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Жихарка -- Zhikharka -- A Russian cartoon with English subs
A cartoon based on a Russian fairy tale.
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MISS NEW YEAR, USSR, cartoon, 1991 (with ENGLISH subtitles)
A cartoon, made in the period of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, the story has several "holes". However, the fox girl is painted nice. Beauty pageant was held in the forest house of culture. With the help of deception a little crow has won the title.Of course, in the end, justice has been done. Soyuzmultfilm, 1991
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Nu Pogodi - Russian Cartoon - Episode 1 (1969)
Episode 1 of the most iconic Soviet-Era cartoon. Enjoy. A xx
Views: 194435 AnastasiasWonderland
Troekurovo russian commercial fox video
The fox advertizing video for "Troyekurovo" poultry farm.
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"An orphan fox" cartoon, Russia, 2004 (with English subtitles)
Based on the Bashkir folk tale. Fox wanted to separate friends, but nothing she has not turned out! Directed by Sergey Gordeev © Pilot studio, 2004
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THE TAILS, cartoon, 1966, USSR (with ENGLISH subtitles)
The main implication of this cartoon: Everyone must to carry their own destiny. Soyuzmultfilm, 1966
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THE FOX AND THE THRUSH, USSR, cartoon, 1946 (with English subtitles)
Cartoon based on a Russian folk tale. The evil and greedy fox is trying to eat a thrush and his family. Dodgy thrush comes up different ways to ward off the fox. In the end, thrush punishes a fox - he leads the fox to the dogs. SOYUZMULTFILM, 1946
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Andrei Svislotskiy, a Russian Cartoon from 1992
Andrei Svislotskiy is a Russian cartoon by Igor Kovalyov. The movie surrealistically depicts rural life in Russia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrei_Svislotskiy
Views: 24477 The Drunken Odyssey
RELATIVES, cartoon, Russia, 1993 (with ENGLISH subtitles)
Once upon a time there were two brothers. One was rich, and another, on the contrary, poor. Also the poor brother has decided to go to the rich brother that he has given something. Also the rich brother has told that if that works for him week, then can be and he will give something. And in a week the kind brother has presented with a glass of vodka and a piece of bread. The poor brother of rich has thanked and has gone home down the river. Here he has seen the old woman need sitting in his boat. The poor brother has suggested her to get into a bag to carry her home. The old woman need has obeyed. And as soon as she has got into a bag, the poor brother has tied it a rope and has buried under a big stone. Since then in the house the poor brother always had a prosperity. Once the rich brother comes on a visit to him and asks: "Tell why you have grown rich?". The poor brother has told all. Also the rich brother has decided to ruin the poor brother. He has gone to that big stone where the need has been buried, has removed her and has told: "Need, go to my brother, ruin him to the last thread". The need refuses and begins to stick to the rich brother. After that at him everything has gone crash: a half of all money is plundered by thieves, and other half is carbonized.
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'THE PAINTED FOX' cartoon, USSR, 1953 (with English subtitles)
Based on a Ukrainian folk tale. About how the animals punish thieving fox. directed by Alexander Ivanov written by Nikolai Abramov, B. Brodsky SOYUZMULTFILM, 1953
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The Rain - funny cartoons || Log Jam series
The Rain - funny cartoons || Log Jam series Log Jam is an animation series about three "professional" musicians, the Bear, the Rabbit and the Wolf. They are trying to rehearse in the forest regardless of the circumstances. Created by: Alexey Alexeev Produced by: András Erkel, Peter Drake Studio Baestarts in association with Nickelodeon UK Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Sk0hO9 Follow on G+: https://goo.gl/bjMC6q Find us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/AWYGlQ
'THE FOX, THE BEAR AND THE MOTORCYCLE AND SIDECAR', cartoon, USSR, 1969 (with English subtitles)
Good Master Bear enjoys creating various types of transport - bikes, bicycles and so on. One day, he suffered from his own goodness, agreeing to sell the Fox sidecar from his new motorcycle. By purchasing a sidecar, Fox, referring to the Forest Code, immediately begins to blackmail and extort against the Bears had not just a sidecar, but the whole motorcycle: now the master has himself to ride a motorcycle and carry the Fox, where she orders. directed by Petr Nossov written by V. Kapninsky SOYUZMULTFILM, 1969
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Russian VO Parodies - HOUSE MD cures FOX cartoons
Original:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ypi0Ogcy-I Наш пабдик: http://vk.com/russianvoparodies
Views: 2818 Russian VO Parodies
Stepochkin The  Paratrooper, Russia, cartoon, 2004 (with English subtitles)
Stepochkin The Paratrooper - this is a humorous cartoon about a guy who had a small growth. He longed to serve in the airborne troops. In spite of bans of his mother, Stepochkin became a real trooper.
