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Ragnarok Online | Rune Knight Guide (Ep 16.1) | Munbalance
Oh man, this sure is a long video. I did something new with the vocals in this video, let me know how it worked out, friends! This is a little late mind you, because the first take on this new audio set-up completely backfired, so I really hope it was worth. Gears - 2:01 Spiral build - 9:17 Consumables - 11:34 Soloing - 15:06 Special thanks to Verdana who did the RK art in the thumbnail ⇶ https://twitter.com/xXVerdanaXx Support the channel ⇶ https://www.patreon.com/munbalance My Discord server ⇶ https://discord.gg/X7f8A6t Follow me on Twitter ⇶ https://twitter.com/Munbalanced My SOLO gear in this video ⇶ https://i.imgur.com/Jo3YR5Y.png My Skill build in this video ⇶ https://i.imgur.com/20SCAFn.png I stream every Weekend ⇶ https://twitch.tv/munbalance The server I play on, NovaRO ⇶ https://novaragnarok.com
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RUNE KNIGHT Test all attack skill
This is Tro Renewal Official Test Server I will show you about Some status can increase your damage Click this link below you will understand http://upic.me/i/1q/barricade.jpg http://upic.me/i/gp/runeknight1.jpg http://upic.me/i/bg/runeknight2.jpg Sorry for my language I not expert in English
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Rune Knight 3M DB Endless Tower 90 Solo - Ragnarok Mobile Online
Ragnarok Mobile Eternallove - I show you rune knigth damage dragon breath one hit to Orc Hero If you like this video like and share, if you want more awasome video click Subscribe, thanks for watching. Rune Knight Build : https://youtu.be/_ME8nkUIsPE
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193 Max ASPD Agi-Crit Rune Knight in Biolab 4 (Solo) [iRO Chaos]
https://twitch.streamlabs.com/hayrohsenpaijp Doable but switching Holy weapon endow (Aspersio) to Shadow using Cursed Water for Randels. Fish-killing 1 by 1 and trying to avoid Dispells/G. Fists. *This is a "challenge" grind video, sure Dragon Breath is still number 1 for RK DPS in killing monsters in mobs/leveling but melee can also be fun and has potential (specially vs single target) if you are not into DB/range. エキップメント: Violet Fear [2] w/Aunoe Cards 2x & FS 8/5 Malangdo Enchants Cat Ear Beret [1] w/Bungisngis Card Black Devil Mask [1] w/Dark Pinguicula Card Jinn Marin Balloon Anti Magic Suit [1] w/Tao Gunka Card Fallen Angel Wing [1] w/Petal Card & Fatal 10 Enchants LUK Temporal Boots [1] w/Firelock Soldier Card RWC 2012 Ring [1] w/Kafra Blossom Card & STR+3/FS 3/3 Enchants Physical Enhancer Ring [1] w/Gold Scaraba Card *Other gears/alternatives: -LUK Temporal Boots w/Bear's Power + FS 7 is good but since this build has high flee/dodge/block rate using Parry, the proc chance for BP is really low (vs 1 target) unless you are mobbed, if you can tank it and get higher proc rate then its good. -Heroic Plate [1] -Bakonawa Agimat Tattoos -White Drooping Eddga Hat (+9~12) good proc rate -Evil Marching Hat [1] (+9) w/Dark Pinguicula Card -Great Thanatos Sword [1] (works like Rideword Hat [1]/Vanaguard Helm [1])'s HP/SP absorb effects Costumes/Shadow Gears: Tarnished Lamp Devoted Eyes w/+ ATK 1% Rudra's Grace w/+ ASPD 1 Physical Shadow Set (Weapon/Ring/Pendant) Hard Armor Champion Shoes Athena Shield RK Builds/Guides: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/154605-hayrohs-rune-knight-re-17560-water-dragon-breath-lux-anima-update-buildsguide-iro/?p=1824018 Intro & Brand Logos provided by TGN.tv http://www.playragnarok.com http://www.facebook.com/HayrohsLegacy
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1.Ragnarok M Runes Knight pvp build #Shipdont
ฝากกดไลท์กดติดตามด้วยนะครับจะทำคลิปออกมาเรื่อยๆครับ ในคลิปจะเป็นรูนไนท์สายแบชผสมพ่นไฟ
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Ragnarok mobile  [ LK spear\bash build ] equip and runes
Runes bash sword mastery cavalry mastery sword aura
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Ragnarok Mobile [ CBT - Sv.China ] : Test - Rune Knight skill [ Dragon Breath ]
Website : http://www.romsociety.com/
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The character isn't mine, this post is to share knowledge with other aspiring RKs out there. This is a shared file to me, as I don't know who the real owner is. All credits will go to him/her! if you are the owner and wishes for me to put down this video pls DM me. :) I am Vergel520 the guide maker. I enjoy making guides as I enjoy watching people learn more.
