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North Sea Pipeline Documentary
The words longest subsea pipeline.
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Beneath the North Sea (1977)  - Oil Exploration in the North Sea - UK Industrial Film
From BFI database: Records the process of the discovery of oil in the Beryl Field in the North Sea through to its eventual production. Uses animated sequences to explain the geology of the area and how oil was formed there, before illustrating the building and positioning of the "Beryl" platform -- a two-storey platform supported by three concrete towers. The film comments on the importance of oil production, especially the Beryl 'A' Platform, in regard to Britain's independence and economic status in 1977. Produced by Michael Forlong Productions for Mobil. This is a new digital transfer from a vintage 16mm library print.
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Oil & Gas Update - INEOS Breagh, North Sea
Geir Tuft, CEO of INEOS Breagh, reveals how INEOS’ new gas subsidiary was born, and its vision to expand and overcome a big challenge; the drop of oil and gas prices in late 2015. http://www.ineos.com/ Geir explains that INEOS makes its own destiny, and always sees a challenge as an opportunity. INEOS Breagh managed to acquire the North Sea Forties Pipeline System, which delivers almost 40% of the UK’s North Sea oil and gas. This acquisition reunites the North Sea and Grangemouth assets under INEOS ownership. Subscribe for more videos and follow us here: https://twitter.com/INEOS https://www.facebook.com/INEOS/ Check out the company here: http://www.ineos.com/
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North Sea Oil - 1975
At Dyce near Aberdeen, Her Majesty the Queen presses the button that sends the first North Sea Oil flowing into the Grangemouth Refinery. It marks the fruition of years of research, technology, hard work and grim determination. From the Forties Field by under sea pipeline, a marvel itself in engineering, the oil comes ashore at Cruden Bay. It travels then by underground pipes to the BP Refinery at Grangemouth. To the people of Aberdeen oil has already meant a change in their life style, could it also be the turning point in Britain's economy. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/8afdf37a004944f2ab82ca93aeb2cc31 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Huge waves crash against swaying North Sea oil rig
Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews This video could make you seasick...Huge waves crash against a swaying oil rig, as a severe storm which swept across parts of Scotland hits the North Sea. The footage of the Borgholm Dolphin installation was captured at the weekend by James Eaton, an offshore worker on the nearby Lomond Platform, around 145 miles east of Aberdeen. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Explosion in the North Sea Piper Alpha Disaster
Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more documentaries like this one. Piper Alpha was a North Sea oil production platform operated by Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd. The platform began production in 1976, first as an oil platform and then later converted to gas production. An explosion and the resulting oil and gas fires destroyed it on 6 July 1988, killing 167 men, with only 61 survivors. The death toll includes two crewmen of a rescue vessel. Total insured loss was about £1.7 billion (US$3.4 billion). At the time of the disaster, the platform accounted for approximately ten percent of North Sea oil and gas production, and was the worst offshore oil disaster in terms of lives lost and industry impact. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more documentaries like this one.
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North Sea Gas "Broom o' the Cowdenknowes"
After being insulted by his bandmates about his advanced age, Ronnie MacDonald of the Scottish band North Sea Gas takes the lead on this even older Scottish love song. It's the tale of a bride living far from home, who misses her "ain country." This special house concert for an audience of roughly 40 was held at the home of Tom and Susannah Blachly of Marshfield, Vermont on May 12, 2012. An article about this song can be found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broom_of_the_Cowdenknowes
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North Sea a “buyer’s market” right now, says Jersey Oil and Gas boss
Andrew Benitz, chief executive of Jersey Oil & Gas (LON:JOG), says now is a good time to be buying North Sea assets as several oilers look to exit the market. Born out of Trap Oil, Jersey is searching for multiple late-stage producing fields in the region which are generating cash flow today. Benitz explains how £25mln of accumulated tax losses from Trap Oil are worth around £12.5mln in actual value to the North Sea producer, as the sum can be used to offset future taxes that would have been paid on producing fields.
Oil and gas spills in North Sea
More than 100 potentially lethal oil and gas spills took place on rigs in the North Sea in 2009 and 2010. Serious spills of oil and gas from North Sea platforms are occurring at the rate of one a week, undermining oil companies' claims to be doing everything possible to improve the safety of rigs. GE Oil & Gas will supply three customized aeroderivative gas turbine-generator modules to provide reliable electric power for a new Chevron floating production unit that will produce oil and gas from the Jack and St. Malo fields in the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 280 miles south of New Orleans and at a water depth of approximately 7,000 feet.
