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Understanding the basics of online brand protection | David Barnett
In this video, David Barnett outlines the basic practices of Online Brand Protection including how both brand monitoring, and enforcement against infringed content, is carried out. David Barnett is author of the new book 'Brand Protection in the Online World', available here: https://www.koganpage.com/product/brand-protection-in-the-online-world-9780749478698 David N. Barnett has spent the last 12 years as Head of Analysis and Consultancy at NetNames, a leading global provider of online brand protection and domain name strategy, assisting global brands to Search-Find-Stop brand abuse online. Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=KoganPageBooks Follow us: Twitter | https://twitter.com/Koganpage Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/KoganPage Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/koganpage/ Pinterest | https://www.pinterest.co.uk/koganpagebooks/ Linkedin | https://www.linkedin.com/company/kogan-page_2/?trk=company_logo Google+ | https://plus.google.com/+Koganpage1967 Website | https://www.koganpage.com/
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11 Brand Protection Strategies and Tools
Graeme looks at the importance of brand protection online including both defence strategies to mark and control your territory and offence strategies to fight back against negative press and comments. For more information visit http://www.koozai.com
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Online Brand Protection
What you don't know, can hurt you! Since 2001, many of the world's largest and most security sensitive organizations have been relying on BrandProtect to protect their revenues, intellectual property rights and reputation by successfully minimizing the impact of online threats with our award winning Online Brand Protection services. http://www.brandprotect.com
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Pointer Brand Protection - Online Brand Protection With An Impact.
Pointer Brand Protection is a reputable online brand protection provider based in Amsterdam. Having been active in the IP industry since 2008, Pointer has established a long list of happy clients. They are proud to offer a variety of solutions to their clients, solutions which take down everything from vendors on online marketplaces to infringing social media posts to copycat domains and websites to everything in between. Every brand protection strategy is entirely customized to the clients’ needs, and every client gets a designated legal analyst who—together with Pointer’s sophisticated software—identifies and enforces against all online IP infringements. Their mission is to clean the online marketplace, which in turn provides safety for online shoppers, integrity to hard-working brands, and reduces the negative societal impacts of counterfeit production. Request your free live demo today! https://pointerbrandprotection.com
Protect Your Brand Online! Wiser-Market, Brand Protection Partnership.
Wiser-Market is a pioneer in the front line of brand protection online. Does your brand suffer from infringement activities? brand dilution ? visit us in http://www.wiser-market.com/ Wiser-Market can help eliminate the problem for your brand. We provide major brands with full online brand protection service on the internet. From cyber-squatting, copyright infringements, SEO frauds, trademark infringements and more, Wiser-Market is your online ally. While online business is changing the world for the better in many ways, it’s also putting more and more companies in great danger. Did you know that 650-BILLION-dollars’ worth of counterfeit goods are sold online every year? In other words; one in four digital marketplace transactions classify as BRAND ABUSE! That’s a 25% loss of your online profits. Your brand is being damaged in 2 major ways: Not only are you losing vast amounts of money, your brand’s reputation is being tainted! You probably think that your IP attorney can deal with the problem, but nowadays combating brand infringements online has become a very complex mission. The infinite infringers around the world, are using multiple platforms and business models. Online infringements cross multiple jurisdictions and variations in national laws. This requires hiring numerous attorneys worldwide, resulting in a very time consuming, costly and fruitless struggle. While we can’t stop fraudsters from trying their luck, we CAN make sure they DON’T succeed! Introducing Wiser-Market, the comprehensive, smart solution for unrivalled brand protection online. Fraudsters can tarnish your reputation in a variety of ways; from creating fake sites to cybersquatting, selling counterfeit goods, infringing on your trademarks and copyrights on the e-commerce platforms and more… Wiser-Market makes these concerns a thing of the past through continuous monitoring across your selling platforms. We provide you with a geographical analysis of ongoing infringements using highly effective enforcement & elimination tools, while providing an in-depth monthly report. In today’s world, having superior protection for your brand shouldn’t go unsaid. Are you ready to join dozens of major brands who’re making the RIGHT choice for their business future? Get in touch with our team today, and find out more about realizing your brand’s full potential!
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The Importance of Online Brand Protection
In this video MarkMonitor Brand Protection expert Akino Chikada explains the importance of online brand protection. She reviews what an effective brand protection program can deliver for a business and what factors are needed to make an online brand protection program successful.