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"THE FOX-BUILDER", cartoon, USSR, 1950 (with English subtitles)
On the motives of the same fable of I. A. Krylov. The lion, the great lover of hens, decided to construct for them a new henhouse and under the recommendation of the Donkey charges this business to the Fox. It is no wonder that hens began to disappear. directed by Panteleimon Sazonov written by Semen Nagorny SOYUZMULTFILM, 1950
Views: 4732 Zhurka75
'PETUSHOK THE GOLDEN COCK COMB', cartoon, USSR, 1955 (with English subtitles)
It is a screen version of Russian national fairy tale in processing of L. N. Tolstoy. Friends the Cat, the Ouzel and the Cockerel live together. The artful Fox some times tries to steal the Cockerel, but friends rescue him, and eventually the Fox is punished. directed by Petr Nossov, D. Anpilov written by Petr Nossov SOYUZMULTFILM, 1955
Views: 8583 Zhurka75
AN ORDINARY FOX (1992), Russia, cartoon, with English subtitles
Tale about impudent fox, who had quarreled with his friend.
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Hedgehog in the Fog - Russian cartoon + english subtitle
This is a story about a little hedgehog (voiced by Mariya Vinogradova) and his friend bear cub (voiced by Vyacheslav Nevinniy). The two would meet every evening to drink tea from the cub's samovar, which was heated on a fire of juniper twigs. As they drank their tea, the hedgehog and the bear would converse and count the stars together. One day, the hedgehog decides to bring the bear cub some raspberry jam. On his way to meet the bear to count the stars, he passes through the woods and encounters a beautiful, white horse standing in a fog so thick that the hedgehog can't even see his own pink paw. He is curious as to whether the horse would drown if it went to sleep in the fog. The hedgehog decides to explore the fog for himself. Director Yuriy Norshteyn (Юрий Норштейн) Writer Sergey Kozlov (Сергей Козлов) Art Director Franchesca Yarbusova (Франческа Ярбусова) Animator Yuriy Norshteyn (Юрий Норштейн) Camera Operator Alexandr Zhukovskiy (Александр Жуковский) Composer Mikhail Meyerovich (Михаил Меерович) Sound Operator Boris Filchikov (Борис Фильчиков) Script Editor Natalya Abramova (Наталья Абрамова) Voice Actors Alexei Batalov (Алексей Баталов) Narrator Mariya Vinogradova (Мария Виноградова) Hedgehog Vyacheslav Nevinny Вячеслав Невинный) Bear Film Editor Nadezhda Treshchyova (Надежда Трещёва)
Views: 90086 TheRussianCulture
THE PILL, cartoon (1983, USSR, with English subtitles)
Cartoon that satirizes greed and speculation on the deficit of goods. Based on the specifics of life in the Soviet Union during the end of the Soviet period. "Soyuzmultfilm" studio
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Family Guy compilation: jokes about Russia (part 1)
Jokes about Russia (Part 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdipQO5dF8s Family Guy is an American adult animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series centers on the Griffins, a family consisting of parents Peter and Lois; their children Meg, Chris, and Stewie; and their anthropomorphic pet dog Brian. The show is set in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island, and exhibits much of its humor in the form of cutaway gags that often lampoon American culture. Most of the Family Guy jokes about Russia and russians are in this video. If you find more funny moments about Russia that are not included in the video, I would appreciate if you send me links to [email protected]
Views: 5345710 Almaz Nizamutdinov
About how Gonsuke was trying to catch a fox, 2012, cartoon, Russia, (with English subtitles)
Kitsune - spirit, fox-werewolf. Once, people have tried to deceive this fox. In this cartoon you will know how this fox has outwitted young man named Gonsuke.
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Мультфильм  "ЛИСЬЯ ИСТОРИЯ" HD 2015 = Cartoon "Fox Story" HD 2015
Мультфильм Лисья история создан за рубежом. Это история про двоих браконьеров, которые варварским способом отлавливают «диких» животных. И вот однажды мимо их капкана проходила хитрая лисица. Это была не простая лиса, обернувшись в сказочно красивую девушку, она наказала кровожадных убийц обитателей леса. Не забывайте оставлять комментарии. Подписывайтесь на новые мультфильмы: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA4SCofsDZmHI1hre3_XsrQ?cub_confirmation=1 Cartoon Fox story created abroad. This is a story about two poachers who catch barbaric way "wild" animals. And once past their trap held sly fox. It was not just the fox turned into a fabulously beautiful girl, she was punished bloodthirsty killers forest dwellers. Do not forget to leave comments. Subscribe to new cartoons: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA4SCofsDZmHI1hre3_XsrQ?cub_confirmation=1
THE FOX AND THE WOLF, cartoon, USSR, 1958 (with ENGLISH subtitles)
An old man and old women lived together. One day the old man told his wife to bake some bread for he was going fishing. He later caught a whole truckload of fish and began to head home happy with his luck. On his way he saw a fox curled up on the side of the road. He crept up on the fox and found that it wasn’t moving at all...
