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Lamp for Kids Magic Plasma Light
Lamp for Kids Product link (buy here): https://goo.gl/StVqQf Glass Magic Plasma Ball Light Working principle: 1. Appearance of high-strength glass spherical shell, filled with inert gas thin inner sphere, the central spherical glass balls with a black electrode. 2. Have a ball at the bottom of the oscillator circuit board by a power converter that converts 12V DC into a high-pressure low-pressure high-frequency voltage applied to the electrode. 3. Power, the electric field oscillating circuit generates a high frequency voltage, since the inner ball rarefied gas ionization by high-frequency electric field and shine, produce mystery. 4. Some linear light glow occurs, colorful, radiant, very nice in the dark. 5. When the hand (people connected to earth) touches the ball, the ball around the field, the potential distribution is no longer symmetrical, so that the light becomes brighter place around the finger, hand touch along the arc generated by the movement of swimming twist, move and dance with your fingers.
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What's inside Plasma Light Ball | TEST and Disassembly
- What's inside USB Plasma Ball Sphere Lightning Light Magic Crystal Lamp Globe Laptop - You can get Plasma Light Ball Here : https://goo.gl/pPgu9O Thanks for watching, Have a great day !
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Capuchin Monkey Mind Blown by Plasma Light!
Capuchin MonkeyBoo is fascinated by his new Plasma Light! MonkeyBoo quickly unboxes it and LOVES the pretty lights! Cool! SUBSCRIBE for more MonkeyBoo! ▷ http://bit.ly/Subscribe2MonkeyBoo Don’t forget to share this video with your friends! WATCH SOME OF MONKEYBOO'S FAVORITES! ▷ Capuchin Monkey Afternoon Fun! - https://youtu.be/01ZZGdOzEv8 ▷ Capuchin Monkey Grape Drama - https://youtu.be/aC_TvIX4xzU ▷ Capuchin Monkey Ball Pit FUN! - https://youtu.be/0jstsJ-6Zd0 ▷ Monkey Picnic Fun! - https://youtu.be/CadfHh7_yMc ▷ Monkey Meets A Puppy CUTE! - https://youtu.be/LPMSmQaI-v4 FOLLOW MonkeyBoo on Social Media! ▷TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TheMonkeyBoo ▷FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/theMonkeyBoo ▷INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/TheMonkeyBoo SHOP MonkeyBoo Merchandise and More! ▷ https://themonkeyboo.com SEND BOO MAIL!! MonkeyBoo PO Box 631 McAdenville, NC 28101 About MonkeyBoo: Official YouTube Channel of MonkeyBoo, The Happiest YouTube channel there is! The most "interesting" monkey in the world! 8 year old black-cap capuchin MonkeyBoo offers cute, adorable, funny, and educational videos! Always kid friendly videos! Monkey and A Plasma Light! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc2hlHDvNjk MonkeyBoo https://www.youtube.com/MonkeyBoo
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Magic USB Plasma Ball Sphere Light Lamp Desktop Light Show
Get one here: http://bit.ly/1DEbXSc Related Products: http://bit.ly/1DEcuDF Tomtop USB-Gadgets: http://bit.ly/1bCxPRn Features: USB powered sphere with coloured lightning flashes. When you touch the ball, the lightning bolts will combine into a strong beam and follow the movement of your finger. Create a magic and fascinating environment for your workstation. With on/off switch on the base. It is a plasma ball, good for your health. Perfect for desktop decorating and lighting. A great gift for your friends.
