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13 Shocking Effects of Pollution

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13 Very important and terrible effects of the pollution that us humans are creating from trash harming animals to noise pollution Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 7. Acid Rain Acid rain can occur naturally from volcanic emissions but there is a direct result of human activities and acid rain. With toxic fumes getting mixed into clouds, they get absorbed into our atmosphere and can come out from rain. Animals and plants need a particular ph level in order to stay healthy... 6. Noise Pollution Effects Many of us might limit the idea of pollution only to nature and not sound. We are quite used to the sounds of urban life and it doesn’t begin to bother us. Whether it’s listening to music or pets barking, it might not be a serious issue. But when noise keeps us from going to sleep at night, it begins to turn into pollution. This normal infers to noises that are unnatural and excessive. This can actually lead to more problems than you’d like to think. Our ears were not constructed to handle the amount of noise that we might experience in the big cities of today. Loud noise can certainly lead to sleeping disorders and health issues as well. Studies show that aggressiveness can be a direct link to noise pollution. This affects other animals as well, especially since they rely heavily on sound in for things such as hunting and mating rituals. 5. Toxic Air Pollution Some places in China are experiencing record high levels of air pollution. It’s getting so rough out there that even dogs are wearing surgical masks to protect themselves from the toxic fumes. In 2015, 100 million people were warned and told to stay inside their houses across 10 different cities. Schools and factories were shut down, hoping to reduce exposure to the heavy blankets of toxic air swarming the country. Rising levels of air pollution have caused a new disease; called the Beijing Cough. This is from burning a large amount of petroleum in recent years. In the past, the air pollution from China has travelled to the Central Valley of California. A number of children suffer from respiratory illnesses and things don’t seem to be getting any better. Kids are more vulnerable to respiratory illnesses due to their size Living somewhere with a lot of pollution certainly makes it difficult for Santa Claus act jolly during Christmas time 4. Smog Smog is a direct result of air pollution and other places like LA There are several pollutants that make the sky murky. There’s particulate matter which includes smoke and is the main cause for smog. But there are other pollutants that are released which certainly don’t help. Other common air pollutants include Hydrocarbons, Sulfur Dioxides, and silent, invisible killer (carbon monoxide). Cars, and trucks also emit a large amount of smog. A simple way to reduce this is to participate in carpooling or taking public transportation. Each year, 50,000 or more people die in the US due to air pollution. 3. Trash Outweighing Fish It’s predicted that in the future, about 30 years from now if changes aren’t made, they’re will be more trash in Earth’s oceans. The amount of plastic waste is much higher than other type of trash that is found and is much more hazardous to our ecosystem. Much of this could simply be avoided by just recycling. The plastic is not only valuable to companies who want to use it, but quite important to keep out of our oceans. It takes one plastic water bottle, 450 years to biodegrade. Some bottles possibly 1000! Debris left over from fishing can be left in the ocean and harm seals like we see in this photo. 2. Fish Kills Another shocking effect of pollution is what’s known as a fish kill. This is when a large amount of fish show up dead and can be caused from numerous environmental factors. Although there are natural causes for this, things like toxicity, reduced levels of dissolved oxygen and drought are all possible ways. Agricultural pollutions with water rich in pesticides can often reach places where fish are present. If a chemical like cyanide is released into the water, people will be able to tell from the fish's gills turning a cherry red. The fish’s habitat is fairly fragile and any slight changes in chemical compounds can result in fish kills. 1. Global Warming With so much carbon and greenhouse gases being emitted into the air, where are they supposed to go? Our ozone layer which regulates our temperature, keeps gases from escaping. Temperatures changed and oceans are getting warmer and even slight changes can have dramatic consequences. Glaciers melting. Coral reefs disappearing, droughts, floods can all be a result of this. Let’s all do our part and keep mother earth alive and flourising… Before it’s too late.
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Samantha Stevens (2 days ago)
This is seriously messed up
Content Brony (11 days ago)
What if America turned off its factory s and all kinds of pollution are shut down in america?