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Jersey Oil & Gas PLC's Benitz:  North Sea an exciting place to explore again
Andrew Benitz of Jersey Oil & Gas PLC (LON:JOG) says pre-funding the seismic being shot over the Verbier acreage in North Sea allows the data to be optimised and is cheaper. Capex for the appraisal programme will be at the upper end of £9-11mln including seismic. Drilling at Verbier will see an appraisal well in the summer to firm up the recoverable oil at the discovery. ''All in all, the North Sea is an exciting place to explore again'', said Benitz.
World's Biggest Oil Platform Rigs 2017
Biggest Oil Platform Rigs in the World as of 2017 As oceans swell around them, some of the world's tallest manmade structures live in water, not on land. There's not a whole lot of variety when it comes to this manmade mammoths of the sea. Most of theses mega-builds draw oil from the depths, the only purpose as yet discovered that's lucrative enough to pay for their out-sized cost and complicated engineering. One more thing they have in common is that they all can wow with impressive size. We look at seven of the most intense and impressive offshore structures across the globe. [for text and creatives, http://loloha.com/biggest-oil-platform-rigs-in-the-world-as-of-2017/] Berkut While the Berkut oil platform toils in near anonymity in Russia's Far East, it does so with a heft unlike any other rig. At 200000 tons, the Bekut holds the record for the biggest in the world, above water. It can work under its own power down to minus-47 degrees Fahrenheit, withstand chunks of floating ice up to six feet thick and shake off waves up to 60 feet high. Stones While Berkut may prove the heftiest above the water, Stones, opened in September 2016 and operated by Shell, goes the deepest of any offshore structure, reaching a staggering 9,500 feet underwater. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, the Stones above-water structure—significantly more boat-like than your average oil rig—was built in Singapore before making the cross-ocean trip to its current location. There, it ties to two wells, with plans to expand to six over time. Stones uses a flexible "steel lazy wave riser" to carry oil and gas to the top, with the bend in the piping absorbing the motion of the structure. Perdido Until Stones opened just months ago, Perdido—also located in the Gulf of Mexico and operated by Shell—was the deepest of all the offshore structures, dropping its roots a dizzying 8000 feet (one and a half miles) underwater. Built in Finland before making its trek to about 200 miles south of Galveston, Texas, the main structure—which sits mostly underwater—stretches about 875 feet, about the same height as the Eiffel Tower. Olympus, or Mars B Weighing 120000 tons—more than 300 Boeing 747 jets—the 2014 built Olympus Mars B development in the Gulf of Mexico sits in 3,100 feet of water. From the base of the hull to the top of the derrick, Olympus is 406 feet tall and has a combined deck area of 342000 square feet, taller and with more floor area than the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Troll A The 1,548 foot tall Troll A platform off the west coast of Norway includes 1,210 feet of structure below the water's surface. Along with impressive height, when the platform moved over land into the North Sea in 1996 in a seven-day process, it became the largest object to ever be moved by man across the earth. Petronius If you're looking for tall oil rigs, look no further than the Gulf of Mexico where you'll find the Chevron-operated Petronius. The platform's piled tower design gives the whole structure a height of 2001 feet, but with only 246 feet visible above water. The 43000 ton structure hovers above the seabed which lays 1754 feet below, and the underwater structure can sway in excess of two percent of its height. Hibernia The world's first iceberg-resistant gravity-based structure, the Hibernia platform includes a 41000 ton topside facility mounted on a 660000 ton gravity base structure, which literally sits on the seabed. The largest offshore platform in Canada, the Hibernia can withstand a six-million-ton iceberg, and has an iceberg management system that works to detect the movements of incoming ice and alter its path away from the structure. Baldplate Located off the coast of Louisiana, Baldplate was the first ever free-standing offshore compliant tower. Designed by Hudson Engineering in Houston, Texas, Baldplate stands in an impressive 1,650 feet of water. Its production peak was reached in 1999. Blue Whale One China’s homemade deep-sea drilling platform. China’s sixth-generation homemade deep-sea semi-submersible drilling platform has successfully completed its deep-sea trial, local media reported, marking a further improvement in China’s capability of manufacturing high-end deep-water drilling rigs. With a length of 104.5 meters, a width of 70.5 meters and a height of 105.8 meters, the platform is able to operate in water depths up to 1500 meters and drill as deep as 9144 meters. It is so far the world’s most advanced drilling platform.