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Magic Plasma Light Review & Tricks
E-mail: [email protected] Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/tanvirstechgallery99/ Product Link: https://www.facebook.com/purplehaze2016/
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Шар тесла за 9$ (Plasma Light)
Интересная и красивая игрушка для вашего рабочего стола(и для опытов=) \/ Покупал тут http://ali.pub/ntsiy \/
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Magic Decoration LED Flashing Plasma Light Sphere Ball with USB
http://www.chinabuye.com/magic-decoration-led-flashing-plasma-light-sphere-ball-with-usb, The product is a magic ball with LED flashing light, If you touch the ball, the lightning bolts will combine into a strong beam and follow the movement of your finger. Magic sphere ball is surely a good choice for gift or decoration at home, office. Features * Name of item: LED plasma light * New item with high quality * Look cool & modern * Material:glass * Shape of shpere ball * Easy operation:press the button after connecting with USB * Magic and funny plasma light * Powered by 4XAAA batteries (NOT included) or PC USB port * The ball produces high frequency electromagnetic waves that cause the gases to turn into plasma * Measures:9.5 cm in diameter for stand and 13 cm in high
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How to Make Plasma Ball Out Of Light Bulb
What Happens If You Put Coke Can in Liquid Nitrogen - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0xQrFYruAM&list=UUe_vXdMrHHseZ_esYUskSBw Subscribe to my 2nd channel https://www.youtube.com/user/origami768 follow me on: instagram https://instagram.com/crazyrussianhacker/ facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CrazyRussianHacker CrazyRussianHacker Playlists: Science Experiments - http://bit.ly/1Rnyw2m Life Hacks - http://bit.ly/22HUYIM Survival Ideas - http://bit.ly/1Z2nnEV
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DIY Overclocked Plasma Globe. 2500V to a MILLION volts
What started as a simple desire for a brighter plasma globe got carried away and I ended up building a million volt lightning tower of death. social media sillyness: instagram: https://www.instagram.com/styro.drake patreon: https://www.patreon.com/styropyro backup channel and b-side videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz-3epzOdIyu-aXdeUaVP1A discord: https://discord.gg/hVZMcWT I would love to give a big thank you to all my Patreon supporters. I would not continue to make videos if it weren’t for your generous support. I have yet to take a paid sponsorship and rely totally on donations and overlay ads to support these projects. I found a good deal for some plasma globes on eBay so I went ahead and bought some. Sure they were interesting, but I quickly realized I needed something much more powerful. After trying the aluminum foil arc trick, I got bored and took it apart. I tried various modifications to the driver, including a MOSFET based interrupter and a ZVS flyback transformer circuit. I even tried using some way overdriven car ignition coils but still was not satisfied. I decided I needed to build a multi-kilowatt tesla coil in order to properly drive the thing. I mean it was Nikola Tesla that invented the plasma globe, so this was the only method that would give his invention justice. I used a quad MOT, asynchronous rotary spark gap based topology. I needed 10 microwave ovens to build the fully ballasted power supply, and most of the other stuff I found at the hardware store. I did need to order capacitors and a secondary coil online. The resulting plasma globe was satisfactory. Giant arcs shoot directly out of the glass. Other plasma globes and light bulbs in the vicinity light up due to the extreme electromagnetic field produced. Plus, most importantly, it can light things on fire. Today I have done something good, and I will sleep well tonight. Tomorrow though, and it’s on the next project… Video inspired by the great photonicinduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMKe2PMenvk Song during microwave teardown is Web Weaver's Dance by Asher Fulero.
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Fantasy plasma Light-Heart Shape Cylinder Magic Light - Gearbest.com
Product link (buy here): http://gbe.st/iDLK3E Subscribe for tech reviews & GIVEAWAYS: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGearBest Gearbest's Cool Channel: http://gbe.st/i3Hm0V Awesome tech products & shipping worldwide: http://gbe.st/muPcxL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Description: - Magic light cylinder design, butterfly light-heart shape - When you touch the surface, the light can move following your finger - Can be as air purifier because of negative ion existed - USB charging way, easy operate - Usage for craft decoration / exhibition Item Name: USB Plasma Light-Heart Shape Cylinder Magic Light Material: Plastic Power Consumption: 5V 2.5W Working Humidity: 90 percentage Working Voltage: 5V Current: Less than or equal to 500mA Working Temperature: -20 degree centigrade to 75 degree centigrade Storage Temperature: -40 degree centigrade to 85 degree centigrade Charging Way: USB charging Size: 10 x 10 x 15.5cm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For newest presale products from Gearbest, click here: http://gbe.st/IxK2j9 For the most popular deals on Gearbest, click here: http://gbe.st/7buM1m
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Car Music Rhythm Light Sound Sensor Touch plasma Ball Magic Ball Anion Air Purification
Car Music Rhythm Light Sound Sensor Touch plasma Ball Magic Ball Anion Air Purification
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Magic LED Plasma Ball Light with Touch Sensor - Gearbest.com