Views: 25065 Vergel520
Ragnarok Mobile [ Sv.China ] : CBT - Test all skill [ Active ] - Rune Knight
Website : http://www.romsociety.com/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokMobileFansite.TH/
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21. Ragnarok m  Skill and Runes. knight Bash and spear  #Shipdont
สายแบชและสายหอก นะครับ ขอบคุณทุกท่านที่ค่อยสนับสนุนและคอยแนะนำด้วยนะครับ
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[iRO] Rune Knight vs Bakonawa
Inspired by BlackCross RK video, this is a hybrid RK DB build. Still deals nice DB damage with proper gears. Buffs used: Takoyaki, Runes, VIP buffs, +20 VIT and STR Foods.
Views: 9014 Xerxes
Lord knight complete bash runes ROM SEA server
Thanks to the x2 guild donation.
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Ragnarok mobile Rune Knight Dragon breath build
Dragon breath Build
Views: 2692 Lee Shaoran
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK THE NOTIFICATIONS BELL! Here it is!! Hope I made you happy today :) Hope you learn a lot from this video. Everytime I make a job class guide, I really want to create one. It's just that like me, you guys will have a hard time to choose between the builds. Here are the timelapses: 1. Leveling - 0:36 2. Stats - 3:28 3. Skills - 4:37 4. Equips - 7:33 5. Runes - 11:49 Help me improve my videos and support my day-to-day life as a Youtuber at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ImmortalMBCG This is the Devil Wing Quest guide I have made before. You all should be looking into this one! https://youtu.be/973-WHZTAt8 This is the whole database of equipments where I took the pictures of the equips we've talked about in this video: Credits to Clo and her Roguard team: https://sites.google.com/view/spoonfeed/useful-sheets?authuser=0 Roguard site: https://roguard.net Here's the rune grid and complete description from Rom Society: http://romsociety.com/Webboard/index.php?/279-rune-guide/ Some notes: 1. You can send a message to my facebook page for inquiries: https://www.facebook.com/immortalmbcg 2. Or you can directly send me a message/comment here on this Youtube Video. 3. I offer 1hour everyday to respond to your messages/comments in Facebook or here in Youtube. If your comment didn't get a response, I may have missed it, or the answer's already in the videos. Sometimes, questions go up to a thousand and I can’t reply to every single one. 4. If you see a comment/inquiry that you know the answer, please be kind enough to answer the person in need of help. In this way, we can build a very good community in this channel. :) 5. Love you guys! Music: Intro song: Heuse & Zeus x Crona - Pill (feat. Emma Sameth) [NCS Release] Outro song: Warriyo - Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) [NCS Release] Like my facebook page: www.facebook.com/ImmortalMBCG AGAIN, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HIT LIKE, SHARE, AND CLICK THE NOTIFICATIONS BELL! Lastly, here's the list of upcoming Job Class guides: 1. Whitesmith 2. Champions 3. Stalker 4. Paladin 5. Creator
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Runes or Equipment? Where to focus first!
I am Vergel520 the guide maker. I enjoy making guides as I enjoy watching people learn more. Track: Lost Sky - Dreams [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/SHFTHDncw0g Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/DreamsYOf
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Ragnarok Mobile: Rune Knight WOE gameplay
video not mine, don't ask for the build. this one is DB type. I am Vergel520 the guide maker. I enjoy making guides as I enjoy watching people learn more.
Views: 80168 Vergel520
This is my Lord Knight Spear STR / VIT Pierce stats, skills and item ( for now ) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. I can 1 hit Minorous if I use water element. 2 hits if I'm not using it.
