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Why don't perpetual motion machines ever work? - Netta Schramm

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Check out our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/teded View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-don-t-perpetual-motion-machines-ever-work-netta-schramm Perpetual motion machines — devices that can do work indefinitely without any external energy source — have captured many inventors’ imaginations because they could totally transform our relationship with energy. There’s just one problem: they don’t work. Why not? Netta Schramm describes the pitfalls of perpetual motion machines. Lesson by Netta Schramm, animation by TED-Ed.
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Tyler's Fanimations (5 hours ago)
Hurricanes are perpetual motion machines, basically
Be Positive (10 hours ago)
If you could design a perpetual motion device, you would disappear one night with a pillow case over your head never to be seen again. 😂🤪🙃
Wayne Travis (14 hours ago)
This Ted Ed is a brain limiter..... and from the comments - it is working. In the 1800's, no one had thought of altering relative relationships to a system - the result - the false belief that energy can not be created or destroyed. In the 1800's the experiments performed were conversion or consumption processes - and that scope limited the assumptions and laws which followed - and are incorrectly called "work generation". Changing a dollar into four quarters is not "generating" Quarters.... All the experiments in this Ted Ed are conversion or consumption processes that have equal relative references. The Gravity is the same in the process (equal reference), and the weight is the same, the density of the fluid is equal, the height remains the same, and the time remains constant... so no generation is happening. If you are scope limited as they were in the 1800's - and most are today - then yo probably have not asked how to alter those relationships within a system for the purpose of actual energy generation, Energy generation is simply the difference of work done between directions of a process (not a conversion or consumption process). For those of you who will reject these facts because you were assumed that correct knowledge was taught at the university... that is faith (in your school). You miss the point - what they teach is limited to equal reference systems. If you design systems in the limited scope of opposite and equal reactions - then you will prove yourself correct. If you design to intentionally alter the references between directions - than the difference value you create is available to either generate or destroy energy. If you don't know how to alter references - time for a new school.... come see me. Wayne
Allen Jenkins (20 hours ago)
The last minute of this video gives a possible way out. We need to find a way to utilise "dark energy", "dark matter", or the weird stuff that happens at the quantum level.
Allen Jenkins (20 hours ago)
You'll note at 0:40 he describes a PMM as a device that can "do work" forever. i.e.not just a device that keeps moving forever. Big difference.
Carnage Pool (1 day ago)
Laws are meant to be broken.
kingofallcrypto (1 day ago)
the first law of thermodynamics is don't talk about thermodynamics
MMO COMMANDO (1 day ago)
your surrounded by perpetual motion all the time. electrons orbiting around atoms. It never ends, not since the beginning of our universe, and it appears that electrons will continue to orbit atoms perpetually. Doesn't that count?
Dr.Jacky Lam (1 day ago)
假若人造黑洞 捕捉物質 釋放能量 是否便可以解決?
IGOTAJOP America (1 day ago)
And at the end you show the earth spinning and it never stops.
creamedeggs (2 days ago)
Because it _doesn't exist_
N75911 (2 days ago)
The explanation for me has always been "Nothing is 100% efficient" Energy is always lost in the process of receiving or delivering.
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fuckyuashol (2 days ago)
Zone word answer: efficiency
Adrian Embrey (2 days ago)
Excellent video. Thank you!
Joseph Bonnette (2 days ago)
So in other words, all things eventually rot or become decayed or hindered. So does the electric company, and our oil source, draining the earth's blood like vampires so we have all those earthquakes "in diverse places," and that cause sink holes, etc, those are not Perpetual motion either. Yet we use them on their way out. Our parents don't live "perpetually" either yet they supply means to eat and live. This guy is a party pooper, just because it's not "truly perpetual" it's worthless??? We can find those machines they don't want to look for it that's all. The market doesn't want life easier for us, it wants only a few rich and happy. The selfish rich get their pleasure knowing that others are suffering so they can enjoy life! Until they go to their "reward" for a job badly done.
Vĩ Lê minh (2 days ago)
it is pretty like werewolf
Lil' Aaronboy (3 days ago)
It was never posibble... Until an Asian showed up
xXCamnopXx (3 days ago)
Now imagine if we invented teleportation: imagine opening two portals, miles apart from eachother vertically, and set up a series of turbines in between them and pour water in. Assuming it took energy to maintain the portals, couldnt you create a self sustaining and even infinite energy producing machine? Keep in mind: if it wasnt producing enough, you could always distance the portals further from eachother and add more turbines in between. Therefore this means 1 of 3 things: either Teleportation is Impossible and just a theory, (we are slowly uncovering evidence that it isnt however), the laws of conservation are wrong, or it would take more energy to sustain as you moved the portals further away.