Product link (buy here): http://gbe.st/yOcWg6 ★【11.11 Sales Storm】: http://gbe.st/D4QGni ☞【Vernee Apollo Lite】: http://gbe.st/UXIKYs ▶【The Best Smartwatch&Wearable Tech】: http://gbe.st/MUESwF ▶【Outer Space Tech】: http://gbe.st/7XmJEa ▶【Christmas Gift】: http://gbe.st/dBXtJx ➔ GB Ultimate Deal Coupon: http://gbe.st/nPDEzX 【UP TO 15% OFF】 ➔ GB New Arrival Special Promotion: http://gbe.st/KYg5jN【UP TO 50% OFF】 Subscribe for tech reviews & GIVEAWAYS: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGearBest Gearbest's Cool Channel: http://gbe.st/HU8BXS Awesome tech products & shipping worldwide: http://gbe.st/muPcxL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Description: The lightning is created from high frequency currents that stream within the gasses (like argon) trapped inside the glass sphere at relatively low pressures. The small plasma orb in the center serves as an electrode that delivers the high voltage currents. The energy causes electrons to be stripped from the gasses, leaving behind positively charged ions in an electrically conductive environment. Amazing! Ball diameter: 3 inch LED color: Red, purple, white Powered by: USB / 4 x AAA Battery (not included) Voltage: DC 5V ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For newest presale products from Gearbest, click here: http://gbe.st/IxK2j9 For the most popular deals on Gearbest, click here: http://gbe.st/7buM1m
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KRight® High quality Glass Plasma Ball Sphere Lightning Light Review
Thank you for watching video! For the full details, please find on: http://amzn.to/1qyDL5r
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Plasma Ball Lamp Light Touch Sensitive USB Powered Nebula Sphere Globe Novelty Toy
Buy here : https://goo.gl/2F9E2j Tomtop Stage Lights : https://goo.gl/p9J4Jb Features: Educational Plasma Ball - It can generate colorful streams of electricity dance across the surface, provides a great scientific learning experience for children. Interactive Toy - Touch Sensitive: Place your finger on the glass surface and watch as colored bolts of glowing light follow your every move. Great For Decoration - Once switch it on, the colorful streams created inside make it stunning and absolutely great for decorating your room, living room, office or anywhere else. Sterilize and Purify Air - The plasma ball produces large numbers of negative ions to adsorb bacteria, neutralize and precipitate positively charged elements like dust, smoke floated in the air. Great For Health - It can activate the oxygen molecules in the air to make it easily absorbed, activate diverse body enzymes to promote metabolism and encourage better sleep. Customer Service Email:[email protected] Tomtop Official Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/tomtopfans/ Tomtop.ru-facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomtopru-597051653685932/ Tomtop.fr-facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomtopfr-579701602100237/ Tomtop.es-facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomtopes/ Tomtop.de-facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tomtopdeutsch/
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Crystal Plasma Magic Ball Night Light
💥 Claim Yours Now https://bit.ly/2G1UNV8 💥 Claim Yours Now https://bit.ly/2G1UNV8
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USB Plasma Magic Crystal Desktop Ball Light
$10.17 http://www.tinydeal.com/magic-plasma-crystal-desktop-px7g7g-fty26043-p-21745.html Magic Plasma Crystal Desktop Ball Decoration USB/ Battery Dual Powered Touch Light Toy FTY-26043
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1byOne Magic PLASMA Globe Speaker & Bluetooth Light LED Bulb
Magic Globe: http://amzn.to/1TSPkhh LED Light Bulb: http://amzn.to/1NdzVU9 Feel free to share / +1 SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/brianedition SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/pockethype FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/brian.edition GOOGLE+ http://goo.gl/SFZSNk TWITCH http://www.twitch.tv/thabrian TWITTER https://twitter.com/thabrianedition INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/brian.edition YT CHANNEL No.1 https://www.youtube.com/pockethype YT CHANNEL No.2 https://www.youtube.com/brianedition
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Funny Monkey And  A Plasma Light! First Seen Magic Plasma Light
Funny Monkey A Plasma Light! First Seen Magic Plasma Light https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI-sY4qGlyA Magic Plasma Light : https://lighttrends.net/products/magic-plasma-lighting-ball
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Plasma ball light bulb experiment | Fluorescent lamp | Science experiments for kids playlist
Plasma ball light bulb experiment | Fluorescent lamp experiment | Science experiments for kids playlist | Elearnin For this experiment, you'll need • Plasma Lamp • Fluorescent Bulb. Procedure • Firstly, switch on the plasma light. • Take a fluorescent Lamp. • Bring it near the glowing plasma light. • Now, observe what happens. • Notice that as the fluorescent bulb is brought nearer to the plasma lamp, it glows. Explanation: A plasma lamp is a clear glass filled with a mixture of various noble gases with a high-voltage electrode in the center of the sphere. Plasma filament extends from the inner electrode to the outer glass insulator, giving the appearance of multiple constant beams of colored light. The plasma lamp emits high frequency current and hence you can see lot of magic sparks in it. A fluorescent lamp or fluorescent tube is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite Mercury vapor in it. When the fluorescent bulb is bought near the glowing plasma lamp, the high frequency current reacts with the Mercury present in the fluorescent lamp. The excited Mercury atoms produce short-wave ultraviolet light that then causes a phosphor to fluoresce, producing visible light. A fluorescent lamp converts electrical power into useful light much more efficiently than incandescent lamps.