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Interviews about Online Brand Protection
Interviews about Online Brand Protection by : https://www.brandshield.com/about_us/ . BrandShield was established by brand protection industry professionals with a goal to develop cutting-edge technology that will provide organizations a powerful solution to manage and protect their brand online. Backed by Israel’s Chief Scientist and with an R&D center based in Israel, the company is committed to a continuous development of a solution that meets the needs of all sizes of entities – from small companies to large enterprises. BrandShield is suitable for a direct use by organizations as well as by their legal advisor and branding advisors. Our robust, patent pending technology combines monitoring capabilities and sophisticated algorithms and is fully compatible with the coming expansion of new gTLDS. The BrandShield System dramatically improves the way organizations can manage and protect their digital brand by providing the highest level of business intelligence for online brand management .Our robust, patent pending technology helps you fight infringements and makes brand protection affordable for organizations of all sizes.
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The Complete Guide to Online Brand Protection Service
The Complete Guide to On-line Brand Protection Service Just as every company provides a product or service that works for some but not all, so is it with On-line Brand Protection Services. There are a multitude of services that claim they can help to resolve all your on-line brand problems but does it fit your company needs, resources and budget? On-line brand protection should include not only monitoring rogue websites that utilize your brand name in the URL to confuse consumers, but also websites that attract your consumers with key words and search engine optimization, diverters, marketplaces, social media, blogs and even your own distributors. Knowing what your risks are, first, can help you know what you need for a solution. Often time, there is a combination of solutions that may be needed depending on where your greatest risks are and which service can address that risk the best. If you choose a solution that is too large for your problem, you could bust your budget and sour top management to your future needs. Conversely, choosing an ineffective solution will not provide the results you need and also sour top management. Before you leap, you should be clear on the scope of your on-line needs and risks and build your solution accordingly. This is a dynamic process because your risks change as your business changes, so on-going monitoring of your risk is key to having your on-line brand protection program meet your business needs. https://www.brandshield.com/blog/
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The Basics of Online Brand Protection
The Basics of Online Brand Protection : https://www.brandshield.com/ . BrandShield monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse in multiple platforms .You put so much effort into making your campaigns “pop”, try to make them viral, engaging and interesting, you work so hard to stand out in the digital world, but – you are not the only one reaping the benefits of your marketing efforts. Up to 15% of your online revenues are stolen by online parasites – diverting your traffic, exploiting the engagement you worked so hard to create, using it to promote their own agenda and probably even sell counterfeits of your product. These types of online brand abuse are costing you more and more every year – as counterfeits and piracy are growing faster than E-commerce. BrandShield has the most advanced and innovative technology to protect your revenues by providing you with the tools to fight online brand abuse, trademark infringement, counterfeits and fraud. Contact us and discover a new way to increase revenues by taking down online abuse of your brand quickly and easily.
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The Top 10 Online Brand Protection Strategies Webinar
Featuring Elisa Cooper, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Domain Management; and Andrew Horton, Sr. Director of Product Management, Brand Protection of MarkMonitor®. Visit our website to download a pdf of the presentation: https://www.markmonitor.com/resources/on-demand/2014/webinar-140319-Top10.Online.Brand.Protection.Strategies.php
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Seminar on Online Brand Protection for the online gaming industry - Malta, September 2018
On the 27th of September 2018, Ports Group held a seminar on how regulations pose threat to the online gaming industry, and the importance of Online Brand Protection. See the full seminar here. To view the presentation in PDF version, click here: https://portsgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Ports-Group-seminar-on-Online-Brand-Protection-Malta-September-27th-2018.pdf For our article referenced in the video, click the link below. https://portsgroup.com/news/regulations-pose-threat-online-gaming-industry/
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10 Signs You Should Invest in Online Brand Protection
10 Signs You Should Invest in Online Brand Protection. https://www.brandshield.com/ . BrandShield is a technology that helps change the balance in the fight against counterfeiters. The analytical capabilities of BrandShield allow our team to locate the most damaging online problems for New Balance at any given time. The interface is extremely intuitive yet has a magnitude of capabilities that help us perform and manage our enforcement activities with higher efficiency. The patterns recognition capabilities of the system help us locate groups of abusive cases to reveal larger networks of the worst counterfeiters. The machine learning capabilities also help us to focus the results on what is most important. BrandShield as a company keeps surprising us with constant improvements to their services and technology.” In addition to the paramount task of protecting your brand, BrandShield provides critical analytics to help you identify new competitors and spot trends that impact your digital strategy. Easy to use and cost effective, this is the best tool out there for data analytics based monitoring in the next generation of the Internet. This software solution provides economies of scale by providing both IP lawyers and digital marketers invaluable intelligence.”
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What is Online Brand Protection for a company
What is Online Brand Protection for a company ? The Internet is a largely unregulated communication network that reaches billions of people each day. Most communications are real and honest, but some are not and are meant to deceive by pretending to be something else. Your brand. On-line brand protection is a necessity today for every company that has a well know brand. Think of it as an insurance policy on your company’s investment in product development, marketing, advertising, and customer service, which is put in place, to insure that your company’s goodwill will not be damaged by the activities of on-line infringers and counterfeiters. Unchecked, these on-line attacks can ruin a brand’s reputation and the loyalty it has earned from its customers. https://www.brandshield.com/brandshields-technology/
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What are the Best Brand Protection Solutions ?
