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Nightwish Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea
Enjoy XD Edited in: Windows Movie Maker -------------------Disclaimer----------- ------------- I do not own any of the music in this video. it's just for the audios sake.
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Nightwish Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea Instrumental
This is one of the most briliant metal band ever.. So listen and enjoy one of their instrumental songs. This Song was also apart of the movie "Deep Blue Sea"from 1999. Enjoy!
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Nightwish   Instrumental crimson tide deep blue sea cover v3
Попробовал сыграть под саму песню - вот что из этого получилось. Записал со второй попытки, так как подзабыл уже - давно не играл. Косячки конечно есть, не везде попадаю точно. Ещё рычаг от флойда оставил в общаге, поэтому сыграл без него. Ну в общем-то сильно не старался, но получилось сносно, хотя идеально никак не получается =) Пишите пожелания, но не просто тупо обсирать, а объяснять... Если не нравится - не нужно загаживать, лучше просто промолчать, либо говорить по делу.
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Nightwish - Crimson Tide And Deep Blue Sea [Instrumental]
Vocals - Tarja Turunen Keyboards - Tuomas-Holopainen Guitars - Emppu-Vuorinen Drums - Jukka-Nevalainen Bass & Vocals - Marco-Hietala
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Nightwish - Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea (guitar)
"Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea" instrumental from live album called "From Wishes to Eternity" by Nightwish. Many people requested this song so I tried to record it. And again I messed up many times so I'm sorry about that. Played by ESP EC-200QM and recorded with PODxt. AFFILIATE LINKS There's questions about my gear so decided to give all the links to the current equipment I use in my videos. Please consider using my links if you are interested buying some of these, it costs no more to you, but it helps me a lot. Thank you! GUITARS: -7-string Ibanez RGA7 (I have black): http://amzn.to/2ja10QX -Ibanez RGA32 (I have white): http://amzn.to/2ja29Ie -ESP LTD EC-200QM (I have red): http://amzn.to/2i6mf9k BASS: ESP B-10: http://amzn.to/2ja6POf CAMERA: Sony RX100 III: http://amzn.to/2j9ZYoc HEADPHONES: -Sennheiser HD555 (old model used in this video, not available anymore) -Sennheiser HD595 (similar, but still available): http://amzn.to/2j9EIi6 -AKG K550 (third option which I also use with my mobilephone): http://amzn.to/2i68GGS EDITING SOFTWARE: I used Sony Vegas 12, which is not available anymore. Vegas Pro 14 (currently latest version): http://amzn.to/2j0g4Dp Thanks for watching!
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Nightwish - CRIMSON TIDE / INSTRUMENTAL - Tutorial 100% Speed
I'm a music producer, follow my virtual portfolio on SoundCloud, make sure to subscribe, please! http://soundcloud.com/studio813 Under requests, the tutorial for Crimson Tide and the Deep Blue Sea. I tried to put the original song playing but the only good recording of it is live, so they change the tempo too many times and it was freakin' hard to get is synced. For 50% Speed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3Azz3bTASs You can always find all my Midi and Guitar Pro files on my Mediafire acc below. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vithor Mediafire (for Nightwish guitar pro and midi files): http://www.mediafire.com/?hg76lh77rffgk
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Nightwish - Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea (Live At Tullikamari - Pakkahuone) Music Video
Nightwish - Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea (Live At Tullikamari - Pakkahuone, Tampere - FINLAND) Music Video. Originally Taken From: "NIGHTWISH - FROM WHISHES TO ETERNITY" (CD, DVD & VHS) ℗ 2002 Spinefarm Records, A Universal Music Company. © 2002 Ranka Publishing. http://nightwish.com/en/ Live performance filmed on 29th December 2000 at Tullikamari - Pakkahuone, Tampere - FINLAND, during their 2000 - 2001 "Wishmaster World Tour". NOTE: The ℗ & © marks are taken directly from the vinyl / CD cover when available, and might differ from the current owners of video & audio content.
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Instrumental - (Crimson Tide, Deep Blue Sea) Nightwish Cover!
Nightwish - Instrumental (Crimson Tide, Deep Blue Sea) Cover!
Views: 9265 Bahij Ghata
Nightwish-Instrumental (Crimson Tide, Deep Blue Sea) (Cover)
My cover for one of the best Nightwish song. Please Comment =) I hope u will like it =)
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Wanderlust (Nightwish), Instrumental (Crimson Tide, Deep Blue Sea)
The Forever Moments Live at Grand Bourbon Street Звук с пульта и камер
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Nightwish - Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea (Reaction)
Checking out Nightwish's "Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea". Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbdbstVvvy8 My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/x666xIronMaiden My request list (As of August 16): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DEK1dSP62ovsAyRalTpFNsAnZWiiNA6xt5qMoYdW0TI/edit?usp=sharing Schedule: Monday: Rap Day Tuesday: Full Album and General Reactions Wednesday: Dr. Who and General Reactions Thursday: Anime and General Reactions Friday: History Videos Saturday: General Reactions Sunday: General Reactions Donations are open, but not required: https://streamlabs.com/x666xironmaiden Thanks for watching!
