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Hetalia Russia vs the world

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So, I found this piece at http://www.bilibili.com/video/av2224328/ and WOAH, that fighting! You go Russia! Credits goes to the owner ;w; The song is a remix of Korobeiniki, alternatively Korobushka, a Russian folk song.
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Anki Tounginsky (22 hours ago)
The power of the motherland... I'm so proud... ;-;
I start pausing, playing, pausing, playing to see Russia's ass.
あかり杉山 (7 days ago)
Michelle Haruansong (7 days ago)
KidTheHorror (9 days ago)
Me going home from school but all my friends want to hang out but I wanna go home and eat food
Тин Ек (9 days ago)
Я из России. И это весьма подходит под то, что у нас происходит
Frozen Fnaf Icy (10 days ago)
Oml everyone is like Belarus was distracted by a Russian flag. No. That's his boxers. If you pause it you'll see General winter waving them in the air as Russia is horrified. 0:24
Icelina (11 days ago)
глядеть будто Россия бьёт другие страны под "калинку малинку" это круто)))
It's all fun and games until Alfred comes back with the nukes and the cold war happens again. And can we all give a round of applause for Estonia who did that epic spin kick?
Honey bunny (12 days ago)
Yup the Tetris soundtrack
skiddy_noodlez_ (13 days ago)
I like how the characters here look more masculine- belarus, also, are you the reason why russia's boxers keeo disappearing--
Нифига для себя
Bih Gana (15 days ago)
This is fucking amazing
Jany X (15 days ago)
Germany vs everyone plz
Wenik Akari (16 days ago)
Omg poor Latvia. My baby
Что. Я. Сейчас. Посмотрела.
Coeur Cendre (17 days ago)
J'aime la version de Canada en oiseau I like the bird version of canada, huhu
AnimeLoverGirl (18 days ago)
0:35 Holy shit France~ *-*
Elvea Skyefal (19 days ago)
i need to put this to mami tetris
SkaryFole Ch!me (20 days ago)
Не усвою отчего Россия дереться кранами?
Oh Animations :p (13 days ago)
Oh Animations :p (17 days ago)
S h I t
SkaryFole Ch!me (21 days ago)
Russia are strong🌚🇷🇺☭💪
Алиса Юрина (21 days ago)
It took me about 10 minutes to continue watching the video after the appearance of France
Faithee Hoyte (21 days ago)
why does this remind me of Vash?
Coco Da cat (28 days ago)
Every time someone got hit I just imagined *_nah_*
Poor canada
Ikari1423 (1 month ago)
Why did Lithuania picture Russia?
Она, приблизительно этак мы все и лицезреем ахаха
Ivan Braginsky (1 month ago)
This dream will soon become the reality, da. Everyone will become one with Russia. ^J^
a normal name (1 month ago)
How.... Just how
Mabel Pines (1 month ago)
Dddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng Russia
Redlovett (1 month ago)
Russia literally smashed through Canada.
anastasya beressneva (1 month ago)
Pandicornio :v (1 month ago)
JAJAJA lol,saw france use his "seduction powers" was the best thing in my day XD
Robfoxer Yap (1 month ago)
Belarus is sexy
That animation tho😲😍😍😍😍
Darla Dowhaniuk (1 month ago)
This is so amazing the magical metal pipe of pain yayyyy
Zanoxys (1 month ago)
The new best video ever :33
ShyPastel Prince (1 month ago)
ShyPastel Prince (1 month ago)
Please Save me (1 month ago)
My dog loves the music.
Ludovica Accardi (1 month ago)
BAT .... FRANCE ????
Ray (1 month ago)
And if you pause at 0:44 you can see a terrified Canadian
Катя Morgan (2 months ago)
Ох ты ж блин! Вот это брань века! Лайкусик с меня!👏👏👏
Dark Sparkle (2 months ago)
JyxiaTheTheJyxia What did you make this with? It looks very cool
Молния 14 (2 months ago)
Это... Просто... Потряс!!!!)))
Cannie Reddie (2 months ago)
Any 2018 hetalians? ; - ;
Lusi- Anime Chan (2 months ago)
He's dancing
Mikołaj Hetman (2 months ago)
Who was that guy with pistol? Switzerland? Poland? Who for goodnes sake!
JyxiaTheTheJyxia (2 months ago)
Miro Slav (2 months ago)
Is anyone gonna mention the fact that the Mongols showed up at 0:17
hey what? (2 months ago)
How da frick was Russia's fight with Japan and China longer than the others
Amane Chan (2 months ago)
😂😂😂😂Мне зашло(не ну-ка реальный абсурд... 🤣)
April Animula (2 months ago)
0:55 that's me fighting the fact that I'm American. I win.
