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Disney Airs First Gay Kiss in Cartoon Series
The scene in Disney XD's Star vs. The Forces of Evil episode is getting backlash, as expected. TV Guide's official YouTube channel brings you behind-the-scenes access to your favorite shows and interviews with your favorite celebs! For more news, videos and photos click HERE: http://bit.ly/1qAossx Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE to the TV Guide channel: http://bit.ly/11yINCm TV Guide on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1HqOzab TV Guide on Twitter: http://bit.ly/11GJx9o TV Guide on Google+: http://bit.ly/1BQPtN3
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Conservatives Lose Their Minds Over a Gay Cartoon
Two students from the Ringling College of Art completed a 4-minute animated short that starred gay characters. After their project went viral, triggered conservatives quickly vocalized how offended they were, accusing members of the LGBT community of trying to "recruit" children into homosexuality. In this segment we provide you with examples of their outrage and laugh at these right-wing SJWs. Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/in-a-heartbeat-animated-film_us_597f5615e4b02a4ebb771d36?utm_campaign=hp_fb_pages&utm_source=main_fb&utm_medium=facebook&ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063 ************************ Visit Our Website: http://www.humanistreport.com/ Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HumanistReport Like Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/humanistreport Support the Show: http://www.humanistreport.com/support.html Become a Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/humanistreport Download Our Podcast on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/humanist-report-podcast-episode/id1012568597?i=345667843&mt=2 ************************ Help Us Grow by Using These Links to Shop (We Earn Commission): Support Us by Shopping on Amazon! Bookmark this Link: http://amzn.to/1SGruTY Sign Up for a FREE 30-Day Trial to GameFly: https://www.gamefly.com/#!/registration?adtrackingid=pbridge001 Try Lootcrate if You're a Geek or Gamer: http://www.trylootcrate.com/click.track?CID=327723&AFID=372698&AffiliateReferenceID=HumanistReport Web Hosting for Only $3.95 with HostGator: http://partners.hostgator.com/c/171810/177309/3094 ************************ The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.
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Lil Wayne vs Young Thug - Rap Battle (LT Animated Cartoon)
Lil Wayne vs Young Thug On Smack Urltv NOME 5 Smack & Casdaluchi Ent Bring U This Epic Battle On Luchi Toons Secret Battle Of NOME 5 Brought To You By : Casdaluchi Ent & Luchi Toons
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Cartoon story of gay life
A short film story of a homosexual guy life from childhood until he becomes adult.
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Top 50 Gay Anime (LGBTQ+)
►You Want More? Subscribe: http://goo.gl/ksDlNQ ►Most Popular Videos: https://goo.gl/bAmLy7 ►New Videos: https://goo.gl/O5cHt2 ►Add Me -MAL: https://myanimelist.net/profile/TuzoAnime ►Add Me -MDL: https://mydramalist.com/profile/TuzoAnime ►Questions? DM Me Here https://twitter.com/TuzoAnime3 ►Video Schedule : https://goo.gl/oVfZBN Donate: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/tuzo__0#/ Song: #01 Hellberg - Synchronize (feat. Aaron Richards) [Official Music Video] (192kbit) #02 Draper - Monstercat 023 - Voyage - 15 On You (feat. Alby Hobbs) LGBTQ+
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How I became a slave | GLMM | GAY AND LESBIAN | Part 1
Working on the thumbnail--- Screen shots:330 Time it took: 2 days (BECAUSE I HAD TO MAKE THIS TWICE) I plan on making 3 parts c:: Also sorry for the spelling mistakes! ( If there is any )
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Is Homosexuality A Choice? (Educational Cartoon)
Doctors and scientists versus personal beliefs. The studies and results are from The American Medical Association, The American Psychiatric Association, The American Psychological Association, The American Psychoanalytic Association, The American Academy Of Pediatrics, The National Association Of Social Workers.
