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The Magic Roundabout (Uk 2005)
A group of friends embark on a dangerous journey in an effort to imprison their oppressor -- the evil wizard ZeeBad.
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A 1970's edition of the seminal Children's TV show "The Magic Roundabout" written and voiced by the unique Eric Thompson. Why this isn't repeated or released on DVD is beyond me. Classic stuff!!!
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Doogal (US 2006)
Licensed by The Weinstein Company (2006-2018) According to William H. Macy, Harvey Weinstein saw the film and decided to do an American version. On 24 February 2006, the film was released in the United States as Doogal, and was produced by The Weinstein Company. In the United States version, where audiences aren't as familiar with the series, the majority of original United Kingdom voices have been dubbed over by celebrities more familiar to the United States, such as Chevy Chase (Train), Jimmy Fallon (Dylan), Whoopi Goldberg (Ermintrude), William H. Macy (Brian), Kevin Smith (Elk) and Jon Stewart (Zeebad). Daniel Tay plays the titular character in the United States dub. Only two original voices remained those of Kylie Minogue and Ian McKellen, Minogue, however, re-voiced her own lines with an American accent. The United States version also features Daniel Tay (Doogal), Bill Hader (Sam) and Judi Dench (narrator). Writer Butch Hartman (The Fairly OddParents) rewrote the dialogue in the film to make it more appealing to American audiences, but in the end, most of his rewrites were discarded, instead, the final version had numerous references and flatulence jokes, which weren't in his initial script. Hartman revealed in 2017 that the film was originally supposed to include a live-action frame story similar to The Princess Bride but was scrapped due to budget costs. Changes in the US Version Zebedee's nightmare, the opening sequence, Ermintrude's concert, and various other scenes are shortened for time. Narration by Judi Dench is heard throughout the film. "Dougal" is spelt as "Doogal" in this version, possibly to prevent any mispronunciation with the voice actors. Much of the original dialogue is changed, with the main addition of pop culture references. Wacky cartoon sound effects are added into some scenes. Zeebad, Soldier Sam, and Ermintrude's personalities are heavily changed from their original versions. Some bits of the original music is changed or removed, as well as some of the sound effects. Additional music by James L. Venable is also added in. Many British words are changed to more American words, such as "roundabout" being changed to "carousel" or "merry-go-round". Additional dialogue and various one-liners are added into scenes that were originally silent. The narration implies that Zebedee's reason for not joining with Dougal and the others on their quest was because he went to search for Zeebad; in the original, it was because he had to stay behind to guard the roundabout. Characters such as the Elk and the Skeletons are given dialogue despite being silent in the original. Fart noises are added in for the Elk as a running gag of him constantly breaking wind. Train is given much less dialogue than in the original version. Every shot of Zeebad's ice palace is cut; glimpses of the palace can be seen in the background in a few shots, but is not shown in full view. During the scene of Zeebad trying to interrogate Dougal, a brief flashback depicting Florence trapped in the icy carousel is shown. An additional song entitled Simply Wonderful by Andrea Remanda and Goldust is added in. A sequence that featured the song Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra was moved to the very end of the film, serving it as the ending to the movie; in the original version, the scene was actually a dream sequence that appeared in the middle of the film. The characters find out the third diamond is hidden in the carousel through hieroglyphics at the temple; in the original version, Zebedee already informed them that it was there before they set off on their journey. An entire scene in which Dougal has a nightmare about Florence is cut. Instead of Brian, it's Dougal who finds the village. A scene where Dougal and the others are wandering through the frozen village before encountering Zeebad is removed. The scene where Zebedee is revealed to be alive is shown after Florence questions where he is; in the original it was shown right after Zeebad was defeated. A scene where the characters try to celebrate their victory by riding on the roundabout only to see it won't work due to Sam not being part of it is removed. A post-credit scene of Zeebad in his prison is completely removed. Behind the scenes footage of the American actors recording for the film is added into the end credits. A second post-credit scene of Zebedee saying to the audience "Time for bed" is moved to the end of the credits instead of midway.
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See How an Insane 7-Circle Roundabout Actually Works | WIRED
Your first thought upon seeing Swindon's 'magic roundabout' might be: man, the Brits have really lost the plot lately. But this thing—which is actually seven roundabouts in one—has been working for 60 years. Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. See How an Insane 7-Circle Roundabout Actually Works | WIRED
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP69 - The Rabbit, the Dog and the Wardrobe
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP69 - The Rabbit, the Dog and the Wardrobe When a brightly decorated wardrobe appears in the village, its ‘special’ qualities has everyone in a spin. First Dylan, then Dougal, then Ermintrude find themselves in the wardrobe and transported to a variety of places. Dougal appears in Ermintrude’s boudoir and when Ermintrude goes through in pursuit of Dougal, she finds herself smack in the middle of Brian’s gravel collection! The puzzling wardrobe continues to confound everyone, until Florence puts two and two together and realises it was another of Zebedee’s pranks! Mr Grimsdale arrives with some pies and its time to party!