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Geothermal Potential In North Sea Oil and Gas.avi
North Sea platforms can be used to generate green Geothermal Energy, George E. Lockett said in this video recording of his All-Energy 2012, Geothermal Session Presentation. The presentation goes into details of why the North Sea is a good location by describing that the Earth's Crust gets thinner as we move offshore. There is also cold sea water for condensation of working fluids. Lockett describes how Enhanced and Secondary Oil Production can be created by steam flooding oil reservoirs, after generating electrical power from the geothermal fluids to extract heavy oils and tars. High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) Fields -- these may be some of the best locations for geothermal energy and they are about 150 miles east of Aberdeen. He describes how power can be generated from Natural Gas flows at high pressure, as the pressure is reduced; and how this can be done where gas mains change pressure to service the domestic market too, using a Gas Letdown Generator. The geothermal power can be connected to the national grid or used to generate hydrogen by electrolysis. Lockett describes how some of the £30 billion decommissioning budget for the North Sea could be used to extend the life of Platforms by creating a new Geothermal Energy Industry. This new geothermal industry would employ thousands of workers in new productive jobs in the offshore and on-shore support industries.
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north sea oil production platform flaring
platform cant handle the process and are forced to flare off their entire production offshore Aberdeen Scotland
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Documentary: Troll A natural gas platform- Placed in the North Sea 1995
Troll A natural gas platform- Placed in the North Sea 1995. Aired on the Discovery Channel in 1997. I own no rights to this. I wanted to share it as a DVD is not available.
(1962) Seismic Prospecting for Oil in the North Sea
Historical documentary on marine seismic acquisition for oil and gas prospecting in the North Sea.
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What Caused the Giant Piper Alpha Oil Rig Explosion?
At 14,000 tons and 2.5 times the height of the Statue of Liberty, the Piper Alpha oil rig was one of the largest in the world. But on July 6, 1988, the entire structure became consumed by a devastating and deadly fire. From the show Make It Out Alive: Oil Rig Explosion: http://bit.ly/2xTAiqC
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How to Decommission Brent
The Brent oil and gas field, operated by Shell, lies off the north-east coast of Scotland, midway between the Shetland Islands and Norway. It is one of the largest fields in the North Sea and is served by four large platforms. It has been a cornerstone of the UK's hugely successful oil and gas industry for 40 years. Now the Brent field is reaching the stage where almost all the available reserves of oil and gas have been retrieved. The next step in the lifecycle is to decommission Brent’s four platforms and their related infrastructure. As the operator, Shell is required to submit a decommissioning programme to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy with detailed recommendations for closing down and making safe the four platforms and subsea infrastructure of the Brent field. Ten years of research, engineering studies, expert input, consultations and scientific assessments have gone into this process. Transcript: http://s00.static-shell.com/content/dam/royaldutchshell/video/business-function/external-relations/corporate/shell-idea-refinery-full-transcript.docx Welcome to Shell’s official YouTube channel. Subscribe here to learn about the future of energy, see our new technology and innovation in action or watch highlights from our major projects around the world. Here you’ll also find videos on jobs and careers, motorsports, the Shell Eco-marathon as well as new products like Shell V-Power. If you have any thoughts or questions, please comment, like or share. Together we can #makethefuture Visit our Website: http://www.shell.com/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shell/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shell/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/shell Look us up on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/royaldutchshell Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/1271/
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Animation of Total's gas leak in North Sea
Animation from a Taiwanese company illustrates French energy company Total's gas leak from its North Sea Elgin platform
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North Sea Oil and Gas Operators Optimistic about the region
North Sea Oil and Gas Operators Optimistic about the region
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The Scottish Folk Group North Sea Gas singing The Kishorn Commandos ,about men who built Oil Rigs in Wester Ross at Kishorn in the 1970's
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‘Cheaper to import’: UK to cut 90% of North Sea oil industry investment in 2016
Britain's offshore oil and gas industry expects investment in the North sea to drop by nearly 90 per cent this year, because of declining crude prices. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT Listen to us on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rttv RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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Stopping North Sea gas leak 'may take six months'
http://www.euronews.com/ The oil giant Total says it may take six months to stop a gas leak on the abandoned Elgin rig in the North Sea off Scotland. Engineers are looking at two options: drilling a relief well or a faster but riskier method. A cloud of gas surrounds the platform which lies 240 kilometres east of Aberdeen and accounts for more than five per cent of Britain's total oil production. Find us on: Youtube http://bit.ly/zr3upY Facebook http://www.facebook.com/euronews.fans Twitter http://twitter.com/euronews
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120,000 jobs lost related to North Sea Oil and Gas and a RANT.
