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RE-PIN your Honda Wiring Connectors
In this Hasport Quick Tip Brian drops some knowledge about wiring your Honda.
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DEUTSCH DT Series Connector Instructions
This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly insert and remove contacts when using TE Connectivity's DEUTSCH DT Series Connectors. Visit http://www.laddinc.com for more information. DT Series Contact Insertion Step 1: Grasp crimped contact approximately one inch behind the contact barrel. Step 2: Hold connector with rear grommet facing you. Step 3: Push contact straight into connector grommet until a click is felt. A slight tug will confirm that it is properly locked in place. Step 4: Once all contacts are in place, insert the wedgelock into the housing. DT Series Contact Removal Step 1: Remove the wedgelock using a DT-RT1 removal tool, a screwdriver, a hooked tool or a pair of needle nose pliers. Step 2: To remove the contacts, gently pull wire backwards, while at the same time releasing the locking finger by moving it away from the contact with a screwdriver. Step 3: Hold the rear seal in place, as removing the contact will displace the seal.
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Замена электродов сварочного аппарата
роцесс замены электродов на сварочном аппарате JILONG KL-260C. Точно также меняются электроды на KL-280 и KL-300T. Подробнее: http://shop.nag.ru/catalog/item/01679
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Ripley Miller CFS-2 900 Fiber Optic Stripper for 250 and 900 micron buffer coating
Ripley/Miller Tools CFS-2 is a fiber optic cable stripper used stripping 250 and 900 micron buffer coating to expose 125 micron cladded fiber. It also features: Second hole for stripping 2-3mm fiber jackets 140 µm diameter hole and V-opening in blade allows removal of 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron fiber Pre-set at the factory - no adjustments needed Will not scratch or nick glass fiber All stripping surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerances to assure clean, smooth strips Comfort-grip, ergonomic handles Lock to hold tool closed when it is not in use Made in the USA Call 973-584-7550 to order. View this product in our online catalog at http://products.abitronix.com/testers-tools/tools/ripley-miller-cfs-2-900-stripper
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Biến tần Sumitomo HF430a mua bán sửa chữa hướng dẫn cài đặt
http://abientan.com/vi/mua-ban-bien-tan-cu-gia-re-da-qua-su-dung-secondhand/ Chuyên cung cấp biến tần giá rẻ Biến tần Sumitomo HF430a hướng dẫn cài đặt bien tan sumitomo hf430s https://abientan.wordpress.com/category/bien-tan-sumitomo/bien-tan-sumitomo-hf430a/ Biến tần Sumitomo HF430a hỗ trợ kỹ thuật bien tan sumitomo hf430a Đặc điểm kỹ thuật của biến tần sumitomo hf430a: Chế độ điều khiển: V/F, vector vòng hở, vector vòng kín Có chế độ copy thông số cài đặt Tích hợp bộ điều khiển PID Điện áp hoạt động tùy chọn: 200/400V Quý khách vui lòng liên hệ theo thông tin bên dưới để được hỗ trợ 24/7 về kỹ thuật và báo giá về biến tần bao gồm: Hướng dẫn sử dụng, đấu nối dây, vận hành, bảo trì, cài đặt thông số, xử lý lỗi, sự cố của biến tần. Cung cấp tài liệu tiếng Việt, user manual, catalog của biến tần. Trợ giúp cài đặt truyền thông rs-485 modbus rtu, ascii với plc, máy tính, hmi. Hỗ trợ cài đặt điều khiển PID, điều chỉnh tốc độ trên màn hình, bàn phím, biến trở chiết áp, đa cấp tốc độ. Mr. Thịnh – 090.4190.500(Zalo) Email: [email protected] Yahoo: abientan Skype: abientan Mã hàng thông dụng của biến tần sumitomo hf430a HF4312-5A5 C3 1 1 HF4314-5A5 C3 1 2.5 HF4312-7A5 C3 1 1 HF4314-7A5 C3 1 2.5 HF4312-011 C3 1 1 HF4314-011 C3 1 2.5 HF4312-015 C3 1 1 HF4314-015 C3 1 2.5 HF4312-022 C3 5 2.5 HF4314-022 C3 1 2.5 HF4312-030 C3 5 2.5 HF4314-030 C3 1 2.5 HF4312-037 C3 5 2.5 HF4314-037 C3 1 2.5 HF4312-045 C3 5 2.5 HF4314-045 C3 5 2.5 HF4312-055 C3 5 2.5 HF4314-055 C3 5 2.5
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How to rebuild your Rotary Assembly on your Caterpillar
If you have a leak coming from the center of the machine more than likely its the swivel assembly also known as the Rotary. Do it yourself repairs and save yourself a ton of cash instead of paying the dealer. Also coming soon a video showing you how to repack a leaking cylinder another way to save you some cash www.codythecarguy.com/store www.codythecarguy.com/forum
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2-in-1 Optical Power Meter & Visual Fault Locator TPM-35V Series
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Hitachi Deere Excavator Center Joint / Rotary Manifold   Rebuild
Thought I would throw together a video on the rebuild of of an excavator center joint. This is off my brother's Hitachi EX100. This one had started dumping oil in the track frame. There was a fair amount of rust on the center section as you will see and it took it's toll on the top two seals. The Deere dealer had the parts on the shelf and the price was comparable to what I saw online. Not a difficult repair in my opinion. It took a lot longer to clean up the rusty seal surface than anything else. Enjoy!
