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Text Comments (3121)
Madeline Pleshka (8 hours ago)
Yo I didn’t realize that those were Alex’s hands until like 1 minute in 😂😂
ava uwu (11 hours ago)
Evie K (1 day ago)
It took me a while to realise they weren’t her hands😂😂
Adriana Esquivel (2 days ago)
You should do merch from foursome
Amelia Nauska (2 days ago)
Play more episode please
Camber Olexiewicz (2 days ago)
You should make a cold stone shirt with his picture
common sense (3 days ago)
her arms look weird for some reason
Smøkø (3 days ago)
I ship them 2 all the way
MOODZ (3 days ago)
I dont think those are her arms
gabriella swift (3 days ago)
Wendy P (3 days ago)
brooklin2000YT (3 days ago)
No joke, didn't realise someone was behind her back till 0:37 lmao
Merel Aarnoudse (4 days ago)
Wooooooww i didnt realise it werent your hands for like 30 seconds
Eva Van De Leensel (4 days ago)
Stacy With an E (4 days ago)
Im about to ask my mom to buy me merch
Jungkookismy BAE (5 days ago)
I didn't know they weren't her arms untill 0:36. Yeah i am that stupid.
triplesix_g0dz (8 days ago)
LOL @ 3:30 i died
Emma Lake (8 days ago)
I didn't notice the hands until I saw a comment about it 😂😂
OH MY GOD at first I didn’t know that alyx was behind jenn
Sayge Wells (10 days ago)
Is it bad I couldn’t tell that they weren’t her hands for a good time
Happy_Lunar (10 days ago)
She Kinda Looks like the main charakter from nerve the film
Maria Buric (11 days ago)
It's like midnight and i was like laughing so hard i woke up my parents..upss..😂 P.S. Im a small youtuber....
i i (11 days ago)
At the beginning I Low key thought ur arms were real😂😂
JoleiJackson Official (16 days ago)
Isn't the episode merch fake merch for the person you made that episode story??
UniKittyWhiskers (17 days ago)
I’m on my period and laughed so hard when Alyx slapped her in the face....... needless to say, I have some cleaning to do lmao😂
UniKittyWhiskers (1 day ago)
Chedy Lopez Lmao😂😂😂
Chedy Lopez (2 days ago)
UniKittyWhiskers I felt this 😂😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻
Isabell Patterson (18 days ago)
When your counterfeit merch is better than your real merch
makenzie R (19 days ago)
Jakeee boii (20 days ago)
I didnt recognise it wasnt her arms until jenn talked about her back
Shaina Witter (20 days ago)
In the intro we saw your ‘backs’ hair
Solveigh Frydenlund (21 days ago)
Tbh I didn't even notice it wasbt ber arms for a while
Aino (22 days ago)
Okay bitch I watched this for a minute before realizing those weren’t your arms
Maddie Sheats (23 days ago)
wait wait wait for a good 5 minutes i didn’t realize it wasn’t ur hands🤣😭
Talia Draws (24 days ago)
1:29 *jen has 3 arms*
Talia Draws (24 days ago)
You have a noisy back
noah talks (25 days ago)
I’m not gonna lie. It took me two minutes to realize she wasn’t using her own hands
Lel Can (26 days ago)
do the popsockets come with the cursor hoodies?
Alex Is Lost (27 days ago)
i choked on my orange juice watching the beginning
L (27 days ago)
Legit thought those were Jenn’s arms for a sec
Eva Wava (27 days ago)
I didn’t notice tell 0:38 that those weren’t her hands
diet_pepsi_ is_lame (27 days ago)
Joggers and sweatpants would be cool
Alesea Crichlow (30 days ago)
Or alts 's
Alesea Crichlow (30 days ago)
Those are not her hands they are Rickey dillans
Natisha Lipscombe (30 days ago)
i didn't realize that was Alyx's arm but i did think *Omg they've gotten matching tattoos!* lol
Elif Naz Peker (1 month ago)
I didn’t realize that the hands were ayydubs’s until like 4minutes in 😂 I just thought that they looked smaller than usual
Dina K (1 month ago)
I realised one minute in taht those are not her hands im so stupid🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Hannah Swets (1 month ago)
At first I didn’t realize that ayydubs was behind you as your hands
emykitkat (1 month ago)
Is it bad that I didn’t realize that those were Alex’s hands and she was behind her until 1:29? Ya, I need help
allysus y su biblia (1 month ago)
Sis , alex is fucking touching your boobs all the time lol
Taylor Jackson (1 month ago)
I didn't notice it wasn't her arms until the law book thing lmao
Bethany Ramirezz (1 month ago)
Wait but like why is there no Cole Stone merch!?!?!?!??!?!?!