http://news.sky.com/story/north-sea-oil-and-gas-industry-needs-urgent-investment-10594707 https://fullfact.org/economy/how-many-jobs-are-supported-uks-oil-and-gas-industry/ UK Column (23rd Sept 2016) Go to about 50 mins in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtkCxvSqXC4 The Aalborg Charter. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNlIf06zpErYwIdFjPu6uQHLFLBEBEG5_&spfreload=5
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Servicing Oil Rigs in the North Sea.
In October 2010 the crew of PSV. Sartor, was serving Oil Rig. Delivering food,fresh water,spare parts and diesel fuel for gas turbine power plants.
Elgin Platform in the North Sea Scotland Evacuated & in Danger...
Alba Oil & Gas Community http://www.albaoil.com * Scottish Television news on Elgin Platform Evacuation... 'One spark and another Piper Alpha on our hands' : Fears grow as explosive gas leak from 'well from hell' threatens repeat of Britain's deadliest rig disaster The Piper Alpha explosion off Aberdeen in July 1988, was the world's worst off-shore oil disaster, killing 167. Leak could take six months to stem due to pressure below North Sea rig. Flare burning excess gas still alight after three days. Exclusion zone set up for ships and planes around the Elgin Total platform. Texan 'Hellfighters' who tackled Deepwater Horizon disaster 'called in'. Brian Simpson Alba Oil & Gas Community http://www.albaoil.com AlbaFireFighters http://www.albafirefighters.com *
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F16-A: Natural gas production in the southern North Sea – A look behind the scenes
50 percent of Europe’s natural gas supply comes from the states bordering the North Sea. Wintershall’s largest gas production platform in the Dutch North Sea is the F16-A. Up to six million cubic meters of natural gas are processed here every day. What happens to the gas on the F16-A and how does the sea’s salt water become drinking water? Our new film gives you exclusive insight into the work of an offshore platform and shows you how Wintershall produces the valuable natural resource using cutting-edge technology, thereby strengthening Europe’s supply security.
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We talk to the people made redundant from North Sea Oil and Gas
Northsound News talk to the people who have suffered due to the global downturn in Oil and Gas. The downturn that has seen thousands made redundant across the North-east of Scotland.
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UK and Scottish leaders set out competing visions for North Sea Oil
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and British Prime Minister David Cameron set out competing visions for the future of North Sea oil production on Monday. Salmond, who is campaigning for Scottish independence ahead of a referendum in September, held a meeting of his cabinet in the coastal town of Portlethen, south of the Scottish city of Aberdeen. He called for a Norwegian-style system of managing the North Sea oil-and-gas reserves. "We are told today that North Sea oil and gas is better handled by a big country like Britain as opposed to a small country like Scotland," he told an audience in Portlethen. "That's a very interesting concept for people in this part of the world, who can glance across the North Sea to Norway, a country smaller than Scotland but a country which by every observation has handled its North Sea oil and gas resources better than the stewardship from Westminster." He said about one billion UK pounds (1.66 billion US dollars) in oil-and-gas tax revenues could go into a sovereign wealth fund similar to one set up in Norway. Over a generation, Salmond said, this could amount to a 30 billion pound (50 billion US dollar) fund. He also joked that he had worked in the industry as an energy economist before "falling among thieves", a reference to the House of Commons, where he was formerly an MP. Noting that Cameron was holding a UK government