What are the best Brand Protection Solutions ? What are the Top Reasons to Use Online Brand Protection Software ? In today’s digital times, it is getting increasingly difficult to protect your brand. The brand that you have spent years building, a brand that has built a global (or even local) throng of followers and along with that a stellar reputation is at risk. And within a short time, it will be in even more dangerous online territory as hundreds more gTLDs become available. So, it only makes sense that now more than ever, you consider implementing an online brand protection software. As a brand, you know how much time you spend protecting your brand from online threats and you notice it is taking up much of your time. Because of this, your brand may be suffering. Manually checking affiliate sites that are misrepresenting your brand, contacting violators, seeking out Cyber and Typo Squatters, scanning for counterfeiters, trademark infringements, those stealing your traffiC . The list goes on and oN. It takes much of your time. Now, imagine having to document each one of the violations in the aforementioned categories. There is not enough time in the day to even do that. Time saving is inextricably tied to cost efficiency. Your work and those of your staff doesn’t come cheap. Think of all the time you’d be saving if you didn’t have to manually protect your brand. Then calculate that into currency. You’ll be surprised and almost definitely disappointed at the results. There are companies that have solutions but those solutions are not good enough. Additionally, many brands use external vendors, which only adds to the cost, both in internal manpower as well as paying for the time used by the vendor. No one knows your brand and online history better than you. By using a system that is set up according to your business’ needs in-house you need not worry about scanning reports for information, not stopping a diversion of your traffic to a competitors’ site in time, people pirating your marketing campaigns. it will give you the freedom to do what you do best in advancing your company’s mission. What are the best Brand Protection Solutions? BrandShield monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse in multiple platforms. Contact us today for a free demo . https://www.brandshield.com/
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Building an Effective Digital Brand Protection Strategy
To learn more about online brand protection strategies, download our white paper, “Brand Protection in the Digital World” https://go.markmonitor.com/wp_bp-in-the-digital-world_YT By taking a strategic approach to brand protection across digital channels, smart brands protect their revenue online. Watch this video to learn about six brand protection enforcement tactics that deliver results.
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The Key to Online Brand Protection : Monitoring Marketplaces
The Key to Online Brand Protection: Monitoring Marketplaces. Children toys, prescription drugs, auto parts and airplane parts are just some of the vital items available on the counterfeit market today. Fashion brands are another huge counterfeit market. Brands that have their products counterfeited suffer greatly in terms of reputation, customer churn and most importantly, their bottom line takes a huge hit. That being said, brand owners need to put in place the proper mechanisms to identify and prevent counterfeits of their products from being sold on the various marketplaces out there. This is no easy task and while some seem to doubt this could work, it is vital to protecting your brand. A solid online monitoring strategy should be comprised of a constant review of online marketplaces such as Amazon, Ali baba ,and eBay. Such marketplaces are more and more being accused of fueling the illegal online counterfeiting trade. These marketplaces have increasingly been put to the task themselves in monitoring sellers for any violations of trademarks. Online Brand Protection Tips : Monitoring Marketplaces .https://www.brandshield.com/ Marketplaces such as Ali baba ,have been identifying vendors in its marketing who sell counterfeit products. Online counterfeiters are getting shrewder and more sophisticated in the ways they are moving counterfeit goods in the online marketplace. BrandShield’s ,easy to use ,technology-based solution ,simplifies brand protection, and provides an advanced and automated metrics driven analysis , of online risks and opportunities. Contact us for a free demo . The key in fighting online marketplace counterfeiting is monitoring those marketplaces for violations of your brand and trademark. I feel that with some help from the online marketplaces in monitoring their own platforms, which has been getting better, the negative impact to your bottom line will decrease dramatically and one day in the future will be greatly diminished and one day, we are all hoping will be eliminated entirely. BrandShield monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse in multiple platforms. Contact us for a free demo .