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Sam | The Short Animated Movie
We are proud to introduce you our final year student film, Sam. Sam, a shy young man, finds himself in a slow-motion world. Trying to restore the time, he fails. The circumstances bring him to rescue his coworkers, and Nathalie, the girl he secretly loves. Directed by Payetaprod Studio, a french team composed of Mickael Bonfill, Romain Protet, and Emmanuel Aurengo. Sound by Benoit Malis : https://soundcloud.com/bmch /* ENGLISH SUBTITLES ARE AVAILABLE IN YOUTUBE PLAYER TOOLBAR */ http://mickael-b.com http://emmanuelaurengo.blogspot.com http://facebook.com/PayeTaProdStudio contact : [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
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Adorable Gay Couple's Everyday Life Illustration | Reach the Moon Amery & Serafin (Part 2)
Adorable Gay Couple's Everyday Life Illustration | Reach the Moon Amery & Serafin (Part 2) | Adorable Gay Couple's Everyday Life Illustration | Reach the Moon Amery & Serafin #2 ========================================= ■ Author: hello! I'm kikowei and I draw comics on tapas & webtoons! I don't draw for money and this has always been my hobby and way to have fun! I plan to keep it that way, but it does take time and juggling of responsibilities, so if I can make a bit of money doing it, that would be awesome! Any support or tips are greatly appreciated! :) ========================================= ■ Source: https://www.patreon.com/kikowei ========================================= ♬ Music ♬ No Copyright Musics: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD9nr1XM1F7oAX1qP1jyV8w?sub_confirmation=1 ■ Simon More - Dreamland (No Copyright Musics) ■ NOWË - Save Us (No Copyright Musics) ■ Jebase - Maldives (No Copyright Musics) ■ Ikson - Free (No Copyright Musics) ========================================= Thank you for watching!
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Our little gay cartoon
Hm.........We got SO bored. This took us like...2 days or something....
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My gay cartoon 9
Created with Drawing Cartoons app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.jecklandin.stickman #drawingcartoons
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Jehovah's Witnesses Use Anti-Gay Cartoon To Trick Children??
It's disgusting to see people like this trying to brainwash and trick young children into doing their dirty work for them. Link to video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnk52bU92oE Thank you very much for watching this video Like comment & subscribe for more responses coming soon Link to the MLP Clips used here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oowA7HeglAg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv_MDpdnpLw
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~My Little Cutie Kitty~ Gay Love Story 13-14+ (Bluey x Alyson)
Hai ~ Sorry I was watching Minty story so... i made it 👌👌❤❤ Hope you enjoy it u w u Good Luck Mah Cookies 🍪
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We Are Young Money 7 (@FILNOBEP CARTOON)
We Are Young Money returns with episode 7, "Ebola Clap" highlighting the big news in America about Ebola. Birdman and the gang learn of the threat of Ebola and Birdman starts to panic. Kevin Gates, Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan all make appearances in this episode of We Are Young Money. Get dope beats, like the one in this video from: http://ChemistProductions.com ------- FILNOBEP.COM ------- Shout out to KartoonManagement, go watch Barry Tales now! -------------------------------------------------------- Hope you enjoyed the video! What did you think? Comment! New to these videos? Then give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! It only takes a second! What do you want to see? Let me know! Don't forget to Share on Social Media MORE FROM FILNOBEP: Twitter ► https://twitter.com/FILNOBEP Soundcloud ► https://soundcloud.com/filnobep Google Plus ► https://plus.google.com/+filnobep/posts Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/BrokenEquipmentProductions Instagram ► http://instagram.com.FILNOBEP Shop for FILNOBEP gear ► http://filnobep.spreadshirt.com ---------------------------------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. ----------------------------------------------------------- For the rest of our funny videos, check out: http://www.FILNOBEP.com/
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Safe sex cartoon
Cute little cartoon about a gay boy who grows up to find love - and has to endure a lot on his way
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Gay Cartoon Characters Joke
The Reverend Jerry Falafel recently outdid Tinny Windy, from thetelevision show, "Teletubbies," because, Falafel pronounced, "Thecharacter is clearly a fount of gayness. He is purple, the gay color, hehas an antenna shaped like a triangle, the gay symbol, and he carries apurse, something all gay people do." Fred FlintstoneEvidence: His nickname on the Bedrock bowling team; "Twinkle-ToesFlintstone." The show's theme song ends "...we'll have a gay old time!" Hewears an orange vest with little triangles on it. Hangs out with Barneyfar more than Wilma. Bugs BunnyEvidence: Often stands with hand on hip. Plays a hairdresser in oneepisode. Frequently dresses in drag. Loves to throw on a top hat and tailsand belts out Broadway show-tunes with his buddy Daffy, who, it is worthnoting, has a lisp. Velum (of Scooby Doo)Evidence: Always tries to sit next to Daphne in the Mystery Machine.Sports that butch haircut. Has broad shoulders and wears thick turtlenecksweaters and knee socks. Never once shagged Shaggy. PopeyeEvidence: Eats lots of salad. Wears a sailor suit, even though he hasn'tbeen on a ship in years. Does little sailor dances. Dates a flat-chestedtransvestite named Olive Oil. Best friend named Wimpy. Batman and RobinEvidence: Robin's nickname - Boy Wonder. Badman's real name is Bruce. Bothwear tights. They're in great shape. They like to show each other their"grappling hooks." Peppermint PattyEvidence: Has a deep, gravely voice. Wears pants, not dresses like theother Peanuts gals. Plays a mean game of football. Likes to taunt CharlieBrown. Always hanging out with that androgynous Marcie. Wears comfortableshoes. Nickname; Sir. The Pink PantherEnough said.
