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SURVIVAL (FIRST SHOW) - South Sea, Sheffield.

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Survival, Manchester straight edge, first show, UKHC Showcase on the Rise at South Sea, Sheffield, 19.11.11. Go download the demo http://www.mediafire.com/?x3jk3e72bbgavm1
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froemoe (6 years ago)
that is just amazing
Ashley Rommelrath (6 years ago)
yeah, first show, November last year.
froemoe (6 years ago)
is this the very first survival show ever ? someone ?
robert beniston (6 years ago)
dont dis this band give them a chance big up guys looking forward to more from you...my lad was there .said you were fucking cool.
Shaun Hayes (6 years ago)
@scarymary2296 we're playing glasgow on the 9th February with our friends Broken Teeth! @straightXpath no worries man, constructive critism welcomed, gotta keep the PMA!
xoggy03x (6 years ago)
This is the FIRST show..? Holy shit man, bright future is waiting for this band...
ubr triple A (6 years ago)
jo tam byl, lepij niz na koncercie slychac
Shaun Hayes (6 years ago)
@straightXpath sadly we're not to everyones taste, but so far we've had a lot of positive feedback from our demo
Ashley Rommelrath (6 years ago)
@OwenTheHarrold Canon 600D man, sounds only from the internal mic

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