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The Charlie Daniels Band - South Sea Song.wmv

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Full Moon is a studio album by The Charlie Daniels Band released on July 18, 1980. It produced two hit singles for the band, In America and The Legend of Wooley Swamp. The group dedicated the album to Tommy Caldwell, who had died on 28 April 1980. Track listing Words and music by Daniels, Crain, DiGregorio, Edwards, Hayward, and Marshall except as indicated. "The Legend of Wooley Swamp" - 4:18 "Carolina (I Remember You)" - 5:13 "Lonesome Boy From Dixie" (Tom Crain, Williams) - 4:45 "No Potion For The Pain" (Taz DiGregorio, Greg Wohlgemuth) - 4:25 "El Toreador" - 3:26 "South Sea Song" - 4:32 "Dance, Gypsy, Dance" (Daniels) - 3:34 "Money" (Crain) - 3:58 "In America" - 3:21 Personnel The Charlie Daniels Band: Charlie Daniels - Guitar, fiddle, vocals Tom Crain - Guitar, vocals Joel "Taz" DiGregorio - keyboards, vocals Fred Edwards - drums, percussion James W. Marshall - drums, percussion Charles Hayward - Bass String arrangements: Bergen White Production Producer: John Boylan Engineer: Paul Grupp Assisted by: Russ Martin, Phil Jamtaas, Ed Cherney, Cary Pritkin Production supervisor: Joseph E. Sullivan Special thanks to: Steve Goostree Cover illustration: Bill Myers
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Danny Jones (12 days ago)
Always loved this song
ada ham (5 years ago)
buffett aint got s**t on the CDB.

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