clitoris, other parts of the vulva or the vagina). The clitoris is the most sexually sensitive part of the human female genitalia, and its stimulation may result in female sexual arousal or orgasm. Cunnilingus can be sexually arousing for participants and may be performed by a sexual partner as foreplay to incite sexual arousal before other sexual activities (such as vaginal or anal intercourse) or as an erotic and physically intimate act on its own. General statistics indicate that 70-80% of women require direct clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. Any position which offers a sex partner oral access to a female's crotch area is suitable for cunnilingus, including: Doggy style: the female crouches on all fours, while her partner performs oral sex from behind or from below. Face-sitting: the female sits on or above the partner's face. In this position she has more control over her body movements and can guide her partner or auto-stimulate against the partner's face. Missionary: the female lies on her back, with her legs spread, pulled up to her chest, on her partner or raised. The female can lie on any surface, such as a table, floor, etc. Mutual stimulation: such as in the 69 position. Sitting : the female sits on a chair or uses some other support. Spreadeagle: similar to the missionary position except that the arms and legs are spread wide, and that physical restraints may be used. Standing: the female stands while her partner is either sitting or on the knees. However, in this position the clitoris is more difficult to reach and stimulate orally. The female may lean against a wall or hold onto furniture for support.
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MY WET PUSSY 💦💞 | Adina Rivers
Let's get this video to 10.000 Likes 💖 & let's spread more love | My Pleasure Course™: 👉 https://goo.gl/l7Hik8 OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME: ▷ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adinariversofficial/ ▷ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialadinarivers ▷ Twitter: http://twitter.com/mytinysecrets MUSIC CREDITS: Hayley Richman - Teardrop Cover ▷ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjmM2AKJugM Derlee - Dreamin ▷https://soundcloud.com/derleemusic Bamiyah - Hero (Kultur Remix) ▷https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAASvK_uMyM Sincewhen. - Ice Breaker ▷https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMq3DsH86vY ABOUT: ▷ I make sensual videos about love, sex & life. 🌸 Every Sunday. Thank you so much for being here with me. 💜 My deepest gratitude to my amazing team, friends, family, guardians and angels. I am sending you all my love. xoxo, Adina 💝😍😘 ◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦◦ ▷ If you see this, comment: "#GirlsAreMagical
Ever Good Vaginal Tightening Products 0815943061 in Pretoria Sandton Midrand Tembisa Mamelodi Soweto
Want to maintain the health of your vagina, you should take Kacip Fatimah, it’s an herb that has phytoestrogen, the estrogen from plants. What it does is that it maintains the youth of your sexual organs and keeps the vagina in its tip top condition! The truth is kegels aren’t enough, Creams & Pills can treat the real problem and surgery is just too expensive & scary! The biggest complaint is… One of the biggest complaints among women is that they feel their vagina is too loose. They have a harder time achieving orgasms, fears about their partner losing interest or splitting from the family due to lack of intimacy. I hear this all the time when talking to women. Not all lady parts are created equal You might be alarmed when your labia or vaginal lips do not look the same. Don’t freak out as it is completely normal and there is nothing that you should be alarmed about. Just like the asymmetrical breasts, the vaginal parts are also not symmetrical. Your vagina actually expands during sex. Just like a rubber band, the vagina could expand as much as it needs to. It could even expand to accommodate a baby during delivery.During intercourse, the vagina expands itself to accommodate your partner, giving you a “full” feeling. But overtime during menopause, childbirth or when your body no longer produces enough estrogen to maintain its tone and elasticity, the vaginal canal would also get loose and loose it’s tone and elasticity.Luckily, you can still take herbs with healthy estrogen that are made from plants like Kacip Fatimah and Morinda Citrifolia to rejuvenate you down there and keep your V healthy and tight.Keep in mind that there is also no vaginal mould where every vagina is created the same. Some clitorises are farther from the vaginal canal. And of course, not all vaginal look the same. Childbirth Giving birth is the most incredible thing that a vagina could do. It could stretch so much to give way to the baby during delivery. It takes about 6 months in order for the vagina to heal and that’s if you perform kegels and vaginal exercises. The elasticity and tone of the vagina will not be the same as before giving birth. Don’t worry, you can still achieve the old tightness of your vaginal canal by doing some exercise and taking phytoestrogen Pills and Herbs to help you fully heal. Vagifirm™ was created to give you a healthy, sensual, tight, and magnetic vagina that showers you with full body orgasms. Dr Troy recommends the use of extremely potent organic pill taken orally to cleanse, heal, sensitize, rejuvenate and tighten the vagina. Sex life doesn’t have to get worse The root of the problem is that your body is losing estrogen as you age or after giving child birth(s). Estrogen is what gave you curves and firm muscle tone in your vagina. Taking Pills/Herbs orally nourishes your estrogen-stimulated organs (vagina & breasts) with phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) to restore thick vaginal wall muscles, lubrication and libido. Call/Whatsapp Dr.Troy: +27815943061
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Pussy lips
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Girl Undergoes Vaginal Construction - Labia minoraplasty procedure
Labia minoraplasty is an elective procedure that can reduce the size and reshape the inner vaginal lips. Large or asymmetrical labia minora can leave you feeling self-conscience in tight clothing or during intimacy. Long labia may result in rubbing, irritation or discomfort during intercourse and exercise. Certain skin conditions can cause increased sensitivity or tearing of the labia minora. In some cases, the labia minora may be fused with tissue in the labia majora and require medical correction.
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Wildfire Celebrity Series Ashley Blue's CyberSkin Spread Wide Pussy and Ass - YouTube
Molded directly from Adult Super Star Ashley Blue. Molded with her hands on her ass; you can see the flesh between her fingers.Pussy lips,ass and fingernails are painted!
