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Traditional Japanese tattoo - Tebori irezumi artist Horimyo at work in his studio

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Video portrait of artist Horimyo in his studio in Saitama, Japan 2012. Horimyo is one of only a few practitioners of the traditional Japanese tebori tattooing technique who works solely by hand throughout all stages of the process, completely rejecting mechanical methods. He is dedicated to ensuring the spirit, technique and future of tebori remains alive and strong. Central to Horimyo's life and work is the concept of celebrating and uniting cultures and peoples all over the world through art. http://www.horimyo.com
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Text Comments (282)
Jerhmain Jordan (1 day ago)
Does it really hurt ???
SeVeN Тонн (12 days ago)
Jose Robledo (26 days ago)
Que hermoso arte
iron Cespedes (1 month ago)
He is the maquine .
Karaï (1 month ago)
Steven Oneil (1 month ago)
Truly incredible what this man does
Jr Ruiz (2 months ago)
I love this. For real.
Ruchir Rawat (3 months ago)
just looks like he is rubbing paint on his body and wiping it off. also the person getting it is almost asleep
Judy Amy (3 months ago)
It hurts me while watching😣 but it's crazy nice! 👍
jose calderon (3 months ago)
Looks more painful than with a needle
Ripply (3 months ago)
Jeff Mantequilla (4 months ago)
knight fox (6 months ago)
there is truly something spiritual about finding beauty in pain
magic elite (7 months ago)
Real pain....
str8 burnin (8 months ago)
the most painfull way to get tatted but the work is amazing
Victor Tarabola Cortiano (8 months ago)
this looks like a lot of pain
ThisbeofBabylon (8 months ago)
At first, it seems more painful than with a machine but there's only one way to find out... Anyway, if it happens (who knows), the guy (or woman) must be a respected artist and respect traditions, not a trap for tourists, you know.
assassin x (8 months ago)
This is the real way to tattoo someone
Tom May (9 months ago)
Bianca Bloom (9 months ago)
Ooof... that looks rough! Props to the guy giving it & the guy receiving it!
Sss Bffm (9 months ago)
Sss Bffm (9 months ago)
Vitok.v Tinnikov (9 months ago)
А люд еща машинки там выберают аригинал ништяк Китай гавно. Народ вон вручную лупят машинки ваши аригинал рядышком не дышут. Учитесь мастера бля.)))))
Vitok.v Tinnikov (9 months ago)
Ахуеть очертание тоже этак же набивал??
lv gucci (10 months ago)
Similar to samoan tattoo
Chilli (10 months ago)
the sound it makes is so weird
Victor T (10 months ago)
Legend has it, these hurt like a bitch
ShibuyaStation (10 months ago)
A real artist, a love ! ♡.♡ ♡.♡ ♡.♡
Mẹ Mèo Con (11 months ago)
Peter Petko (11 months ago)
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Japanase..old stile. God god... Boys....
this is dangerous relly is and art but dont do it
prime evil (4 months ago)
Getting a tattoo always has its risks what's your point bud
De Milo venus (1 year ago)
What do you call this music
Zero (1 year ago)
It has to hurt doing it this way. What're​ better, traditional or modern machines?
Maddy Weichman (5 months ago)
Zero depends on the look and style you’re going for
Chocolatez Ellen (1 year ago)
So beautiful wow😱
Erick Black (1 year ago)
Tutorial in 3 minuts guauu
The Sleep (1 year ago)
I wanna see him do the outline...
AKULA TATTOO (1 year ago)
ага. давай в 2018 еще огнь трением разводить. FACEPALM!
Mari Lavellan (1 year ago)
does anybody know any shops that work with this style of tattooing in texas?
Roddas (1 year ago)
Lul... you serious?
CleanAndDistorted (1 year ago)
this is incredible, but fuck that must hurt
Hentai Samurai (1 year ago)
Someday i hope that I would be there infront him and tell him to do me a back piece traditional japanese tattoo 🙏❤
Mark Green (1 year ago)
That is some serious skill
Saúl Guzmán (1 year ago)
Qué tipo de camisa tiene el tatuador?
Philipp Flipper (1 year ago)
well he isnt hesitating stabbing you a thound times
András Uzsoki (1 year ago)
el malan malan (1 year ago)
Japanese tattoo are beautiful
Kaka KarrotCake (1 year ago)
How long does it take to do a full sleeve? I'm going to Japan in a few months. Trying to see how much it will cost me.
Brian Darnell (1 year ago)
I sure am glad everything in his studio is covered in plastic wrap and super sterol. So how about you put some fucking shoes on. Nasty!!
Тату машинку приобрести не пробовал?
u failed the test ! (1 year ago)
Houer of pain
Heretic (1 year ago)
amazing. proof that technology is not always the answer.
RedGhost1990 (1 year ago)
i am not sure this is true, i heard that they wont or dont like Tattooing Westerners
Korekiyo Shinguji (7 months ago)
RedGhost1990 awww :(
Raymond Sheppard (1 year ago)
Check out Samoan tatau... Tapping tool for tattooing
guitar warrior (1 year ago)
Moonrock High (1 year ago)
tatts will hurt both ways so why are you bitching about different methods..?!