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ILLUMINATI PUSHES TRANSGENDERS AND LGBT! TRANSGENDER WRESTLER WINS CHAMPIONSHIP! Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs (female) identifies as a male. He just won the Texas state girls title exposed! https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/highschools/meet-the-texas-wrestler-who-won-a-girls-state-title-his-name-is-mack/2017/02/25/982bd61c-fb6f-11e6-be05-1a3817ac21a5_story.html?utm_term=.d7bf091a23bf DISNEY'S FIRST GAY CARTOON KISS PUSHED ON OUR KIDS!!!! http://www.dailydot.com/irl/disney-same-sex-kiss/?fb=dd
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Daily Life Of A Gay Couple Illustration | LOLO & JOE (Part 1)
Artist Illustrates Daily Life Of A Gay Couple (Part 1) | Romance Comics Daily Life Of A Gay Couple Part 1 ========================================= He told me that he's Love all the little snippets from your daily life! There are so many I can relate to and Gay comic book artist, Proud gay man. They are a gay couple living in France. and his dream is create a popular mainstream comic book series with a full gay cast. And i will release every part of Gay Couple Life until the artist stop create it and he end his dream. ========================================= ■ Source: @INKOLLO (Gay Comic Book Artist) | https://www.patreon.com/song ========================================= ♬ Music ♬ No Copyright Musics: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD9nr1XM1F7oAX1qP1jyV8w?sub_confirmation=1 ■ Arensky - Shallows (No Copyright Musics) ■ Dj Quads - Summer Time (No Copyright Musics) ■ Chaël - Dawning (No Copyright Musics) ========================================= Thank you for watching!
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The Amazing World of Gumball | Gumball rewrites Sarah's Love Stories | Cartoon Network
Sarah gets a bit carried away with her love stories, so Darwin and Gumball go to her house to confront her. Episode: The Shippening CN GAMES: http://cartn.co/ytgames SUBSCRIBE: http://cartn.co/subscribe WATCH MORE: http://cartn.co/moregumball About The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball, the amusing blue cat with a giant head, and his best buddy Darwin, a pet goldfish who sprouted legs, step up the hilarity and hijinks in Cartoon Network’s comedy series, The Amazing World of Gumball. Visit The Amazing World of Gumball website: http://cartn.co/gbwebsite Facebook Page: http://cartn.co/gbfacebook About Cartoon Network: Welcome to Cartoon Network's YouTube Channel, your destination for episode clips, behind the scenes footage, how to draw tutorials, toy videos, and more! Cartoon Network is home to your favorite shows and characters including Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, OK K.O.!, and much more! Want full episodes? Go to the CN APP where you can find new unlocked episodes updated every week! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://cartn.co/cnwebsite Follow Cartoon network on INSTAGRAM: http://cartn.co/instagram Like Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://cartn.co/facebook Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://cartn.co/twitter http://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonNetwork
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Cartoon young thug part 1
Just a cartoon version of young thug live on sway
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Watchtower's Anti-Gay Indoctrination Cartoon - Cedars' vlog no. 117
In the latest Caleb and Sophia cartoon, Jehovah's Witness parents are expected to urge their children to evangelize to classmates with gay or lesbian parents and explain how they can lose their place in paradise unless they change their ways. I explain why such vile homophobic child-indoctrination propaganda is not only in poor taste, it can also do very real damage in people's lives. For more information, please click here... http://jwsurvey.org/cedars-blog/why-watchtower-should-be-ashamed-of-its-new-homophobic-child-propaganda-cartoon
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Britain's Got Talent 2018 Cartoon Heroes Full Audition S12E05
If you'd like to support my channel follow me on instagram or https://www.patreon.com/TonyPatrony #TonyPatrony
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I'm Not Gay No More Cartoon by @MikeRobBYOB
Click below to see the original video https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=765675480136497&set=vb.124330870937631&type=2&theater Buy Boss Shirts Merchandise http://mikerobbyob.spreadshirt.com/ My personal facebook https://www.facebook.com/MikeRobBYOB See what I look like http://instagram.com/mikerobbyob Tweet me https://twitter.com/mikerobbyob LIKE me https://www.facebook.com/MikeRobBYOBEnt