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Hitachi with electronic problem
Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with this machine other than it had something messed up with the electronics?
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установка электродов в оптическом сварочнике
установка электродов в оптическом сварочном аппарате, http://mtk.com.ua/catalog/items/97/
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NEW Fujikura 22S Fusion Splicer, Perfect for FTTH w/ Active Cladding Alignment
For more info and Pricing: http://www.specialized.net/Specialized/catalog/searchresults.aspx?keywords=fsm-22s The Fujikura 22S active cladding alignment fusion splicer bridges the long standing gap between core alignment and fixed v-groove fusion splicer technology. Moveable v-grooves eliminate splicer errors due to dust and other contaminants. Despite its incredibly small size, this ruggedized, full-featured unit offers unmatched versatility for splicing in the most challenging environments. The innovative transit case and work tray provide multiple options for the best utilization of available work space while the long life battery provides power for up to 200 splice cycles which include application of the splice protection sleeve. The Fujikura 22S incorporates features typically found only in more expensive models. Removable sheath clamps allow the use of fiber holders if desired. The large 4.7" monitor provides a crystal clear image, even in the brightest sunlight, for evaluating splice quality. The electrode life has been extended to 3,000 splices, minimizing downtime for replacement and stabilization. Software updates are accomplished via the internet allowing users to quickly update their software as new splice programs become available. The fully ruggedized chassis provides for shock, dust and moisture protection while the two camera observation system provides for accurate fiber alignment and loss estimation calculations. The Fujikura 22S is also fully compatible with the FUSEConnect® line of fusion installable connectors. Backed by the best service team in the industry, the Fujikura 22S is the ideal splicer to use when portability, ruggedness, versatility and reliability are needed for your splicing application.
CAT DATA LINK Adapter III -  diagnostic tool for caterpillar CAT ET 3
Tester diagnostyki do CATERPILLAR - Adapter 3 tester CAT dostępny na: http://www.motodiagnostyka.com/product_info.php?products_id=168
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Rotary Systems Rotary Unions
Rotary Systems is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of standard and custom rotating unions
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#unitedtractors - Hydraulic Excavator Komatsu PC200-8
The Most Wanted Hydraulic Excavator in Indonesia The key features of PC200-8 include on the ecology and economy aspects such as: Lower fuel consumption by implementing new engine technology, Lower emission with certification of US EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A, offers better safety and operator comfort. For more details: www.unitedtractors.com
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AFL CT-06 Precision Fiber Cleaver Demonstration
For more info and Pricing: http://www.specialized.net/Specialized/catalog/SearchResults.aspx?page=1&keywords=afl+cleaver&refine=y&Category=FIBER+OPTIC%3ESPLICING+PRODUCTS%3EFiber+Cleavers%3ECleave+Tools Features: Compact and light weight Blade life up to 48,000 cleaves Single-step operation Applications: Field installable connectors Mechanical splices The CT-06 fiber optic cleaver provides high quality cleaving at an economical price. Designed for cleaving single fibers only, this cleaver is best suited for the installation of field installable connectors and mechanical splices. The rugged yet scaled-down design offers cleave quality approaching that of more expensive high precision cleavers. The long-life, 16-position circular blade performs cleaving operation in one single step. A manual scrap is included.