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Why your company needs and Online Brand Protection Strategy
Why your company needs and Online Brand Protection Strategy : In today’s online world of constant threats to your brand, you need to protect yourself. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen brands make, is waiting till something happens and then call in the troops to try and extinguish the fire. This is not a good strategy. Online Brand Protection Strategy : https://www.brandshield.com/ Every day new threats arise to steal your traffic, muddy your good name and find new ways to damage your brand and cut from your bottom line. Being on the defensive might be a bit too late. You need to proactively combat these threats before they happen, or when they happen the damage will be minimal. I know. A lot easier said than done. The greatest asset your business has, is ,its identity. This is also the aspect that is the most likely element to incur damage. The pulse of any business is returning customers and the new business that expands from customer referrals. For a business, maintaining a solid reputation among its customer base is critical. Your brand needs an online brand protection strategy, first of all , in order to protect its identity. For most brands, there doesn’t have to be a strategy that is as aggressive and all encompassing as one, for say ,a Nike, or Coca Cola, but you should have one in place. The most important thing you need to realize is what are the threats, where they are coming from and what you can do to combat them. BrandShield monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse in multiple platforms. Contact us for a free demo . Online Brand Protection Strategy : https://www.brandshield.com/
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Verify Brand Brand Protection and Supply Chain Security
Verify Brand creates secure supply chains and protects global brand owners against counterfeiting and product diversion. Our cloud-based platform provides leading-edge software solutions for serialization, mobile & web authentication, track & trace, alerts, analytics, and enterprise reporting. Verify Brand solutions have protected everything from medical devices to defense electronics to consumer goods. Learn how our customers have used our solutions to secure their supply chains and build customer confidence by visiting our website at http://www.verifybrand.com
5 Basic Brand Protection Tips for Trademark Owners
Advice for brand owners to protect and strengthen their brands and their legal trademark protection from boutique trademark lawyers at Erik M. Pelton & Associates, PLLC
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ImetrixBi - Online Brand Intelligence & Protection
imetrixBi, stands for online brand and intellectual property rights investigation by fighting online counterfeiting and online piracy. Through the analysis of every digital channel we provide validated data and actionable insights that safeguards brands, customers, online reputation and income.
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A Consumer-Centric Approach to Online Brand Protection
To access the complete recording of this webinar please visit https://www.markmonitor.com/brand-protection-domain-management-events/on-demand-webinars/g/consumer-centric-approach-to-online-brand-protection Preview: Charlie Abrahams from MarkMonitor discusses a Consumer-Centric Approach to Online Brand Protection Want brand protection that counts toward your bottom line? Start with your consumer. Research shows that 23 percent of shoppers unknowingly purchase counterfeits and, most of time, it happens on accident. MarkMonitor and the American Apparel & Footwear Association have teamed up to show you how the right technology and best practices can ensure that the most visible pages in search listings, marketplaces and paid search ads are as clean as possible from counterfeit, pirated and grey market listings.
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Online Brand Protection & Affiliates
AIM's CEO, Sarah Bundy, asks David Naffziger of Brand Verity, the http://www.allinclusivemarketing.com/ question, what do merchants and advertisers need to know when working with online brand protection and PPC affiliates?
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BrandShield - Online Brand Protection
BrandShield brings the war against online scams such as trademark infringement, counterfeit sales, phishing attacks, impersonation to the 21st century. www.BrandShield.com
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Advanced Online Brand Protection Enforcement Strategies Webinar
MarkMonitor® brand protection experts share the innovative strategies and techniques used to tackle the toughest instances of brand abuse online. During this session they discuss: • Proven enforcement strategies that reduce time to resolution — plus, amplify compliance rates • Best practices for efficiently managing non-compliant affiliates and partners online • Pragmatic tips for addressing brand abuse in social media, mobile apps, marketplaces and paid search • Advanced approaches for successful enforcement, including the latest techniques for identifying and blocking SEO poisoning, brand fraud, impersonation and much more! Visit MarkMonitor.com for a link to the presentation pdf: https://www.markmonitor.com/resources/on-demand/2014/webinar-141209-Advanced.BP.Enforcement.php
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Proactive Online Brand Protection: How to protect high value branded search terms at SES New York
Richard Brown, Paid Search Director, I Spy Marketing (http://www.ispymarketing.com) interviews Caroline Rolfe, Head of Online, Links of London (http://www.linksoflondon.com/us-en) and Alex Irvin, Online Programs Director, 1-800-PetMeds (http://www.1800petmeds.com), after they spoke at SES New York 2012 on Protecting High Value-Branded Search Terms, particularly in PPC campaigns. 0:38 -- Caroline explains how Links of London handled brandjacking of its company and best-selling product search terms. She begins by describing how counterfeiters, primarily based in China, were producing a good deal of counterfeit products that Links of London has successfully combated. The counterfeit product marketers were bidding on Links of London brand search terms in PPC ad campaigns and stealing web traffic away from the official Links of London ecommerce website. Caroline goes on to describe how she worked with her digital marketing agency I Spy and MarkMonitor (http://www.markmonitor.com) to develop and implement a proactive and successful online brand protection program. Thanks to the partnership of the three companies, Links of London was able to achieve a 41% decrease in CPA for its PPC ad campaigns while reclaiming URLs and shutting down ad campaigns launched by hundreds of counterfeit marketers. 01:50 -- Alex Irvin describes how 1-800-PetMeds achieved over 80% reduction in brand search term cost per click (CPC) over several years. Working with MarkMonitor, 1-800-PetMeds analyzed the scope of their brand term infringement problem. MarkMonitor helped prioritize where the pet pharmacy should focus its efforts on top violators. In his SES presentation, Alex presented tips for marketers as to how best to get started with a brand protection program. 02:53 -- Caroline Rolfe recommends marketers begin by actively registering domains around their company and products, which should lessen the problem with brandjackers moving forward. 03:29 -- Alex Irvin recommends marketers begin testing and searching for their brands on the major SERPs, don't just stop at the first page of results but review the second and third pages as well to locate brandjackers. To speak at the next SES conference, please visit: http://www.sesconference.com Join SES on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SESConf Join SES on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SESConf
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What Makes an Effective Brand Protection Strategy?