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Ultra Femme 360 VIDEO VTip Procedure ENUS100
Ultra Femme 360 treatment video. The Femme service is offered at Westside Laser & Light, Calgary, AB CANADA for vaginal rejuvenation and to improve stress urinary incontinence (SUI).
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Pussy lips Oflaherty
Pussy Lips Oflaherty
Pussy lips on my crotch
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I Have Big Vagina Lips, Should I Get A Labiaplasty? Ft. Gina Darling
Special Thanks to Our Guest & Friend: Gina Darling YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ExSuperVillain Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IHeartGina Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/missginadarling Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missginadarling/ Commentary by: • Joe Jo: http://instagram.com/joe_joverdose • Bart Kwan: http://instagram.com/BartKwan • Geo Antoinette: http://instagram.com/Geo_Antoinette • Gina Darling: http://instagram.com/missginadarling/ • Edited by Nelson Nguyen: http://instagram.com/Nelson_ftw Submit Questions Here: http://askthefeels.com Artwork by Nina Faelnar illustrationsbynina.com IG: http://instagram.com/illustrationsbynina FB: https://www.facebook.com/illustrationsbynina --- • MERCHANDISE: http://.justkiddingfilms.bigcartel.com/ • WEBSITE: http://askthefeels.com • TWITTER: http://twitter.com/askthefeels • FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/AskTheFeels • INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/AskTheFeels Our other channels: • JUST KIDDING NEWS CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/JustKiddingNews • JUST KIDDING FILMS CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/JustKiddingFilms • JUST KIDDING PARTY CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/JustKiddingParty • JUST KIDDING GAMER CHANNEL: http://youtube.com/JustKiddingGamer
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N.B.S. - Budavets - digital version - OUT NOW ! buy the album @ http://budavets.com | http://scarcitybp.bandcamp.com https://itunes.apple.com/hu/album/budavets/id843357669 http://www.amazon.com/Budavets-N-B-S/dp/B00J81CE1A ORDER THE CD: http://ughh.com/nbs-budavets/BBR008CD/ Vedd meg a CD-t a Hanyag Elegancia Shopban! (VI. kerület, Bp. Dessewffy u. 25.) rendelés: http://www.hanyagelegancia.hu/termek/nbs-budavets N.B.S. - "PUSSY LIPS" feat SLAINE, MERKULES (PRODUCED BY AZA/SCARCITYBP) ART: GRINDESIGN / FVNERAL APPAREL MIX & MASTER: KETIOZ / VICC BEATZ www.facebook.com/scarcitybudapest www.facebook.com/NtheBS www.facebook.com/slaine.official www.facebook.com/MerkulesPage check out more music from N.B.S (Natural Born Spitters), SLAINE (La Coka Nostra) and MERKULES @ www.youtube.com/user/bigbangrecordsinc @ www.youtube.com/user/SlaineHipHop @ www.youtube.com/user/Stompdown * SLAINE: Look, I told you I don't give a shit, about your little gossipping You're talking to me with the walkman on my obnoxious grin, is off and on, bitches walk around with them awesome thongs, Postures like an ostrich, oh my god my vodka is strong! Pretty porn pussy lips, purrin' like a kitty cat, I'm an indian, I give a fuck, you better give it back, I'm incorrect politically, literally thrown you off A deck 10 stories up high from a building in Italy, I'll beat you with a bat I took from children in little league, I should've join the army and got killed in the middle east, I'm sorry that I blew a load all up on your sari, In your mom's garage she fucked the whole entourage and Ari, The boy is sick with his joystick the Atari, It may be me in a white 83 Valari, Sniffin' coke off the dashboard, 9 in the glovie, Stuck my fist in her vagina in the diner and she loves me! MERKULES: Im not the type thats really into the relationships, Save it bitch, the only place i'm aimin is your face n tits! A good girl, i dont think that they exist.. So shut up, lick this nut up, bend over baby, take this dick! Im not rude, I'm brutally honest, And you're no godess, you sleep with every dude in the projects! It's stupid so stop it, and suck it since you do it so often, And who would of thought that you're dirtier then doin' the garbage, Look! Lose my number, I ain't callin you tramp, You been suckin' dick from Canada to Boston and back! So why you callin me like maybe we could work it out, From word of mouth she found out that im all the way in europe now, Hittin' up my homies, always actin' like she knew me, I don't give a fuck, im busy slammin other groupies! Who's he? Im that dirty fuckin scum bag, A sick prick, I use a sock for a cumrag! CHORUS: Spread your pussy lips, take it raw bitch! Give me head in the car while your pussy drips! Let your jaw twist, You made us wait this long, all these songs, but no checks on some rookie shit! Now your pussy lips are gettin' stretched baby! Train sex Slaine's next with the Vets baby! Now your pussy drips, you're all wet baby! Train sex Merk's next with the Vets baby! KNUCKLES: Ima need my own table, i can't sit with them, Unless they got some bottles and some models down to gets it in, It's like we have a different kin, I only stand with gifted men, Associates that write the illest movies life's depicted in! Thinkin' big dollars up 4 hours counting chips again, Drinking spring water that i shower with in Switzerland, Got a chick with delicious skin, her complexions of Vanilla mixed with cinnamon, fuck her and her friend again, Win again, lucky Nux, you grin again! Knuckle up, I'll fuck you up, and give you a concussion with an uppercut, Shockin when i'm rappin, I'm suprised, I'm not just sorta' known Doctors said I'm rashing they prescribe me with the Cortizone, Whatch me in the apsens getting action while you board at home, Bunnies giving brain and yeah it's free, you can't afford the dome, In other words its not the money, its the Aura bra, Ur baby moms on her knees, I'm building a repore with her! FLASH: Performing after 12, that's mad liquor and mad weed, Got my eyes lurkin' on high skirts and double D's, Flash needs ladies to - Flash please! Tittie alert! I'm such a flirt, truth hurts, I'm tryin to smash 3 bitches at the same time, All pro when game time, that's when i hit shorties With who's giving me brain line! They laugh at my foul editique, wild predicate, Shorty played the game, like her mind frame was celibate! I rolled up something, I'm fuckin' a chick with the swoll butt, Chickens I be plucking, you sucking, loving this warm nut! Budapest where we do the best, Be the place my crew gone rep' 7 dime bitches hittin' and blew the #Vets! Fuck ya bitch with the strenght of Hercules, Merk MC's, I'm coming with Slaine, Knuckles and Merkules! Used to start at first base, now we skip to a home run, Tapping bitches & then pushed decline when my phone rung! CHORUS
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How To Eat Pussy THE RIGHT WAY - Lesbian Sex 101
The ABC's will not be a part of this video. Follow me: http://www.twitter.com/sassibob Tumblr: http://www.stevieboebi.tumblr.com Insta: http://www.instagram.com/sassibob Circle me: http://www.gplus.to/sassibob Like me: http://www.facebook.com/sassibobtv
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mature pussy
mature pussy
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Do You Know What Your Vagina Looks Like?
