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FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM - www.instagram.com/weezeetv So this ebay seller, i dont even care ill put his seller name out there because he deleted it or changed it i dont know how ebay names work but it is ( electronic4uNow). I bought a galaxy note 3 for $208 and $20 shipping total of $228. Guy scams me and tells me i am not getting the phone or my money back, He mistakenly sent me two packages and emailed me back and asked for it back, I said no problem, So you are sending me my money back right? he said NO, i was LIKE WTF! so i told same exact thing SORRY NO! Watch the video and you would understand more. Just a lesson learned, If you are the seller and you are watching this and i hope you are, KARMA IS A B**** , what comes around goes around!!!!!!
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prismstudios001 (14 days ago)
Have you charged any of these to see if they work at all? Easy to see if they stolen. There is an IMEI number registry that will tell you if the phone is lost or stolen. Those phones aren't worth all that much. The old ones are probably not sellable, and the iPhones are in used condition. Unlocking a clean phone is very simple(I have done it), and free via Internet. The cases are for older model iPhones, and sell for less than the retail on the tags. That white cord is the charge cord for an iPad, btw...........
Alexa Ditchen (18 days ago)
This is a fake video because why did he know that he was scammed even the box is not opened yet
Ralph Garcia (24 days ago)
Does it boot?
Shaiya Coprez (1 month ago)
Sweeet!!! Getting scammed on eBay is like winning the lottery. Form now on I will be buying only from new and low-rated sellers.
Sounds like you need a nose job.
Yawn........lesson learned my friend
redring ofb (1 month ago)
I fucking hate these scammed eBay videos
Mcg G (2 months ago)
shaan r (2 months ago)
Are they working?
Nicole Proo (2 months ago)
ur fucking annoy
Don Dillinger (2 months ago)
I believe you did eventually get a better deal.... Some of the older phones are Gold overseas!
Adam Diaz (2 months ago)
I got more phones than that I'll sell you for $228
Adam Diaz (2 months ago)
You talk to much.
Tyler Hill (2 months ago)
I bet he didn't sell any cases
ScRaPeD YT (3 months ago)
Bruh i seen the same guy on ebay
Mahtaetae coleman (3 months ago)
This is happening to people on eBay
Dirtboxhor (3 months ago)
You should have sent it all back plus another 200 dollars for being a rude buyer
deadBAT YT (3 months ago)
He's nose is closed llooll
Matt Rhedin (4 months ago)
I bet phone don't work
KenLawson (4 months ago)
Sounds like he just packed up his old phones and made a YouTube video lol
Baba Joey (4 months ago)
keep it man hahah
Kendrick Delpit (4 months ago)
Do the right thing
patty zachora (4 months ago)
Something about the seller seems creepy. I think he is one of those who sneaks in windows and steals stuff to sell.
Donavan Real (4 months ago)
I've got scammed buy him to
Donavan Real (4 months ago)
Do not send it back!!!! That guy is a ass hole
RICHARD LOMBARDI (4 months ago)
I never deal with EBay. You never know with whom you’re dealing. Also, having just had my bank account scammed, I was told by 2 banks not to deal with PayPal because they have been hacked, which means your information is not safe. I now use Facebook market place. This gives me the chance to meet people instead of them being in the shadows.
prismstudios001 (13 days ago)
RICHARD LOMBARDI Been using eBay for 12 years now, and have NEVERTHELESS had any issues or problems.......ever.
Squirles G (5 months ago)
Between the galaxy and the iPhone alone you got almost two thousand dollars
OneSinisterBastard (5 months ago)
The S6 was a good find. Make sure the IMEI is not black listed and you are golden. Karma is a bitch, but, he obviously got paid for THIS shipment as well....just sent it to the wrong buyer. Whoever paid him for THIS shipment is now going through what YOU went through. So, he gets paid either way. But, hey. I'm gangster af so get yours. I would. Hope the guy who was scamming gets a visit from oneof those he burned. If he lives in Cali, get his address and I will go talk to him for you!! You can call me Karma!!! 👊👊
Andrew Atwood (5 months ago)
No because he said that he was not going to send u ur money back so it is fair
TruckerTRex (5 months ago)
Maxwell Nyaga (5 months ago)
Boring video
Hi my name is JEFF (5 months ago)
He's happy for flip phones related
Fortnite Stranger things (5 months ago)
i was skipping almost the whole video 2018!!!!