EUCALYPTUS CAT (12 days ago)
I wish that plastic was illegal
Elijah Cuevas (15 days ago)
this didn't help....my lake is still filled with water
Don'tBother (15 days ago)
Fillipinos are stupid
Dolanswuahh (20 days ago)
Stuff like these need more views than the stupid fucking match between KSI & Logan
Louis Naug (22 days ago)
The most dangerous thing we could do is think someone else is gonna save the planet
Cool Prison lifedude (30 days ago)
The world would be a better place without humans. Admit it.
unicorn cutie (1 month ago)
Who else noticed that he said number 11 for number 10
Ji Zhou Wu (1 month ago)
Omg I will never use straws againnnnnnn😭
Ji Zhou Wu (1 month ago)
Ur AWESOME❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Ji Zhou Wu (1 month ago)
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️u
Ji Zhou Wu (1 month ago)
I love u Ji Zhou Wu
ERROL LIGEON (1 month ago)
MURICA , TRUMP 2020 AND BEYOND , trump sais this is all fake news so he sais it its the truth. Fucking orange clown.
clarimonda1 (1 month ago)
Pleaspleassssss stop pollution
Hope Lines (1 month ago)
Let's do our part to (1) educate people especially about plastic and (2) to clean up where possible. Thanks to everyone who cares. Peace out from HopeLines
Joshua Yin (1 month ago)
we must save mother Earth
I m Brahman (2 months ago)
We are shameless 😥😥😥
Kristin Clemons (2 months ago)
You are one of my fave you tubers!!!!!:D
Yoda Muster Pakooki (2 months ago)
You make great videos,Your my new favorite Youtuber! :D
Alejandro Garcia (2 months ago)
This is why alien life doesn't exist
Taunter Atwill (2 months ago)
After religion it's greed that is fucking up our planet. (Is it "our" planet or has it become the property of the greedy rich)?
Genaro Francis Tabag (2 months ago)
This is what we should do.... A platic waste TRAPS using recycled bottles to clean rivers and oceans plastic pollution. https://youtu.be/G_nCD8EjXJI
Your Marvel Fan (3 months ago)
I wish they could just band polluting
Light Bulb (1 month ago)
Your Marvel Fan then get rid if your computer
JESUSISLOVE (3 months ago)
Hate to say it but humans are ignorant
We are the reason everything is dying. We are murderers.
ViperishCat 81 (3 months ago)
Idc I will still use plastic
Jøséph Āntöñ (3 months ago)
Please reuse plastic or recycle plastic. Don't waste them
ViperishCat 81 (3 months ago)
This is a joke, pls don't hate
Crofinnts 2 (3 months ago)
umm also heres the most polution in country india philipines africa china vietnam
Jøséph Āntöñ (3 months ago)
Bradth 1 true
mia achingheart (3 months ago)
Before it's too late? It's already too late
Kusum Rana (3 months ago)
I fell very sorry for it😭
santiago reynoso (3 months ago)
you suc'k dick
Matthew Nottage (4 months ago)
The Pacific Ocean has the most pollution
tyshala Bennett (4 months ago)
,!🤔 People why are you guys so freaking mean to God he made this earth you guys must not love god
MSP Vikky (4 months ago)
David Joseph (4 months ago)
Please save the environment please don’t let everyone down
David Joseph (4 months ago)
The earth is a cruel place people should pay attention to this it is not a jock and I’m only second grade take care of the environment please like if you agree god bless
Treasure :3 (4 months ago)
My heart hurts looking at this😭😭
Rothy Director (4 months ago)
I hate some people because in my country they alway throwing trash on the ground and they alway say it ok
Jeffrey Bull (4 months ago)
What's with the US flag? We're not the only ass holes.