Views: 26449 harOLddUtube
ROM - RuneKnight - DragonBreath (grind) build - Stats&Skills
Hi Everyone. This is the very first guide I made. So please pardon me for my poor editing skills and commentaries. This video just covers Stats and Skills. I will upload another video in the coming days which will cover Gears, Runes, and actual field test. For Gears, please check out: https://youtu.be/XWcLQKhBN8c Please let me know in the comments if you have any guide requests. Notes: Stats: Dex - Total of 60 (Base+Bonus) Str - 119 Base Vit - Rest
Views: 2414 Idlehands
Ragnarok Eternal love mobile Rune System How to activate Runes in  Aeisr Monument
Ragnarok Eternal love This is a guide about the Rune System and How to activate Runes in Ragnarok Eternal Love Mobile Aeisr Monument. Requirements for activating Rune System - Base level 40 - Must be in a guild -Guild Quest reward - Aeisr Monument
Views: 25001 Emu Gamer
Episode #28: 10K Crit Damage (Lord Knight) - Ragnarok Mobile
Here are my total stats STR - 108 AGI - 81 LUK - 56
Views: 37534 Mobile Game Corner
Ragnarok Mobile - Lord Knight Agi Crit
PVP Agi Crit Lord Knight
Views: 4083 Keegan Fudo
Ragnarok M Eternal Love [Rune Knight]
See you tomorrow on OBT please share and subscribe! thank you
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Ragnarok Online Mobile - Best Farming Spot for Holy Avenger Agi LK
Yo! Sharing one of the best spots for Holy Avenger users, especially for AgiCrit Lord Knights. Also a grinding spot for decent job and base levelling up. The place can also be a good spot for farming Cyfars for mats and sellable items. If you find the video useful, do not forget to like and subscribe!!!
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Ragnarok Mobile : Paladin Build and Runes
Here's the links : https://i.imgur.com/v5STmvr.jpg https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Dq0ZRlfw7G1hFKJ0O8uA9TescbwiB0OayuP7JUKagcA/edit#gid=347103508 I forgot to mention that my Runes not in Trans Rune Yet.. To unlocking trans rune you need 15 Shards from Valkyrie Guild Dungeon I'm not to often on doing Valkyrie's Dungeon.. When you unlock it, you will have more options to build your runes.. Hope this helps.. Please Like and Subscribe.. ============================================== Hai guys, ini update build dari saya.. Karena Goibne's Shoes nya masih susah didapetin jadi saya pake equip build yg berbasiskan pada defend.. Untuk Skills dan build rune juga ada di video.. Semoga membantu ya.. Thank you udah nonton video dari saya.. Like, Share, dan Comment video ini kalo kalian suka.. Untuk update video game menarik lainnya, jangan lupa Subscribe!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbxX8_39ruNOtNJOAB6TiGw
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Ragnarok Mobile KOREA SERVER (Lord Knight to Rune Knight Job Quest) "click 720p" By: lllcatarslll
Ragnarok Mobile KOREA SERVER (Lord Knight to Rune Knight Job Quest) 2.0 "click 720p" By: lllcatarslll #youtube #ragnarok #ragnarokmobile #lllcatarslll #catars #ragnarok3d #pinoyoutuber Ign: lllcatarslll / catars / ~catars~ / ™catars™ Fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xfightingteamph/ Youtube channel: https://m.youtube.com/user/catars for more ragnarok mobile 101 guides... please don't forget to """SUBSCRIBE""" Open for comments and suggestions... salamat/thanks
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So this is it! Meioh's rune guide :) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/168tr2MSH4-pCWMJwhhakBWyXzGnxI7YXxVbwL2R5B8U/edit#gid=1312938141 Follow me on twitter: @ImmortalMBCG Like my facebook page: www.facebook.com/ImmortalMBCG Please don't forget to subscribe! :)
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Ragnarok Online Mobile - LK Agi/Crit Stat changed damage test
My Lord Knight is back... I tried updating my LK to achieve more damage and try to reach higher floor ET along with my HP. There were a lot of strong LK's out there but I would like to get stronger on my own phase. Enjoy watching... Previous Test damage: https://youtu.be/cowR3vgIhyk
Views: 42765 B.G. Cryst
Ro Mobile LK Bash na torre
Views: 5206 Soul King
Ragnarok Online Mobile SEA - Basher type test damage
Sharing the recipe for a double damage for bash. No runes yet purely items, stats, skill and stored card. Like, share and subscirbe! Thanks for watching.
Views: 8841 B.G. Cryst
Ragnarok Online 3-1 class Rune Knight
credit: doddler. Rune Knight in action. 3-1 class from ro future wiki: Rune Knight is a 3rd class job based on the knight class, and expands their repitoir of offensive spear and sword skills. Like their name suggests, Rune Knights can use runes, magic stones that bestow special abilities. A rune knight can craft these stones out of special ingredient and use them when needed. Rune Knights can no longer use their peco mount, but can now use a new special dragon mount. Knight and Lord Knight players that are level 99 can elect to change to Rune Knight. Becoming a 3rd job allows the player to continue leveling beyond level 99, to a maximum of 150. For skill list go to http://ro.doddlercon.com/wiki/index.php?title=3rd_Classes . I do not own this video. Ragnarok online is copyright by gravity games.