Learn how to keep your brand safe online and on mobile by taking a multi-pronged approach to detecting and preventing fraud. Total Fraud Protection® Strategy. Flexible and comprehensive multi-layered defense across all devices, channels and clouds. Click to learn more about our comprehensive brand protection with proactive attack detection and takedown. https://www.easysol.net/products/easy-sol-solutions/fraud-intelligence
Yellow Brand Protection - We Stop at Zero
Yellow Brand Protection Is a leading global provider of online anti-counterfeit and IP protection software and services. We Search 25+ Social Media platforms,, 50+ Mobile Apps, Web Shops and Domains Worldwide. Now monitoring over 1000 online marketplaces.
12 Best Practices for a Successful Brand Protection Program
Anti-counterfeiting expert Ron Guido, President of Lifecare Services, discusses twelve best practices you should implement for a successful brand protection program.During this webinar, you'll learn: • How to evolve from feeling like a "victim" of counterfeiting to a champion of preventive measures • The basics of supply chain security through 12 proven best practices • How to introduce a company culture that has “no tolerance” for fake or diverted goods and cargo theft.
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10 Quick Tips about Online Brand Protection
1. Do focus on websites that pose the greatest risk to maximize your resources 2. Don’t ignore monitoring Marketplaces. This is where your counterfeiters are operating. 3. Don’t ignore monitoring Social Media. Counterfeiters use Social Media as their way of free advertising for their counterfeits and rogue websites. 4. Do enlist proven technology to enhance your brand protection efforts. Good technology can make your protection program more effective and make the best use of our resources. 5. Do monitor websites even after they have been taken down to insure your takedowns are effective. 6. Don’t think success will be quick and easy. On-line enforcement can be slow and often difficult but the effort to protect your brand is worth it. 7. Do plan to make on-line brand protection an on-going activity in your company. The Internet is here to stay and so should your 0n-line brand protection program. 8. Do get the support of Top Management to insure funding and resources. 9. Don’t get discouraged, every brand is encountering the same on-line problems 10. Do report your findings and results within your organization. On-line brand protection should be a topic that should be included in your company’s operating performance. https://www.brandshield.com/
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Sneak peek - Seminar on Online Brand Protection
In September we held a seminar regarding Online Brand Protection at the Hilton in Malta. Coming soon: The full seminar, with all our insights and information. Stay tuned.
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Important facts about Brand Protection and Online Fraud Prevention
Important facts about : Brand Protection and Online Fraud Prevention . Internet Fraud or Online Fraud Prevention covers a wide variety of tactics and strategies. The core of the practice is to combat illegal practices that run rampant on the Internet. These strategies include fraud monitoring to identify infractions that can cause your online brand, customers or both, some serious damage. There are quite a few ways to conduct and suffer from online fraud and that is one of the most dangerous things about it. It isn’t like your monitoring just credit fraud or phishing scams. It is a lot more than that. But, online fraud can be conquered, by using online fraud protection tools. McAfee, the Anti-Virus software company in a recent study, found that 1 out of 6 computers out there, do not have any type of virus protection. This makes those computers very susceptible to attacks. Both site owners and hosting companies are constantly engaged in the battle to prevent online fraud. Online fraud needs to be given attention and fought on two fronts. Take phishing for example. A user who is not aware might just be giving personal information, innocently, in the context of a phishing scam. They might be thinking they are giving it to a known brand (that’s the phishing bait) but in the end it’s to a cyber scammer. However, in the heart and mind of the person who has been scammed, if that site was tied in any way to a reputable online brand, that brand will see damage, even if it is not the brand’s fault. On the other end, you have web hosting companies, that need to be diligent in preventing users from uploading files that contain viruses and spyware. Some of the more advanced browsers do this, but unfortunately most of the time these files are only known to be dangerous once an Internet user is harmed by one. One of the biggest problems in fraud is sophisticated phishing and pharming attacks. This occurs when the domain name’s settings are changed in the DNS servers. Fraud monitoring would empower web hosting companies for example, to monitor any changes in domain name servers. When settings are changed, it is then that cyber thieves can just take over and impersonate the server without the user knowing, bringing them to a counterfeit site. These attacks are usually utilized to steal login, credit, as well as other private information. The BrandShield System dramatically improves the way organizations can manage and protect their digital brand, by providing the highest level of business intelligence for online brand protection and management. BrandShield is suitable for a direct use by organizations as well as by their legal advisor and branding advisors. Contact us for a free demo . https://www.brandshield.com/contact-us/
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Sedo's Domain Brand Protection Service explained
Learn how we protect your brand online: Our service keeps an eye on all your brand names and alerts you when someone registers a domain containing your trademark. Additionally, we create a monthly report, showing you just how well protected your domain is and how to optimize your domain's health and performance.