Cody Barnes (5 months ago)
Ur mom has big gay lol XD
This world is doomed. Air pollution, environmental damage and racism. Luckily, the Asiatic Lion, South China Tiger, Fiji banded Iguana and Panda population has increased. Air pollution is equal to multiple cigarettes. Solar energy in Australia has become more popular and Iceland is using geothermal power. More small communities in China are becoming vegan. You can help by not eating beef, lamb, goat, elk or horse. By not eating beef, you'll give something for South China Tiger's to eat if they are hungry, and they will live longer, giving us acess to milk longer, and also not eating red meat will reduce our risk of obesity, heart disease, stomach and pancreatic cancer. Also, don't eat seal meat unless your an Inuit. So, reduce coal usage and increase solar energy. Especially in India, Arabia and Africa. The darkest races, and amazing animals. Cheetahs, Lions, monkeys and lizards. Hey, readers. You want to convert to Hinduism? I'm not forcing values, but pay attention. You support a clean world. Where nature is helped and non-violence exists. Hinduism introduced the idea of yoga, medical cannabis and Ayurveda. Teaching people about Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism will result in lower murder rates, a rise in animal population, decline in smoking, alcohol and a decline in racism. Possibly a rise in cannabis, as Sadhus use cannabis and get dreads. Most people who actually visit temples are older than 40, nowadays. I could be the last Guru, like how Aang was the last airbender? What do you say?
i like european boys (6 months ago)
Fuck people i hate them for doing that but them polluting the environment and making the world like hell aren’t the only reasons why. I hate people for overpopulating the planet and for NOT MAKING ENGLISH AN UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE! I mean who the fucking hell cares about other languages such as spanish, chinese, japanese, french, german, and other languages
Doreen C (6 months ago)
No escaping noise pollution.
Miley Caughel (6 months ago)
love it!!! I learned so much!! Thank you American Eye!!!!!
Nikolas Krcaj (5 months ago)
Sameer Ni (5 months ago)
Miley Norris yes this will be with water pollution
Monika (6 months ago)
Earth-Chan told me it’s bad for her head! Fight for a good cause! Stop pollution! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
FlimStuidos (7 months ago)
:( the earth has to survive we're learning about this
Dz Agario (8 months ago)
the quran in islam speaked about acid rain before 1400 years!!!!!! i hope some one just open his mind and see THis religeon wake up ppl if some one wanted the verse just reply
AdishGaming YT (8 months ago)
f yoy
Charankamal Singh (8 months ago)
why would you people reading this force baby to put oil or polluted water on their face you are FORCING BABYS
김민주 (9 months ago)
I am really sad.
J N (9 months ago)
I think we should do most industrial things on the Moon or Mars and send the parts of a product to Earth on a ship to be put together on an assembly line causing no pollution in the process and if that seems too expensive then the factories could always just be space stations instead a thing on another celestial body and the C02 and other byproduct gases could be compressed and be used as propellent to send the part ships back to Earth and the liquid waste could be put in a container and put on a trajectory to the Sun. Nuclear plants underground could supply power to people while only putting steam in the air and due to how low underground it would be an incident wouldn't be as bad as one where it would be above ground and release a large amount of radioactive elements into the air. But some sort of plate would have to be put in place to ensure that if some sort of Elephant Foot happened that it wouldn't melt through the ground and get into groundwater a good way of doing that would be to put a plate of heat shield tiles under the reactor.
J N (9 months ago)
But what I described would require a large amount of engineering and would only be available in a distant future.
SophieTheFirst28 (9 months ago)
goo.gl/slides/ht8n7n type this to ask Q&A
GyanAddict (9 months ago)
Who cares, we care about money, social status, luxury, food, sex etc. Fuck environment, right? WRONG.
Delia Nazar (6 months ago)
Pineapple Journal wrong
Miley Caughel (6 months ago)
watch your language!!!
ItzRainbowGirl1 Amber (7 months ago)
20bucksmith (9 months ago)
Number 10 not 11 Kippy
SophieTheFirst28 (10 months ago)
goo.gl/slides/49s2ag type this to ask Questions
Detech Dev (10 months ago)
Thanks its really useful.
