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Funny Song: Peter Piper - A Tongue Twister song.

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Can YOU keep up? By Bryant Oden (The Duck Song, I Got a Pea, The CBA Song, Woodchuck). iTunes: The new version of this song: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-songdrops-collection-vol/id437019959 On the CD of 40 songs: "The Songdrops Collection, Vol. 1." More funny songs for kids and everyone at http://Songdrops.com http://facebook.com/songdrops By Bryant Oden, who did the duck song, I got a pea, Bob the Snail, Best Friends Forever, This Song is Stuck Inside my head, The CBA Song, Please Don't Pee in the Pool , Sally Sells Seashells, Ringtone, and more. DOWNLOAD at: http://SongDrops.com. . . CAN YOU sing it without messing up???? (Sorry- only kid friendly comments will show up) This is a simple little song of the Peter Piper tongue twister, by Bryant Oden of SongDrops.com Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?
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Text Comments (349)
BAYRON CASTILLO (9 months ago)
nowadays i can do easily with your help thanks :D
yY poo (10 months ago)
I can say it faster then the in possibly fast version
Marc Shirota (10 months ago)
Good Goat (11 months ago)
Where are the spits and yucks
__ (1 year ago)
-I D O N T K N O W W H E R E I T I S O K?-
It's in his tummy
Numberblocks Fan! (2 days ago)
Now out of the butt
girls boom (2 years ago)
girls boom (2 years ago)
hellooooo speak
RIRIN RIWU (2 years ago)
aduuuuuuhhh kayanya kurang cpat
Pixel Studios (2 years ago)
It's in your butt
Ivy Lau (2 years ago)
headache lol
Rossana Palma Cortés (3 years ago)
My english teacher showed this song/tongue twister in one of his classes and made us learn it as a test 😂😂😂 ( i speak spanish, sorry for my horrible english)
Chris Griffith (3 years ago)
+Chani Irwin Bieber Hemmings Hood Clifford Actually, your English is fine. Much better than a lot of others on here in which English is their only language!
%100 POZ (4 years ago)
Over 20
%100 POZ (4 years ago)
Charlotte Collins (4 years ago)
how many p's in that?
tuscthetusk (3 years ago)
songdrops (5 years ago)
Well thank you Mr. Brooks.
josh brooks (5 years ago)
if this is you singing i salute u sir
Macul Synthelik (5 years ago)
Your deserve a medal really im serious your awesome :)
best boi (5 years ago)
TJ Harcup (5 years ago)
i love all your songs there amazing :D
murphyandemori (5 years ago)
Paul Smith (5 years ago)
voice is different
justtotalktopeople (5 years ago)
I had to sing this in chorus in 5 th grade so it wasn't that hard for me
Royal MCwolf (5 years ago)
peter piper was always the easiest one for me.... i dont know why
Arraviste (6 years ago)
MrTheavanter (6 years ago)
Thats simple im polish and i can even do that without messin.
Danae Cummings (6 years ago)
@songdrop how could u do that I couldn't even say2 words you totally rock
djbonescod (6 years ago)
Easy tooo easy pee
get (6 years ago)
so easy!!!!!!!!! did it perfect the first time
Madison Moore (6 years ago)
Dude, this is the easiest young twister ever. I learned this when I was seven and It only took a free minuets. I'm 13 now and can say this fast than the guy on the video.
Steven Li (6 years ago)
OMG im the 625,300 view
Ben Tero (6 years ago)
It's twisted up in his tounge after he tried to say this
vip5hawol (6 years ago)
I can't get the part where the music speeds up :P
Gabriella (6 years ago)
after an hour of failing to pronounce 'p' instead of 'b'... i diddd iit
joshua de luna (6 years ago)
ALL WITH P :O! I Already Know That one But Forgot
hruutu (6 years ago)
MeaLyse (6 years ago)
Impossible :O I'm the best at these things normaly :'(
Dragon_Slayer2.0 (6 years ago)
i cant even say one word without stumbling
Chona Panuela (6 years ago)
Morgan Wedlock (6 years ago)
ummmmm what did u say exactly?