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Online Brand Protection Misconceptions:  Digital Counterfeiters
Online Brand Protection Misconceptions : Digital Counterfeiters . When selling in an informal market or in a metropolitan area, the counterfeiter’s audience is limited to the immediate vicinity. The Internet affords the counterfeiter an audience of thousands of wholesalers and distributors, and millions of consumers. All he needs to do is get their attention so they visit his website. As consumers, we all know that we will go to the Internet to shop for a better price than we’d find at a local brick and mortar store. The counterfeiters have realized that also, and they’ve raised prices from what they might have charged at their back alley shop. Increasing the price, to a level just below the authentic item, gives the counterfeit goods “authenticity” to the Internet shopper. Saving 25%, is common Internet pricing on authentic goods, so why not for counterfeiter? This increased price also increases the profit, making the counterfeit goods harder to stop. Online Brand Protection Misconceptions : It is not uncommon that the registrant’s name and address on a URL that offers counterfeit goods, is fake. Registrars are reluctant to identify their clients and ISP’s, likewise, protect their clients. Warehouse, office, or retail locations need not be revealed, as they do not matter to the Internet shopper. When counterfeits were sold in informal markets, the counterfeiter relied on these markets’ shoppers to buy their goods. They would never use conventional advertising to bring in customers so as to avoid the scrutiny of the law and the brand owners. Internet counterfeit dealers are just the opposite. They will gladly use key words and meta tags in their to attract shoppers searching on line. The Internet offers numerous opportunities for attracting buyers. Domains, which include famous trademarks and brand names, are easily and legally registered. Even social media can be used to spread the word of sites that offer goods with prices “too good to be true”. URL’s, which are the address of these Internet sellers, are easily registered. They can include a brand name to confuse the buyer into thinking they are at an authorized site. Counterfeiters will purchase hundreds of URL’s at a time and can easily transfer their web content, should a Brand Owner take one of their sites down. BrandShield monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse in multiple platforms. Contact us for a free demo . https://www.brandshield.com/
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BrandShield ™ - Brand Protection System
http://www.brandshield.com BrandShield™, Robust technology and monitoring capabilities combine with sophisticated algorithms to provide the highest level of business intelligence for online brand management. It is suitable for both law firms and brand owners, and meets the need of al sizes of entities - from small companies to large enterprise clients. The BrandShield System dramatically improves the way organizations can manage and protect their digital brand by providing the highest level of business intelligence for online brand management.
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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Online Brand Protection
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Online Brand Protection 1. On Line Brand Protection is a necessity for all brand owners Every well known brand, be it for a product or service, is a target for abuse by counterfeiters, phishing schemes, diverters, and even legitimate sites who which do not maintain the a brand owner’s standards for use of trademarks 2. Effective On-line Brand Protection requires the use of sophisticated technology tools On-line counterfeiters and trademark abusers are tech savvy operators who know how to use technology and the Internet for their abuses. Your tools must be able to identify, evaluate and then help you fight back. 3. An active on-line brand protection program lets counterfeiters/infringers know you will protect your brand Trademark abusers and counterfeiters will be less interested in brands that are protected by brand owners who execute an effective on-line brand protection program. 4. Maximize your resources by focusing on your greatest on-line risks Get the greatest “bang for your buck” by targeting those risks that have the potential of doing your brand and business the most harm. There are many rogue websites that may look bad but have little activity that can damage your brand. 5. An on-line brand protection program can be implemented even with a modest budget Every company does not have the luxury of a large budget to implement an on-line brand protection program. Even programs with small budgets can be effective with focus and technical tools to support. “Something is better than nothing” https://www.brandshield.com/
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Amazon Brand Protection - Tips from a Ruthless Brand Advocate (Unauthorized Sellers Beware)
Selling products online should be easy, but many sellers are finding issues with Amazon brand protection. This is due to various types of offenders who try to sell your goods without your permission in the Amazon marketplace. How do you deal with this when this happens? Chances are, this will happen to you, especially as your product grows in popularity. Unfortunately, there’s little Amazon brand protection offered by Amazon. So you’ll have to learn some of the methods you can use to protect your brand yourself. In this video, we talk about some of the techniques you can use to improve Amazon brand protection for your products. We’ll also go into the various types of offenders to watch out for and how you can even increase Amazon’s involvement in helping to steer your products clear of infringers. If you’re thinking about selling products on Amazon, don’t do so until you watch this video! If you’d like to learn more, check out the link below: https://www.marketplacevalet.com/single-post/2018/07/25/Amazon-Brand-Protection
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IP Risk Control: Global Brand Protection Solutions
Appiphany Technologies (IP Risk Control) (OTC: APHD) is a full-service brand protection company assisting brand owners in risk management solutions covering all aspects of anti-counterfeiting, diversion and fraud. Over the past 13 years, the current core risk managers have specialized in full track and trace supply chain solutions and best-of-breed security technologies with a special focus on Watchdog, APHD’s comprehensive internet monitoring service. Although the company’s primary business focus is North and South America, they have expanded their roster to include European clientele as well. Visit Redchip.com for more information.