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Nightwish - Deep blue sea - Napoleon Bonaparte
Scenes from Napoleon movie. Music theme: Nightwish - deep blue sea, instrumental.
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2/6 Karmashox play Nightwish - Instrumental (Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea)
Altra traccia registrata a quattro mani con l'aiuto del computer per gli altri strumenti...proprio per questo motivo sottolineo che chi volesse completare la band ci pensi sù e ci faccia sape..si sona per divertissi..niente de che.. 2/6 of Karmashox are: -Rhythmics guitar by Lorenzo Biancalana -Lead Guitar by Matteo Langella
Views: 1299 Karmashox
Nightwish Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea Clavinova/Piano
Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea played on Clavinova piano
Views: 10640 Fenrir van Nineveh
Nightwish- Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea
live, instrumental
Views: 56442 ParanoidAngelX
Cover Nightwish - Instrumental (Crimson Tide, Deep Blue Sea)
Оригинал видео - https://vk.com/video?section=all&z=video1569586_126678509%2Falbum1569586%2Fpl_1569586 Далекий 2009г. Оригинал не смог найти (((
Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea(Instrumental) - Nightwish -  By Metalist - Keyboard Duet !
Mark & Edu - Duet - Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea - Nightwish music nightwish duet www.nightwish.com Hans Zimmer !
Views: 2490 Marco Stiehl
Nightwish Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea -  ( Drum cover -Thierry H. )
Nightwish drum cover ... :-)
Views: 4746 Thierry Hurler
NIGHTWISH - Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea (Instrumental) HD,HQ Sound
It's July, 1996. A hidden campfire looms on the island in the middle of Lake Pyhajarvi, Kitee. Then at midnight, something happens that has far-reaching consequences. Tuomas has an idea of a solo project that would play atmospheric "mood music". The idea quickly crystallises: the sound would include acoustic guitars, flutes, strings, piano — and female vocals. Guitarist Erno "Emppu" Vuorinen and vocalist Tarja Turunen soon join the project."Nightwish" was born.. From Wishes to Eternity - Live is a live DVD/VHS/CD by Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. It was recorded in Tampere, Finland on 29 December 2000. The CD was released as a limited edition of 10.000 copies,[2] available only in Finland. In late 2005, Spinefarm managed to release it in Europe. In addition to a show of Nightwish material, the band also performed a medley, "Crimson Tide, Deep Blue Sea", which borrowed melodies from many sources, including Hans Zimmer's music in the 1995 film Crimson Tide. On 1 March 2004 Drakkar released From Wishes to Eternity as SACD, a hybrid disc which can be played on normal CD players while SACD players give higher fidelity.[2] The instrumental song "Crimson Tide, Deep Blue Sea" and "FantasMic" had to be removed from the track list to fit the concert on the disc. Later in 2004, the SACD version won the Gold Disc in Finland with more than 20,000 copies sold. External links: http://www.nightwish.com/en/ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0482093/ Discography: Angels Fall First (1997) Oceanborn (1998) Wishmaster (2000) Century Child (2002) Once (2004) Dark Passion Play (2007) Imaginaerum (2011) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Notes by deep46blue for Friends, Artists, Composers, Photographers, Videomakers: ✔ If you would like to submit your track, visual or any else art for promotion. ✔ If you want to add any kind of information which belongs to the video (audio or visual) ✔ If you have any issues regarding any of the videos. Please look for my email address in my channel's about page, I will be glad to read from you :) Follow Me On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deep46blue/ Follow Me On G+ (Google): https://plus.google.com/u/0/101187408229560808531 ✔Select the Optimal Resolution 4K-2160p or HD 1080p and the Full Screen Mode, to fully enjoy it ! ✔ Be aware all music and pictures belongs to the original artists. ✔ I am in no position to give anyone permission to use this. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purpose such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.No copyright infringements were intended in achieving this video.The similarities and music used belong to the original owners.This video for entertainment purposes only and has no cash value. Absolutely no copyright infringement intended.☑ NON PROFIT!NON-COMMERCIAL! If someone holds the copyright for the videos or music just send me a pm. I didn't make that for money so be polite :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Nightwish - Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea (guitar cover)
This song is from Nightwish's live DVD "From wishes to eternity". Recorded with Zoom R8. The guitar is Epiphone Les Paul Gothic. Please comment and subscribe!