Views: 380971 insurge
Ragnarok Mobile Royal Guard Gospel Skill With Runes Location
Sorry for lags but just wanna share for all Royal Guards or Pallys that will become Royal Guards this AWESOME Party Heal... Very helpful for et oracle or boss hunting Tanks with party :)
Views: 3802 zack24 anything
Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love SEA - Whitesmith Runes Guide
In this video I will show you 4 things: 1. How to unlock runes 2. Why you should get runes 3. Which runes you should get 4. How to get the currency you need to get runes Full Cart Attack rune path: https://romelde.github.io/RuneBFS/#typeBranch/11/share/NoRgDBYDThCsMIhIsIDsiBMBOS1ZYIp0lpSIcTIAOKPNTB5eyBBsANlbSx5Drhk+ahEwUQfCSgDMkTHKRRFYPipnLIAFk3xdxFd0WSonJAjOVTZaxB2WwGh3wcoH3SyYeYHdTzqIWQL4iMExQlFDuUIRQgiIAoljQmCIQ4wIVAJVYlUzIdMhIlXCVQS0kEIq0SOqwWLroutqCmDqwAF0gA Full Cart Revolution Rune path: https://romelde.github.io/RuneBFS/#typeBranch/11/share/NoRgDBYDThCsMIhIsIDsqQDZEgJyTTgBMR0AzHJCVFZCvRLk2Aq5dRACx1dgU62JI2FpaFMWEylYEGITTFFyBZAQFIuTZDVI90qCTIR8Rk2AAcRikmslbaQQ8iYXEe47Bn3Am5F5faF9aXxRfbUU-HTBaGPsiXAs2I3JUhnSIUMcQQJyEdxwAXSA Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/GrawrzGuide and on FB: https://www.facebook.com/GrawrzGuide
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Ragnarok Mobile - Pure Crit DPS Rune Knight
Baselvl=111 Joblvl=31 Stats str=70 agi=94 vit=77 luk=56 Atk=6.1k Atkspd=480 Crit=95 Def=901 Flee=375
Views: 1336 Kung Fu Panda
Ragnarok Online: Rune Knight (Dragon Breath) @NCT
Music: Brave Frontier - Tower of Mistral
Views: 7167 Kiel Constantine
Final ET MVP Naght Sieger | Ragnarok Online iRO Chaos | Critical Rune Knight Crit RK
Final ET MVP Naght Sieger Floor Solo. I recorded both with Frenzy and fighting him normally. This vid is dedicated to my ingame wifey. Ai Ni My Hen Mei Koala. Naght Sieger can both be extremely hard (if not wearing the right gears) and easy (with the right gears). Wear Unfrozen Water Armor and Neutral Garment Resist. Use Coldproof and fireproof potions. Use fire element coverter for 100% damage. Naght Sieger is Demon Race and Ghost Property. Buffs used: +20 STR, LUK, VIT food Poring Pretzel Fireproof Potion Coldproof Potion Berserk Potion Shield Spell Large HP Potion Increase Runes: Isia, Asir, Turisus, Hagalas, Rhydo, Verkana Credits to one of the top RKs in iRO for sharing tips blackCROSS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEK2rpejhSqgOa2ntenxMQg Credits to the most skillful and legendary GX in iRO for tips Mireya: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI018DbAKLs1lf3SWSsdO7g Credits to one of the top RKs in bRO Dmc-Dante: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9n0kKOnuQ1UAx8dHBWK_tA/featured My iRO characters: https://ropd.info/?account=4696590 Credits to Keiichi Okabe for the lit music © 2016 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. No copyright or infringement intended. Credits to the rightful owners. Purpose of the video is for entertainment and gaming only. #MVPNaghtSieger #CriticalRuneKnight #CritRK #iROChaos #RagnarokOnline #RuneKnight #AgiCritRK #AgiCrit #EndlessTower
Views: 609 iRO Chaos Lee
RAGNAROK ONLINE MOBILE - Lord Knight Agi Crit 22K Damage Test
2,791 atk, 444.4% atkspd, full LK buffs+awakes+5 str agi luk foods
Views: 125044 Kung Fu Panda

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