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Lego X-Men minifigures

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my custom X-men minifigures... its only the good guys i will do a video on the villians later on... please make sure to comment your likes and dislikes.
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Text Comments (88)
Journey Dillehay (6 months ago)
no toad or pyro 😭😭😭
SiegeBrickStudios : (1 year ago)
I don't mind these customs, in fact they're awsome! But aren't mutant powers supposed to be extremely rare? Why are there so many of them? Again these customs are awsome and no hate to the creator!
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
wolverine, psyloke and cable were pretty inaccurate but still OK minifigs
Gaming Wolf (9 months ago)
Graham Hughes If you care so much, how about you learn how to spell their names, retard.
Montieth Studios (1 year ago)
Woah man these are awesome
this is legit
Gabriel Todo (2 years ago)
you miss psylocke
YouTube YouTube (2 years ago)
you not got Qicksilver
LucasBricks (2 years ago)
What legs and body did you use on Havoc, Kitty Pryde etc? The black ones with the silver detailing on the suits?
LucasBricks (2 years ago)
You used it on lots of figs, Psylocke, Longshot, Dazzler
ronald pinga (2 years ago)
There's no quicksilver you forgot that!!!!!!!
CannieSeal 3457 (2 years ago)
It's Sunspot not sunfire
Onomatopoeia Pictures (2 years ago)
CannieSeal 3457 (2 years ago)
+Fantabulous BrickFilms oh than I'm sorry man I..I didn't mean to mistake you like this my apologie
Onomatopoeia Pictures (2 years ago)
CannieSeal 3457 there is an xmen named Sunfire, it's the guy that's brother was the main character in Big Hero 6
Fafax133 (2 years ago)
where do u get those hand cape things that you used for banshee
Very Stupid Channel (3 years ago)
cable is supposed to be a nigga
Bob Harper (2 years ago)
u fucking dumb bro?
Lindomar Rodrigues (3 years ago)
Wats magneto and sabretoot mistic jason
T Y R O N E (3 years ago)
My ice man has a transparent blue color of body .. And it have two ice ball on its hand ahahaha and I just have 21 not seriously collecting but I have 10 rare characters
the flash and arrow (3 years ago)
Great minifigs!!
sally productions (3 years ago)
where did you found storm head ?
Ivis Portillo (3 years ago)
When I watched this I made my own x men suits
Marvin Joseph (4 years ago)
It was sicked wicked awsome
SoupsSB (4 years ago)
It's sunspot not sunfire
Cookie Cat (2 years ago)
you dumbass sunspot & sunfire is different
Foxy games Goldey (3 years ago)
the pickaxe tv (4 years ago)
He did sunspot too
the pickaxe tv (4 years ago)
Is your youtube name Walt stone From kane chronicles
Carlos Robert Ching (2 years ago)
+Walter T Scott (Retlaw2390) theirs no WOLVERINE!!!😡
the pickaxe tv (4 years ago)
Your minifigures are awesome
Frame by Frame (4 years ago)
Lol you Gambit has a girly phone! XD
megs2634 (4 years ago)
Gambit looks french
Samuel Key (4 years ago)
Would you ever consider doing a give away contest?
Dylan White (4 years ago)
He wasted Legos by painting them
Johnnson828x4Playz (4 years ago)
What head did you use for cyclops?
hii how are you (4 years ago)
hii how are you (4 years ago)
good job
Iceman looks awesome!i hope lego make a xmen set with iceman that looks little bit like yours. :D
CGYXNHL (4 years ago)
hell ya buddy
KONO DIO DA (4 years ago)
Where is Mistique?
Andrew Angle (4 years ago)
Iceman was the best
gogopauliwhirl (4 years ago)
Where's blink?
DeMorrio Loveless (4 years ago)
You forgot Scott.
Felix Jr (4 years ago)
he did cyclops
Kirill Yakkonen (4 years ago)
Kirill Yakkonen (4 years ago)
Billy Lezard (4 years ago)
Where did you get the tail for night crawler from
theBIGbrickblox (4 years ago)
what torso's are those? and legs?
Elizabeth Parker (4 years ago)
What about Deadpool or Magneto or Sabretooth or Juggernaut?
I Collect Stuff (4 years ago)
Very cool I like this one good job
Crazy House (4 years ago)
ThePartyMan2 (4 years ago)
These sets suck
Sasuke Uchiha (11 months ago)
I must disagree
Guillermo Chavez (3 years ago)
Why are you hating these customs, he put hard work into these and u just say they suck, well I like to see u do better
Dylan White (4 years ago)
They do
Brick Master (4 years ago)
awesome just awesome! could you please make arc angel?
INFINITYPRO (4 years ago)
Good awesome FANTASTIC
Cameron Watson (4 years ago)
Most of these people aren't in x men
Struan Bradley (5 years ago)
Is Kitty Pryde played by Ellen Page?
Jonny (4 years ago)
thefootiedoctor (4 years ago)
Alastair T. (5 years ago)
Wheres you're villains video?
luisvdiaz (5 years ago)
I like how you did bobby
ThePGtipz (5 years ago)
Nice job but missed out loads like azazel, Sebastian shaw, raven, pyro etc also how did you get the tail on night crawler?
William Morris (5 years ago)
you should make stop motions with these figures!!
Oliver Queen (5 years ago)
When not Cohen it's autocorrect
Oliver Queen (5 years ago)
Cohen u do villians pls make saber tooth from the comics
Alastair T. (5 years ago)
And multi man is bad
Alastair T. (5 years ago)
Oh and b.t.w lego syndeome4673 it CLEARLY says GOOD GUYS.
Alastair T. (5 years ago)
These are amazing!! Keep up the awesome work!
Juan Pablo Zorrilla (5 years ago)
Do you sell them?
AriCarl (5 years ago)
Why does gambit have a smartphone
NullSyndrome (5 years ago)
Deadpool will be with other xmen characters
UK Ball (5 years ago)
I know isn't really an x men but I'd love to see deadpool
Justin Phillips (5 years ago)
Bron Bangers (5 years ago)
i made some of the minifigures
Steals Keals (5 years ago)
Susan Evans (5 years ago)
pretty cool
Kasey Sanderson Star Wars sith troopers altered
MusicWithKc (5 years ago)
What is the body and the leg piece that most of the xmen have that you used?
Laura Kinser (5 years ago)
Also First!
Laura Kinser (5 years ago)

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