Views: 11287 Neea Laihorinne
Nightwish Instrumental Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea
Guitare Ltd signature James Hetfield Ampli Line 6 75 Watt Accordage Standart My Twitter : https://twitter.com/maxmax19484 My Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/118353118725132809684/posts My Ask : http://ask.fm/Maxime19484
Views: 308 Maxime Guignard
Crimson Tide & Deep Blue Sea Collaboration cover
Please watch in high definition for best audio quality and synchronization Crimson Tide (Deep Blue Sea) Collab, cover Guitars: http://www.youtube.com/user/NIKASguitar Keyboard: me Bass & Drums are VSTi Gear: Cort x2 + Zoom G1N ext. KORG N264, Yamaha PSR E-403 as midi-controller + KORG Trinity samples We will be glad to see vocals, bass and drums in our cover group :)
Views: 17099 Alexander Diaghilev
Nightwish -crimson tide & deep blue sea (cover by Dreamcatchers)
keyboard-Davit Sergeev guitar-Amiko Purtskhvanidze drums-Dato Mzareulashvili
Views: 1031 Davit Sergeev
Crimson Tide (Deep Blue Sea) - Nightwish (Guitar Cover)
This is an instrumental song from Nightwish's Live DVD "From Wishes To Eternity"
Views: 11883 emaane
Nightwish Crimson tide deep blue sea (Cover by Tamuna )
Views: 403 Tamuna Tukvadze
The Forever Moments - Wanderlust & Instrumental (Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea)
Russian Tribute To Nightwish 11 Rock House 7.03.2015
Views: 446 100CrashConcrete
Nightwish - Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea -  | Anish Nadh | Guitar Cover
This is my interpretation of Crimson Tide, a very popular instrumental by Nightwish. Enjoy!!
Views: 373 Anish Nadh
Nightwish - Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea
Cover version
Views: 123 Egor babin
Theme from Crimson Tide {Deep Blue Sea} Nightwish
Nightwish theme from the movie Crimson Tide. Instrumental live performance. Using Marshall 15W practice amp, 1/3 delay.
Views: 1075 Kevin Askew
Instrumental (Crimson Tide And Deep Blue Sea) - Cover
Cover crimson tide and deep blue sea by nightwish
Views: 111 sillyjokers10
Nightwish - Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea on Piano [Sheet Music]
View the original here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb4QLMfOJTg Sheet Music: http://www.mediafire.com/?zwzi0yiz87upk MIDIs: http://www.mediafire.com/?38l8850861oc6 ________________________________________________ Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea was a great instrumental song from 'old' Nightwish. It's a relatively unheard of Nightwish song, which is sad considering how much of an awesome song it is. My other Nightwish video is 'The Kinslayer'. View it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfmh9JhNr0A __________________________________________________________ How I made this video: - Inputted the notes into Sibelius (Music Notation Software) - Exported a MIDI file - Exported graphics to make sheet music - Converted the MIDI to an .mp3 - Stuck the .mp3 into Sony Vegas, and edited the sheet music in to make a video.
Views: 23780 Tehmattie
Nightwish - Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea cover
Nightwish - Crimson Tide and Deep Blue Sea (Instrumental) cover
Views: 56 Junwon Hwang
Instrumental Crimson Tide and The Deep Blue Sea (Nightwish) - Cover by Varot
Setup: Ibanez Grg370Fm - Peavey Studio Pro 112 - Boss CS-3 Cam: Kodak Easyshare c610
Views: 607 Martín Barotto
Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea
My version of the Nightwish instrumental piece which they performed on the "From Wishes To Eternity" dvd, here played at Bjerringbro Gymnasium springkoncert 2007! Band lineup: Guitar - Rasmus Yde (me) Bass - Stefan Vedel Jensen Keyboard - Mathias Jæger Drums - Henriette Libbert Andersen
Views: 1618 Rasmus Yde
PsychedelicDecode - Crimson tide Deep blue sea [instrumental] Nightwish  cover
piano- JD drums- B13 guitar- KN find us on facebook \m/ https://www.facebook.com/PsychedelicDecode
Views: 697 PsychedelicDecode
Nightwish - Crimson Tide Deep Blue Sea Remix
I Used Reason 5 to make this remix :) Downloadable MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?icsgfs3u9ckz9ti Original music by Hans Zimmer Hope you liked it : )
Views: 1457 Sphinxz0r
Nightwish - Crimson Tide And Deep Blue Sea (guitar cover)
Už jsem to nahrál po 4té... :D, ale tak snad to neva, synchronizace mě zlobila... skládáno ze 2 kytar :( . Sorry for synchronization 2 guitars.
Views: 5084 Brnkálista
Nightwish - Crimson Tide & Deep Blue Sea (piano cover)
Sorry for some mistakes :)
Views: 1366 KataDaemonaEaftou

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