ShibbyMo (6 years ago)
Hmmm. well I can't say the sentence right I could sing part of this song... then later I bit my tongue... Which I do when I try yo say it in the first place... still your songs always make me giggle and have fun xD
Lydia Stapleton (6 years ago)
does anyone else say PETER PITER?
vitalija botvina (6 years ago)
Fatou Khan (6 years ago)
And It sounds like: Pi Pa PI Peter Papper Pi :DDD
Jennifer Lee (6 years ago)
I had no clue what he was saying
Skyler inReverse (6 years ago)
i head the tomato song & loved you i hear all these other ones & now i'm IN LOVE w/ you Sir c:
Lily Bamber (6 years ago)
easy peasy
ROBBO ROBDOG (6 years ago)
575,000 and yet hardly anybody joined it :D
IA chan (6 years ago)
isyogirlflowa (6 years ago)
!!!!!!!? wow You know my friend used to tease me with this song she could sing but it was impossible for me<3
Anika Atique (6 years ago)
peter pieper pickcapapeeepapeeeppapricklepiccccaaaaaa..... Whaaatttt?! =S
Trinidy Birdsong (6 years ago)
peter piper who picked a peck of pickled pepers thinks thats not funny
Trinidy Birdsong (6 years ago)
i can say all of it!!!!!!!!
Callum Cranky (6 years ago)
Awkward when you know this from when your mum told you it years ago, and now you know it off by heart....
briana komoroski (6 years ago)
Dear Bryant, You Should Be Proud Of Your Self! Look At ALL The Songs You Have Made! You Made Many Kids Around The World Happy! And I Am One Of Those Kids!
TheMagicalRetard (6 years ago)
I did this one flawlessly and tried the Sally one.....Im ashamed of myself v___v
anne crocker (6 years ago)
i can sing way faster than he did
Anja Haubjørg (7 years ago)
Christian Beadles :D
Cassidy Gearhart (7 years ago)
peter wiwfilbwelrfbpwubvrgpuwebrvfnberjgv piper?
Snow Ball (7 years ago)
I keep saying peter piper picked a peck of pickled feathers
TheUnknownnxx2 (7 years ago)
peter piper dododododoodblahfdjvvlgsI_Cant_Do_This_Fucking_Songgrtkgshlhtudhlibdtihifbjsjia;jb
Becca Hemmings (7 years ago)
peter piper picked a peckle pepper picked this is so impossible let me try a couple more times
Buddy Trollsten (7 years ago)
iPad2video (7 years ago)
peter piper picked a peckled peppers lol
Emilee S (7 years ago)
i got it after 10 trys wooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aisyastiyeh (7 years ago)
all i said was pe-- then i failed
Awkward Vlogs (7 years ago)
i cant do it!
Are Riz (7 years ago)
I know Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, but how many pickled peppers are in a peck?
ArtForTheEars (7 years ago)
i can't even say one sentence without stumbling ;3
Adzerie (7 years ago)
yes , i can? xd
Gabby Ortiz (7 years ago)
thats kinda hard
Aurora Stamps (7 years ago)
I never knew this one was your real voice!
gabriela123star (7 years ago)
Cant do it and i have been trying for an hour!
chocolatepee (7 years ago)
bla plawh peter.. wait! its peter piper wat? whatever :D
Hev (7 years ago)
I know that one! <3
YeahThatsJustMe (7 years ago)
..........I Think I'll Pass This One.......
Georgia Walk (7 years ago)
I got it on the first try oh yeah!
Victor Martinez (7 years ago)
Lovephyness (7 years ago)
MTBRIDA615 (7 years ago)
ill give it a try. "peter dsfjhdnsjkfhdskfhlsdjhflkseujfkhslfhkbesfk".
keith miller (7 years ago)
azsli2 (7 years ago)
@beciitigzsquert929 im in usa but i was taught these from little too
Shannon Davey (7 years ago)
Im a rapper, this wasn't that hard for me..
Smiley (7 years ago)
im better at how much wood would a wood chuck chuck.
【オリビア】 (7 years ago)
IT'S TOO fAST!!!!!!
julia (7 years ago)
dlnklsdbgklbfobzdkpbkbdvklpeterpiper.. ehh i give up lololol
James And Cole (7 years ago)
why the flip is ur voice differant
Rae The Demon (7 years ago)
my tongue hurts now....
This tongue twister it sooo easy!
Adam L (7 years ago)
Paige M (7 years ago)
I Failed......
Andrea Gail Pabustan (7 years ago)
Yes i did it i am 11 :D i can do this because i always doing tounge twister when i was 8 i was always wrong but i keep it trying and trying so i did :D
laquera640 (7 years ago)
Its cool to hear his real voice for once lol
MrMichaelthemaster (7 years ago)
i did it fast as
EkkoMain (7 years ago)
ive been listening to ur songs alll nigghhttt looongg ! :D
van salvador (7 years ago)
i did it .. bleeehh! :)
Drawing with Callie (7 years ago)
MIKESTA G4MES (7 years ago)
i love these songs i can speed up with all of them even the fastest cba song :D love you bryant!
Chang Bacornay (7 years ago)
your PETER has no S in the lyric
Karen Holley (9 months ago)
Peter Piper met a pieman going to the fair said peter piper to the pieman have you any ware

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