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Aligning Forms with Tables and Styling with CSS

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There are several ways to style a form. The most simplified version is to surround it with a table and style the table itself which is what I do in this video.
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Matt Nilsen (2 years ago)
Hi Scott great video i am currently studying html, and one of my areas was to create a contact form i have looked how you created it by using tables. then i tried to center to table on my page as you have shown but it doesn't seem to get me the red border or center the table. i know you used CSS but i am not up to that stage of studying its my next unit. I am using Aptana to create my web project. and use the style tag the make the look and feel. Any suggestions of what i can try would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Matt
Priyesh Bhavsar (3 years ago)
really helpful video thanks a lot .... :)

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