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Should You Buy Cheap Ebay/Amazon Headers??

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hey guys! quick little update on why cheap headers are junk! and also on the state of the motor. next time you see it it'll be a running driving car! Hose Kit: http://amzn.to/2sZ7EPk cheap ass headers: http://amzn.to/2tiTElV good headers: http://amzn.to/2tmsZ8q
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biggdaddy blade works (1 month ago)
heat it and beat it
sexiewasd (2 months ago)
ebay headers can usually be made to work. I haven’t seen any yet that fit perfectly without some tweaking. In this case I’d probably send them back too.
Black Sheep (2 months ago)
If you felt like it, could you have heated it up and bent it out?
Player 1 (3 months ago)
notch it.... problem solved....
Death Dealer (13 days ago)
Exactly.... Like who the fuck was the Machinist he was talkin to 😂. 20 sec to getting that.... Done..... What an asshole
Dr Panadol (6 months ago)
u bought for 200 $ and u want it to fit like 2000$ headers ? cut the edge and install
eduardo.jdm (5 months ago)
200? those headers are like 85 bucks bro
Oscar Loyola (6 months ago)
The eBay ones I seen are t304 stainless Gibson and some other name brands use that same material
Paul Casarez (6 months ago)
i got a name brand header and i had to cut the 2 center tubs out and fliped them to clear the stearing box
Jeff May (7 months ago)
I bought a set of stainless shortys just like that about 8 years ago off ebay for $89 I believe I just said what the heck and took a chance on them and they were awesome. They fit like a glove and made great power. Sux you had bad luck out of those..
Randy Barnes (6 months ago)
Jeff May I was thinking about getting some cheap de motor headers for my original 305 what kind & size did you get I'm thinking about the 2.5 inch
jacob bartlett (8 months ago)
Wtf does everybody who have a mustang, have to buy the most expensive parts it can by for the car, and call every thing else “junk”, don’t you realize it’s the same shit just branded??
baldo torres (5 months ago)
Some sre the same some are different its just the difficulty to installing them
DirtRoad Garage (8 months ago)
jacob bartlett definitely not the same stuff considering they literally don't fit...
Brendan Mccabe (11 months ago)
Can never go wrong with bbk
Christopher_5.0 (11 months ago)
get long tubes, you wont have that problem. im using long tube ebay headers and they are amazing so far.
Angel so Fye (1 month ago)
sonicmanx20 I’m late but I’m looking at black horse racing headers and they cost 150.... I’m considering getting them
GreyC5 (7 months ago)
Which long tube headers would you recommend for a 1998 C5? No cats would be a plus also lol.
sonicmanx20 (10 months ago)
MonkeyManStan gotta 2014 5.0 gt premium. Didnt wanna waste my time if they didn't fit which is what i was kinda worried about but if they do then i definitely would like to try em out lol.
Christopher_5.0 (10 months ago)
they hold up amazing man, been a few months so far, and it depends what car is it for ?
sonicmanx20 (10 months ago)
Do you have a link? and are they still holding up?
Joe Reain (1 year ago)
What kind are they??? Buy bbk or mac
DirtRoad Garage (1 year ago)
Joe Reain bbk
Joe Reain (1 year ago)
What a shame tonot paint that block while it was apart before getting new freeze plugs!!!!
Kenny Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Man, whatever happened to the V6 drift build? It was like Part 9 and then nothing.
robert white (1 year ago)
Old saying. . You get what you pay for..
Alan Burkett (1 year ago)
If you're using an aftermarket mid pipe from sve of something, I think it will work with the headers. The socket does not extend all the way over the ball connection on the header. All you need it to do is form  a seal. Also, If you haven't done so already, RTV the front and rear oil pan seal. I just did my swap and I didn't put a thin bead over where the rear main is and it's the only spot where the pan leaks. good luck and happy building!
DirtRoad Garage (1 year ago)
Alan Burkett I went with a one piece on the oil seal and followed felpro's directions. not a drop from anywhere. as for the exhaust BBK's went perfectly with the Mac h pipe. she's getting magnaflows this week. thanks for watching!
cburford (1 year ago)
Just pick up some bbk shorties for cheap. People always selling them from $40-100, my fox sounds great with them
Antonio Briceno (10 months ago)
cburford Where? Lol
CRUZ_GT (1 year ago)
Wow, engine is coming out great!! Thanks for the advice..I will go ahead and ignore the cheap asian parts from eBay/Amazon lol

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