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Saddest Ending in Stanley Parable.

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Since the narrator finds out that a real person is playing and deciding which choises to choose, he then shows the player a video that pretty much informs the player to choose "correctly" and to make responsible choices and narrator assumes you will now make well thought out choices. Anyway, after you find out the story is ruined because (i think) a player cannot do "correct" choices, because that would defeat the purpose of "choice". free will is the keyword here and I think this ending is about free will. after that, you then mysteriously get teleported to a working story, i think this is because the narrator, tried to restart the game in an attempt to make the story work. When you get to your boss's office, you will see a voice recorder that is impossible to use (even with a mic enabled, lol) (originally there's a pin-code) anyway, the narrator doesn't realize that. so he assumes you are just wasting his time, he assumes you are trying to ruin his story on purpose. Then you will get teleported and get to play as the narrator (or instead you are still the player, but get to spectate stanley, which is not a player, meaning he has no free will or choices) and you see that stanley is not moving. This is to show that stanley isn't a player and cannot decide to walk, choose, etc. Unlike other endings, the credits actually roll up, because of that a lot of people say this is the true stanley parable ending, which honestly it probably is. this game is all about choice. and this ending is about choice. honestly, this is the best stanley parable ending for me, and I hear even the developers say this is the true ending.
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Ramo (11 months ago)
***FOR ANYONE WONDERING*** at 7:20, the story was not ruined because I took the door on the right. it doesn't matter if i take the door on left the same things will happen, the same outcome, the same ending.
BadWolfKnight (22 days ago)
Hey your video is back in recommended list again. :)
ViniGameplay (30 days ago)
in my recommendeds too...
normal6969 (3 months ago)
This was my first ending I've achieved. ;)
Angeloder (3 months ago)
It changes! You took a door on the right instead a door on the left! Duh
Finity Dota (3 months ago)
@death rider it wouldnt trigger that kind of narration because you see their are trigger lines in games and if you don't step in it then, it won't activate
super pierce (4 hours ago)
nah the saddest endingbis the whiteboard ending
Ethan Bishop (5 days ago)
My goodness is it 4:30? I'm supposed to be having a back sack and crack.
Napstablook 3703 (6 days ago)
Is it sad though?
Destiny (6 days ago)
My thoughts are insugnificant compared to the massive size of the universe Did the Stanley Parable make anyone else depressed?
Mr. mustache Freak (7 days ago)
AgentKE (7 days ago)
Narrator: go through the left door Stanley: no *detroit: become human*
Arts Stuberovskis (9 days ago)
This just shows that people don't want people to be like Divergent: Able to make choices that wouldn't be meaningful, yet they are possible.
TheDerpHead (12 days ago)
I got an ad right after he said "At this point in the video, the instructor will give you some in-field practice.
Dziwny Koleś (13 days ago)
lemme guess , its Ruined ending Edit: Yup , i was right
Omg feeling so sad for the narorator at the end
Max Timoshenko (15 days ago)
malcolm the husky (17 days ago)
*All of his co-workers were gone. What could it mean?*
Conner Forbis (17 days ago)
I can't believe that instructional video predicted NPC memes.
JullioGamer BR (18 days ago)
Não entendi
Cashel Apache (18 days ago)
It made me cry :(
FL4ym3Burn (19 days ago)
Bites za dusto!
Omar Z (20 days ago)
This whole game is basically: Voice: do this Me: lmao no 🅱️
Em deChamplain (21 days ago)
It make me sad to hear his voice during the ending
Backup Channel (21 days ago)
This game is just too perfect.
Qu een (26 days ago)
*the broom closet ending is my favorite* Anyone get the reference
Triforce Gaming64 (26 days ago)
The saddest ending is the ending where you save the baby for 4 hours. Because it means you have nothing to do and you've wasted 4 hours of your life.
Andrew Williams (27 days ago)
04:41 "Thort." I didn't know that I'd been pronouncing it incorrectly for all these years.
TheBasicHeim (27 days ago)
Dærker (29 days ago)
But did you get the Broom closet ending? That was my favourite! XD
The Solar Creeper (30 days ago)
The saddest ending is the suicide ending
Judy Chen (1 month ago)
So the ending is Stanley was dreaming
Bill Cyber (1 month ago)
The Zending is way more Depressing
RIPxBlackHawk (1 month ago)
This player has ADHD! Stand still dude!