All current ppms use external force so the law of thermodynamics is not broken. The efficiency of the ppm is the problem 😃
Cashy 1 (3 days ago)
i hate the way this is worded, if u spin a ball in space, where there is absolutely nothing (i know it doesnt exist but is nonetheless possible) and spun a ball, it will spin forever, making its motion perpetual, but by definition perpetual motion is impossible because it implies there is a constant output of energy. When referring to perpetual motion people should say perpetual energy since non stopping motion is possible according to newtons first law
Cashy 1 (3 days ago)
what about tidal heating for moon like Titan? theres no friction that causes an orbit to stop, but energy is still being produced
Cashy 1 (13 hours ago)
+Allen Jenkins I know that tidal heating was created from friction, i meant there was no friction between its orbit with Saturn (therefore stopping the tidal heating), but thanks for telling me what happens to that energy which is produced, i completely forgot that was a thing.
Allen Jenkins (21 hours ago)
Tidal heating is friction I'm afraid. Rotational energy is being converted to heat and then eventually radiated into space.
Nate G (3 days ago)
The idea is not to create free energy. We should be implementing zero point energy or as close to free as possible
Rory Scottish (3 days ago)
I think I have a perpetual motion idea . Use the water cycle to generate energy Have two chambers, a evaporation chamber and a condensation chamber. The evaporation chamber has a low altitude reservoir and is heated so that water evaporates . Then the moist air rises and moves into the cooler condensation chamber where the moist air condenses and is input into a high altitude reservoir from where I flows through a hydro electric turbine to generate electricity . The water then passes back down to the evaporation chamber to be evaporated once again. 🏆🏆😎👍🏆 That is my idea What does everyone think??😎😉🇬🇧
Rory Scottish (13 hours ago)
Starco 2312 some would but there would still be a surplus of energy to create a perpetual motion device
Starco 2312 (1 day ago)
+Rory Scottish which would be lost through friction
Rory Scottish (1 day ago)
Starco 2312 but it could be heated by the energy generated by the hydro electricity .
Starco 2312 (2 days ago)
Thats powered by the sun
Ava (3 days ago)
The only real perpetual motion machine is the universe itself.
AsrielProGames Studio (3 days ago)
Bhaskara the “Learned”
Samuel Galdieri (4 days ago)
Because nothing is 100% efficient...simply put
Veronika Veskova (4 days ago)
you forgot the basic the rules don't apply in space
Jannis (1 day ago)
Is this a joke?
Alex Alan. (4 days ago)
I think that the closest thing to a machine with reduced energy expenditure would be the earth's rotation on its own axis. Unfortunately, gravitational forces of space may affect this. Yet, the energy put in to rotate the earth, to do one of the most basic motions, sustains intelligent life.
C Yalater (4 days ago)
Actually if it really was a perpetual motion machine it would never not work😛
Thaddeus Thicc Thighs (4 days ago)
Easy solution duct tape a piece of buttered bread to a cat and suspend it in zero G because bread never lands butter side down and cats always land on their feet so suspending it will cause it to spin forever
My Name is Gladiator (5 days ago)
Ted Ed is a bunch of liberal idiots.
Folv (5 days ago)
So the "drinking bird" mechanism doesn't count as a perpetual motion machine?
Starco 2312 (2 days ago)
No, it stops eventually
Ben Leverett (5 days ago)
I think I may (more or less, in any practical sense) have a fix for that. If you have two magnets, each faced to the polar opposite, of each other, so that they attract; then, attach the bottom, of the top one, of (likely using hot glue, or something, like that) them to a piece of cardboard, or something; and then, add a little more weight to one side, of the top one of the magnets; then lay (the reason I say "lay", not "glue", is "You don't need to.", but you can if you want) a sizeable, but still fairly small, spool of wire, in the outside edge, of the center (on top of the cardboard, used in step 2) of the top magnet; then, by boring a hole, in the very center of the cardboard, mount it to the head of a 3-12V motor, mounted atop the other magnet, and by that means (as far as I can figure) it's free from both laws of thermodynamics. The magnet, on top of the motor, will repel the magnet on the bottom, and having weight on one side of the top of the magnet, will create a constant variable weight shift toward one side, which will propel the magnet, ever so slightly; and the spool of wire, along the inside edge, of the top magnet, would recirculate that energy, which would be used to propel the head of the motor; which would produce its own energy (however little (or much) it may be) which you would use, for whatever purpose you like. The only reason I could see, that it'd stop working, is when either one of the magnets goes past its half-life, and then the force of the top magnet, via its own weight, under Gravity, stops spinning.
Origrazy (5 days ago)
But what about the rotation of earth?
