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Hetalia Russia vs the world

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So, I found this piece at http://www.bilibili.com/video/av2224328/ and WOAH, that fighting! You go Russia! Credits goes to the owner ;w; The song is a remix of Korobeiniki, alternatively Korobushka, a Russian folk song.
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Text Comments (1559)
Us3leSS Sh!t (2 days ago)
This is a masterpiece XD ♥♥♥
Isabela Vasquez (3 days ago)
The fight with japan was quite long (cool animation by the way) ;)
Bo Con (3 days ago)
I had to watch this in 0.25 this was so good!
Nienke Kippersluis (4 days ago)
This... is awesome
Laura the hetalian (5 days ago)
1. I'm sad cause i love dos countries. 2. Awesome animation, fight and music.
Kaylee Vlogs and vids (5 days ago)
America would have one😂😂😂
капля. game (6 days ago)
Это совершенно!!!!!!!!!
Россия!!! Родная
•Azrie• (9 days ago)
Fuck I can put all this scene into a historical event but why is the Prussian one slow? It took them a 7 year war!
yasami kun (9 days ago)
это. попросту. ахуенно.
Neko Féerie (10 days ago)
*Удалено* (11 days ago)
Хорошо он союзников он бьёт;)
CrashWolf (11 days ago)
Poor Canada
TheBlackHoleGamer (13 days ago)
where was America?
ЛятикНя Арт (14 days ago)
Мне будто-то жаль их стало.Вань ненадо их лупить🙏.
When Russia wake up and see Belarus...at that time he knew,he fucked up...
Dat Dancer (17 days ago)
I love france in this xD Edit: You know its a dream when u beat america no one can beat america! Because as an american myself we are the hero's!
Frozen Night (17 days ago)
Типа сатира на то что мы можем вести войну вести войну и лишь вести войну
rainy28 (17 days ago)
Фига Рашка ебашит
Hannele Kahkonen (19 days ago)
Only in his dreams.
Russia Show (19 days ago)
Русских здесь надлежит быть до фига:D
Ngo Mạnh Dũng (19 days ago)
What hapenned to lil Canada 🇨🇦 :-(
*Lazy Flatfy* (20 days ago)
Ничего для себя какие у России сны XD
Karindee (20 days ago)
ya'll talking about france but did you not see that englands magic was somewhat working for once and switzy going unneutral???????
C A N A D A :3 (24 days ago)
0:43 ow
Tap it like ass (25 days ago)
Just imagine England popping right up after he saw america got hurt like: Russia! *HEY, GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE YOU HURT MY FUCKIN’ SON*
Gracelumin RAM (26 days ago)
In the first few seconds of the fight scene if you look closely (or slow the video down) you can see Italy and Romano have white flags, and Romano flips off Russia while falling
Some Pie Sheep (27 days ago)
Is that Lazer thing Russia fire's a anlogy for a nuke or how their winter's kill all?
Felis (28 days ago)
TsarOSunflowers 08 (29 days ago)
japan and switzerland looked badass
Annalitick's MEOW! (29 days ago)
Воу полегче,полегче!!!!Хахаххахахах блять Франция!!!!!!Англия!!!!!!!
Miiran :dab: (29 days ago)
Absolute ΖΙΞRΘ (1 month ago)
Жесткое видео...
FluffFIight the Neko (1 month ago)
*hears song* oh what a nice so- wait, is that Tetris I hear? *intense headbanging*
CrashWolf (1 month ago)
Where is Poland and Ukraine XD!?
кто то (1 month ago)
Господи это же отлично я щас расплачусь😆😆🤗
Zamir Higraga (1 month ago)
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
Polina Gusakova (1 month ago)
Poor Canada
Callie Quinn (1 month ago)
No one's going to say how cool the fight with Japan was
I live in Russia, RUSSIA STRONG! :D
А отчего конкретно кран? Просто я не смотрела это аниме ( сори )
Потомучто Германия подарил
лул Рашия стронг 140%
Lisa Yiting yang (1 month ago)
Top 10 anime fights
Ana Barbosa (1 month ago)
OMG!!! DONT forget Finland!!!! Finland already kick the Russia ass! Also... Portugal would do the same. :D
Ramar Blood (1 month ago)
America comes in one punching the shit out of everything.