Element 55 (1 month ago)
I personally think the sadder one is the one where you commit suicide
oddlyk1 (1 month ago)
Sad? This is best ending.
Zoe Elsenova (1 month ago)
I really wish John Cleese would play this game
menckencynic (1 month ago)
Definitely set fire to impoverished orphans.
Jaminator (1 month ago)
When Stanly came to a set of two doors, he entered the door on his left. *Chooses right door* Savage
Liondoeseverything (1 month ago)
. .
2+4= -2? -541-78? *-Fish.*
Vika K (1 month ago)
Steven that's an abnormally big tie you've got.
Meagan Walker (1 month ago)
Can someone break down the ending more? I still don't understand it even after reading the desc.
Zino Tron (1 month ago)
It was a right door.
GodOfReality (1 month ago)
The saddest ending about the Stanley Parable is that anyone actually thinks it is good. It's not. This game is the manifestation of the expression "simple minds are entertained by small things."
Elliott Belardo (2 months ago)
Personally I consider the Museum ending to be the true ending, as it's the only ending (besides Heaven but that's more of an easter egg than an actual ending) that breaks the 'cycle' of the game restarting itself every time you reach an ending.
Orion D. Hunter (2 months ago)
hamster video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0M-8DgK8k4
This game in my eyes doesn’t have an ending. This game’s fucking hilarious, and absolutely amusing how many things you can do.
Junko Enoshimas Hair (2 months ago)
Stanley , Why Must You Be Afk! This Is More Important Than Fortnite >:(
It so sad, can we hit 10,000 likes?
Dovydas Volkovas (2 months ago)
The 'real person' ending is not the saddest ending. It is either the telephone or the stars one where you fall off the stairs.
AmiduTV (2 months ago)
at the end stanley looks like he was imported from goldeneye
anon ymous (2 months ago)
im crying 13:23
Joseph Burkhart (2 months ago)
wow! I did not know how sad endings can be.
Corwin Kelly (2 months ago)
I took this to be a statement about the limits of game design. The narrator dissociates you from Stanley when he discovers you are a player. The two doors is a simile for the pre-ordained nature of events in video games. Whatever choice you make its meaning and its implications are defined by the game designers and even in open world games you are living out their story, every character, place and event was put there for you to find. The voice code scene seemed like a metaphor for player individuality, your voice is something very personal and specific to you, it's also something that video games generally don't have a way to interpret, precisely because the human voice is so variable. The game cannot hear you, you have no voice, no individuality and there is nothing about what you did in the game that stood out from what anybody else did. While that may seem harsh I think of it less as a critique of games and more of an ode to real life. Games are fun, they provide stories for us that we can feel involved in the telling of, but ultimately real life has something no game could ever compete with, the ability to write your own story, to use your voice, to take the door on the right.
The Random Dickhead (2 months ago)
Thanks for reminding me of this... Game? I don't even know what to call "it".
Bravery (2 months ago)
oh ok
Suicidal Gaming (2 months ago)
I still don't get the ending
Simboiss (2 months ago)
Simboiss (2 months ago)
Sorry about that, I couldn't know. It's because there are so many let's play's and speedruns out there where the player is always fidgeting around, I find that annoying.
Ramo (2 months ago)
Dude i have parkinson's i can't help it that's really insensitive
Andoxico (2 months ago)
What makes this the saddest ending for me is the fact that there are players out there who got this ending, closed the game, and never played it again, leaving the narrator waiting for Stanley forever.
Bat Man (2 months ago)
KOKICHI OUMA (2 months ago)
The saddest ending in my opinion is the freedom ending Edit take that back fuck this is making even sadder than ever i want to give him a hug so bad
Person Guy (2 months ago)
I think the Zending is the most saddest ending, to be honest
fargeeks (2 months ago)
I can say this game has many different endings
The concern in the naratours voice is so sad
Big Hoodie (2 months ago)
It would be nice if the character didn't move around so much. I got a headache watching this
asdasd asdad (2 months ago)
brilliant game idea meets source engine ________________________ good game 4 sure
Coolguy 27 (2 months ago)
I agree, the hair does make this a sad ending
SC G (2 months ago)
My goodness is it 4:30? I'm supposed to be having a back sack and crack.