Sure but you can just give it a bit of a nudge
Starco 2312 (2 days ago)
The whole point is to make it perpetual, it isnt perpetual if you have to nudge it more than once
CyberXploit (6 days ago)
What if we could use our search into energy hmm
Ty Finn (6 days ago)
Couldn't you fill the mercury wheel with heavy ferrofluid and a few external magnetics to push and pull the wheel? I mean probably not, the calculations would have to be dead on for it to even be possible but... no? Not even possible?
Bargavi Narasimhan (6 days ago)
The Earth is itself a perpetual motion machine
marco sulis (6 days ago)
So what about the sun or the earth spin?
Sachin Patil (6 days ago)
Please take his name properly... "Bhaskar"
GodopeTZ (6 days ago)
I needed this 😂
Lukas (6 days ago)
Just antinomy...
Ok. Line up 2 rivers and connect them with 2 passages and add mills on each passage
Adriatical (7 days ago)
damn i'm genuinely disappointed that it's impossible to make a perpetual motion machine :(
j t (7 days ago)
TLDR: because physics
Jørgen Karlsen (7 days ago)
Ware and tear
Tangent of circle. (7 days ago)
Bhaskara!? Ain't that a guy from my nation! Woah.
Sandesh James (7 days ago)
we still got the infinite water thing in minecraft tho
Anfieldin21thCentury (4 hours ago)
Is this Minecraft or real life? Is Minecraft your school? Jesus.
Yash Chaudhary (7 days ago)
Is earth prepetual?
Mikal Gibbs (8 days ago)
The only working perpetual motion machine is the universe, ya know as soon as it stops expanding. All the energy will be trapped and it will form some sort of cycle. Until, all the energy changes into dissipated energy, unless there is a way to use or change dissipated energy. It would be impossible to get out of that state of it were to happen, because the only energy would be dissipated, leaving only dissipated energy to change the dissipated energy to any other form. But what do I know I'm 15
Nathan McCartney (8 days ago)
What about an old school metronome?
Thijs de Boer (8 days ago)
How about planets orbiting the sun Doesn't take energy for us to go around the sun right?
DJase (5 days ago)
It took tremendous amounts of energy to set us in motion. There isn't anything stopping us right now, so we just keep rotating, but if something came and tried to use the rotation around to sun as an energy source, the earth would rotate slower and slower untill completely stopping.
Adrian (8 days ago)
What if there was that wheel with the weights but then its in a water fall like lets say niagra falls then boom conslantly moving well not ofrever but for a few million years
Adrian (1 day ago)
+Starco 2312 nothing is
Starco 2312 (1 day ago)
The whole point is to make it perpetual, that isnt perpetual
VentuRoute (8 days ago)
If they worked then the machine would have to be invisible
colt 45 (8 days ago)
Even our search won’t be perpetual if we consider the fact that at some point humanity will face a crisis that will shift its priority for sustaining survival rather than look for such futile models.
Gopi Krishnan (9 days ago)
I love the last line, 'for now our search is perpetual'
Samantha Shipman (9 days ago)
You also could have mentioned the fact that work is done against friction so energy is lost as heat and sound.
a158x9mnh6 (9 days ago)
2370 people cailms they have breaked this law
Stevo (9 days ago)
Spoiler alert, energy loss.
I COME FROM SUN (9 days ago)
Then how does the Universe "self-create" out of singularity? If it's finite then it cannot self-create because it violates all laws of thermodynamics. Universe cannot self-sustain because it has a finite amount of energy, regardless of how big it is. It's still finite and the energy will come to zero. Weird
Jannis (1 day ago)
"Then how does the Universe "self-create" out of singularity? If it's finite then it cannot self-create because it violates all laws of thermodynamics." Physical laws describe things in our universe, not the universe itself. You can't apply thermodynamics to this.
Imperial Japan (9 days ago)
They will work if they are used in vacuum.
No Bozos (9 days ago)
It doesn't work because friction introduces loss of energy.
this is so sad can we violate the laws of thermodynamics
Liesje Seru (9 days ago)
Ehum oke 🤔 there already a perpetual machines in the universe its called life it breaks all the rules of thermodynamics it make more energy than it consume, it does not need a outside power source ( there are proven anmails that live where there is no sun or other energy sources) jellyfish copy them self and life can not be destroyed ( slowdown yes but not destroyed) even in a vacuum life can induur
Starco 2312 (1 day ago)
Once the sun explodes none of that life will exist, you cant get something out of nothing
paul k joy (9 days ago)
Starco 2312 (1 day ago)
Isnt perpetual
Jeremiah Chun (10 days ago)
Love it
legionofyuri (10 days ago)
The Chaos Gods have blessed this video.