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LIGHTS.com.sg - Plasma Ball (Music / Sound Activated Electric Globe)
http://lights.com.sg/All-Products/Plasma-Ball-Music-/-Sound-Activated-Electric-Globe/coddii_fly_furniture.tpl.htm This is a fun little gadget that will add ambience to your car or something to have on your desktop for those boring times when you need a little distraction. Perfect decoration for homes, parties, bars and restaurants. A fabulous addition to any sound system! Just plug it in, turn it on, and watch the electricity flow in the globe. This magic sphere emits bolts of red and blue lightning from its core creating a very beautiful and dazzling effect. For added fun, the globe is touch sensitive! Touch the sphere and bolts of lightning will combine into a strong beam following the movement of your finger. Run your fingers along the globe, and watch as lightning jumps out towards it. 2 Operation Modes: Always ON: Nonstop random waves of the bolts Sound Activated: Built in music sensor, the bolts will respond and 'dance' in phase with music. Talk / clap hands to it and watch them reflected in the striking pulsations Extra blue/green neon light ring at the bottom further enhances the mood and lighting effect. Size: Sphere Diameter 3.25" (8cm) / Base Diameter 4" (10cm) / Height 5.5" (14cm) Color: Blue / Green Every Plasma Ball comes with one 12V, 230-240V AC adapter for the home and one standard 12V car socket cigarette lighter adapter for the car http://lights.com.sg/
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magic light bulb, powered by a plasma lamp
light bulb that lights up with out being plugged in.
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Custom Dynamics Magic Strobe Brake Light Modulator for Harley-LED Lights-Review-Install
In this video, I review and show you how to install a Custom Dynamics Strobe Brake Light Modulator on a Harley-Davidson touring motorcycle. This module allows you to select up to 9 individual strobe patterns that will emit from your rear LED brake lights when you apply your front or rear brake on your motorcycle. This greatly reduces the risks that you will get rear ended. It grabs the attention of that cage driver behind you that is not paying attention and might even be texting. We need all the help we can get when it comes to making the motoring public more aware of us on motorcycles. ***This Custom Dynamics Strobe Modulator will not work with your stock Harley halogen bulbs. You'll need to convert your old halogen bulbs to an LED system. This is super easy by just installing plug and play Ciro 3D Fang LED Signal/Brake insert lights. Take out your halogen bulb and plug in the new LED's!! Good to go. **GET CIRO 3D FANG LED SIGNAL/BRAKE INSERT LIGHTS IN OUR STORE HERE: https://shop.lawabidingbiker.com/collections/lighting-1/products/ciro-3d-fang-led-signal-light-inserts CIRO 3D FANGS COME IN BLACK OR CHROME!! SEE OUR DETAILED VIDEO ON THE CIRO 3D FANG LED'S HERE: https://youtu.be/Dg0cUCIXNr0?list=PL4h75QClVvqPgMQV7VAyPxoPCzoceb3qZ **GET THE CUSTOM DYNAMICS MODULATOR I USED IN THIS VIDEO HERE (AFFILIATE LINKS) REVZILLA LINK FOR CUSTOM DYNAMICS STROBE MODULATOR: http://bit.ly/2tZ0VaF BECOME A PATRON MEMBER AND GET BENEFITS: https://www.patreon.com/scrappy CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME FOR PURCHASE MOTORCYCLE TUTORIAL VIDEOS: http://www.lawabidingbiker.com/buyvideos GET A CIRO 3D SHOCK AND AWE LED LIGHTING KIT FOR YOUR HARLEY IN OUR STORE: https://shop.lawabidingbiker.com/collections/lighting-1/products/ciro-3d-shock-awe-led-lights GET FORK MOUNTED