Oh really? Could you pick it out of a lineup? Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyello MUSIC Hired Goons Hi Noon Pandora Cries Music Title Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks.  (https://www.Audioblocks.com) GET MORE BUZZFEED www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.facebook.com/buzzfeedvideo www.instagram.com/buzzfeedvideo www.buzzfeed.com/video www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet BUZZFEED YELLOW More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! Subscribe for more BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow
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Swimming- Melena [2/2]
"No." Selena got back into the pool. "I want you to keep rubbing my pussy." "Hmm," Miley smirked. "Okay." "But...I'm your cousin..." "That's okay, baby." Miley put her hand underwater and slipped it onto Selena's pussy. She put her finger in between Selena's pussy lips, and began to run her fingers back and forth. "Uh.." Selena widened her legs and felt the water hit her pussy, giving her chills. Miley started to rub harder and then she attached her lips with Selena's. Selena kissed back and then Miley dug her tongue into Selena's throat. "Mhm, rub me harder." Miley used her whole hand to rub Selena's cunt and she could feel Selena's wetness in between her fingers. "Yeah, yeah." Selena moaned, closing her eyes. She opened her legs further apart and Miley rubbed even harder. "FUCK!" Miley pushed Selena against the pool wall, swinging her hands back and forth again. She went to the top of Selena's pussy, then down to Selena's ass and then back and forth again. Miley opened up Selena's ass cheeks and rubbed her hand up and down, causing Selena to moan. Miley took Selena's hand and made her go into her own underwear. "I want you to rub my pussy." Miley whispered, rubbing Selena's hand onto her pussy. Miley closed her eyes and made Selena's hand press up harder on her pussy. She took one of Selena's fingers, and put inside of her, instantly groaning out loud. Selena hopped out of the water, spreading her legs open. Miley stayed in the water, and went to Selena's pussy. She lightly touched her pussy lips and then pressed her whole tongue onto it. Selena's legs were spread out as far as possible, and Miley shoved her face into Selena's pussy. "Oh yeah! Fuck my pussy.!" Selena put her hands onto Miley's head and began to push it in deeper to her pussy. Miley felt Selena's wetness smear all over her tongue and she continued to eat Selena's cunt. Miley dug her tongue into Selena's hole and Selena moaned loudly. "FUCK. OH MY—GO DEEPER IN!" Selena plopped her self up onto her elbows so that she could see Miley shove her face into her pussy. Selena couldn't see properly because of all her pubic hair, so she used her fingers to spread her pussy apart, and then she saw her pink pussy being sucked on by Miley. "Fuck yesss!" Selena moaned out loud, bucking her hips up and down. Miley stopped licking and made Selena flip herself over. Selena did that, and Miley spread her ass cheeks as far as possible before using her tongue to rub Selena's ass hole. "Ah! Yes!" Selena groaned, and put her hands behind her, pushing Miley's face deeper into her ass. Miley slipped her tongue in and out of Selena's asshole and shoved her face deep inside. "I want you to rub my pussy, now." Miley smirked, pulling Selena back into the water. Selena wasn't really sure how to do any of this, but she put her hand into Miley's underwear. She rubbed her pussy, and Miley tried to spread her legs wider. She couldn't because of her underwear, so the took it off and freely spread her legs wide. "press harder.." Miley whispered and Selena rubbed harder. "Uh yeah!! Put your finger deeper in!" Selena started to dig her finger more onto Miley's cunt. She could feel Miley's wetness on her fingers, and smeared it all over Miley's pussy as she rubbed harder. "FUCK!" Miley couldn't take it anymore and she pushed Selena's head underwater, and then put her pussy onto Selena's face. Miley shoved Selena's head deeper into her pussy and she used all her force to keep Selena's head there. "OH YEAH!" she breathed. She pulled Selena's head up onto her pussy and pushed her pussy down onto Selena's face."This feels so fucking good." She suddenly felt Selena's tongue dart into her pussy hole and Miley moaned out loud. "FUCK!! DEEPER!" Selena pushed it in deeper, feeling Miley's insides with her tongue. "FUCKKKK!" Miley yelled. Miley put her hands on Selena's head and roughly humped her face. She let Selena come up for air, and then pushed her head back underwater, but this time, she went with her. Miley went underwater and pushed Selena onto the ground to lay down. Miley pushed her pussy on top of Selena's face, forcing her to lick. Miley opened her eyes underwater and saw Selena suck and eat her pussy as hard as she could. 1) want a 3rd part? Message me! ;)
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Queen - Killer Queen (Top Of The Pops, 1974)
Subscribe to the Official Queen Channel Here http://bit.ly/Subscribe2Queen Taken from Sheer Heart Attack, 1974. Queen - 'Killer Queen' Click here to buy the DVD with this video at the Official Queen Store: http://www.queenonlinestore.com The official 'Killer Queen' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 1'.