Matthew Bely (1 month ago)
wheres ukraine
France (1 month ago)
See hetalian fandom? This is called the shit.
Sukensam 123 (1 month ago)
0:56 Can someone tell what is this country?
A5thKira Nora (1 month ago)
Wiki Sama (1 month ago)
Oh wn Ni dragon ball es tan épico :u (?????????
Sofikohi (1 month ago)
0:35... 🌚
sakuraxsa (1 month ago)
Dj Zekrom (1 month ago)
Russia is a misunderstood bean Hence the reason why I love this animation so much ^-^
Student Zoey Andrews (1 month ago)
Student Zoey Andrews (1 month ago)
Thúy Đoan (1 month ago)
So cool!
Sertralin Hydrochlorid (1 month ago)
The world in a nutshell. It's accurate. 😂😂
Jakub Mularczyk (1 month ago)
You guys know why russia won? Becuse he was listeling to russian hardbass
Zoe Lemon (1 month ago)
Tabitha Fallau (1 month ago)
Mmmngh! I'll never get enough of Ivan being a badass!
Ham :3 (1 month ago)
Yes this is indeed what Russians dream of-
Ник Тв (1 month ago)
Вот это конечно ._. Россия красава!
**Rara** (1 month ago)
Chara Dreemur (1 month ago)
*Megalovania intensifies*
Воу воу воу Полегче мужчина
Melody tubbie (1 month ago)
I have one question. Where. Is. POLAND?! We are enemy's with Russia xD
Candy World! (1 month ago)
Что-то во мне пробудился туризм и торможение... Что за...
Chow Ruo Xuan (2 months ago)
Noone gonna mention how Romano pointed the middle finger as he fell at 0:11 - 0:12 ? Just me?
ебать сынуля мочит всех будто я в свои годы..
All hail Thy animation (2 months ago)
The moment you realize you have mainly Eastern European roots.
Ordinary Guest (2 months ago)
rip german
mattie bear (2 months ago)
Russia cat adorable
внук ссср (2 months ago)
Мне бы такие сны 🌚🌌🌌
Yazmarohma42 (2 months ago)
Wow this is an amazing animation!
Tutu uyuyuy :3 (2 months ago)
0:05 Hi Russia 0:11 RUSSIA WHAT YOU DOING !?!?!?
Taisia Alistratovanen (2 months ago)
Russia is very strong and brave contry forever !
Emily Negron (2 months ago)
Weapon of choice: Magic metal pipe of pain.
Liliana Liliana (2 months ago)
There is no Poland. Because Poland is not so easy to overcome. Even Russia can not.
Oki To Pa (2 months ago)
I want live in France
Wikaa Pokropska (2 months ago)
It's just Russia's dream 😅😂
Icy's Music (2 months ago)
Just that fact he sleeps with his cat is adorable
anime fan (2 months ago)
0:43 poor Canada btw it took me 5 replays of this video to find him 😁
ME KS (2 months ago)
Poland and his kitchen gun almost goteem...
CyraCats (2 months ago)
spy in a nutshell 1:15
Wikaa Pokropska (2 months ago)
Francis is the best. xD
Rocky Freedom (2 months ago)
Lithuania was taking a picture of Belarus's panties
Peach Koyote (2 months ago)
Im curious to why Poland didn't show up :V
Name Me: Prencí (2 months ago)
òwó nyah! Your anime style looking good
NadlieHime 1814 (2 months ago)
So no one's gonna talk about England casting magic lazer beams?... And Belarus only letting go after General Winter bribes her with Russia's underwear?... Edit: pause at the right moment @ 0:34 and you'll see something magical.
Karii zoda (2 months ago)
But can he fight a nuke
Laurie Erickson (2 months ago)
And that children is how everyone will become one with russia
堤沙都子 (2 months ago)
堤沙都子 (2 months ago)
Artistic 13 (2 months ago)
Okay, why in God's name was France getting naked? the fUCK DID HE THINK IT WOULD DO??!
Jung Kookie (2 months ago)
Poor Canada he wasn’t even doing anything

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