Views: 2263 Zhurka75
Anime speedpaint #8 / humanisation of an old Russian cartoon “pup” (little fox)
Music 🎵: Время Нас Не Лечит
Views: 16 Hope’s Dreams
"Biter bit!" cartoon, USSR, 1983 (with English subtitles)
Tale of how little mouse beat a fox. Directed by Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin © Souyuzmultfilm, 1983
Views: 5816 Zhurka75
Spiderman Cartoon-Spidey meet Carnage part1
piderman Cartoon-Spidey meet Carnage part1
Views: 38189851 athalia123
Лиса и дрозд | видео для детей | The Fox And The Thrush | Cartoon Stories For Kids | Kids Tv Russia
Kids Tv Russia предлагает вам популярные и лучшие русские анимированные рассказы "Лиса и дрозд" для детей. Подпишитесь на наш канал для получения дополнительных обновлений о детских моральных историях и детских рифмах с огромной коллекцией на русском языке с творческой анимацией и лучшими персонажами. Visit our website http://www.uspstudios.co/ for more Children’s Nursery Rhymes & Kids Videos ============================================ Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™ Video: Copyright USP Studios™ ============================================ Bob The Train App - Download Now https://goo.gl/6euK1b
Top 8 Series Cartoons About Tanks
Top 8 Series Cartoons About Tanks sign a friend - and click on the bell! channel: ✔ a cartoon about tanks based on the game world of tanks, tanks online. cartoons about tanks - these are funny stories, the characters of which, tanks from the game world of tanks and tanks online stylized cartoons animated studios, enter the battlefield for the right to become a winner, in general everything is like in your favorite game: world of tanks and tanks online • contact with the author •in contact with: • mail: [email protected] Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/TDBXid Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #cartoonstanks, #tractors
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Stormy Petrel. (English Sub) Hillarious Russian Cartoon
I really hope you are watching this video. This is a 2004 Russian cartoon that amazingly accurately conveys an obligatory atmosphere of every classroom in Russia. Thats all. No political statements or anything. Enjoy
Views: 55347 Ilya Landa
Great Russian Cartoons - Первый Урок (First Lesson)
Here's a cute cartoon, Первый Урок (First Lesson), three young bear cubs learn a lesson about bees. A big thanks to Yuri for doing the subtitles. :). For more material for learning Russian, check out our website: http://elearnrussian.com
Views: 135723 eLearnRussian
About love (Russian Cartoons, USSR, 1981)
Cartoon film for adults and children
Views: 14837 MEXAHIZM
Stepochkin The Paratrooper 2 - Lunar Landing. Russia, cartoon, 2008 (with English subtitles )
The New Adventures Stepochkin. Now our brave paratrooper should go to the moon! Russia, 2008
Views: 19847 Zhurka75
"the cat and the fox" cartoon, 2004 (with English subtitles)
The cat kicked out, and the fox picked him up and use it to scare animals. Based on the Russian folk tale. Directed by Konstantin Bronzit © Pilot studio 2004
Views: 34908 Zhurka75
Great Russian Cartoons - Чуня (Choonya)
Here's a cute cartoon of Чуня, a young pig making new friends. Many thanks to Robert and Yulia for writing out the text. Sorry it took me so long to add them. For more material for learning Russian, check out our website: http://elearnrussian.com
Views: 398433 eLearnRussian
We met the world’s first domesticated foxes
This week, we meet the very cute and very bizarre result of an almost 60-year-long experiment: they’re foxes that have been specially bred for their dog-like friendliness toward people. We do a little behavior research of our own, and discover what scientists continue to learn from the world’s most famous experiment in domestication. The fox experiment continues under the supervision of Lyudmila Trut at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics. Her book “How to Tame a Fox (and Build a Dog)”, co-authored by Lee Alan Dugatkin, details the history and science behind the experiment. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2FqJZMl Like Verge Science on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2hoSukO Follow on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2Kr29B9 Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/7ZeLvX Read More: http://www.theverge.com Community guidelines: http://bit.ly/2D0hlAv Subscribe to Verge on YouTube for explainers, product reviews, technology news, and more: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs gene editing
Views: 4536455 Verge Science
Пёс в сапогах мультфильм | Russian Music Cartoon with English Subtitles
Dog in Boots Musical Cartoon. Russian Cartoons for Children with English and Russian Subtitles. «Пёс в сапога́х»- анимационный мюзикл по мотивам романа А. Дюма «Три мушкетёра» 1981 год.