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"Unpredictable Girl" - A Rated R Jemi Story Chp. 3
Three comments? Tell me what is your favorite part of this Chapter. :) I'm really enjoying writing these so comment that way I can continue posting! :D DEDICATION: xBreatheJemi, thank you for being such a sweetheart and commenting on my story chapters. She is such a talented writer and deserves nothing but the best. SUBSCRIBE TO HER! [; - - - Demetria watched as Joseph quickly left--more like escaped--from her dressing room. She sighed happily, Round 3. Joseph Joseph Joseph..tisk tisk..you're not making this any easier on yourself she thought. Turning her attention back to her reflection in the mirror, she spread her pussy lips apart, observing her inner folds. So..so tight. She licked her lips in delight. Joseph Jonas your cock will soon be mine..you just wait. -- Joseph carefully wrapped his masculine hand around his large cock, pumping himself slowly. Ahh, this is just what he needed. Jacking off in a bathroom isn't the first place he would decide to do his dirty deed, but it would have to do, this was an emergency. Images of Demetria flooded his mind as he leaned his head against the door of the bathroom. Demetria is the definition of a woman Joseph thought. Her large breasts, what were the C-Cups made even D's? Oh, she had the prettiest nipples, a light caramel brown that he noticed grew so erect when they were cold. Joseph wanted to suck her glorious breasts and pinch those tiny nipples. A clear, splitting image of a naked Demetria appeared in Joseph's mind causing him to pump himself even faster. His mind began to wander as he imagined pinning Demetria on her dressing room table and shoving his cock deep inside of her pussy. Thrusting himself inside of her virgin pussy, stretching her walls as far as they could go. Her pleasurable screams filling the room as he continued to fuck her brains out. Joseph continued pumping himself faster, picturing himself thrusting into Demetria's tight pussy, so close..thrust after thrust..until he.. "Ahh fuck!" Joseph exclaimed as white liquid dripped down his hardened cock. He slowly opened his eyes and to his dissapointment there wasn't a naked Demetria before him, only a damn toilet. -- "Okay now lay down..put your hand on your waist..mhm, yes..now tilt your head u--perfect! Stay there!" The photographer took yet another photo of Demetria. "That's absolutely gorgeous Demi, as usual." He said obviously delighted with the shots he's taken of her for the past hour and a half. "Oh, you flatter me too much." Demetria said with a grin. "Are we finished for the day?" "Yes of course, it was wonderful seeing you again Miss.Lovato." Demetria made her way back to her dressing room, surpised to see Joseph sitting in a chair right infront of her very eyes. "Oh so he returns." She announced with a smirk. "Did the bulge swell down?" She just loved teasing him. Joseph could feel himself getting hot again, he cleared his throat a little too loudly. "I have no idea what you're talking about Demi." He was trying to remain oblivious of what just happened. Fine, Demetria thought. If that's how he wanted to play then Demetria was all for it, Round 4. "Really? Hmm.." She slowly began to unbutton her blouse. "So you weren't hard for me Joe? You don't.." Her hands trailed down inbetween her legs, letting her hand linger there. "enjoy looking at me?" Demetria's hand slowly massaged her pussy over her mini-skirt. Joseph swallowed the lump that formed his throat. "D-Dem..of course I..but, I'am your manager a-and--" "Shh.." Demetria cut him off with a whisper before sitting down on her dressing room table. Spreading her legs wide she revealed her thin, red laced thong. "Gosh, I get so horny, don't you just hate that sometimes?" She moved her thong to the side to show off her glistening pussy. "Mmm..I wonder what a cock will feel like in there." She stated while slowly licking her lips. Joseph just continued to stare, he knew his cock was hardening at an increasing rate, but he didn't care. Demetria was flaunting her pussy at him and he was just sitting there like an idiot. - - - - - Hehe I know I'am so mean to cut you off there [; Remember, I love you my Jemi Whores. Make sure to comment and subcribe!
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Whiplash, A Nelena Bad Girl Story (Episode 4) Rated R
You guys seem to really like this! Here's a nice rated r episode for all my dirty readers out there, ha. Enjoy! Whiplash, A Nelena Bad Girl Story Rated R Ep. 4 Selena- (Starts sucking on Nick's dick slowly) Nick- (Thinking she's way better at sex than Miley) Selena- (Sucks harder) Nick- Um...Selena. Selena- (Ignoring Nick) (Sucks harder and faster) Nick- Uhhh Selena. Selena- That's it baby, scream my name. Nick- (Thinking: What am I doing) Stop, please. I don't wanna do this. Selena- Yeah sure you don't. (Stops) Nick- Finally. Selena- Oh we're not through yet, we're just getting started. (Sits on his dick with her legs spread open on each side of his waste) Nick- Oh no. Selena- Oh yeah. (Opens her wet pussy lips and spreads her pussy onto Nick's area and starts to slowly hump him) (Moaning) Uhhh. Nick- (Pissed off) (But kind of enjoys the pleasure) Selena- You like that baby? (Humps harder) Nick- Uhhh Selena. Taylor- Well it looks like you've got everything under control from here. Selena- (Moaning) Uhh yeah. Talk to you guys later. (Humping him hard) Nick- Okay S-Selena you can stop now. Selena- Why baby? Aren't you enjoying my sweet wet pussy? Nick- Um...kinda...but still stop. Selena- Don't think so. You better get used to this. Cuz you'll be getting pussy every single day from now on. One again it's short as hell, but hope you liked!