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Adult Cartoon Compilation | The BEST of CARTOON BOX 9
Adult Cartoon Compilation | The BEST of CARTOON BOX 9 This video may not be suited for young children :) Frame Order cartoon compilation | Cartoon-Box cartoon compilation | adult cartoon compilation | cartoons for adults | sex cartoons | relationship cartoons | dating cartoons | marriage cartoons Cartoon Box | Cartoonbox | Cartoon-Box | Frame Order | Frameorder Ultimate cartoon compilation for adults | funny cartoon compilation | Ultimate cartoon collection | hilarious cartoon collection | cartoon-box collection Do you want to seen new Cartoon-Box videos? Subscribe to Frame Order on Youtube! Frame Order is the only official Cartoon-Box creator. We create and upload a new cartoon-box video every week! 5 minutes + Compilation! Cartoon-Box is your weekly dose of funny animated cartoons. Cartoons with a hilarious twist and a dark sense of humor. Created by Joost Lieuwma. Produced by Frame Order. Written, animated and directed by Joost Lieuwma. Voice acting by Daan Velsink and Joost Lieuwma. Advice by Frame Order. animated cartoon, funny short animation The best of cartoon box. A compilation of adult cartoons. All by Cartoon Box Cartoon-box combines all sorts of cartoons in a hilarious mix. Starting from love and relationship cartoons to western cartoons and from fairy tale cartoons to movie parody cartoons. The majority of them have a very dark sense of comedy and most end with a surprising, humorous twist. Cartoon-box doesn’t shy away from cartoon violence and cheeky humor. This makes some of the cartoons not suitable for young children. If you like funny animation videos, adult cartoons, a weekly cartoon dose, cartoon parodies and obscure comedy, you will love the Cartoon-box series! More cartoons or other animated shorts? Subscribe to our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/frameorderanim... for a new cartoon-box episode every week! This episode is produced by animation studio Frame Order. Cartoon-Box is an weekly comedy series. Check out our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/frameorder http://www.cartoon-box.com Hilarious cartoon collection. Cartoon series. Ultimate cartoon collection. Funny cartoon collection. Funny cartoon series. LMFAO. The very best of cartoon-box. The very best of the internet. Frame Order Favorites | The BEST of CARTOON BOX 8 copyright 2018 by Joost Lieuwma and Frame Order.
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Breath Of The Wild: Link and Sidon
Link finds out that Hyrule is in love with a new prince and vows to hunt him down. The one thing he doesn't plan for? Falling in love... Animated By RedMinus Produced by Tom Jenkins Written By Jamie Stanton Original Concept by Tom Jenkins and Laura Rankin Aladdin sequence based on an original idea by Laura Rankin Voice of Link by Blake Swift Voice of Sidon and Ganon by Dan Gavin Voice of Zelda by Hayley Nelson Voice of Hylian women by Tamara Ryan Sound Design by Laura Rankin Music, Additional Sound Design & Mix by Alex Walker Smith This was animated by Redminus, who previously made Tasty Kitchen Demon and Solid Snake Adventures for us! It’s been a while since we last worked together, but we’re glad he’s back! This was written by Jamie Stanton, who previously wrote Secret History of Super Mario, Battlefield 1: Mother Russia and Machete Cockblocks. He basically just got to write Zelda Slash fiction for us. More Mashed: Tasty Kitchen Demon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXKvqXE_9Bo Solid Snake Adventures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmvbfiU9ryU Secret History of Super Mario https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuYZ-9zcp4w Machete Cockblocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQ6JSEyODCM Don’t forget to subscribe and share with your friends! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mashed Mashed end theme by: Liam Tate Hear all of our tracks here - http://youtu.be/PZdy8dhVgv4 Stay in touch with Mashed! Facebook: http://facebook.com/thisismashed Twitter: http://twitter.com/mashed Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/mashed/ Email: [email protected] Thanks for watching!
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Random Gay Cartoon Characters
This is so random you'll die laughing!!!!!