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks - UP Time forklifts diagnostic UP-Time
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks diagnostic kit available on: www.motodiagnostyka.com http://www.motodiagnostyka.com/index.php?cPath=139
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Bare Fiber Adaptor with Magnetic Clip
Bare fiber adaptors provide a simple and effective way to use unterminated fibers with commercial receptacles. Simply strip, clean and cleave your fiber and insert into the bare fiber adaptor. They are recommended for power meter connections, temporary system repairs or wherever a quick fiber connection is required. OZ Optics has recently improved the bare fiber adaptor design to now use a clamping mechanism. The new design gently yet firmly holds the fiber in place without harming soft acrylate coatings, and is even easier for operators to use. The magnetic clamp applies no stress to the fiber, which makes it ideal for PM fiber related measurements including extinction ratio (ER), polarization dependent loss (PDL) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD). Bare fiber adaptors with the spring clamp accommodate up to 900 micron OD jacketed fiber. Bare fiber adaptors with the magnetic clamp accommodate 250 micron to 400 micron OD jacketed fiber. 900 micron OD tight buffer and custom jacket sizes are available. (Please ask factory). Please see our online catalog at http://shop.ozoptics.com for standard parts and specifications.
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Introduction to FutureFLEX Air-Blown Fiber
https://www.sumitomoelectric.com/products/futureflex-solutions/ See how FutureFLEX® Air-Blown Fiber enables you to scale your network immediately, control network capacity, and quickly upgrade your network at the exact pace of emerging technology... while saving significant time and budget dollars.
Сварочный аппарат ВОЛС Fitel S179 | Romsat.ua
Fitel представил новинку - модель S179: http://romsat.ua/ru/company/news/fitel-s179/ Каталог сварочных аппаратов ВОЛС: http://romsat.ua/ru/products/cable-products/optical-cable-and-accessories/welding-machines-cleavers/ Сварочный аппарат Fitel S179 Сочетая в одном устройстве скорость, точность, надежность и самые последние методы передачи данных – новый сварочный аппарат одинаково подходит как для работ по прокладке ВОЛС, сетей PON и FTTx, так и для заводских целей. Автоматический сварочный аппарат с выравниванием по сердцевине модели FITEL S179 работает со всеми типами одичочных волокон, а также с оптическими коннекторами типа SC/LС.
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Sinocmp Vecu Excavator Controller Vecu 1 Year Warranty
Get more info on Amazon-US: http://bit.ly/29wdVXM Sinocmp Vecu Excavator Controller 1 Year Warranty for Sumitomo Sh210-5 A5product Specification: 1. Part Name:sumitomo A5 Controller2. Application Model: A53. Warranty: Manufacturer for 1 from date of purchase4. Other Available Number: Khr1782 Khr10031 07g0r0446 Khr10029(a) 9cg0l257 Khr100365. Sh120 A1 A2 A3 A5, Sh210-5, Sh350-5, Sh280-5, A5 Sh360-56. Package: standard retail cartonabout Delivery? 1. Generally, item will be shipped within 2 working days after the payment is received.2. Products will be carefully checked before sending out.3. The possible additional cost such as tax and customs charges will be charged form buyer. We are always making our most efforts to lessen this cost.4. All items come with tracking number, which can be tracked online.5. Sometimes the may stay for long time. Please understand international shipping. When you don't the in 15 delivery, inform us or contact your local express agency, this we could the problems. Note: 1. make sure physical address and information is accurate the order, the Dhl/ups/fedex/tnt accept Box address. 2. We hope it arrive on but since this is an will be highly depended on the logistic company and customers or duties. Thank for understanding.3. We are responsible for caused by service as accident, delays or issues.4. The picture is for reference only. the object as the standard. 5. Wire and electrical parts are very easy to short circuit, will lead to the damage of controller. testing and attention to the installation of the
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Jump Starting
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Heat Shrink Tubing Sizes: How-to Measure for the Right Size - By Allied Wire & Cable
http://www.awcwire.com - Learn how to measure heat shrink tubing sizes correctly, from Allied Wire & Cable! Our quick and easy how-to video will show you how to measure heat shrink tubing with calipers or a ruler, and explains the concepts of shrinkage ratios and percentages so you're ready to order the right size heat shrink tubing! Visit our website at http://www.awcwire.com/heat-shrink-tubing.htm to learn more about heat shrink tubing.