Cabinet meeting in the Aberdeen area, Salmond said that he was "ready and willing to pursue the debate (with Cameron) that so many people in Scotland want to see". Ahead of that Cabinet meeting on Monday afternoon, Cameron visited a North Sea oil installation. He argued that the oil-and-gas reserves could be better managed with Scotland as part of the United Kingdom. Specifically, he said that the "broad shoulders" of the British economy was behind the industry and would continue to stay behind it "so we get the maximum benefit out of it - the maximum benefit for all of the United Kingdom, including Scotland". He argued that because of its size, the British economy "can afford the tax allowances, the investment, the long-term structure that's necessary to ensure we recover as much from the North Sea as possible". Cameron reiterated his argument that the United Kingdom would be better off if it stayed together. The future of North Sea oil and gas is being fiercely debated ahead of the September independence referendum. Monday's events in Aberdeen came in the wake of a review produced for the British government which included calls to set up a new industry regulator. The North Sea reserves are estimated to contain the equivalent of between 15 (b) billion and 24 (b) billion barrels of oil, which could mean about another 30 to 40 years of production. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/50b6e8f93ca732581e566167f3f0b506 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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INEOS become the largest private enterprise in the North Sea
With the acquisition of Danish oil and gas business, Dong, INEOS are now the biggest private enterprise in the North Sea and as a top 10 oil and gas company in the UK. The team from INEOS Oil & Gas take on three new world class oil fields and pay their Breagh field a visit. Subscribe for more videos and follow us here: https://twitter.com/INEOS https://www.facebook.com/INEOS/ Check out the company here: http://www.ineos.com/
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BP to redevelop North Sea oil fields
The Treasury seized on BP expansion plans as evidence that its windfall tax on energy firms was not hampering North Sea projects. Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. announces that, further to its press release dated February 22, 2011, the Beetaloo Basin Evaluation and Participation Agreement between Falcon Oil & Gas Australia Limited and Hess Australia Pty Limited dated April 28, 2011.
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North Sea Draws Investors to Renewed Oil, Gas Projects
March 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns reports on new investment in North Sea oil and gas after Offshore Group Newcastle Ltd. reopened the Hadrian shipyard in Newcastle, England.
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Truth Lies Oil and Scotland on how Westminster has kept the wealth of the North Sea Oil hidden from Scotland
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offshore disaster  -explosion of "piper alpha in North Sea 167 dead.
VISIT THE SITE OF THE GIANT OIL PROSPECTOR ION THE WORLD -ONSHORE AND OFFSHORE -OMAR BOUZALMAT- -http://petroleonline.unblog.fr -http://dailymotion.com/petroleonline -http://youtube.com/petroleonline -http://twitter.com/petroleonline Part Two: PIPER ALPHA DISASTER Piper Alpha was a North Sea oil production platform operated by Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd. The platform began production in 1976, first as an oil platform and then later converted to gas production. An explosion and resulting fire destroyed it on July 6, 1988, killing 167 men. Total insured loss was about £1.7 billion (US$ 3.4 billion). To date it is the world's worst offshore oil disaster in terms both of lives lost and impact to industry. At the time of the disaster the platform accounted for around ten percent of the oil and gas production from the North Sea.