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Gay boy rambles about stupid shit
Dysphoria isnt kool kids 😎
My daily over dose* of gay shit
yeah boy
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Plies World Cartoon  - by @MikeRobBYOB of @BYOBent
Created by Mike Rob BYOB http://www.youtube.com/mikerobbyob https://twitter.com/MikeRobBYOB http://www.facebook.com/MikeRobBYOBEnt
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LGBT Cartoon Characters | Cartoon Analysis
TVC's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Official_TVC 🐦 My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thevirtualcelebrity 💰 My Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/user/VickyAruwa03 📖 ~Script~ First up on the list we have Princess Bubble Gum and Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. Yes, I know there are some die hard people who would protest against this but on August 7, 2014, at a Barnes & Noble book signing, Olivia Olson, Marceline’s voice actress, confirmed that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had dated. But due to locations where adventure time airs, that little relationship is considered illegal so their past cannot be depicted on TV. So Bubbline supporters…rejoice!...I guess? EJ and Sue Randell – remember that protest where the mom wanted to ban SU and Clarance? And she never mentioned why she wanted Clarence censored? Ya well, this is probably the reason why. EJ and Sue are Jeffs moms. They were introduced in the 29th episode “Jeff Wins”. Mark "Dion" Jones – Canon gay male character from the show braceface. I really loved that show as a kid and I’m thinking of revisiting it. Mitch Downe – Co-director Chris Butler said that the character's sexual orientation was explicitly connected with the film's message: "If we’re saying to anyone that watches this movie don’t judge other people, then we’ve got to have the strength of our convictions." Plus c’mon, he said this in the end –scene- you do the math genius. Gobber the Belch – remember in HTTYD2 when he said *line*? Yaaaaa, I though it meant his sperm count was low or he could never get a date. But nope, it meant he was gay. Korra and Asami Sato – wait, does Korra have a last name? Despite my own personal preferences, no Avatar fan can forget that epic ending to the Korra series. It straight up floored me! I’ve learned to live and accept the ending and the fact that both lovely ladies are bisexual. Deadpool – Wade Wilson is pansexual. Because why the fuck not? Miley Cyrus is also pansexsual as well, just though you might want to know. Ymir and Krista Lenz – as with everything dealing with AOT, I have to be very careful not to blow out any spoilers. And that’s because I am so bloody far ahead, I am up to date with the manga for Godsake. Just know that she’s in love with her and these two are infact a couple. Idk why, but my opinion be damned! Bucky and Pronk Oryx-Antlerson – remember those two guys that were Judy Hopps neighbors? Married same-sex couple. Well that fact is up for debate, but they are different species sharing a combined surname living together. So they can’t be related or friends. So married it is! *Bucky and Pronk are an anthropomorphic kudu and oryx respectively* Howard and Harold McBride – and if you don’t know these two, don’t worry, they’re Clyde’s dads. I haven’t watched this episode yet but I can’t wait! I remember Clyde mentioning his “dads” in a pasted episode, but the comment never rung home. Trust me, the episode "Overnight Success," would’ve been monumental. Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland – did you really think otherwise? The episode “Love God” was supposed to portray a gay couple but it got scraped. So I think the show’s creators had to show this at the last minute, sort of like Avatar Korra did. But c’mon-scene-This is so obvious.
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Does Everybody Have A Gay Gene?
Is being gay genetic? Can You Get Rid of Homosexuality? https://youtu.be/2aAxuYgpuXQ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/asapsci Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown Written by: Gregory Brown & Mitchell Moffit Produced by: Rachel Salt & Gregory Brown Illustrated by: Max Simmons Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot & Mitchell Moffit FOLLOW US! Instagram and Twitter: @whalewatchmeplz and @mitchellmoffit Clickable: http://bit.ly/16F1jeC and http://bit.ly/15J7ube AsapINSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/asapscience/ Snapchat: realasapscience Facebook: http://facebook.com/AsapSCIENCE Twitter: http://twitter.com/AsapSCIENCE Tumblr: http://asapscience.tumblr.com SNAPCHAT US 'whalewatchmeplz' and 'pixelmitch' Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. Box 93, Toronto P Toronto, ON, M5S2S6 Further Reading/References: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/350/6257/148.long http://gaystudies.genetics.ucla.edu/UCLA%20Twin%20Sexual%20Orientation%20Study/Read%20More_files/Ngun.pdf http://chaladze.com/files/publications/Chaladze2016ASB.pdf https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4995087/ https://academic.oup.com/bfg/article/13/3/235/217570/The-role-of-chromatin-and-epigenetics-in-the
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KTF News - Disney shows gay kiss in a children’s cartoon for first time
Transcript of this video: http://ktfnews.com/disney-shows-gay-kiss-childrens-cartoon-first-time/ Source References: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/disney-shows-same-sex-kissing-in-a-childrens-animated-series-for-the-first
Top 10 Cute Cartoon Couples in TV
Who says true love is limited to live-action? Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 cute cartoon couples on TV. Check us out at http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo, http://instagram.com/watchmojo and http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo Special thanks to our users TheDanTheManShow, Jaime Enrique Gutierrez Pérez, Daniel Landers, BDenum100, Tavaris Tillmon, Elsa Inez, Multimusiclover24 and Francis FNT for submitting the idea on our Suggest Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%2010%20Cutest%20Animated%20T.V.%20Characters If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info.
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My Emo - ep 12 season 1 - Gay love story- gacha life
Thanks for watching! If you want Haji to be in the future episodes please comment some ideas and suggestions!