The Magic Roundabout 1/4
Magic Roundabout - Theme song
this is OST of the Movie Magic roundabout.
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The Magic Roundabout, 2005
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Decoding the magic roundabout
Referenced website : http://crowned.github.io/roundabouts/ How does the magic roundabout in Swindon work? It is simple to understand, if you think of it in the right way.
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The New Magic Roundabout (1997 UK VHS)
Released by Channel 5 Video in 1997. All Rights belong to Respective owners.
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP64 - Dougal the Helpful Helper
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP64 - Dougal the Helpful Helper Dougal is more of a hindrance than a help to Florence when doing the housework. Florence tells him he’s not much good at housework and Dougal feels Guilty about this and to make amends decides to help everyone in the Enchanted Garden – with devastating results. He ruins Ermintrude’s washing, wrecks Mr. Grimsdale’s shop, messes up Brian’s gravel collection and varnishes Dylan to his deck. Dougal is terribly depressed by all of this, so Florence and Zebedee come up with a ploy to make Dougal feel better about himself. And it’s time to party!
Swindon's Magic Roundabout from the air
The Magic Roundabout, Swindon, from the air. (Music Credit: Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz)
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP102 - Dougal's See-saw Ride
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP102 - Dougal's See-saw Ride Florence asks Mr. Grimsdale to make a see saw as a surprise for Basil and Coral. Dougal is horrified at the thought that it might be placed over his bone patch. After checking that the offending item is not on the patch, he creeps on it and walks up and down. Zebedee appears, bounced on the other side and sends Dougal flying into the air, landing in a bale of hay, where he is stuck. Everyone is looking for Dougal, but it’s Mr. Grimsdale who finds him and takes him back to Florence’s house. The children are Delighted to see Dougal and delighted with their new plaything. Dougal declines to have another go, scared that he’ll go flying Again. And it’s time to party!
THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - 1 hour - Compilation #1
THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - 1 hour - Compilation #1 EP53 - Sweet Memories 00:00 EP54 - Snails Alive! 12:42 EP55 - The Magic Lamp 25:22 EP56 - The Phantom House Thief 38:32 EP57 - Mr. Grimsdale's Holiday 51:42
The Magic Roundabout - E28 - Brian And The Train Race
The Magic Roundabout Episode 28 - Brian and the Train Race I DO NOT OWN THIS
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Kylie Minogue:The Magic Roundabout(Full Title Track Video)
Hi Everyone, This is the title track to the Magic Roundabout/Doogal movie, performed by Kylie Minogue. This video is an extension of the original trailer where the song was first heard
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The Magic Roundabout: Road Signs
Narrated by Eric Thompson Mr. Rusty is fed up with all the traffic in the garden and so is everyone else, so they make signs. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the content in this video.
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The Magic Roundabout Look Back In Gaga 001
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The Magic Roundabout: Swindon's Terrifying Traffic Circle and Emergent Behaviour
http://tomscott.com - http://twitter.com/tomscott - Despite its reputation as being a Traffic Circle of Hell, Swindon's Magic Roundabout -- like the couple of other "ring junctions" in the UK -- is a triumph of road design. Here's why it works so well. For more information on this, its small number of siblings across the country, and why popular opinion's still against it, have a look at its CBRD entry: http://www.cbrd.co.uk/articles/the-magic-roundabout/
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The Magic Roundabout Barmy Army 001
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♪♫ The Magic Roundabout Song - 'Magic' by Pilot ♫♪
People seem to find it hard to find this song, because the Selena Gomez version. So i made this video.... Title gives more info than the Description :P Well, anyway, Enjoy!
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The Magic Roundabout Timelapse (Drone Footage)
This Drone Footage Video captures The Magic Roundabout in Swindon, timelapsed. See an updated timelapse of this roundabout at night with light trails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t88Jsg_oDXI p.s. hope you enjoy the animation i made myself at the beginning. Series: Timelapse & Chill #1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrjakesilvester Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mrjakesilvester Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/MrJakeSilvester The Magic Roundabout is a road junction in swindon that consists of five mini-roundabouts arranged around a sixth central one, with everyone commuting in an anti-clockwise direction. Constructed in 1972, it is named after the famous British children's television series called The Magic Roundabout. In 2009 it was voted the fourth scariest junction in Britain, in a poll by Britannia Rescue. The complex junction offers multiple paths between feeder roads. The outer circle carries traffic in a clockwise direction, like a normal roundabout (in places where traffic drives on the left hand side of the road), and less proficient users may choose to use only the outer circle. The inner circle carries traffic in a anticlockwise direction, and more proficient users may choose to use the alternative paths. The roundabout was constructed according to the design of Frank Blackmore, of the British Transport and Road Research Laboratory. Traffic flow around the larger, inner roundabout is anticlockwise, and traffic flows in the usual clockwise manner around the five mini-roundabouts and the outer loop. Equipment Used: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X Music: 'Fast Car (Courtney Mills Bootlegs)' by Tobtok feat. River Assess Link: https://soundcloud.com/courtneymillsbootlegs/tobtok-ft-river-fast-car-courtney-mills-bootleg-sample Location: A4259 road (County Road / Queens Drive / Fleming Way / Drove Road / Shrivenham Road) Enjoy! :) Feel Free to Like or Dislike, if you dislike the video please let me know why so i can improve in the future, Thanks.