Daniel The Pro Gamer (10 months ago)
The Equestrian Meme Queen (10 months ago)
i want to be in the area w that plane.
NAVI MATTHEW ANDRADE (10 months ago)
Justin Acker (11 months ago)
thanks i needed to do stuff for school
Maglidius liberty (1 year ago)
Pretty good video until it got to "global warming" so sad.
Friends Group (1 year ago)
Alejandro Garcia (2 months ago)
But some others. Dont
Alejandro Garcia (2 months ago)
We are ourselves and know it needs to stop
Kaitlyn Neil (1 year ago)
me to
Den Jaka (1 year ago)
Human destroy earth and animal
Alejandro Garcia (2 months ago)
Den Jaka wtf
will12457810 (1 year ago)
SugaFilledKookies (1 year ago)
I don't understand why people are still polluting the planet... Just because the earth hasn't been destroyed yet doesn't mean it's never going to happen...
Alejandro Garcia (2 months ago)
Plus most people are focused on the needs of the materials instead of the causes
Jøséph Āntöñ (3 months ago)
Jillyfish_Dayritos because 99% population in the world do not aware of what's happening to the world. The government ignore the environment like they don't exist
Ethan Uy (1 year ago)
Ethan Uy (1 year ago)
EnderTale Frisk (1 year ago)
Abel Varghese (1 year ago)
you really change my mind about plastic
Rick Turner (1 year ago)
The bible says it will be like it was in Noah's day before the Flood with their forbidden knowledge and disrespect for Gods perfect world.
Rick Turner (1 year ago)
I was in the navy in 73 and I saw a lot of stuff overboard from big ship. Just one ship but there was never any garbage on board.
Farmer Girl (1 year ago)
the worst one is 12..why, because we in the west just feel that we can dump our used electronics anywhere not even thinking about the people who live in that country. Why dont they take care of it themselves? they do not because it cost too much money...so sad....we all need to do our part and large factories can install filters that take all the bad stuff out..They do it in Danmark
Dhaker Hebri (1 year ago)
I'm so sorry
Carol Petty (1 year ago)
its a good thing that we are looking out for the planet we live on cause im sure those dang animals would tear it up and then where would we go!
Uzeyir Guliyev (1 year ago)
i found a dead bird in the water
Machalixx (9 months ago)
Uzeyir Guliyev possibly drowned
I Love This Video I SUbscribe keep Up The Great Work
Elijah Arnold (1 year ago)
Timothy Kaczor (1 year ago)
I hate what people are doing to this Earth to people are really animals.
Brody Mikos (1 year ago)
acid rain !
Brody Mikos (1 year ago)
Samantha Stevens (2 days ago)
That is not cool dude
Mawouli Gassesse (1 year ago)
leave the environment alone
humans are pigs
Annika Little (1 year ago)
We only have one earth. :)
Alejandro Garcia (2 months ago)
Even the most habitable planet found outside our solar system has chances of not having life
Alejandro Garcia (2 months ago)
Plus life is rare
Aryan Yadav (1 year ago)
Best YouTubers and they are doing the best thing.
thrift mafia (1 year ago)
this is liberal bs propaganda to make up coming companies money. have you ever noticed you never see seal o4 turtle or even big amounts od trash when you go to your beaches its always shows 3rd world countries and most pollution is be recycled in and out of the earth temperature has changed but it always has since its recordings way hotter in the 1890s then now theres alwaya spikes and pollution also caused by natutal disasters not just humans ..us has recycling and ither means to help yet tjey keep pushing these electric cara that cause just as much pollution becuase they need factories and nuclear power planta for this and even solar panels need maintenance and to be scrapped....trees plants animals evolve die thats the way of life your not god...and the places are dirty becuase humans and animals alike dont avoid it move or clean up that's not technology's fault or self made pollution its a hoax
RoccoFILMS (1 year ago)
Why does this only have about 6,000 views? It needs more.