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//Gay Love Story\\Ep.8//Gacha Life\\~WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? [15+]
Editor: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.videoshop.app Thumbnail maker: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.logopit.thumbnailMaker Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.lunime.gachalife
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Doctor Lollipop - Too Cool! Cartoons - Cartoon Hangover Shorts #5
Cartoon Hangover presents "Doctor Lollipop" Two words: Unicorn. Physician. Feeling sick? Is your stomach filled to the brim and overflowing with candy and characters from fairy tales? Then you need to book an appointment with the top PhD-holding unicorn, "Doctor Lollipop". Created by Miss Kelly Martin, who is a an expert on unicorn physicians. See our original shows on Cartoon Hangover Select! http://frdr.us/YTCHSelect Watch All of 107 Anime Facts Season 2 http://frdr.us/107AnimeS2 Don't miss our videos, make sure you subscribe! http://frdr.us/CHsubscribe We have a dotcom! http://frdr.us/YTCHdotcom Tweet Us on Twitter http://frdr.us/YTCHtwitter Heart Us on Instagram http://frdr.us/YTCHinsta Touch Us on Facebox http://frdr.us/YTCHfacebox Do NOT forget to visit our YouTube friends! Channel Frederator - http://frdr.us/YTCFyoutube The Leaderboard - http://frdr.us/YTTLByoutube Want to tell us something? Write an email. [email protected] Want to work at Frederator? See our job openings and internships. http://frdr.us/YTFREDjobs Credits for This Episode ----------------------------------- Created by: Kelly Martin Written by: Kelly Martin Directed by: Aliki Grafft Storyboard by: Aliki Grafft Sheet Timing: Larry Leichliter Character Designer: Brianne Drouhard Prop/EFX Designer: Jojo Baptista Char/Prop/EFX Clean Up: Jojo Baptista Background Design: Becca Ramos Background Painter: Jill Daniels Color Stylist: Chris Hacker Storyboard Revisions: Kathryn Marusik Executive Producer: Fred Seibert, Aliki Grafft Producer: Kevin Kolde, Eric Homan Production Manager: Sylvia Edwards Production Coordinator: Steve Worth, Dana Jo Granger Production Assistant: Ross Kolde Casting Director: Meredith Layne, CSA Editor: Andy Tauke Cast Dr. Lollipop: Chris Diamantopoulos Rawr the Raptor: Dee Baker Dr. Coco: Rose McGowan Nurse Crackers: Jason Marsden Dr. Woodsman: Travis Willingham Red Riding Hood: Rose McGowan Big Bad Wolf: Dee Baker Squirrel: Travis Willingham Voice Director: Aliki Grafft Dialogue Recording: Salami Studios Post Production Dialogue Mixer: Mark Mercado Assistant Dialogue Mixer: Jonathan Abelardo Post Production: Salami Studios Post Production Sound Design and Editorial: Robert McIntyre Sound Effects Editor: Jessey Drake Foley Mixer: Roberto Dominguez Alegria Foley Artist: Cynthia Merrill Dialogue Conform: Mark Mercado Re-Recording Mixer: Thomas J. Maydeck C.A.S. Score by: Brad Breeck Animation Checking: Wendy Jacobsmeyer Track Reading: Slightly-off Track Inc. Animation Services: Dongwoo A&E Co., LTD. Animation Director: Ki-Ho Hwang Layout Artist: Jae-Ryong Shim Model Checker: Mi-Young Kim Assistant Animation Supervisor: Jung-Sil Kang Key Animation: In-Ja Lee, Jae-Won Baec, Seung-ki Jo, In-Seol Hwang, Hyun-Seok Seo Final Checker: Jin Namgung Background Director: Yoon-Ho Lee Color Stylist: Mi-Ok Jeon Composition: Kang-Ok Kim, Joo-Hee Yang, Soo-Jung Yang, Eun-Joo Choi, Mi-Kyung Lee Production Staff: Sung-Shinwan Kim, Young-Wun Park, Sua Park Thanks for sharing your Cartoon Hangover with us! Cartoon Hangover is the home for original cartoons and factual programming about animation for dedicated fans. Our original programming has included Bravest Warriors, Bee and PuppyCat, Too Cool! Cartoons, Fin Punch, GO! Cartoons (The Summoning, Boots), Slug Riot, and Shadowstone Park (from FilmCow). Our factual programming generally focuses on anime titles (like My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, etc.) and thoughtful pieces on animation. New videos two to three times per month.