LED ILLUMINATORS: https://shop.lawabidingbiker.com/collections/lighting-1/products/ciro-3d-fork-mounted-illuminators GET BUGSLIDE WATERLESS MOTORCYCLE CLEANER IN OUR STORE HERE: https://shop.lawabidingbiker.com/collections/bugslide **BUGSLIDE IS TRUSTED & USED BY POLICE MOTORS OFFICERS WORLDWIDE!! This Custom Dynamics Strobe Modulator is really easy to install and is plug and play. I show you exactly how and where to plug the unit in on your Harley touring model. I show you how to set the two switches on the modulator and how to adjust the 9 different strobe patterns. You can watch the pattern I selected and see how it looks. Note: Make sure to disconnect the negative side of your battery before installing for safety. Also, turn your ignition off when selecting new strobe patterns. Then turn your ignition back on and test to see if you like the pattern.
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Magic Plasma Ball Night Light
The way the plasma ball works is by turning the gas present inside the ball into plasma. The base houses a high-frequency AC voltage generator. Which ionizes the gas, turning it into beautiful beams of light AKA plasma. No matter what your age may be, a plasma ball is one of the coolest things you can have in your home → https://uberlightingstore.com/product/magic-plasma-ball-novelty-night-light/
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Plasma Light Ball
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3 Inch Magic LED Plasma Ball Light
Views: 10 Pedro Sá
Onedayshop® Magic Plasma Light Electric Globe Static Ball Mood Lamp Party Lighting
Onedayshop® Magic Plasma Light Electric Globe Static Ball Mood Lamp Party Lighting For more details on this product and to purchase, please find on: http://amzn.to/1WgUDbh
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Crystal Globe Plasma Ball Light Sphere Lamp Unboxing & Testing
Magic Crystal Globe Desktop USB Plasma Ball Light Sphere Lamp Party Gift buy from Amazon https://amzn.to/2Sm1NzL https://amzn.to/2yDeTRb
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3 Inch Magic LED Plasma Ball Light with Touch Sensor
http://www.gearbest.com/led-strips/pp_248361.html?lkid=10095043 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HGrQyJMvhk
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Magic Plasma Crystal Neon Ball Home Interior Light with USB Interface ahappydeal
Product link: http://bit.ly/LTPe61 Main Features: This is a plasma ball, good for your health New and high quality Firm and durable, not easy to smash USB interface, convenient to use The light of inside will change with your finger's movement The ball will hiss from time to time Touching the ball with your fingers, you will see the magic changes Fadish design, a perfect deco for room, office, etc A great gift for friends, kids
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plasma LED night light magic ball lamp
plasma LED night light magic ball lamp butterfly guitar hero
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Magic LED Plasma Ball Light with Touch Sensor -GearBest-
Touch-sensitive LED Plasma Ball Light The power and beauty of lightning at your fingertips - can you believe it? After years of research and development, plenty of fellow scientists who thought it couldn't be done. We did it! This awe-inspiring plasma ball light is hand blown from quality glass. It looks just like the lightning jumps from the plasma in the center to reach out and touch your finger as you touch it against the glass. You can even feel the electricity as it gently warms your fingertips.