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EXFO FTB-860 NetBlazer Product Demo for FTTH and Ethernet Testing
For more info and Pricing: http://www.specialized.net/Specialized/catalog/searchresults.aspx?keywords=EXFO+FTB THE ULTRA-PORTABLE CHOICE FOR MULTISERVICE TESTING The ongoing transition towards a converged network infrastructure for legacy DSn/PDH, ISDN, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel, CPRI and packet-based Ethernet services requires a test tool that can cover a wide range of interfaces and rates, without sacrificing portability, speed or cost. Leveraging the powerful, intelligent FTB-1 handheld platform, the NetBlazer streamlines processes and empowers field technicians to test and validate DSn/PDH, ISDN, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel, CPRI and Ethernet circuits efficiently Powerful and Fast The NetBlazer is a fully integrated DSn/PDH, ISDN, SONET/SDH, OTN, Fibre Channel, CPRI and Ethernet handheld tester. It offers a 7-inch touchscreen with unprecedented configuration simplicity via hybrid touchscreen/keypad navigation. Platform connectivity is abundant via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet or USB ports, making it accessible in any environment.
How to strip buffer tubed fiber cables using Ideal Industry's 45-163 buffer tube stripper?
Order it here: https://www.fiberoptics4sale.com/products/f1-0021 This is Ideal Industry’s 45-163 multi-fiber buffer tube stripper. It can strip buffer tubes from 3.2 to 6.4mm in diameter. It comes with two notches, one notch is for the ring cut, it works like this. The other notch is for the longitudinal cut, along the buffer tube length, it works like this. The first step is to adjust the blade's cutting depth. We put the buffer tube within the second notch, up again the buffer tube, such that we can see where the blade's depth should be set up to. Now let's loosen the screw, and then move the blade to the correct depth where it cuts through the buffer tube but does not damages the fibers inside. Then we can put the stripper where we need to cut the buffer tube, press the blade so that it cuts into the material, then do the ring cut once, now the buffer tube is successfully removed. All fibers inside are intact. Now let's do the longitudinal cut, for cutting a mid-access window within a length of buffer tubed fiber cable. First let's loosen the screw for the longitudinal cut blade, adjusts it to the same depth as the ring cut blade, then tighten it up. Put the cable where the longitudinal cut starts, press the blade down so that the blade cuts into the material, then pull it along the buffer tube until where it needs to stop. Then put the buffer tube into the ring cut notch, do the first ring cut, and then the second ring cut. Now we can remove this section of the buffer tube, and have a mid-access window on the cable. Now let's remove the kevlar fiber strength member, and we have fully access to the fibers inside. There is one extra round edged blade for the longitudinal cut, it makes it easier to pull the stripper along the buffer tube. We have this buffer tube stripper in stock at fiberoptics4sale.com. Order it now at the link below. Visit fiberoptics4sale.com for more free fiber optic training videos and subscribe to our channels on Youtube and Vimeo.
Free Isuzu Wiring Diagram
Totally Free Isuzu Wiring Diagram!
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Automatic FTTH Fiber Optic Splicing Machine Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer optical fiber splicing
Automatic FTTH Fiber Optic Splicing Machine Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer optical fiber splicing machine Fiber Optic Splicing Machine now available in 30% Off So don't late. Fiber Optic Splicing Machine Splicing machine fujikura http://ali.pub/2qh4em Splicing machine: http://ali.pub/2e07yl 2018 New OTDR fiber tester 1310/1550nm 120km with English Espanol 30/28dB http://ali.pub/2qh3xw Communication Equipment's http://ali.pub/2e07yl www.cutesalud.weebly.com/store/p1/How_to_get_free_apple_ipad_pro.html Thanks for watching Fiber optic Splicing machine Please subscribe the channel and share the video. If you like the optic splicing machine you can take it. It is good to use and reduce your splicing problem. Fujikura splicing machine price IS ABOUT 979.99$ but it may vary sometimes. #FiberOpticSplicingMachine #SplicingMachine #FTTHFIBEROPTIC
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케이엠디지텍에 일본스미토모전장 1월 25일 구매단 방문
2013년 1월 25일 세계전장업계 3위인 스미토모전장에서 구매단 방문
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