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SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL (please): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChoTvF02Cv74FF72OaJtTMA It's 2016 and everything is offensive... but is it, coming from an ethnically mysterious little brown girl? I LOOK LIKE IM FROM THE WORLD. lol check out my other social medias down below for more brown! I also really love my boyfriend because he fixes my descriptions when im not able to! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­••••••••••• Keep up with this little brown girl! INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/lizakoshy TWITTER: http://twitter.com/lizakoshy SNAPCHAT: @lizakoshysnaps MUSICAL.LY: @lizzza ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­••••••••••• WATCH MY OTHER VIDS! TARGET WITH LIZZZA PART 2!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weGc3Qa8Fvk WORLD'S BEST BEAUTY HACKS!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w38IG6HsI5s MEET JET!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-u9oog1nF4 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­••••••••••• PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! www.youtube.com/lizakoshy ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••­­­••••••••••• Thank you, my little ethnic rainbow cuties! Love, Liza
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Saira Ailia (7 hours ago)
The funniest thing thing about this whole video, is her facial expressions.
Dino Animals (9 hours ago)
I did know you were not Mexican when I 1st saw you. Cause I am Mexican and my Dad's half of the family is Mexican and Polish. I swear my DADS adopted
I like turtles Turtles (10 hours ago)
Daughter: Dad I’m lesbian Dad: okay Daughter 2: I’m lesbian too Dad: okay does anyone like guys here??? Son: I do
Roudha Shams (13 hours ago)
I’m a mixed lil girl🖤✨
I'm 100% food. 🍴🍕🍔🍕🍪🍞🍰🍴🍕🍔🍱🍜
Alesea Crichlow (21 hours ago)
I am nine now
Alesea Crichlow (21 hours ago)
On and this is Alexa 's sister And we're both born in Texas i lived there till I was 4
Alesea Crichlow (21 hours ago)
I am white black and portrican
Lone Wolf (22 hours ago)
Atleast your shirt is long
abcd girl (23 hours ago)
I'm Indian Liza I never knew ya heard Hindi songs though I knew you r Indian(partially) I am total Indian but when I was much younger- Classmates: oh Jesus! You so fair! Me: I am Hindu, so are you, why did Jesus come in? They: wait. You are Hindu? Oh! I thought you are Christian coz u look like an American. Especially, you are living in the gulf and maintain such a 'whiteness'.... Me: 😎🖕 Years later...... Today... I look like like a burnt brown potato...(over- exatteration) But my friends still like my skin color coz m at least fairer than them..... Not being racist, but I loved my old skin color Anyone shares my story???
Near River (1 day ago)
Im mixed
S P I R I T (1 day ago)
I’m mixed to!
Arieanah Cox (1 day ago)
OMGGGGG I understand imma a biracial childdd💘🤞🏽#mixedteam
Michelle Guthrie (1 day ago)
I white but get really tan in summer
Maya R (1 day ago)
I’m mixed and I completely understand the friends part 😜
Alyana Watfah (1 day ago)
OMG I RELATE TO THIS TOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHH!!!!😂😂😂A lot of my friends also used to think that I were adopted too😂😂😂
M. Miller (1 day ago)
Thank you for this video, it helped me to accept being half Hispanic in a very white, conservative family/neighborhood/town/country. I wasn't accepted in the Hispanic kids group because I was raised by very white parents and I couldn't speak Spanish, and I was too colored for most of my white friends, but I've grown to love my pretty skin and hair.
Gillian Coulthrust (1 day ago)
Corny is fuck
COOL JELLYFISH (1 day ago)
COOL JELLYFISH (1 day ago)
Half sri lankan and half russian!
troublemaker twins (2 days ago)
who else is watching in 2018?
Belle Kwon-Do (2 days ago)
Yep. Liza is like me except im Chinese. And she's a bit more brown than I am Chinese but I can relateeeeee
Aggie :3 (2 days ago)
My mom is Mexican and my dad is Italia
William Plaud (2 days ago)
Meh, I'm Puerto Rican (very white PRican) and my girlfriend is Trini. We are going to see what our kids will look like. Also, my Ancestry DNA has me all over the map!
Nijah_hella Funny (2 days ago)
I'm mixed with a Italian and African American 🇮🇹🇬🇳🇺🇸
Adrián T. Aspilcueta (2 days ago)
Algún latino viendo esto?
Natalie Basiladze (2 days ago)
2 years after watching this for the first time and I still lough out loud! No offense. She explains everything in such funny way that I can’t help it!