Lydia Josey (6 months ago)
Juan Blancas (6 months ago)
He talked for almost 8 minutes and the real video was only 5 minutes?!
Janis Frazier (6 months ago)
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Dark (7 months ago)
Lol these phone cases aren't worth shit they are worth like a dollar each and for the other box most of these phones are probably stolen, expect maybe the ones that aren't worth shit... this is why they all came without any chargers and boxes... the scammer played you really hard. You can expect a call from police within 14 days of using that galaxy edge or the iphone 5s and you probably know this by now considering this is a 3 year old video.
Dain Smart (7 months ago)
Blow your nose nothing worse than sniffler
Dayana Rose (7 months ago)
I have the feeling this is a fake scam just to get views. Who in the entire hell is going to send you 2 boxes?? The process of boxing/ printing shipping & paying for shipping labels is something that even if you are the dumbest guy you can’t ignore the fact of the mistake your doing. The seller is doing effort to package and ship each box. Nobody likes shipping boxes. How can you make 2 and don’t even notice??? This is stupid and unreal to me.
micah Ponce (7 months ago)
Hayley Hetherton (7 months ago)
There's a thing called quick u should try it some time
Hayley Hetherton (7 months ago)
In a way I think this is fake but I'm not sure
Cameron retason (7 months ago)
LOOL 1500. maybe 650 in 2015. How much did you end up making off that stuff?
Morgan Slater (8 months ago)
I'll take that to the to Boost phones at T-Mobile
Ryan Connell (8 months ago)
"Long story short" Ermm dude i think you meant to say "Short story long". Made a 5 minute video into 20 minutes.
andreas ilia (8 months ago)
those phones seems to be his and the only scum here is this video...
UnicornGuy (8 months ago)
14:44 **Breaks it**
mark james (8 months ago)
Keep it
D-TRAIN Gaming (8 months ago)
Damn you got some goddamn minute phones😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
RockCity Prepper (9 months ago)
F that guy.
laurel lango (9 months ago)
I would have told him my neighbor saw someone steal some packages from my home and I alreadied filed a police report.. Looks like this guy is selling more than just phones... Be sure to look 4 any messages on all the phones. And yes KARMA is a "B". Keep it all and sell what u don't need or want😲
Michael Miles (9 months ago)
first of all, i would just throw them headphones in the trash, because i wouldn't put anything like that in my ears that someone else used. and second of all, i would put them phone case's up for sale...
Samuel Esp (9 months ago)
Sounds like Elmer fudd
newname (9 months ago)
So, how did the guy try to scam you? He just sent you the wrong box.
Chad Willmore (9 months ago)
Hope the gold Samsung 6 works. Other phones probably 3g network only might can sell for parts. I would try Gazzle.com and sell iPhone 4.
Squishy Friends (9 months ago)
This is why I buy from Amazon
Freddie Grant (9 months ago)
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Lincon Mitchell (9 months ago)
Back in the future lol
Jacoman S (9 months ago)
Well...it looks like he did go out of business, but you asked him to send you the phone or the money back.. so he is screwed...he tried to jack u and he got jacked...too bad.
Ingrid Cox (9 months ago)
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Ricky Jangao (9 months ago)
So gay shut up
Ponies (10 months ago)
This guy was drunk
Stanton Clark (10 months ago)
He sounds so hyped to get all that stuff when hes unboxing
Muhd Naim (10 months ago)
Didn't get shock on seeing iPhone ? Wow
SilkyCreek 40 (10 months ago)
I put the video on 1.25x and he still sound the same
Waseem Chaudhry (10 months ago)
You still got ripped all these cases are fake
IAN GAMING_49 (10 months ago)
Why u did not monitezed this video? The views are so big!