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FULL EPISODE 10 Things I Hate About   Season 1 Episode 16  (Part 1)
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Dellway "Pussy Lips"
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Spreading my Pussy
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Super Lucille Sexy Adult Video!
The mirrors on the walls gave the illusion of hundreds of candles, yet there was only enough to perfume the room and cast a romantic glow upon their naked forms. jessica alba britney spears Bikini Hooter bitter girl sex dance player play I gave him a big open mouthed kiss. OOOHH. Her arm went around me and I felt her warm breasts against my back. She got orgasm and I felt like a volcano erupting at the back of her pussy. Despite my size, Ritu needed all of me inside her burning, aching cunt. I went back to the kitchen to get the coke I left behind and as I was returning I heard Neil say I was a definite MILF and Bobby agreed. DON'T STOP FUCKING ME. I parted her legs and bent down and gave her strong kiss plum on her cunt. GOD YOUR DICK FEELS GOOD!" "FUCK MMEEEEE! "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM YYESSSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU ARE DOING GOOODD AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. She took my rock hard cock into her hand and guided me into her cunt from behind. I could not hold my self and she was hot too. THAPP. anus. The pleasurable feeling of tingly numbness spreads. I think he They feel fine to me he declared kissing the back of my neck. I turned to face her and she kissed me on the mouth, her tongue searching out mine in a passionate embrace. It's a great relationship. Theres something about 2 female pussies grinding together that turn me on more than anything. I was gazing into her pussy which was thrust up gaping open as our love juices oozed out from her vagina. When she started moaning softly like AAAAHHHHHHH. flow of pre-cum, like some pussy in heat--and I guess that's what I am. She hoisted her huge arse, straddled me and sunk down onto the cock. Are you married? Not tonight, he says. my jeans.? I sat on the foot of Jennifer's bed and ordered her over to Ritu held out her boobs for me and I sucked on her brown nipples while she undid my trousers and they fell to the ground. Her tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of my dick. As his cum started to cool on my ass, I lay down on the bed, hugging the pillow. Grabbing the soft, pliable flesh of her breasts in my hands, I squeezed and kneaded both of her beautiful breasts while I sucked on first one nipple and then the other great swollen nipple. I let her ankles rest on my shoulders while I reached forward and started kneading her tits as I fucked her hot swollen cunt. answer Jennifer as I had her sit on my lap before I started to grope and I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit with my fingers spreading her swollen labial lips wide. Suddenly, I abruptly stopped driving my cock into her drenched cunt. Sometimes her nipple will be falling out or his pants barely on while they try look innocent and interested in a shitty tv show. I found her panty sopping wet. ' I then pushed her forward on her huge heaving breasts, propped her ass on top of a cushion and began to go to fuck her earnestly. As I pushed deep, I bottomed against her hard cervix and withdrew almost completely, her inner lips clinging on to my shaft. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH STOPPPPPP ITS PAINING HARD PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" I didn't care about anything other than my penis impaling deep into her. Hey Peter. Silently, he moves his cock to my wet pussy lips. She kissed me so gently on the lips and said we are going to be the best of roommates. A succession of quick thrusts followed, moving shallowly at first but penetrating her more deeply. Her stiff nipples were poking into my back and her breath against the back of my neck. She was moaning, "YES OHH YES SUCK MY MILK YYYESSSSSSS OOOOOOHHHHHHH" I was sucking her boobs like baby sucks I had never felt anything as soft and warm and wonderful as her big, beautiful breasts. My first thought was "I'll bet he would appreciate the was I look". We laid next to each other being exhausted. "Oh, fuck. It has been so long. Her bangles were making a loud clanging noise. body and his tongue flicking against mine, I get another erection, our She too started licking me with tongue as I had done to her. Yvonne knew this feeling very well and almost instinctively; she laid her hand on Kristinas thigh.
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VAGINA - What it should look like (Educational)
VAGINA - What it should look like (Educational)
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pussy lip
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Labia stretching: Why some British girls are told to do it - BBC Stories
Women often alter the appearance of their genitals, but when a young girl is forced to stretch her labia it's illegal. In some cultures longer labia are believed to make sex better for a man and stop him from cheating on his wife or leaving her. But it's also a hidden form of child abuse, and the BBC has found evidence of it happening to girls in the UK. This video contains graphic discussion of female genital mutilation. If you need any help or support on FGM, you can contact the NSPCC's FGM helpline 0800 028 3550.