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The Magic Roundabout: Alarm Clock (Nigel Planer's version)
Here's another episode of The Magic Roundabout. This time, Narrated by Nigel Planer. Disclaimer: I own nothing.
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The Magic Roundabout
Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS The Magic Roundabout · Kylie Minogue, Andrea Remanda, Goldust Doogal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ℗ Pathé Fund Limited Released on: 2018-06-01 Author: A.Remanda Composer: Goldust Author: J.O'mahony Author: M.Harwood Music Publisher: Pathé Fund Limited Author: n' .Keynes Auto-generated by YouTube.
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The Magic Roundabout S2 Credits
CNC Centere international number is the same as the one can get it Films Action Siloio Action Synthese Ellipsan!me Play Production Nick Jr Join in M6 ZDF
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The Magic Roundabout Theme Tune on Loop
This video is about The Magic Roundabout Theme Tune on Loop
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1960's episode of The Magic roundabout
Early black and white Episode of The Magic roundabout
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jasper carrot magic roundabout
jasper carrot magic roundabout funny
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The Magic Roundabout: Dougal - Film Director
Here's an episode of The Magic Roundabout. Narrated by the unique Eric Thompson Dougal is making a film. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the content in this video.
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Dalek44 - The Magic Roundabout
Today we take a look a one of the few movies based on a nostalgic show that had actual effort put into it and has Doctor Who as the villain. What could be better than that? Anyone who wants to see the 1960's classic show get a well deserved DVD release sign this petition: https://www.change.org/p/release-the-1960s-classic-the-magic-roundabout-on-dvd
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A Drive Around the Magic Roundabout in Swindon (HD)
You can drive around it either way and it's put Swindon on the map. Recorded on a Swindon Town Football Club matchday (hence the police presence). One for all you roundaphiles!
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IQ- The Wake+The Magic Roundabout live 85
Parue sur l'album "The Wake" en 1985 Cette version est enregistré au Camden Palace et vient du DVD "Live From London" Parue en 2005. Achetez ce DVD sur: www.iq-hq.co.uk/ Enjoy!!!
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP103 - The Blue Ermintrude
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP103 - The Blue Ermintrude Ermintrude finds a clump of unusual blue flowers in her field. Dougal thinks that they’re rare and so he will be able to exchange them in return for pies. He and Fly plot to steal the blue flower when Dylan falls asleep while he’s guarding it. Florence discovers the plant has gone. Soldier Sam organises the team to look for the plant. Whilst Dougal is taking evasive action he comes across a whole field of ‘Blue Ermintrude’s’ and realises they aren’t rare and he won’t be able to buy any pies with them. Zebedee exposes Dougal’s plan, and Dougal is forced to admit and apologise. And then it’s time to party!
The Magic Roundabout: Dylan Plays The Bagpipes
Narrated by Eric Thompson Dylan is learning the noble art of bagpipes. Disclaimer: I own nothing.
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Nick Toons 2005 The Magic Roundabout Advert 2
Nick Toons 2005 The Magic Roundabout Advert 2
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Magic Roundabout YouTube Poop: Magical Pooping Tour
Two other British narrators for The Magic Roundabout?? ...heh, where's the fire? :) FACEBOOK: CCTV Studios TWITTER: Sakibranton WATCH OTHER PRESCHOOL GUY VIDEOS AT http://thepreschoolguy.blip.tv/
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MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP100 - Gloria Brian is surprised by the arrival of a female snail’s appearance in the Enchanted Garden. Her name is Gloria and, she tells him, she’s an expert on everything! Gloria is charming and forceful and soon has everyone convinced she really is an expert on absolutely everything. Everyone, that is, except Dougal. He smells a rat and does his utmost to persuade the others not to take advice from Gloria. Dougal eventually challenges Gloria to make the Magic Roundabout go faster, but her solution makes it grind to a halt. Gloria is horrified and all is revealed. She’s an actress, not an expert, and Zebedee employed her to play the expert just as a silly joke. Everyone laughs, Dougal forgives Gloria – and it’s time to party!
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP93 -  Train Gets Lost
MAGIC ROUNDABOUT - EP93 - Train Gets Lost Train’s heating system is not too good and he’s liable to overheat on his next journey. Mr. Rusty fills his tank with water and sends him off, thinking he will be okay. But he’s not! Not only does his tank overheat and make him stop, but he gets lost in the mist. The Enchanted Garden team are very worried. Where is train? Suddenly they hear him coming towards them very fast and out of control. Mr. Grimsdale jumps onto train, and with a little help from Zebedee closes down train’s water valve just in time. Mr. Rusty fits a new cooling system and all is well once again. And it’s time to party!