Amaia Garcia (2 days ago)
I'm Mexican and most of my friends are Mexican at school but I also have Puerto Rican, Asian, and Indian friends. Also white and black friends too. I always mostly hang out with my Latina and Asian friends but I don't chose to it just happens....idk why But I actually hang out with everyone of all races
Mukamuka Sector (2 days ago)
Chicken and watermelon!
Mersh Derp (3 days ago)
I'm German and American and my sister and I are one of the only 5 in a school of 2000 I'm not including the idiots saying I'm FiVe PeRcEnT gErMaN I like to say to those people Do you know anything about the culture or language No THEN YOURE NOT GERMAN
Green GachaTuber (3 days ago)
Well , I'm half Asian half white
Green GachaTuber (3 days ago)
Everyone asks me " What ARE you ?!" I say " What do you mean ?" They say " What's your race " I say , " human , how 'bout you ?" On test people put me as Hispanic and on official records people put me as columbian ! Sometimes they say ," so , you're not Hispanic, you're biracial?" I say ," no , I'm full human . Human is my race . If I was biracial I would be a hybrid " That's why I got sent to the principals office in 6th grade
shadow_ cadet (3 days ago)
I'm a little brown girls to
Kim Taehyung (3 days ago)
i’m 100% egg roll asian
Oryana Thompson (4 days ago)
And the same problems
Oryana Thompson (4 days ago)
I am also mixed and people also ask me the same question
Kayla Solomon (4 days ago)
I relate to this cause I'm mixed
Gross Potato (4 days ago)
I'm milk chocolate too ❤😍
Alondra love (4 days ago)
4:54 - 4:55 my name is Alondra and I’m Mexican from Puebla 🇲🇽
Abigail Huffman (4 days ago)
Point for India
TutiLake (4 days ago)
Back when Liza made entertaining videos...
Weronika Weronika (4 days ago)
This should be a mandatory video for the human race. So much positivity. I'm a white girl who grew up around white kids from other countries....
Hallo Tschüss (4 days ago)
Parents: Peru and Poland Born: in Germany Result: same struggle sis
jazzy Rosa (4 days ago)
😂😂😂 I'm Indian and bring left over curry 😂 and ik that song
DIANELA.SANTOS 102864 (5 days ago)
I relate so much because I have white parents and siblings and I’m the only DARK child 👧🏾👧🏾👧🏾
The Modern Man (5 days ago)
I am the typical white Spanish. My Ex was Columbian. She was always furious that people thought she was the maid when walking out daughter at the park. I mean seriously fucking furious... 3 seconds away from assulting people furious.
connie rosario (5 days ago)
Well, guess what? You can't twerk, but you can ocho-ocho!
Caroline Jacobson (5 days ago)
Honestly, the one about the papers and filling out your race, they’re racist! There’s no box that you can check off if you’re mixed. I’m white so I can’t really relate, but still.
Aliyah Tangeman (5 days ago)
I am a little Indian but I am also Italian so i tan very well almost light brown
Macey Clarke (5 days ago)
I loved being mixed 🤟🏽
Kelian Serrano (5 days ago)
I am puerto rican
Mahaj Mahir (5 days ago)
Indians with whites make most beautiful kids as a Indian Sikh I'm expecting my kid in few months North Indian Dutch white new rare mix lolx
Alicia L (5 days ago)
I seriously miss this hair because it's gorgeous 😍
Archie Beckworth (6 days ago)
I love her so much 💫👑 I hope meet her
Matteo Hernandez (6 days ago)
|I can relate, as a kid, life was pretty challenging, my mother is latino, and my dad was white. I could pass for asian/native american or white, I was pretty much discriminated by other latinos as "Not latino enough", or "you're not a real latino", especially that my mom didn't teach me spanish until later in life, I was always being asked "Where are you from?", "What are you?", we need more representation!, thank you for helping me be proud of my heritage!
Ashley Marshall (6 days ago)
People: why are you so white Me: I'm actually part Hispanic, native American, and Cuban. People: wtf ur so pale Me: yeeh ik People: where are ur parents from Me: originally Germany and Europe People: ok u partly melted snowman
Weronika Weronika (4 days ago)
how does that even work :o
Stefani Blanco (6 days ago)
Im like u
IZ MEH REINA!!! ! (6 days ago)
I can relate to this 10000000000%
Ludvig Silva (6 days ago)
I’m Mexican, when I travel to the US, I always get confused with middle eastern; Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, you name it haha. Many Americans think “Latin American” is a race and that we all look the same 😂
Sheyla Davis (6 days ago)
I am mixed I can relate
Candy Cane (6 days ago)
Im Asian...