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Brand Protection : 5 Tips to Spot Counterfeits Online
Brand Protection : 5 Tips to Spot Counterfeits Online . Spotting counterfeit goods online has become a bit of an art form. It may be a bit early, but before you know it , Holiday season 2015 will be upon us. It will also be upon the minds of hordes of counterfeiters ,who want to piggy back ,onto your brand’s reputation, and scam unsuspecting consumers into thinking that, the good brand you worked so hard in building, can be trampled upon with counterfeit goods. Some of these knockoffs are so good, that business owners themselves are getting scammed, and being that, they aren’t able to protect their customers. While there are many brands that release their own steps on how to protect consumers from buying a fake of their own brand, there are general guidelines to follow for spotting counterfeit goods. Late last year search giant Google, and fashion retailer Louis Vuitton, decided to settle a legal dispute which lasted 10 years. They decided to work together and combat counterfeit goods being sold on the web. The suit was related to Google selling services that had Louis Vuitton’s keywords, to counterfeit online operators. Because it is difficult to spot a counterfeit through an online photo of the product (which is probably real anyways), identifying sites is critical to combat online counterfeiting. Below are some guidelines that should hep you identify online counterfeit sites. - As a whole, websites that are operating a counterfeit operation do not employ security, which means they don’t have a certificate that has the miniature padlock symbol. Secure websites have URLs that start with HTTPS. In an effort to minimize counterfeit sites coming up in searches, Google ranks those sites higher. - Many consider this the rule to live by when fighting counterfeiting. If you are looking for a good price and the one you found is just too good to be true, then the site is most probably counterfeit. Go ahead and check the website, compare other authorized dealer websites to see just how good that deal is. If you purchase a brand item, regardless of the price, and it isn’t from a retailer listed by the brand, then it’s most probably a counterfeit site. - Don’t online shop on a website that is not based in the US, if the product you are seeking is from a US based brand. If you end up purchasing a fake item, from a respectable site in the US, then most most will offer you a refund. For instance, online retailer eBay will offer money back within 30days, if it was ordered through them, and does not arrive or it doesn’t match the description on the listing. - Take a look at the URL of the website. If something looks fishy to you, try to find the real site via Google. Even more reason to check the URL carefully, is if you received some kind of special offer in an email and you clicked a link to the site. - If a site looks like it has poor graphics and artwork, then it warrants further investigation. Authentic businesses spend lots of time and money on making their websites look as slick as possible. Check the logos against the brand’s authentic logos on the real site. These have been some things to look out for, so that you do not get duped next holiday season, or whenever. If you are a brand marketing manager, you also might want to consider some type of brand protection to alert you to any threats to your brand. BrandShield monitors and finds trademark infringement, counterfeit sales and brand abuse in multiple platforms. Contact us for a free Demo . https://www.brandshield.com/
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Best & Newest Approch to Brand Protection & Anti-Conterfieting Strategies - BPEF
5th Brand Protection Excellence Forum (BPEF) 2019, is an executive platform to discuss the industry challenges for Anti-counterfeiting, Online Brand Protection, Cross Border Product Security, Cyber Crime, IP Legislations, Global Cloud Security, Serialization and Track & Trace Strategies. This is an invitation only event which helps the senior brand protection professionals to forge everlasting business relationships to share best practice and knowledge about the very latest researches affecting the trends in global brand protection industry.
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NetNames - Brand Protection
This video explains online brand protection and how NetNames keeps brands present, protected and prosperous on the Internet.
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Brand Protection Excellence Forum Highlights
5th Brand Protection Excellence Forum (BPEF) 2019, is an executive platform to discuss the industry challenges for Anti-counterfeiting, Online Brand Protection, Cross Border Product Security, Cyber Crime, IP Legislations, Global Cloud Security, Serialization and Track & Trace Strategies. This is an invitation only event which helps the senior brand protection professionals to forge everlasting business relationships to share best practice and knowledge about the very latest researches affecting the trends in global brand protection industry.