Views: 19 Spyros Nef
Плазмаболл сердце, Heart Plasma Ball, Magic Ball, Plasma Light Love Heart
Плазма шар внутри которго находится сердце испускающее молнии. Высота: 20 см Диаметр: 13,5 см Питание 220 В http://swet.com.ua/plazmennyi_shar_elektricheskiy.html
Magic Plasma Light
Song: Balloon party - Dregs
Views: 1073 rockalucas
Plasma Magic Light__SP-Gift
สินค้าในร้านSP-Gift "มีของพร้อมส่ง" ไม่ต้องรอนาน สั่งซื้ออัตโนมัติทางเว็บไซด์นี้ค่ะ http://sp-gift.lnwshop.com/ หรือสั่งซื้อทางแฟนเพจ http://www.facebook.com/SP2UGift
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Mercury plasma Bluetooth Magic Light Speaker Unboxing!!!!
Got this cool speaker and felt like I needed to unbox it for yall
Views: 189 Matthew Villalpando
3 Inch Magic LED Plasma Ball Light with Touch Sensor || GearBest
➔Product Link - https://goo.gl/4QEUc8
Views: 1 KiRa
Plasma Ball Magic Glass Lighting Plasma Globe Light Lamp
Get Yours Here : https://gearrora.com/products/plasma-ball-magic-glass-lighting-plasma-globe-light-lamp
Views: 49 Gearrora Store
Coolyer Magic Lightning USB Plasma Ball Light Desk Lamp
Coolyer Plasma Ball Light is perfect as a conversation piece in your office, a lesson about Tesla or a cool nightlight for your kids! The plasma ball is attached to a plastic base that has a power slide switch. This comes with a USB power cable that must be plugged in to power the light (not rechargeable). This light works incredibly well and never heats up, so it's safe for kids. The plasma ball light has now become my son's nightlight, but I do turn it off after he falls asleep. This is great visual stimulation that is interactive and engages children. You can also use this light for a science lesson! Thanks for watching!
European Sulphur Plasma Light 1300W+
Sulphur Plasma Lights are the new revolutionary light source with the highest effectivity and a true full spectrum similar to that of sunlight. We are now able to produce technical lighting solutions that would have been unimaginable just a short time ago.
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083 USB Plasma Magic Crystal Desktop Ball Light
Views: 51 TinyDeal4u
3 Inch Magic LED Plasma Ball Light with Touch Sensor
➤Product Link(Buy Here) - https://goo.gl/JmA9ai
Views: 0 MaTveIk
Plasma Light Crystal Ball
Glass Sphere Plasma Magic Lamp is newly develop hi-tech product used for inner decorations. USB power Interface socket DC 5V Size about 3 inch.
Views: 21 Jaime Lacson
Skull Plasma Ball Light
Skull Plasma Ball Light Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RockHardFans/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rock_hard_fans/ Buy it here : https://www.grandhappy.com/products/skull-plasma-ball-light Buy it here: https://www.grandhappy.com/products/skull-plasma-ball-light The skull Plasma ball light It is special for all those lovers of rock and heavy Metal Product Description: Cast your magic with these terrifying skull plasma balls which emit blasts of light beams within the glass sphere. Place your fingers over the ball and watch the magical sparks follow your touch. Suitable for both 110-240V countries. Made of glass and ABS plastic. Comes with US 2-pin plug and on/off switch. Approx. 8.25" x 10.22'' x 6.3'' / 21 cm x 26 cm x 16 cm A strong hand grasps the skull in place while it grimaces in pain from the chain which binds it forever to the servitude of its owner. Place your hands onto the ball, whisper your spell and watch the violet lightning follow your fingers where they roam. The skull Plasma ball light is unique to our store, you will not get anywhere else. Skull Plasma Ball Light Don't let them finish buying yours. Dale I like the video, share the video and comment if you would like to have a skull of these in your house. Subscribe to our channel to learn more about these products.
Views: 419 Grand Happy STORE
Music, Magic and Mayhem with Tesla Coil
I love what you can achieve with a Tesla coil! There are too many details, all talked about in the article in my website. Did you know you can play clear music with electrons?! You can read my articles here: http://www.electroboom.com/?p=575 Follow me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ElectroBOOM Support ElectroBOOM at Patreon: http://patreon.com/electroboom Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElectroBOOMGuy By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
Views: 2250626 ElectroBOOM
Plasma lamp and fluorescent light tube magic
fluorescent light tube is illuminating when it comes near to plasma ball.
Views: 75 suresh sharma
Get yours now! https://indigo-temple.com/products/plasma-light-novelty-electric-magic-ball
Views: 22 tom indigo

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