HetaliaNorwegian (2 months ago)
How come i didn't see this until now? It's a sad day..a very sad day. :P
Roo Otaku (2 months ago)
This is so awesome, Definetly one of my top characters
Ivan (2 months ago)
Still funny two years later! XD
Canada Hetalia (2 months ago)
*Italy: **0:10* *Romano: **0:11* *Spain: **0:12* *Sweden & Denmark: **0:16* *England: **0:18* *Prussia: **0:20* *Belarus: **0:23* *Lithuania: **0:24* *Estonia: **0:30* *Finland: **0:30* *Latvia: **0:31** - **0:32* *France: **0:34* *Austria: **0:35* *Germany: **0:36* *Switzerland: **0:39** - **0:44* *Canada: **0:42* *Japan: **0:46**- **0:54* *China: **0:56** - **1:00* *America: **1:01** - **1:09*
Gina Ansa (2 months ago)
England stood a chance to guys
Armeen Shah (2 months ago)
I had to put this to a slower speed lol. Good vid though.
-Lxineiia (2 months ago)
France, Seduction Doesn't Work On Russia XD
Rainbow Junior (2 months ago)
I was wondering "Wheres Canada?" and I had to slow down the video just to see all the cool stuff and i accidentally found Canada! Go to 0:42 and slow down the video and you'll see him for a few frames.
ОМГ! Ого-го...Постарались на славу. Большое благодарю за таковой эпик :3
Andrea Krüger (2 months ago)
This is awesome
Arina Dyagileva (2 months ago)
France, stop!
YaoPlay 000 (2 months ago)
During WW3
Oh Animations :p (2 months ago)
Oh Animations :p (2 months ago)
Oh wait I found him
Я уверена последние иероглифы означают" блят"
STORMMASTER (2 months ago)
Why was America so short? I mean if they eoyod get unti a fight that would be destructive and long as heck. But still it was s great animation.
Natalya Arlovskaya (2 months ago)
"I'm beside you, Nii-san~"
Маша Вьюгина (2 months ago)
Лучше приятельствовать с Россией, она ВОН какая мощная!
Ks Anime Arts Yam (2 months ago)
Раша рулит
Water Fall (2 months ago)
China's hair was very bright
Snow Blossom And Friends (2 months ago)
France: If I strip he'll get disturbed then stop, he'll become vulnerable then I'll strike! I'm so smart *gets naked but notices plan doesn't work* Well fuck it I'm outta here
Сила трубы, круто. Сoll
elfrancotirador666 ibar (3 months ago)
Russia ,china,india,irán south África. and more country vs USA
Sunstone (3 months ago)
ooo France was tryna rape him without a doubt
JyxiaTheTheJyxia (3 months ago)
"Rape". May I remind you of the episode where he says: "Love is something that shouldn't be forced on others."
ああAn Yandere (3 months ago)
Top 10 anime fights
Momoka T (3 months ago)
Russia's face with Japan is so cool💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Altheia Vixen Todd (3 months ago)
Dude!!!! Why disturb poor Canada?!? He was just sitting on a chair!! XD at least he was noticed 😊 This is epic! I thought that he'll just obliterate half of the nations with huge ass bombs but this is way better!!!
Chiphs (3 months ago)
Category: music. Yeah, that makes sense.
moonlighttheshewolf AJ (3 months ago)
Tetris? o.o
8Todote8 (2 months ago)
Коробейники. Коробушка.
Galactical Estoniaball (3 months ago)
Oh France, I don't think that Russia likes ur abs.
CFP Crazy-Fandom-Police (3 months ago)
CFP Crazy-Fandom-Police (3 months ago)
0:43 did Canada escape??? if so then he is the most powerful at this point XD
CFP Crazy-Fandom-Police (3 months ago)
AMERICA WAS SO CLOES TO WINNING!!! OMG america looks like they do more than use guns and eat afterall
CFP Crazy-Fandom-Police (3 months ago)
i saw france and died XD and i think im going to watch this in slowmoshion now
Cherry Rhythm (3 months ago)
This is the greatest animated fight I've ever seen great work
Желаемое за действительное выдаёте? Нету никакой России издавна, столетие вспять кончилась.
elfrancotirador666 ibar (3 months ago)
long live to russia!!!
Masha Klimenko (3 months ago)
Или кратко о том, будто показывается Россия в наших новостях, лол ✨ А вообщем я визжала когда он сражался с Америкой, Альфред таковой милааашка! :з 💜~ люблю его 💙 ~
Кit Kate 666 (3 months ago)
Рашка рулит
Vitya (3 months ago)
I. Love. This.
I'm Hater 04 (3 months ago)
Poor Canada...
I voted so hard for China
Spirit Child (3 months ago)
Russia I am jealous. I want a dream like this.

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