Everyday Is Awesome (2 months ago)
0:25 "he go to the left" *goes to right door*
Ian V (2 months ago)
The saddest ending imo was (I played this a long time ago so it's a little vague) in a room with wall decorations of stars and there are stairs and you keep going up the stairs and fall off to kill yourself and he tries to stop you
Zakariisama (2 months ago)
What about the one where Stanley tries to kill himself by jumping off a ledge over and over while the narrator monologues?
Mr Origen (2 months ago)
I didn't even watch the video, but I am already starting to smell.
The R3ktel (2 months ago)
Why is this sad tho?
lion gamer (2 months ago)
what does this mean
Christopher Alfonso (2 months ago)
The insanity ending sucks. The final thought of "Am I real?" is much more effective than "He's just insane." Because that would let you take a moment to feel his insanity. He is in a game, after all.
Iorek1111 (2 months ago)
This is so sad Alexa play despacito 2
Nu uh, the saddest ending is where you and the narrator enjoyed the pretty star room, and then you kill yourself, and the narrator is really sad
LapM Gaming (2 months ago)
Old but gold
Alex Yorim (2 months ago)
What would happen if you take the left door first on this route?
sammy jero (2 months ago)
Are there any other games like this in the making or already out? I never got to play this, and I would love to, but I've already seen multiple endings, and a lot of gameplay. My parents would never buy me games and now that I got the money I wanna be able to play amazing games like Stanley Parable lmao
Ramo (2 months ago)
looks like this video is in everyone's recommended again lolo
Turngar Dreamchaser (2 months ago)
This is the saddest one by far. The narrator deluding himself at the end, telling Stanley to take as much time as he needs, despite the impossibility of the player making Stanley make the choice. Just thinking about the Narrator waiting for all eternity for a choice that will never happen is heart tearing.
Turngar Dreamchaser there is a sadder one, where you bond with the narrator and make him “truly happy”, and then you throw yourself off really high stairs until you kill yourself. The narrator is so sad.
Did you try typing it in
TTTMusic (2 months ago)
"rational logic" he says yeah, of course, 2+4 = fish. Why did I not discover this sooner?
Commentator (2 months ago)
Explanation: This ending is basicly about... What am I talking about? The game was just like: "U just got pranked, bro!"
oon dicaprio (2 months ago)
I like the ending choice "Choose what you want for the best" My real life always choose the right for me
ECHO༄ (2 months ago)
this is so sad alexa play despacito
Jesus Garcia (2 months ago)
i wa
Taco shell Yeah boi (2 months ago)
I didnt understand the ending at first but i almost ceied anyways
Xppp1 (2 months ago)
4:3 aspect ratio is pretty sad, yeah
Hillary Trump (2 months ago)
George Armstrong (2 months ago)
I love the broom closet ending, the broom closet ending is my favourite
darthdude (2 months ago)
Choice, that thing you only "think" you have
To me the "real ending" is the one where the female narrator comes in, showing that even the male narrator is a prop in a larger scheme.
thereal dirtydan (2 months ago)
I'm supposed to be having a fat sack of crack
Bob Thenob (2 months ago)
4:47 Well that's how I always get out of the end of the day office meeting
NationOfNamePending (2 months ago)
The narrator is such a selfish asshole
The Enclave Intiative (2 months ago)
This is so sad!! Alexa play despacito
Coolboy 99 (2 months ago)
GET OUT OF MY FKING RECOMMENDED!!=!=!=!=!==!§%$!"§$!§"$
Drunk Birb (2 months ago)
why the FUCK is a video from 2015 being shoved into every recommended section i look at
My sick meme page bro (2 months ago)
The game makes me uneasy ike the voice
Яеversed Я (2 months ago)
I feel that this ending is the second saddest ending. The saddest is the suicide ending
Isnt this game based off that will Farrell
Curry Bread (2 months ago)
2 more Months and I'll be able to get the "don't play for five years" achievement... Then maybe watch the rest of the endings I didn't find...

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