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When I Met You~Gay Love Story (Episode 1)
My mom tried to watch my videos ;-; it was scary (I hope she don’t see the edit XD)
CAN HULK STOP THE TRAIN IN GTA 5? Thanks for watching another funny GTA V skit, short and sweet! ✦ More GTA V Videos: • GTA 5 TOP 50 Fails & Funny Moments → https://goo.gl/VkG9sZ • GTA 5 Fails & Brutal Moments → goo.gl/3GwJbo • Fails & Funny Moments Playlist → https://goo.gl/asMyfk ✦ Subscribe for more videos - https://goo.gl/24zlun ✦ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ivanowski_YT ♫ Songs: ► Bird Creek - Surfing Llama ► Silent Partner - Switch It Up ► Jingle Punks - Extinction Level Event ► Jimmy Fontanez, Media Right Productions - Baila Mi Cumia ♫ Sound Effects: • http://soundbible.com/ • http://www.freesfx.co.uk/ • https://www.freesound.org/ • Hulk → goo.gl/vChSWJ • Menyoo → https://goo.gl/VSOuQZ • Scene Director → https://goo.gl/52gn2J
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We Are Young Money (Cartoon)
WE ARE YOUNG MONEY - FilnoBEP Exclusive (Cartoon) This video is not mine! It was uploaded for the Entertainment of others. This video is only for promotional use! Thanks to FilnoBEP for making us laugh! RATE & SUBSCRIBE if you haven't. Thanks.
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Bittersweet Love Ep 8|| Gacha Life  (Gay Love Story)
I'm sorry guys, this took ages! I'm very busy at home and school, so I don't have a lot of time. Also THANK YOU GUYS FOR 3000+ SUBSCRIBERS!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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The Beauty And The Beast Theory - Is Gaston Into Men? - Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 70) @ChannelFred
The Beauty And The Beast-Gaston Gay Theory Subscribe to Channel Frederator for more Cartoon Conspiracies: http://frdr.us/14vBVDM ------------------------------- For Gaston (the antagonist of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast") the world just couldn't handle how manly he really was! He was born in a time when men were expected to be ridiculously strong and handsome, and no one had more of both than Gaston! But is it at all possible that the macho man was actually just compensating for a secret he'd been cleverly hiding for years? This week on "Cartoon Conspiracy", Emily and Sapphire team up to decide whether or not it's at all possible that Gaston could be secretly gay! Welcome to Cartoon Conspiracy! Dive into the mysteries and fan theories of all things animation with your host Emily as she takes a critical look at how the theories hold up. What conspiracy should we cover next? Leave a comment below or email us at [email protected] ----------------------------------- Channel Frederator Links ----------------------------------- Tumblr: http://frdr.us/1BPdQpT Facebook: http://frdr.us/11UPUO2 Twitter: http://frdr.us/1I2DUC5 Blog: http://frdr.us/nG77K4 Buy T-Shirts: http://frdr.us/NoyLLk Follow on Instagram: http://frdr.us/XrYJTB Google+: http://frdr.us/1wCHkEp Behance: http://frdr.us/1A0ivmT ---------------------------- Cast & Crew Credits ---------------------------- Starring: Emily Carson & Sapphire Sandalo Directed by: Emily Carson, Christian Alvarez Written by: Emily Carson & Sapphire Sandalo Executive Producer: Fred Seibert Producer: Jake Krengel, Matt Gielen, Carrie Miller Edited by: Kristen Valdez Background Art by: Matt Bolinger Graphics by: Ambar Del Moral & James Weber Music provided by: Mountain Prince  by Royalty Free Music Library Positive Quest by mdeman Concerning Ludwig by cinematone Disco Incinerator by motc Original Theory: http://thoughtcatalog.com/christopher-hudspeth/2014/08/10-mind-blowing-bizarre-90s-cartoon-theories/ Channel Frederator is cartoon central on the Internet. Remember: Frederator loves you. -------------------- Image Sources -------------------- http://pastebin.com/h4jYD5gt
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Adventure Time | Simon and Marcy's Origins Story | Cartoon Network
996 years ago, a man named Simon Petrikov met a little girl named Marceline at the end of the Great Mushroom War, and they became great friends. He tried his best to protect her from the dangerous post-war zombies. His crown gave him great power, but also turned him crazy and eventually transformed him into the Ice King. He then lost all memories of his old life, including his history with Marceline. Later, Marceline tries to help him regain his memories, to turn back into his former self so he can win back the love of his life, Betty. CN GAMES: http://cartn.co/ytgames SUBSCRIBE: http://cartn.co/subscribe WATCH MORE: http://cartn.co/moreat About Adventure Time: Unlikely heroes Finn (a silly kid with an awesome hat) & Jake (a brassy dog with a big kind heart), are the best of friends and always find themselves in the middle of heart pounding escapades as they traverse the mystical Land of Ooo. Adventure Time Website: http://cartn.co/atwebsite Adventure Time Games: http://cartn.co/atgames Adventure Time on Facebook: http://cartn.co/atfacebook About Cartoon Network: Welcome to Cartoon Network's YouTube Channel, your destination for episode clips, behind the scenes footage, how to draw tutorials, toy videos, and more! Cartoon Network is home to your favorite shows and characters including Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball, OK K.O.!, and much more! Want full episodes? Go to the CN APP where you can find new unlocked episodes updated every week! Connect with Cartoon Network Online: Visit Cartoon Network WEBSITE: http://cartn.co/cnwebsite Follow Cartoon network on INSTAGRAM: http://cartn.co/instagram Like Cartoon Network on FACEBOOK: http://cartn.co/facebook Follow Cartoon Network on TWITTER: http://cartn.co/twitter http://www.youtube.com/user/CartoonNetwork
