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Getting Ripped Off On Ebay?

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Hi everyone, my name is Sarah, and for the first time in 20 years of using eBay for various sales and purchases, I finally ran into my first purchase that I was not satisfied with, on my GoPro of all things. Have you guys every had to file a dispute or deal with a return on eBay for something used? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you all for watching, please like, comment, and subscribe for more videos, and as always, suggestions are welcome!
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frozen house (2 years ago)
stop complaining and get on with the ebay rip off story?
Richard Fernandez (2 years ago)
Timothy Follis (2 years ago)
Ive been on ebay since the 90s, back then a lot of the post didnt even have a pic just a description of the item. I think ebay was one of the drivers for digital cameras back then so people could easily post a picture. At this time most people would only take checks or money orders, then a service came out that would allow you to use your credit card and they would mail a money order to the seller. Then Paypal came out and this really was a game changer. Back in those days I would spend hrs a night on ebay, I collect WWII aviation items and for me ebay was a dream come true, I was finally able to buy all the items I had dreamed of owning but before ebay were impossible to find. For me ebay has lost a lot of its charm because its harder to find the real gems with all the new stuff you have to dig through now. I have a feedback of 639 and really the only problem I have had is a item that was broken in shipping other than that all my transactions have gone great. I do remember the media back in the early days trying to scare people about how dangerous ebay was. lol
Zee Governator (2 years ago)
I have also done a lot of ebaying. My tip for the cooperative seller. For your own sake. Do al correspondence with the guy over the ebay message system. If you already have made korrespondence for the swap trade by normal email, so repeat it over ebay messaging. You got the point?
kurt johnson (2 years ago)
Seems like we are somewhat linked lately. When you had sinus troubles I was having problems with my back and foot, now you are having back problems I am troubled with a cold. I hope we both get back to 100% soon!
Baby Belkin (2 years ago)
Contact buyer then if not satisfied open a case with eBay and you can get a return refund from seller through there resolution center

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