Harbor Seal (7 months ago)
75.5k views now
Mistie Partin (1 year ago)
Sadly, humans are not willing to make even small changes to save our planet!
Catlin Whiteside (1 year ago)
& people wonder why I want to witness the end of mankind. Like how fucking hard is it to cut six pack ring's? Expecially when some come with pull apart Tab's on them.
Catlin Whiteside (1 year ago)
+Bethiegrace 904 😡😡😆😄😁😅😂 Ahh hey shut up already. You we're calling me childish, but who's the one who can't shut up? Oh & probly could, considering I'm part of the Royal bloodline. What did you think I was trolling when I said? Who said I'm a human?
Bethiegrace 904 (1 year ago)
Catlin Whiteside You really are a strange bloke. And I don't think you could even afford a house around where I live.
Catlin Whiteside (1 year ago)
+Bethiegrace 904 Wow! You finally get it, & think I could be living right next door to you! Oh & ah...never said I was human! 👽 vs.👪 =💀
Bethiegrace 904 (1 year ago)
Catlin Whiteside No, I understand now, your more of a psychopath than a hipster as you want to see the end of humanity.
Catlin Whiteside (1 year ago)
+Bethiegrace 904 Once again not a hipster. Please learn the meaning to that name, yes I'll admit I was wrong on hipster & hippie being the same thing, their not. But some who wants to witness the end of humanity isn't a hipster. If I'm a hipster so is Eminem, I dress just as he does.
Poor animals. I wish all of the bad people got aids or something and died.
A G (1 year ago)
4:13 - that is central europe, not eastern europe...
Cromwell Rebusquillo (1 year ago)
not number 11 its number 10
The gaming Potatooo (1 year ago)
I hope the people whyl stop the pollution
Jøséph Āntöñ (3 months ago)
The gaming Potatooo unless you have money. We don't so we can't stop it. The world is obsessed with money
The gaming Potatooo (1 year ago)
Gopala Krishnan Muthu (1 year ago)
The gaming Potatooo (1 year ago)
Guy Wetmore (1 year ago)
Wow great job.. especially on research. I hope this teach people n companies what happens. Thankful for this research you all did
Omg. Trash cannot outweigh fish in the ocean. This is disgusting. We humans must protect our planet. Poor plants and animals.
Queen Smitherman (1 year ago)
We as Americans also don't realize how much that we waste water while other countries suffer
Bethiegrace 904 (1 year ago)
and friendship.
Mussa Kaleem (1 year ago)
And food.
Queen Smitherman (1 year ago)
China needs to check themselves.all their inventions and innovation but no way to reduce air pollution? We as Americans also don't realize how much that we waste water while other countries suffer
Queen Smitherman (1 year ago)
China needs to check themselves!!! all their inventions and innovation but no way to reduce air pollution? We as Americans also don't realize how much that we waste water while other countries suffer
Queen Smitherman And you have chosen a president how thinks climatic chamge is a invention from the chines. Instead of Trump China stand to there word and to the Climate Agreement of Paris!
Queen Smitherman yes. Be careful if you buy food from China. We should test their food in America before importing it.
Queen Smitherman (1 year ago)
China needs to check themselves!!! all their inventions and innovation but no way to reduce air pollution?. We as Americans also don't realize how much that we waste water while other countries suffer
fariqul hasan (1 year ago)
waterpollution in bengali
anko8aug (1 year ago)
Queen Smitherman E-waste in China India as well China make YOUR CHRISTMAS AND EVERYTHING china still used coals and have lots of factories and cars turcks bus taxi SO STFU!
048 TrooperMex (1 year ago)
in my opinion,i think no.4 is the worst
Abbie Cabrera (15 days ago)
We should show this to everyone in the world. 😐😑😤😣😮😬😠😡😢😥😦😦😟😭
#1 is happening right now.
Bethiegrace 904 (1 year ago)
I think number 048 is.

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