Views: 39940 Weekly Russian
A BAG FULL OF APPLES, cartoon, USSR, 1974 (with English subtitles)
Cult Soviet cartoon. The plot is that kindness and generosity are always rewarded. directed by Vitold Bordzilovsky written by Vladimir Suteyev art director Vladimir Arbekov artist D. Anpilov animators Olga Orlova, Joseph Kuroyan, Oleg Safronov, Victor Likhachev, Anatoly Abarenov, Oleg Komarov, T. Pomerantseva, N. Kukolev, Fedor Yeldinov, Alexander Davydov, Ivan Davydov cameraman Michael Druyan executive producer Lubov' Butyrina music Michael Ziv sound Vladimir Kutuzov script editor Petr Frolov voice artists Gotlib Roninson, L. Kataeva, Anatoly Papanov (Wolf) , Boris Vladimirov (Crow), T. Dmitrieva, Sergei Martinson, Boris Runge, George Vitsin (Hare) , Boris Andreyev cutter G. Smirnova
Views: 228882 Zhurka75
ADVENTURE OF ONE FOX [trailer] . Pacific Meridian Film Festival 2010. Russian cartoons
ПОХОЖДЕНИЯ ЛИСА, Россия, 13 мин. Жил-был Лис. Был хитрый да жадный. И все ему мало было, зарился он на чужое добро. Всех обманывал — и соседей, и встречных, кто ему добро делал. Да только как-то раз собрались все обиженные и сами Лиса обхитрили.
Views: 429 Pacific Meridian
My life - Моя жизнь - russian cartoon
outstanding mult в куртинках о глубоком смысле жизни
Views: 47631 shtelle
Кот и Лиса мультфильм | Russian Cartoons with English Subtitles
Кот и Лиса мультфильм. Russian Cartoons with English Subtitles
Views: 253498 Weekly Russian
Летучий корабль | The flying ship | Russian cartoon with Russian and English subtitles
Soviet musical cartoon about usual guy, princes and different Russian mythological creatures. Watching Russian cartoon with Russian subtitles (for beginners) or without subtitles (for intermediate) is the best way to improve Listening skill! Watch the cartoon a few times, write down new phrases and words, watch untill you won't understand at least 90% of sounding speech and repeat by characters to improve your pronunciation as well!
Views: 10430 RU-LAND CLUB
بچوں کے لئے ٹینک - Funny Tank cartoons for children   Ep 88
بچوں کے لئے ٹینک - Funny Tank cartoons for children Ep 88 Tanktoon - Cartoons based on video game World of Tanks. Short funny tank stories. English mirror of plagasRZ channel. Subscribe for new TankToon! Don't forget to like'n'share if you like it! Quick link to subscribe Email: [email protected] OST Music on iTunes Facebook page: Russian channel Subscribe & More Videos: https://goo.gl/jrY94H Thank for watching, Please Like Share And SUBSCRIBE!!! #n, #boln
Views: 13005 Tanks Cartoon
Russian cartoon: The Stolen Sun (+English & Russian subtitles)
1943-4. Made during the darkest years of WW2. If subtitles appear to be missing: turn on CC in the bottom right of the video. Based on a children's poem by Korney Chukovskiy. The poem existed before the war (written in 1927), but the war made it very relevant. Credits: http://animator.ru/db/?ver=eng&p=show_film&fid=2941 Original poem in Russian here: http://www.litera.ru/stixiya/authors/chukovskij/solnce-po-nebu.html Originally translated on: June 20, 2009
Views: 5341 Niffiwan2
Толкование сновидений | Татарская сказка | Interpretation Of Dreams | Russian Cartoon Stories
Kids Tv Russia предлагает вам популярные и лучшие русские анимированные рассказы "Толкование сновидений" Подпишитесь на наш канал для получения дополнительных обновлений о детских моральных историях и детских рифмах с огромной коллекцией на русском языке с творческой анимацией и лучшими персонажами. Visit our website http://www.uspstudios.co/ for more Children’s Nursery Rhymes & Kids Videos ============================================ Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™ Video: Copyright USP Studios™ ============================================ Bob The Train App - Download Now https://goo.gl/6euK1b
Russian Cartoon Wolf Tickled
Characters not owned by me
Views: 54484 TheTicklingfan101
'THE DISOBEDIENT KITTEN' cartoon, USSR, 1953 (with English subtitles)
The Kitten didn't obey to the mistress, got lost in the wood and, certainly, he was punished. He lost his way, got wet under the rain, and felt fear. But by means of kind wood animals he came back home and promised "never-never..." directed and written by Mstislav Pashchenko SOYUZMULTFILM, 1953
Views: 89344 Zhurka75

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