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Fashion at Work in Teen Vogue: Beauty

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Cody Adisynne (5 years ago)
OMG yes!!! This Is what I want to do! This video was by far my favorite.. I'm just trying to figure out how I'd live off an I paying internship.. Hmm oh well! It's so worth it!
Anna-Carolina (5 years ago)
This is literally my dream job! I loved this video and i really really hope that i will get to work in that department one day!!! :)
ally (6 years ago)
ally (6 years ago)
how coll that she got to take all those beauty products
Courtney Eckmann (6 years ago)
Why don't you upload more fashion/beauty DIY videos?
Catherine Wang (7 years ago)
she was a premed in college (and went to same college as I do)? makes my life sound somehow reasonable for beauty editing! ....maybe not. lol
Aisling D (9 years ago)
Lindsay Heath (9 years ago)
I am in love with this fashion at work series! It really is fascinating. I would love to work for Teen Vogue!

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