David Isaacson (10 days ago)
Cant never could
Raphael Alexander (10 days ago)
the self filling water was a good example
What if i charge a powerbank with its self
Van Allen (10 days ago)
If the law of thermodynamics is right and there is no such thing as perpetual, it means our planet will die soon, the sea and river will dry, the rain and air will stop including all solar system then where all Doom.
Starco 2312 (1 day ago)
No it doesn't, energy can't be destroyed either
Penguin The Wise (11 days ago)
Me: reads title *H M M M*
Harry Andruschak (11 days ago)
The Three Laws Of Thermodynamics.You cannot win.You cannot even break even.You cannot change the first two laws.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50Aag0J0Qe4 i debunked a dude with this video XD
Aleister Midnight (11 days ago)
is t it funny how you hear about people that ha e beaten these obstacles but care nothing about sharing their expertise for some reason only they know? So I e been hearing about a guy un a small southern Kentucky town that has indeed invented A WORKING machine and has been running so far for close to 3 yrs so far. It didnt give the guys name but did say they think he lives in a small town called Monticello. Google shows this town sitting on the ky/Tenn boarder. MLS you wonder what the Gov did to cause this guy not to share his inventions. Supposedly he has several in mentions that are just as cool as his perpetual motion motor...What if he held the key to finally getting us away from fossil fuels? Granted the oil companies won't allow this info to become public for obvious reasons but imagine a world where EVERYONE stood together and finally fought these crooked companies and governments. Sadly this will never happen. which us why we will always be at their mercy. Until people man up and fight for your rights and country this will never come to light unfortunately. Our forefathers would be so hurt and disappointed if they saw that we don't fight for the laws and rights they LITERALLY gave their lives for, for us to have these said rights. Sad and Infuriating at the same time. I know why they guy in Monticello doesn't come forward. I'm sure he likes living and doesn't care much about losing his life over this.
AceTankerPaul (11 days ago)
You dont have to scream!
Jan Kvapil (11 days ago)
If someone did invent a free energy machine, a lot of people would die. War
Seth Gaertner (11 days ago)
So the lightbulb idea, even if it was only partially powered by its own light it could theoretically still be more energy efficient, right?
PickelJars ForHillary (11 days ago)
Dont know about free energy but I release a bunch of methane gas after eating beans.
Martin Trapper (12 days ago)
How do you test something FOREVER.
Sandy Afwan (12 days ago)
so this is what people call as a heartbreaking
immrnoidall (12 days ago)
buh muh youtube video.
jason mackay (12 days ago)
what if you use the laws of physics
Sir Will Fire (12 days ago)
but the earth is a perpetual motion machine because it keeps spinning
Gabriel Hughes (12 days ago)
At 4:24 i thot my internet was lagy
Ivan Blade (12 days ago)
La supra conductivité pour lutter la friction ?
Calvin Sanders (12 days ago)
So, you're saying, for sure we need an external energy source? For sure for sure?
Thomas Riedweg (12 days ago)
This seems to tells us to stop trying to build self sustaining devices. There are things like water flow, sunshine wind and heat/pressure we keep using to make something going. I am sure there would be a lot more we could use that still is undiscovered.
SuperShAd0 (12 days ago)
Wouldn't it be still more efficient if we make smt like this and add just a tiny amount of self energy to it instead of using self energy to create more
Tomi Adewole (12 days ago)
Perpetual motion IS possible in a useless, theoretical sort of way - quantum vacuum fluctuations provide the energy. Unfortunately, you'd be dealing with extremely long time scales (statistically) to make it viable in any practical sort of way; furthermore, if you needed, say, positive energy to accomplish your perpetual motion activity, it would have to eventually be followed by a larger pulse of negative energy to satisfy certain quantum selection rules. Damn. Guess it's not possible, then,.
ZeRo2545 (12 days ago)
We'll eventually have working perpetual motion machines when we're able to create structures with a large enough mass to create and control an effective amount of gravity. Like the stars and the planets.
Hensei Channel (13 days ago)
Định luật bảo toàn năng lượng?
Dabunny Rabbit (13 days ago)
Accel Well (14 days ago)
YouTube is full of perpetual motion machines
Yup yuppers (14 days ago)
Im so stoned and this made so much sense
Ultimo D (14 days ago)
Without even watching I'll tell you these machines don't work because of loss of energy. Gravity is the main influencer of loss of energy as well as friction. If anything touches even a little bit, friction is created which in turn wastes the energy needed for perpetual motion. Metal bearings or even air bearings over time sap energy as well.
Felix Tira (14 days ago)
Wouldn't the universe be a perpetual machine?
MPG Sison (14 days ago)
How about a gravitational orbit?
stupidmonkeywing (14 days ago)
does there exist some perpetual motion machine where I would only have to introduce a little of my own energy once every night, for example spinning a wheel once per night?

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