Sparkles8 : (1 year ago)
Or nah she like to experience a tattoo like this. Just to see how it feels and just to say "Yes I have done it"!
Mr B (1 year ago)
Yuh luoro wi mesti rasane
Adnan Raksha (1 year ago)
Which part of the body is this?
Daxx G (1 year ago)
Ah claro, voy a enfocar la mano del wey para que ninguno vea la técnica, maldito estúpido
P A (1 year ago)
Ay jueshu pinshi madre ps si se ve que duele un vrgazo alv
What kind of music is that?
Mary Davis (1 year ago)
Daaaannnggg the precision is unreal
Kevin (1 year ago)
It take a while but the tattoo last forever. It doesn't fade and dull out like most modern tattoo machine. This is why if I'm ever going to get a tattoo, I'm going to japan, and not near the closest tattoo shop near me.
Roddas (1 year ago)
That's bullshit, don't talk about what you don't comprehend, it makes you look ignorant. It fades just like any other tattoo. Fading originates from skin cell regeneration, it has nothing to do with the ink or the process of the tattoo. I did my Irezumi 9 years ago and it has faded like normal.
A J (1 year ago)
It does fade like any other tattoo, it's not magic. It's cool to watch the videos admire the skill involved and appreciate the history but that's about it. The reason tattoo machines are what is used widely is because they are faster more precise and just better in every way. If you want my advise go to a good shop get it done with a machine by a great artist who will give you the best piece they can, It will save you money and give you a much larger aray choice of and cleaner application overall.
Nicholas Musser (1 year ago)
I sincerely want tattoos using this method. The Irezumi style tattoo's are amazingly beautiful.
Jack K (1 year ago)
Is it true that this technique ensures a more colorful and lasting tattoo? if so, why is that? Is it because it penetrates deeper than a regular needle??
Jack K (1 year ago)
What music was used here?
Einveru (1 year ago)
this video is beautiful
Joe Lackey (1 year ago)
This is how John Mayer got his sleeve done in Japan. Very cool.
Echo (1 year ago)
whats the depth when you are doing the shades?
COVR (1 year ago)
what i wanna know is what do Japanese people think of westerners who get traditional Japanese tattoos? As they have for year but the trend has only grown.
Davor Kilovic (1 year ago)
Wow. This has to hurt. How I understand it, a machine des not come close to this method in terms of depth at witch the needle penetrates the skin. Cudos for someone who can just sit there all still and be jabbed in the arm for a couple of hours.
Lifter85 (2 years ago)
I respect t the art and heritage but there's far better ways to permanently put something on your body.
Ninja Squirrel (2 years ago)
Lifter85 then you clearly don't respect the art and the heritage
Simon Ablett (2 years ago)
Given how much it hurts when done with a modern tattoo gun, you'd have to have a very high pain threshold to have it done this way. Incredible skill though.
Andrew Stefan (2 years ago)
Anyone know the background music?
Elly Chan (2 years ago)
I'd like to try this way to get another tattoo but it looks way more painful than the machine.
Elly Chan (2 years ago)
Al MLGHow can you see i don't respect the art & the heritage? u shoud think before post any comment.
Calaveras Desolladas (2 years ago)
Name of the music?
spiral hill (2 years ago)
1 word: anastetic cream lol
spiral hill (2 years ago)
thanks for correcting me. i might have been drunk when i wrote that
laugh out loud
victor cash (2 years ago)
2 words ..
Yuya Sakaki (2 years ago)
Is this more painful than the machine?
Sammy Ahmed (2 years ago)
yes much more painful and takes much longer
Sammy Ahmed (2 years ago)
incorrect...... it is more painful and the needles go DEEPER than on a tattoo gun.....
Miss Darkling (2 years ago)
I have a flower design with skulls and crosses and thorns on my lower/middle back. I suggest not getting a tebori as a first tat, unless you think you have a good pain tolerance or like the feeling of many needles being stabbed roughly into your skin. My design lasted hours, and was very painful.
Krzysztof Żak (2 years ago)
+SteamingRice so maybe its depend on personal feelings
Wukong (2 years ago)
Krzysztof Żak From what I've heard it's much more painful.
Nicholas Russell (2 years ago)
kinda similar to samoan tattooing
resourcedragon (2 years ago)
I love the way a Japanese tattoo artist carefully combines traditional methods with extensive hygiene precautions.
resourcedragon It should always be the case
Puro PN COAH (2 years ago)
Aiao Xo (2 months ago)
+Justino The Dominican Dragon You're fucking ugly BITCH!!!!
You are fucking dumb.
Anirban Jana (10 months ago)
Am sure he does. Not only are you stupid, you don’t seem to know English as well. So move along
Bombenhagel 666 (1 year ago)
Puro PN COAH didn't you read the beginning?