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Perfect Femdom Mistress Worship JOI
Perfect Femdom Mistress Worship JOI Femdom Phone Sessions Call Me: 1-888-504-0181 Wondering if you might be a sex addict? Late to work every day because you lose track of time masturbating to porn every morning? Maybe you're secretly dressing in women's lingerie, stealing panties, excited by the way your lips look with glossy red lipstick, and your cock springs to attention at the word "sissy"? Or constantly thinking of cuckolding, creampie and another man's much bigger cock satisfying your woman's pussy? Or finding that the sight of a woman with her legs spread doesn't get you as hard as a woman wearing a strap on? Maybe you're obsessed with thoughts of gloryholes, cum eating, bukkake and meeting strangers online to suck cock? You need someone to take control. Someone to make you face hard truths. You need discipline. It's time to put yourself and that unruly cock of yours into my hands. I'm Ms. Kristin, long experienced with real time Femdom and D/s relationships. I'm educated, articulate, mature, insightful, provocative and playful. And when the situation calls for it, equally intense, deviant, demanding and even cruel. Perfect Femdom Mistress Worship JOI
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Pussy lips
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a few thoughts about labia lips HANG OUT WITH ME ON TEH INTERWEB sex posi pics, gifs, posts all week (SFW) - http://lacigreen.tumblr.com be my fwend? http://www.facebook.com/officiallacigreen tweet me! - http://www.twitter.com/gogreen18 RESEARCH AND RESOURCES: Increase in labiaplasty, attributed to porn: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/feb/27/labiaplasty-surgery-labia-vagina-pornography Documentary covering Australia's obscentiy laws: http://dodsonandross.com/blogs/carlin-ross/2011/03/photoshopping-labia-comply-obscenity-laws-australia Labia pulling in Africa: http://www.orijinculture.com/community/2011/african-sex-series-labia-elongation/ LABIA GALLERIES & SELF LOVE RESOURCES: Genital Art Gallery: http://dodsonandross.com/gallery Femalia, book mentioned: http://www.amazon.com/Femalia-Joani-Blank/dp/0867197587 Some of my favorite tumblogs on labia: http://beautifullabia.tumblr.com/ http://beautiful-labia.tumblr.com/ http://lovelargelabia.tumblr.com/ http://largelabiaproject.tumblr.com/ http://fuckyeahawesomevulvas.tumblr.com VIDEO SUMMARY I open the video talking about how pornography shaped my insecurity with my labia and later learning that I wasn't so abnormal afterall. The first section of the video covers labia basics: what it looks like, its benefits, and function. The second section of the video talks about how labia is regarded in other parts of the world and the rise of labiaplasty (a surgery to "tuck" or remove the labia) and vaginal rejuvenation (surgery to "restore strength" to the vagina). In the third section I talk about viewer email including pressure from partners to modify their vulva and general insecurity with how they look. I close with a few tips to become more comfortable with, and loving of, your labia. CREDITS: Music by Josh Woodward Intro by Clean Motion Media
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JakeWolf- I like blondes
i wanna fuck you. bangin down. booty low to the ground. crack that pussy open. take the dick and make your momma proud. balls deep. beatin' cheeks. booty meat in the sheets. excreting. now swallow all my salty treats. i'll slap it on your tongue. lick the tip until i cum. baby girl, come get you some. suck it til you're done. i got more come than kingdom come, i shoot my load out like a gun. i got my girly havin fun. i lick the clit until she done. yeah, that's my little slut. so shake it like a soda pop. shake it up and blow it up. shake it like a soda pop slut. i got that pussy poppin, titties bouncin from ya hoppin on my dick. stick shift with your pussy lips. you got me speedin up on that ass. tear it up from the back. slap my shaft on the crack. i pull her hair and bring it back. i want them titties in my mouth. i want you bouncin on my lap. i wanna make you fucking scream. i wanna bite your lip and spank your ass. i wanna spit on your cunt and shove my tongue up inside while you gag on my cock a little while. yeah you do it with a smile. yeah i do you with a smile. wanna beat it up rough like its goin outta style. i make it worth while. get my girly wet n' wild. put my head between your legs. will you please just fuck my mouth? take the dick to ya lips. lets give us a kissjerk me off and suck the head. you'll be eatin my jizz. you'll be eatin my kids. you'll be suckin this dick and i'll be slappin them tits. i'll bend ya shit over the counter bitch. slap that booty up and squeeze her tits. i'm pullin you on. grabin ya wrists. i'm throwin the dick atcha uterus. i wanna fuck you. suck on your pussy lips. drip cum to ya tits while ya jerkin my dick. i take her on the floor. on her feet. i'll take her on the bed. i'll take my girly on her knees gettin fucked in the head. i'll take the pussy instead. she wants the pussy instead? i pull her hair and choke my bitch. i'll slap her ass rose red. yeah my bitch can fuck my head. damn, i want that pussy spread on my lips. get the tip of my dick wet
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Jonas Bad Boys: Episode 16
Rate Cmnt Joe- Nick isnt here to save you I dont know why you need help from him anyways He just got done raping you just about 2 hours ago. *smiles at her again as he spreads her pussy lips and gets extremely turned on* Ohh yes you have the prettiest, sweetest, softest, most amazing little 14 year old pussy I could ever have imagined! MMMm I cannot wait to torture it with my tongue then fuck it hard until it bleeds Jen- *struggles while trying to close her legs but his arms are strong and keep prying them open* Stop get away!!! *keeps jerking her hands around trying to loosen the rope. The rope slowly is getting a little looser* Joe- Aww you are so cute widdle kid *smiles evily again and starts to nibble her inner thigh. Then proceeds to lick all around her legs finally coming to her pussy. Instead of licking it right away he puts his whole hand on top of it, presses down, and rubs as hard and fast as he can, making her wetness fly everywhere* Jen- Uhh oh uh ah stop!! *wiggles her hands and with a final yank, pulls them out of the rope which has finally loosened enough to make this possible. Then she gets up and starts to run towards the door* Joe- No baby. You are so funny though that you think you can get away. *easily catches up to her, pulling her struggling body against his and reaches his hands around her waist to her pussy to rub it again while grinding against her and dry humping her. He can tell she can feel his huge boner against her butt* Jen- let me go perv! *keeps struggling but he keeps holding her against him. She feels weak in his strong arms as he has himself wrapped around her. She can also feel his boner. Wow it feels like he is huge. Ouch this is gonna hurt like hell when he fucks me I have to do my best to try to get away. Keeps struggling harder.