Sydney Lucas (6 days ago)
Love you lizza
Jamara Gibson (6 days ago)
I am from Germany and people are always confused. I speak German, and they are like “Oh sh*t, I thought you could only speak Spanish” My reply: I wish I could, and also I am not Hispanic.
Iman Hussein (6 days ago)
I'm a chocolate bar
Iman Hussein (6 days ago)
What the Fuck
sarah Thompson (7 days ago)
I'm 50% Armenian and the rest is a mix of a ton of different things
Karla unicorn (7 days ago)
Stranger: are you brown Me: no Stranger: white? Me: no Stranger: mixed? Me: no Stranger: then what are you Me: human and Latina stupid
You look like latina and arabic to me for some reason..
it's Rudy time (7 days ago)
I'm mixed but this kid in my class though I was itallin
Carol Castaneda (7 days ago)
Jenna Thomas (7 days ago)
My dad is Mexican And my mom is white And I’m white !!! Lol
Kitten lord (7 days ago)
People think I know a lot of Spanish and assume that I had to.learn English but being Mexican is my heritage and I'm Mexican American
Amanda Coppe (8 days ago)
You always say, little brown girl is out. And your out.
Zari Wahab (8 days ago)
I'm afghan and Indian but was born in usa I had all of these friend groups Asian, brown, white, black and other ethnic culture. I hate the boxes on paper
Jia Yue Yang (8 days ago)
Im 100% yellow (Asian(Chinese))
Jess Coner (8 days ago)
White mom... really white grandpa
Big Man (8 days ago)
You're puerto rican. Dont lie
Tori KellyFanGirl (8 days ago)
Who's also half brown half white??😊❤
Reese Hall (8 days ago)
Never mind I just saw you are a Hispanic
Reese Hall (8 days ago)
At first I thought you were Hispanic
eva Niini (8 days ago)
i comming from greenland but i look like a asian girl but im brun sorry i spell wrong, if i do
tajrulzify (8 days ago)
non of these are real problems. it's actually kind of pathetic.
Karina AWESOME hogan (8 days ago)
Other people: wait so are you Hispanic or black or black and white? Me: I mixed, but my dad is black and my mom is Hispanic Them: you can’t be both pick one Me: bi- Based on a true story 😁
Madhatter 589 (8 days ago)
I'm a mixed kid but I look full on American but I'm more Hispanic than I am white
Momma Dana (9 days ago)
People think I'm american but I'm puerto rican...yasss your color don't define who you are
Momma Dana (9 days ago)
Salt and pepper equals cinamon
Angel K (9 days ago)
Hey liza ask helga to make sushi
Tory Parker (9 days ago)
Im mixed too
Kien-Man Chan (9 days ago)
Thank you for supporting asia's food
Animalzz (9 days ago)
Immm fully Macedonian, but live in Australia XD
Sergio Christian (9 days ago)
Me:lets grab some food. Do u want to try my mother’s cooking Friend:cool bruh , are you japanese or else? Me:no I’m chinese Friend:shit man I don’t eat dogs Me:*try to calm down while thinking CHINA NUMBER 1*
Katie Postma (10 days ago)
I'm mixed too, but I'm still friggin' white. My mum's from South-Africa, but she's white, so when I tell people that I'm mixed they get very confused.
Sophrosynicle (10 days ago)
2016, back when youtubers were still cool
Suraya Murshed (10 days ago)
I'm mixed dads black moms white
Claudia & Milena (10 days ago)
I'm Cuban. My mom is white and my dad is black soo I understand...❤️🙃😉
Nichole Skiles (10 days ago)
This video never gets old!😂
Kawaii Kiwi (10 days ago)
I’m Asian 😊
cool guy (10 days ago)
I'm mixed my mom is white and dad is brown 🤔🤔🤔
Cubby Turtles (10 days ago)
I'm a mixed little brown girl too
Lps art (10 days ago)
Where my mixed kids at ❤️❤️🇧🇷🇺🇸
BellaCorn’s Life (6 hours ago)
Lps art here
Jessica Gremmory (17 hours ago)
I am here
Alyana Watfah (1 day ago)
Lps art “WERE COUSINS!!!” Liza’s words😂😂😂

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