Grace Bocat (1 month ago)
I love all the merch I think while your on the episode theme you should have one that says cold stone on it ilysm
Turkey Burglar (1 month ago)
Until I saw Alex's hair in the background I was convinced those were her real arms
Julie Hanson (1 month ago)
i didnt even notice that it wasnt her hands until there was laughing. I feel dumb
Professional Person (1 month ago)
I didn’t even notice that those weren’t ur arms 😂😭
Maya Robins (1 month ago)
I didn't realise till half way through they weren't her arms😂😂😂
laurenxoxo oxo (1 month ago)
I love how I didn’t realize you did the not my arms until the end
Phancy (1 month ago)
please make merch with fatty tesssie!!!
Phancy (1 month ago)
Wolfie 31302 (1 month ago)
Omg I'm so stupid. At first I thought jenn was sitting backwards in a chair, then after literally 5 minutes of looking at her moving "her" arms, I finally realized someone else was behind her and using their arms.
Akshara Pencil (1 month ago)
What abt cold stone merchhhhhh
Skye's Slimez (1 month ago)
Wtf I didn’t even realise those weren’t your hands 😂 😂
Jimin got Yes jams (1 month ago)
When the fake merch is better than the real merch
estrellita min (1 month ago)
Jimin got Yes jams ur pfp 🗿
Tiffany (1 month ago)
Scandalous kira (1 month ago)
Tiffany righttttt
Meridi Ambur (1 month ago)
It looks veird and real af ( hands)
Gymnastics 4life (1 month ago)
I didn't even realize u we're doing not my arms for so long
Anna Lima Bartosek (1 month ago)
literally did not even realise the hands until like 40 seconds in
Little Fawn (1 month ago)
How did it take me 42 seconds to realise they are not her arms
chris jimenez (1 month ago)
XD ima buy ur merch
CookieBrianna (1 month ago)
I noticed the hands from the first second 😂
Isabelle Friedman (1 month ago)
make some foursome merch
AVA 22 (1 month ago)
THISISSARAH (1 month ago)
Am I missing something or does she only ship within the states?!
jocelynsksk (1 month ago)
i love the new merch!! but wheres my cole stone creamery shirt lmao
ć h i m m y (1 month ago)
Julianne Bird (2 months ago)
Cold stone merch would be sick as heck
Julianne Bird (2 months ago)
The arms got me dead
Saniah Barnes (2 months ago)
Guys all that video was not he arms creepy. Right.
Emilia Söderberg (2 months ago)
it was fkn annoying with that girl there
iJono (2 months ago)
“I don’t know why my back is making noises...” XD LOL IM DEAD
Fovvs Roadie (2 months ago)
3:31 looks like the dances from episode 😂
Lauren B (2 months ago)
When this started, I was like "What the hell happened to her hands?" then I realized it was Alyx Edit: I was just checking out her merch because I love a good hoody and Christmas is on the way, when I realized that there was only one review, and that was Alyx LOL
Kittybel S. (2 months ago)
OH U BOTH ARE IN 1 SHIRT LMAO U both r so cute..
laima gadzijeva (2 months ago)
you should have cold stone creamery as some merch becuase only true episode fans would get it COLD STONE CREAMERY
limelight sab dolan (2 months ago)
0:50 when Alex slapped her 😂
3:23 😂😂😂
Carly-Violette (3 months ago)
it took me a full 45 seconds to realize that those were alyxs hands not jenns 😂
XxOmqItsAnOwlxX rAwR (3 months ago)
u sounded like that gone wrong mall commercial when u were showing ur merch
Rahbot Rezene (3 months ago)
Anyone else confused by the hands at first
Jaime Preston (3 months ago)
My favourite one is the t shirts with the mouse on it! It's so simple and it has no branding and stuff like that on it.
『Certified Tears』 (3 months ago)
I didn’t notice someone was behind you until You got slapped in the face 😂😂
Pastel Aldc (3 months ago)
She seems very off here, maybe she’s sick
Alli H (3 months ago)
She’s so late to the game lmao
Brenna Kelly (3 months ago)
Twilight Slimes (3 months ago)
Who else can’t find the shortcake merch immm pisssssseeddd
Mykenzie Jenkins (3 months ago)
You should make a hoodie that says"sHeS wEaRiNg A bErEt HoW cAn YoU tRuSt AnYtHiNg ShEs SaYiNg"
Olivia Skanakskak (3 months ago)
At first I thought it was her arms
Amongtheshadows AJ (3 months ago)
I was so confused about the arms at first..
Mia Sullivan (3 months ago)
i really want the curser grey hoodie

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