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Brand Protection
Gathering evidence on brand infringement or the sale of counterfeit goods can be achieved through an investigation by SPI. http://www.specialistpi.com/investigator-services/brand-protection/
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Brand Protection in 90 seconds
Using EVRYTHNG's IoT Smart Products Platform for brand protection.
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Kmiel Brand Protection & Product Verification Software
#Product Verification Software #Brand Protection Software #Kmiel kmiel.com
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YPB Group: Brand Protection and Customer Engagement Solutions
YPB is a Brand Protection and Customer Engagement Solutions Company. YPB’s patented Anti-Counterfeit technology combined with its Security Packaging and Anti-Theft Solutions, Consulting Services and YPB’s proprietary CONNECT platform enables clients to PROTECT their high-value brands and Vital Documents from the risks of counterfeit, product diversion and theft while providing the tools to CONNECT directly with their customers. YPB is expanding its global footprint with an established presence in Australia, China, Thailand, USA, Mexico and India. http://www.ypbsystems.com/ Australia Corporate Address: Level 29, 66 Goulburn Street Sydney NSW 2000 Beijing: First floor, Unit 1, Building 3, Block B, Zhaowei Industrial Zone No.14, Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100015 Hong Kong: 505, 5/F, Bonham Trade Centre 50 Bonham Strand East Sheung Wan, Hong Kong USA: 30012 Ivy Glenn Dr. Suite 100 Laguna Niguel, Ca. 92677 Thailand: Exchange Tower 388 Sukhumvit Rd. 39th Fl., Khlong Tan, Klong Toey, Bangkok, Thailand 10110 Phone +66-2-663-6262 YPB’s sophisticated, user friendly and powerful smartphone applications allow you and your customers to identify and report suspected counterfeit or divergent products. They also enable a smartphone connection with your customers via QR codes, near field communication(NFC), YPB Securetrack, Secure Digital Authentication and Customer Engagement. Showcase your business: https://membership.bigreviewtv.com [email protected]
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Digital Brand Protection Intelligence as a Competitive Advantage
To learn more about online brand protection strategies, download this MarkMonitor white paper, “Brand Protection in the Digital World” https://go.markmonitor.com/wp_bp-in-the-digital-world_YT Massive amounts of information are collected in the fight against digital brand abuse. There’s no need to limit this information to brand protection enforcement alone. Why not use business intelligence gathered from monitoring digital channels to quantify illegal distribution and form responses that capitalize on the wants and needs of customers? Watch this video to understand how corporations gain a competitive advantage with business intelligence gleaned while protecting their brands online.
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Shping: the future of shopper marketing and brand protection
Our goal is for Shping Coin to evolve into a new token of exchange that incentivizes consumers, brands, retailers and associated organisations to work together to create a safer, smarter way for consumers to shop and share information about products in the market. The Shping Platform is an innovative self-service, shopper marketing system. In a similar way that digital advertising platforms are used to influence sales online, Shping offers the ability for brands and retailers to market to consumers during shopping instances that occur in-store. Yet, unlike advertising platforms, Shping enables brands and retailers to channel their marketing budgets into rewarding the consumer directly for their attention and engagement instead of paying large sums to the media giants. That’s a win for businesses and an even bigger win for the customers who buy their products. Shping Coins will become the currency that enables brands, retailers and associated organisations to utilise this powerful platform to influence and reward consumers to make smarter, safer shopping choices. We believe Shping is on the verge of revolutionising the way we shop - smarter, safer and more rewarding. Stock up on Shping Coins at https://cobinhood.com before the price rises. Learn more about Shping at https://shping.com/ Download the ShpingApp on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shping Download the Shping App in the Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/shping/id1154868301?mt=8
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Recorded Webinar - Paid Search Monitoring: The Missing Link in Your Brand Protection Strategy?
One of the most important components of your brand protection strategy is a comprehensive, paid search monitoring program. After all, if you’re going to spend time and invest money into building your brand, why not protect it? Join CSC Product Manager Mary Jo Murphy for a complimentary webinar, during which she will lend her expertise on getting the most out of paid search monitoring to enhance your overall online brand protection strategy. She’ll cover topics like branded keywords, how to protect against rogue affiliates and abuse by competitors, and how failing to monitor your paid search can cost you revenue and damage the overall customer experience. Additionally, we’re delighted to host our guest speaker—Jonathan Elkin—from digital monitoring specialist BrandVerity. During this webinar, Jonathan will explain: • The definition of paid search monitoring • The five most common infringements • How paid search monitoring fits into a comprehensive brand protection portfolio • Quick wins to get you started
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