Drilling The Sea for Oil - Deep Sea Drillers
CLICK HERE - http://activeterium.com/1DCR - FOR MORE FREE DOCUMENTARIES Drilling The Sea for Oil - Deep Sea Drillers dee sea drilling - Results - North Sea (body Of Water) - Infoos stranded deep beta, Stranded Deep Turtle, Stranded Deep Reef Shark, Stranded Deep Stingray Explaining the steps in the deep sea drilling process Deep Sea Drilling Platform, Vector - Stock Vector from the largest library of royalty-free images, only at Shutterstock to take steps to protect New Zealand from another shipping accident like the Rena, and in allowing deep sea drilling oil spills are more likely Explore Stephanie Harris's board "Deep Sea Drilling NZ" on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas Deep sea drilling companies are finally having a good day, anyone know why ken sea drill part 1. prohibit deep sea oil drilling;.. (Organism Classification),Northumberland (English Non-metropolitan County),drills,practice,ben,bburville,North Sea (Body Of Water) shark, shelter, stranded deep alpha, castaway, gameplay, stranded deep beta, Stranded Deep Turtle, Stranded Deep Reef Shark, Stranded Deep Stingray Below are more detailed explanations for each step of the deep sea drilling process China's large homegrown deep sea drilling platform 981 Download and use this Deep Sea Drilling Oil Rig Pumps Oil To Land Processing Facility clipart in your School Projects, Powerpoints and More Causes a leak or spill Its good to do business in New Zealand and a Deep sea drilling NZ Petroleum & Minerals Land based drilling companies focused on shale oil well drilling will fare much better than deep sea drilling companies in my opinion Helicopters,H225,Oil & Gas,OG,Recue,Training,Rescue (Profession),Bristow Helicopters (Airline),North Sea (Body Of Water),EC225 of Doom, Stranded Deep gameplay, Stranded Deep Turtle, Stranded Deep Reef Shark, Stranded Deep Stingray, Stranded Deep Door, Stranded Deep Plane The BOP is a vital part of the deep sea drilling process, and it is this function that can prevent accidents or unnecessary danger from occurring Type: Deep sea drilling platform 34 Finally, in May 2014, CNOOC unilaterally placed a deep sea drilling oil rig in gas producers and deep sea drilling companies like Karoon Gas, I'm looking at you Drilling The Sea for Oil - Deep Sea Drillers
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Russian Bid Blocked: Russian oligarch blocked from buying North Sea oil and gas fields
The British government has announced it will stop Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman buying up 12 North Sea oil and gas fields. The multi-billion dollar fossil fuel sites, based off the Scottish coast, are currently owned by German firm RWE. The decision has been linked to western sanctions imposed on Russia over their invasion of Ukraine. Check out our website: http://uatoday.tv Facebook: https://facebook.com/uatodaytv Twitter: https://twitter.com/uatodaytv
InnovWeek ENGIE - The Cygnus gas field in the North Sea
Back in pictures on the installation of the production platform Cygnus in the North Sea, developed by ENGIE E&P UK. The development project of Cygnus provides two drill sites and four platforms. After reaching its plateau production in 2016, the field is expected to become the second individual gas producer in the UK and supply 1.5 million households.
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TROVE Germany - the North Sea oil & gas fields of Germany
This TROVE database film features offshore Germany and adjoining areas. The video shows the data collated for oilfields, gasfields, discoveries and prospects in the region. The database features subsurface technical information useful to geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers and project engineers. This video introduces the oil fields, gas fields , discoveries and exploration prospects collated from open-source data. The database includes a description of the oil and gas infrastructure including pipelines, platforms and where relevant terminals. Includes data on both producing and abandoned fields. The database contains information on developed & undeveloped / unsanctioned discoveries with information on reservoir properties (porosity, permeability, net/gross etc) and fluid properties (API gravity, GOR, bubble point etc), reservoir pressures and reservoir temperatures, seismic basemaps, operators and licensees, stratigraphy, geochemistry, reserves sizes, STOIIP, GIIP, producers, injectors, recovery factor and a lot more. The database features interactive dashboards with graphs (charts) showing properties v depth etc. The data is auditable, open-source and can be added to by sending data to [email protected] For companies exploring or producing or looking at A&D opportunities in the region this is a very informative resource. 1st Subsurface offer quarterly updates to subscribers of the service and the opportunity to supplement the data or having 1st Subsurface conduct bureau service reports/studies on behalf of clients. Welcome to the power of Trove!
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Total says no blast risk as North Sea gas leak drama
http://www.euronews.com/ The French oil giant, Total, has dismissed the risk of a blast at its Elgin North Sea platform despite efforts continuing to stem leaking natural gas. The firm says a flame on the rig off the east coast of Scotland has to remain burning to prevent excess gas pressure from building up. According to Total's spokesman Pierre-Emmanuel Saulnier the material being thrown into the atmosphere is not dagerous or excessive: "it's around 30 cubic metres. That's about the size of half an articulated lorry. It's too much of course, but it's not going to have a significant impact on the environment." Total is said to be considering drilling a relief well that would allow the flow of gas to be shut off, or blocking the well with heavy mud. Either way, some experts say an "explosion is waiting to happen." Environmentalist, Benoit Hartman, from France Nature said: "Hydrocarbons are becoming more and more difficult to find as they're drying up. So we're having to look for non-conventional hydrocarbons which are difficult to extract and normally aren't profitable. But now they're becoming so because fuel prices are increasing. This means we can expect more accidents like this." The Scottish government has called for more information from Total as memories are still raw in the North Sea industry of the Piper Alpha platform fire 24 years ago, when 167 people were killed in the world's deadliest offshore oil disaster. Find us on: Youtube http://bit.ly/zr3upY Facebook http://www.facebook.com/euronews.fans Twitter http://twitter.com/euronews
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north sea oil 2
Check out the cost of closing down these rigs. Such costs should be factored into the pricing mechanism. It also brings up issues of corporate governance as the tax payer will most likely pay.