Cindy Medina (2 years ago)
if you compare the art of the machine tattoos ...you see the tattoos the Japanese you traditionally there are is so much nicer
Amelia (2 years ago)
is this more expensive to have done?
zellfaze (2 years ago)
Just going to add for future readers, the style is practiced primarily in Japan, but there should be folks elsewhere in the world who can do it. I imagine, but don't know, that it would be much more expensive given the specialized equipment, specialized skills, and just how much longer it takes.
. RetroWizdom. (2 years ago)
considering its only practised in Japan china etc yes you more than likely would have to travel
李Nolan (2 years ago)
it looks like sawing on the client.
Chris Hendriks (3 years ago)
Subarashii! Honto da sore wa sugoi!
. RetroWizdom. (3 years ago)
This method is a slower but more detailed way to get a tatoo the precicion and pace of a hand will outbeat that of a machine at the end the tatoo will be more presantable and the details will be more vivid
Matthew Guralsky (6 months ago)
Everyone stop arguing
Rick Martinez (7 months ago)
Idk about that
Victorialily (9 months ago)
What? Machines are way more precise and evenly paced than a human hand. A tattoo machine is consistent in its depth and pace of the needles. In addition to this, the accuracy of a machine outstrips that of a human hand, especially when you consider line work, as the tattooists hand needn't worry about the depth as much as tebori tattoo artist. Finally, a machine would be able to finish the same tattoo faster than that of a tebori artist - this is just for consideration towards the client, as getting a tattoo doesn't become extremely sore after a few hours.
William (1 year ago)
The usual Youtube commenter who has absolutely no clue of what he is talking about
moshpit89 (1 year ago)
do you kiss jesus with this mouth
Mike Jones (3 years ago)
when u are born an artist it doesn't matter what u use to express ur self. u will find a way :)
Wilson Lema (3 years ago)
desearía tattos de los primeros sin la tecnología de ahora muchas gracias
Alfred Perez-Hernandez (3 years ago)
I always watch this video at night, it helps me fall asleep 😌
StrokeIsNot (3 years ago)
Thats what i do when i want my friend to wake up.. Poke him
Johnathan Le (7 months ago)
that's what i do when i want to have sex with my gf. i poke her too.
God Killer (1 year ago)
StrokeIsNot with needles?
Elaine Sousa (3 years ago)
quem tem essa ou outras tattos
Anie Banyuwangi (3 years ago)
Mal Morri (3 years ago)
I want one. omg.
RAY///M316 (3 years ago)
look less painful
RAY///M316 (2 years ago)
+Geoff Ramsey holy Jesus
RAY///M316 (3 years ago)
+billy bob lol
Suleiman Ashraf (3 years ago)
Bro, this hurts as fuck
RAY///M316 (3 years ago)
+Gratsgo damn Really thanks for the information
Rebel 1981 (3 years ago)
beautiful video of my friend. I'm lucky to have one of Horimyo's pieces and I'm waiting for the backpiece this summer :)
꧁Nεvets ꧂ (11 months ago)
nah let me do it for u bro. im better than him ill use chopsticks😂
Sabina T (2 years ago)
Have you had your back done yet? My biggest question is the time average. I know it's probably plus or minus 10 depending on color size and pain tolerance. Just curious on how long yours took to get done?
Does he use petroleum jelly during the process tattoo?
Heartspade Ace (3 years ago)
Waw. lucky you
Nancy Hernández (3 years ago)
skan rodriguez (3 years ago)
habria algun problema si utilizo tu video para un articulo en mi pagina de facebook?
Jamie Lee (3 years ago)
ohhh hell Noo
:::LeslieQueen (3 years ago)
EVILOISA (3 years ago)
How can he be that precise by holding that stick from such a long distance? incredible
- It just takes dedication & years of practice. It's like any other medium! If you want to be good... or "GREAT" at anything in life, you have to spend serious time & hard work on accomplishing those goals! Cheers & good luck with whatever you choose (or have chosen) to do in life!
Seferino (5 months ago)
Well, I don't mind tattoos but for some reason if I see a woman with a lot of them it is kinda big turn off for me.
Paige M (6 months ago)
Faroek Nasierkhan my husband has a Masters in molecular biology and has lots of tattoos. I have a masters in Finance and wealth management. Our work gave us the opportunity to move to places like Dubai, Singapore, Frankfurt and Paris. We make more money than we need but please tell me how we’re uneducated and poor 💁🏼‍♀️
Goldman Sachs Associate (10 months ago)
Faroek Nasierkhan can I bust a nut on your face real quick
BudSmoke37 (10 months ago)
The further the distance between his hands the more sensitive the change in the angle of the needle
a gay (3 years ago)
Da Capo (1 year ago)
FIONA Rc (2 years ago)
i came here because of him!
RedBloodyHeart (3 years ago)
juno (3 years ago)
omnipoot (3 years ago)
+Sam Banaszak SAME
Forever Tigers (3 years ago)
This is real art, and a true craft.

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