Codester (10 months ago)
This guy makes me want to sle... Zzz
Ben (10 months ago)
All those phones were fake except maybe the s6 edge if that’s real the profited by I know the iPhones are fake so why would the s6 be real?
Hydra98 Privat (10 months ago)
Holy shit!! You are such a lucky dude :D
KarinaK (10 months ago)
Started opening at 8:13 thank me later
Kaylem Chaulk (10 months ago)
This man has a shake weight up there 😂
Morgan Slater (10 months ago)
looking boost. mobile
Frozt (10 months ago)
U deserve it
thee bobby rio (10 months ago)
Welli saw this before after you posted it, what i always wondered is if the i phones were legit, and someone bought them just the cases alone you were to get some back, but if the i phones were legit good, the galaxy's come up, those sliders though send him the flip one back
Susan Moore (10 months ago)
The only thing worth anything are the iphone 5s and the s6 edge
Arthur megie gaming (10 months ago)
I don't no if real could be
Hydra Nuhe (10 months ago)
R u drunk man ?
Ratcat17 (11 months ago)
Yes but did you try the phones out to see if they work?
Angela Toole (11 months ago)
Shut tf up! Damn his voice!
TheGamingShark three2G (11 months ago)
Skip to 7:22 for the unboxing
Dr 4orce (11 months ago)
Francouis kuhn (11 months ago)
You must keep
Fortnite Playz (11 months ago)
Omg youtube y is this recomemded for me Ehh.................. Aka sad asf
Chezziesiberz96 (11 months ago)
I’d keep em !
St. Louis Cardinals News (11 months ago)
Ao fregin' mad!!!
Mateo Losha (11 months ago)
Lol he got better stuff than he ordered :)
Martrese Rollins (11 months ago)
Good luck
ghost (11 months ago)
*_"This is The Video That Started It all"_*
Darryl Smith (11 months ago)
You can hear the diabetes
Riley S Westman (11 months ago)
Can I have the blackberry and the trio
Scooter McGee (1 year ago)
I stumbled upon this video while scrolling through my feed of recommended videos on YouTube. My curiosity got the best of me, and I spent a lot of time on YouTube looking up these “eBay Scam” videos. I believe the first “eBay Scam” video uploaded to YouTube was this one. I searched “kid got scammed on eBay but is happy” in YouTube, and I found countless videos of this nature. All are clearly fake. This one has the most backstory out of the lot, but with more explanation comes more room to make errors. First, there is no proof. There is no seller on eBay with the name: "electronic4uNow." (I know he says they deleted their account, but this still aids my point) He says that 25-30 emails were exchanged between him and electronic4uNow, and none of them are shown. The labels on the packages have been ripped off, so there is no information showing that these are the boxes from the original "transaction." Who is to say that he didn't just gather a bunch of random things, pile them into a box, and make this video? I've seen a lot of comments under this video and videos like it, saying that the stuff is stolen. That's a possibility for this video, but highly unlikely. Call it what you must: clickbait, a hoax, fake, etc. The only ones getting “scammed” are the people who believe the crap that can be found in these “scam” videos.
Scooter McGee (1 year ago)
this guy's an idiot
Scooter McGee (1 year ago)
at 0:30 he says he'll make a long story short.. he then proceeds to tell his story (that could take 2 minutes tops) for 6 minutes
Docrock (1 year ago)
Fake if the box was worth that why wouldn’t he refund your purchase so you could ship it back doesn’t make a lot of sense
Heda Kom TriKru (1 year ago)
But what about the person who bought all those phones and phone cases? Will they get their money back? 😂 I doubt it lol
Heda Kom TriKru (1 year ago)
But what about the person who bought all those phones and phone cases? Will they get their money back? 😂 I doubt it lol
Heda Kom TriKru (1 year ago)
You should sell them and you'll get your money back
Heda Kom TriKru (1 year ago)
How does he know it's a scam if he hasn't opened the boxes yet? 😂
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