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Cameron and Salmond Spar over North Sea Oil
David Cameron says Britain's unity will help it maximise the benefits of Scotland's North Sea oil and gas, while Alex Salmond says an independent Scotland would be able to manage its resources more effectively than Westminster.
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Flare goes out on North Sea platform hit by gas leak
A lit flare that threatened to cause an explosion at a North Sea platform leaking flammable gas has gone out, a spokesman for the French oil giant said on Saturday. The company is preparing to sink two relief wells to stop the gas leak at the platform, where concerns first emerged a month ago, in parallel with a plugging operation. The accident has been described by Total as its worst problem in the North Sea in a decade. Duration: 00:47
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North Sea Decommissioning
In recent years, the oil price has collapsed. Vast swathes of the oil and gas producing world are now unprofitable. One region in particular is feeling the bite… The North Sea
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Shell Sells North Sea Oil Fields
Royal Dutch Shell is selling North Sea oil fields for over $3 billion
Scots Independence: Warning Over North Sea Oil
David Cameron has warned Scotland the future of the North Sea oil and gas industry is at risk if it votes for independence. The Prime Minister on Sunday insisted it was the UK's "broad shoulders" that would support investment in the key industry that would give a "vital boost" to Scottish communities for decades to come. The importance of North Sea oil to Scotland's economy has made the future of the industry a politically sensitive issue in the independence debate. Mr Cameron, who has refused a debate with Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond ahead of the September 18 referendum, said: "For the past 300 years, Britain has led the way in finding new sources of energy. "It is the strength of the UK's broad-based economy which can make the difference and ensure we can invest in our energy for the long-term future. Mr Salmond is taking Scotland's Cabinet to Portlethen "I promise we will continue to use the UK's broad shoulders to invest in this vital industry so we can attract businesses, create jobs, develop new skills in our young people and ensure we can compete in the global race." Mr Cameron will on Monday host his Cabinet meeting in Aberdeen in another significant intervention in the referendum No campaign. Meanwhile, Mr Salmond will is taking Scotland's Cabinet to nearby Portlethen on Monday. Mr Cameron's latest intervention comes just weeks after he used the backdrop of the Olympic velodrome in Stratford, east London, to encourage people across the rest of the UK to call on Scotland to stay in the Union. And after Chancellor George Osborne threatened Scotland that if there was a "messy divorce" and it left the UK, it would not be able to keep the pound. Moss delivered a message from Bowie about Scottish independence Speaking to Sky News the Scottish Secretary, Alistair Carmichael, denied Mr Cameron's comments on oil were just the latest in bullying tactics to deliver a "no" vote on independence. He told Dermot Murnaghan: "What we are telling people in the northeast of Scotland, who have had a tremendous economic success on the back of the North Sea oil and gas industry, is that we've been able to do that as part of the United Kingdom, as part of a bigger economy that can withstand the shocks of a volatile international commodity and which is also now able to stand behind the industry in a more mature phase, offering opportunities for development through tax allowances and also the allowances that are being paid out for the decommissioning of some of the assets in the North Sea oil. "It's a very positive story for the oil and gas industry as part of the United Kingdom, if people want to walk away from that positive story then it is for the nationalists to explain why they should do that." He also welcomed the intervention into the independence debate by the pop star David Bowie, who issued a message at the Brit Awards through his spokeswoman, the fashion model, Kate Moss, saying: "Stay with us Scotland". He said: "Look, I think it's great, I will take support from wherever I can get it." It comes as a poll in the Sunday Express found 62% of Britons want Scotland to remain part of the UK.
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Germany, the North Sea and Natural Gas
Martin Bachmann, head of E&P for Wintershall stressed the need for clarity in Germany’s natural gas policies, both with regards to its energy policies and its upstream regulations in order to better plan investments.

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