* Joe- Wow baby I would think you would want this by now. I guess you need to be more submissive to me though so I will torture you more. *picks her up and throws her on the bed again while removing a shiny vibrator from his pocket (A/N: or somewhere idk cuz hes in his underwear lol) He holds it up to show her what it is, then before she can say anything, he turns it on maximum and shoves it up her pussy. Then he lets go of her.* Jen- OMG take it out!! OMG *tries to put her legs together but realizes that if she does, it only makes the vibrator have a greater effect so she is forced to keep her legs as wide as possible and leave her pussy open for Joes pleasure* Joe- Now thats more like it sweetie. Ill just leave that in you for a while to teach you not to try to get away from me. *doesnt even bother holding her legs down because he knows if she tries to close them she will get extreme vibration and she doesnt want that, so if he lets her figure out how to struggle it will be so much hotter. Passes his tongue over the top of the vibrator as she squeals and brings it to rest on her clit then he makes little circles with the tip of his tongue over it.* Jen- *screams as he starts to lick her and immediately closes her legs but screams even louder and then opens them up again because of the vibration* AH stop! Take it out please please! Joe- Now thats more like it. Opening up your legs for me to please your little, wet pussy—Im almost proud! *smiles again evily while looking at her tiny clit, then makes a slurpy sound with his mouth and attacks it* Jen- OMG!! STOP! *keeps trying to close her legs then realizes that that will result in torture also, so opens them even wider as Joe smiles and continues to attack her pussy with his mouth, thus starting this cycle over* JJJOOOEEE Joe- *watches her squirm as he licks up all of her cum and gets so turned on that he cannot wait to actually fuck her* Yes yes baby I need to fuck you right noww! Jen- UGG STOP *feels Joe taking out the vibrator—thank God! But then sees him take off his underwear* Whoahhh Joe! Do NOT fuck me with that! Joe- Yeah I know Im big *smiles and taps his dick on Jens clit watching it give her mini spasms* but you are going to get fucked with this so prepare yourself! Jen- NO *tries to get up again but Joe pushes her down roughly* Joe- Get ready sweetie *takes his huge dick and puts it all into Jen at once as she screamed from her pussy being stretched far beyond its capability. Starts thrusting in and out, in and out of her as fast as he can, not listening to her pleading and screams of pain* Jen- AH FUCK YOU STOP NOW OMG! *God he is going so fast! this hurts so bad! He is not slowing down omg!* Joe- *keeps fucking her as hard and fast as he can* Oh God Im cumming! *holds Jen down as he finishes thrusting into her and finally cums inside of her like Nick had done only a couple hours previously* Yess that was good *finally pulls out of her* Jen- Joe I officially consider you the perviest badest boy ever and I hate you! *starts to cry* Joe- Thnx 4 da compliment babe*walks out leaving Jen laying on Nicks bed crying*
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DLUTB Vagina lips
KareBare, Jelly Bean, JayBabe All having when late at night
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Show Me- {Melena} Rated R [2/2]
"How do I do that?" Selena asked. Miley layed Selena down and pushed her legs out as far as they could go. Miley stood up, and then lowered her self onto Selena's pussy. Miley pulled her clit apart, and Selena did too, and then Miley let her self down on Selena. Their open pussies rubbed together. "Fuck!" Miley groaned pressing their pussies harder together. "Uhh," Selena groaned. "Go harder" Miley began to rock her hips harder into Selenas. "Uh baby. Fuck my pussy!" Miley yelled, closing her eyes and rubbing their wet pussies together. "I'm going to cum!!" Selena screamed. Miley began to go as hard as she could on Selena's pussy. Their wet pussies, touching and rubbing. Selena cummed all over Miley's cunt and Miley moaned out loud. "HOLY FUCK!" Miley kept rubbing her wet pussy all over Selena's cum filled pussy. "Oh my god!" Selena screamed as Miley went harder on Selena's clit. Miley opened her pussy lips and then went down on Selena's cunt, her open pussy rubbed on Selena's wet clit. Selena's cum smeared all over Miley's cunt. "UH FUCK! YEAH, FUCK MY DIRTY PUSSY!" Miley brought Selena's hips up, rocking harder onto her clit. She turned Selena around and opened up her ass cheeks before placing her pussy in between the cheeks and rubbing it all over her ass. She went harder and grinded deeper into Selena's dirty asshole. "Fuck! YES. YES.!" after rubbing it hard, she went to Selena's face and placed her cunt on top. "Suck me so hard bitch!" she put her pussy on Selena's face, and Selena began to suck and lick.Miley opened up her pussy and Selena began to lick her insides. "Yeah, baby. Right there. Don't stop!! GO HARDER!" Miley began to push her pussy harder on Selenas face. Miley pulled Selena's head up onto her pussy, roughly and began to hump all over her face. She went in circles, smearing Selena's cum from before all over Selena's face. She humped the tip of Selena's nose and went harder until Selena's nose was in Mileys vagina. "OH YEAH BABY. LET ME FUCK YOUR FACE!!!" Miley moaned as her cum fell into everywhere. Miley rolled off her and layed down next to her, breathing hard. She put her hand on Selena's pussy and it was still wet. Selena spread her legs further apart so that Miley would rub her pussy. Miley smirked and she began to move her finger up and down Selena's wet slit. "Uh yeah." Selena moaned. Miley began to rub her pussy harder, and put a finger in between Selena's lips. "Rub my pussy, Selena." Miley moaned as she spread her legs wide. Selena put her hand on Miley's pussy. "Good, now rub it around. Very hard." Miley encouraged and Selena began to rub Miley's pussy as hard as she could. "Fuck! Now put your finger in my lips and go harder!" Selena put her finger in Miley's pussy lips and felt her wetness. "Put your finger inside me." Selena stuck her finger inside of Miley and wasn't sure what do from there. "Wiggle it around." Miley said and Selena started to explore Miley's pussy with her finger. She scraped her finger on her walls, and pushed her whole finger inside of Miley. "FUCK!" Miley yelled, pushing Selena's finger in more. She was humping her hand and moaning out loud. "I