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Our little lion (gay love story) Gacha life part 1
Should this be a series or a movie with parts
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My Parents Love My Younger Sister More Than Me
★ Subscribe ACTUALLY HAPPENED https://bit.ly/2J5HP7j This is Jennifer, and she has a confession to make. She’s spent a lot of time hating someone very close to her, and now she’s bitterly ashamed of herself. This is her story. She has a younger sister, Stella. She was 4 years old when her sister was born, and she remembers that she was really enthusiastic to have a little baby sister who she could play with. Well, she was still a baby herself, to be fair. But things went awfully wrong from the very beginning. Stella was born underweight and had to be kept in the hospital. She struggled for weeks, and all the family’s relatives and friends worried about her. In the meantime, Jennifer was forgotten by everyone. Just three weeks previously, she had been the center of everyone’s attention; everyone played with her and gave her presents, and now everyone was talking only about Stella – no one even wanted to know how Jennifer was! So she found an inventive way to attract the adults’ attention to herself: she threw tantrums. But her parents very soon explained to her that a tantrum doesn’t make everyone forget Stella, and that she should be less selfish. To be honest, she got very offended, but this passed totally unnoticed by everyone. When they finally brought Stella home, Jennifer felt nothing when she looked at that ugly screaming creature. She couldn’t play with her as they had promised. But at least she finally got her parents back! But no one was ready to spend all day playing with her any more – her parents had other, more important things to do, such as taking Stella to the doctors. Jennifer had to learn to mind her own business and to live with only half of the attention that was supposed to be all hers. Then she went to school. Things didn’t improve. Stella remained a sickly child, and her parents were constantly dedicating their time, effort and money to curing one illness after or another. And all the while, Jennifer was just an ordinary kid with her school, hobbies, and friends. Her parents gave her attention, but not as much as she needed, and she solved her problems pretty much on her own. Her attitude to her parents became very bitter, and she started detesting that helpless monster of her sister. When Jennifer became a teenager, things got even worse. It was always “Stella this, Stella that”, while it seemed that since she herself was no longer a child, her parents assumed their job done. She tried to rebel to get more attention, to ask for help, even to talk to them. This is when her parents explained to her that they loved her a lot, but they saw her as an independent person who didn’t need that much support. “Look Jenny, you’re strong, you can literally cope with everything! Stella is weak, she’s sick all the time, who will take care of her? But you won’t have any problems whatever the situation. We’re so proud of you!” Yeah, pride is great, but what about a bit of support? The worst episode occurred when she was due to go to a new school in another city, and therefore had to move away from her parents for the school term. She’d been asking her parents for ages to buy her a guitar. Everything seemed fine – her sister went to school, and Jennifer thought that finally they would have a well-balanced family. She didn’t communicate much with Stella – she had little in common with her, and wasn’t eager to talk to her when she tried awkwardly to start a conversation. And she was sure that she would get her guitar. Then suddenly Stella got some lung infection and had to stay home for a couple of months, and after that the doctors said that her parents needed to take her to the seaside to convalesce for at least a month. Guess what Jennifer got in return? “Oh sorry dear, a month at the seaside is expensive, can you wait a bit?” She was furious. Again, that little princess got everything, and now she had to leave home like a stray dog! She didn’t even try to reason with her parents that time, she just left boiling with anger and disappointment. She even imagined how wonderful life would be without Stella, and didn’t feel any sympathy towards her. Those feelings didn’t fade away during the term and she came home all bitter for Christmas. When suddenly, the time came for giving presents. And Jennifer was amazed to see Stella bring out a guitar. She couldn’t understand what was going on. She knew her parents didn’t have any money. Stella said that it was a present from her personally. She confessed that she’d felt bad for being the reason why their parents hadn’t got Jennifer her guitar, so she spent all her personal savings on one, and even did some odd jobs during the autumn to collect money. Jennifer just broke down in tears. Now she’s trying to improve her relationship with her parents and her sister. She’s learned that hating someone without really knowing them well is childish and can backfire on you. Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com
Stewie gets herpes from Brian
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