need your mouth on my pussy." Miley got up and lowered herself on Selena's mouth. "FUCKING SUCK IT!" Selena began to suck her pussy again. Miley got Selena's hand and put it on her ass, and made Selena rub her hand on her ass hole. "UH! YEAHHHH! PUT YOUR TONGUE INSIDE ME! NOW!! HARD! I want to feel your tongue touch all over inside me!!" Selena put her tongue inside of Miley and felt her wetness on her tongue. Miley brought Selena's head up, harder on her pussy to get her tongue deeper inside. Miley let go of Selena's hand and Selena continued to rub Miley's asshole harder. Miley rolled over so that she was laying down, and she spread her legs wide apart. She grabbed Selena's head and pulled it onto her pussy, roughly. Selena began to insert her tongue in and out of Miley and wiggles it around in her cunt. "UHHHH! YEAH BABY! HARDER!" Miley wrapped her legs around Selena's head, and began to hump her face hard. "FUCK!" Selena's face was shoved in Miley's wet, dirty, cunt and she was flicking her tongue in and out of Miley. Message me;)
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Vagina : Lips Vs No Lips | Arielle Scarcella
Body confidence is important. All vaginas are beautiful. When Lesbians Are Mistaken For Men : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbJMyFHn_eg Private Session With Arielle : http://ariellescarcella.com Instagram : http://bit.ly/ArielleInsta Twitter : http://bit.ly/AriTwitter Facebook : http://bit.ly/ArielleFB Vine : https://vine.co/ArielleScarcella T Shirts : http://bit.ly/ArielleTShirts Bracelets : http://bit.ly/GfBfBeads Tumblr : http://bit.ly/ArielleTumblr Snail Mail : GirlfriendsTV P.O. Box 280154 Brooklyn, NY 11228-154 BUSINESS ONLY : [email protected] _ Not for Profit Channel GIRLFRIENDSTV YouTube : http://bit.ly/SubscribeToGirlfriends Website : http://GfsBfs.com/Donate
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(collab with http://www.youtube.com/user/xitsmelissa. sub her) Miley's Point of View. I groaned in pain as I pulled on my coat and exited my house; damn Selena for living so far away. I grimaced as the throbbing of my 'lower lips' continued, it beated against my pink, laced thong. I slid one hand out of one of the sleeves and unbuttoned the front buttons of my black shorts, I grazed the thin matterial that held back my girl, then snapped it. My hand smacked against the throbbing pain and one of my fingers slowly entered my opening. I held back a moan and thrusted harder as I continued down the street. By the time I was at Selena's door, I was already done my first orgasm; which meant that she had to clean it. I pulled out her spare key and clicked open the door, I stepped in and locked the door behind me. Scanning around, I noticed that the house was silent, I sighed. She better be here. Or else. "SELENA!" I glared at her house, and putting my hands on my hips. "I know you're here, so get your pussy over here!" A small, shaky body came down the stairs and gulped, looking at me. My shorts fell down to my legs at the sight of her; she was wearing a lingerie, sleeping dress, it was a light blue. It wasn't low cut, but it was transparent, so you could see her bra-less chest and her pink nipples, it ended at the level of her vagina. She also had on, clear stockings that were knee high, her pink, shaved pussy was still VERY visible. "W-why are you here? I satisfied a-all of the cl-cli-clients, M-Miley."She whimpered, trying to make me aware of her sore pussy, which made me smirk; I was going to make it even more sore. I grabbed her petit body and threw her against the ground, I ran my hands up and down her body and spat. "I'm your boss, whenever I wanna make you bleed; I can." She whimpered more, I ignored her and licked my lips. "Enjoy this, bitch." I lowered myself, sliding off her knee-socks and kissing every inch of her long legs, I then moved up and my tongue slinged around her opening. I unlaced her dress and slowly lifted my head up, tearing it off of her body and leaving her completely naked. Where to start? Fuck, she's sexy. I pulled off the straps of my tanktop, lifting it off and unclasping my bra, I let that fall, too. I then reached down and ripped my thong off, smirking as she eyed my naked body. "You can touch it later, baby . . . well, if you can even move." Her eyes widened as I spoke, then I sat on her stomach, letting the orgasm (I had on the way over here) splatter all over her flat stomach. She bit her lip, watching as I moved my pussy around, back and forth; side to side. I then slid up, leaving my pussy on her mouth. She tried to scream, but I just put all of my weight on her and made her eat my pussy out. I moaned loudly as her tongue slid in and moved around my circumfrance. It was moist, hot and complemented my moist and hot hole. She coughed, trying to breathe, I rolled my eyes and stood up. She sighed of relief, but I just crawled back up on her. My mouth curled as it clamped down on her nipple, the soft, pink thing making me moan. I sucked harder and reached for the other one, with my hand. My fingertips lightly tickled the outline of her nipple before squeezing it and rubbing it all over. I slid further down her body, her cries were low and quiet, I ignored them and spread her pussy lips apart with one hand. With the other, I reached into my purse and pulled out the newest vibrator from the Sex Shop. It was large and hurt like HELL. It took a long time, to shove it up her tight hole, but once I did, (and her screams were muffled by the thong I put in her mouth,) I set the vibrator to: "CRAZY WILD XXXX". Her screams were still heard though, they just made me smirk, I patted it in further and opened up my pussy lips. I set them on the back of the vibrator and moaned wildly, riding it and Selena. It went in so deep, I fell ontop of her body, I smirked and rode her harder and deeper. And my mouth found its way to her nipples, once again. She screamed even louder, in utter pain; not pleasure. I tuned her out and felt a thin, red liquid escape her. I smirked to myself: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I pulled the vibrator out of her, tossed it away and lowered myself. Her blood tasted of slight metal and was extremely addictive, I couldn't pull myself away from it and it wouldn't stop pouring. Her screams stopped, but her chest was heaving up and down as she struggled to breathe. After cleaning up the mess we made, I hovered over her and nibbled on her ear,"I'll be back tomorrow to make it hurt even more." She gulped, I smirked and quickly added. "You're mine, bitch. You're no longer one of my prostitutes, the only one who gets to even lay an eye on you; is me." And with that, I collected my clothing items and fled from her house, my words echoing in her head: You're mine.
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