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Gringos Who Marry Latinas (and their families!) - ¡Oye! con Johanna Torres - Season 3 Episode 3

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Anyone who's been married knows that marriage can be difficult even on the best of days... Add cultural differences and language barriers and you might have a recipe for disaster or a match made in heaven. In this episode of ¡Oye! we hear from a few brave non Latino boys who chose to marry Latinas, and got their families as a bonus. ¡Oye! returns for a third season with Johanna Torres, Editor in Chief of MamásLatinas.com. Join Johanna and her guests en 'el beauty' for girl talk (and some talk with the boys too!) about celebrities, sex, marriage, careers, parenting, cultural stereotypes and more - all from a Latina perspective. CafeMom Studios is Motherhood as we see it. We feature authentic voices, compelling stories, and topics moms care about. Subscribe now to CafeMom Studios so you never miss an episode! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=cafemomstudios
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Text Comments (447)
Miguel Leon (5 days ago)
Latino men are the best because we are hard working and we know what our Latina women want
Mari Cruz (12 days ago)
A man of any race and should be considered for a relationship.
Jacob Weston (30 days ago)
Miguel Leon (2 months ago)
White people are boring their is no traditions dating a white girl just to have an experience that’s all
MrGreyjeep (5 days ago)
White people literally have no culture, no talent, no creativity. They are basic. All these self hating latinos in the comments don't realize how special they are. They sell themselves out to white people due to money, but white people got their money from the forced free labor of Africans, and by committing genocide on Mexican people to steal their land. Only the lowest of the low of the latinos would join with a white man knowing that.
Nolberto Cales (2 months ago)
I am Hispanic and i love White girls!
Nolberto Cales (2 months ago)
+western music For you're information, some Latinos are White, go to Uruguay or Argentina, they are everywhere, like i said, i love White girls!
western music (2 months ago)
i'm a white guy, white girls date the most white guys latinos latinos
STFU 3 (3 months ago)
Latinos are all gringos as they're European their native blood doesn't make them Latino or Hispanic but their European blood.
Tatiana Guillén Erazo (3 months ago)
Camila Bravo (3 months ago)
I'm latina and I studied a course 5 years ago in the states and I ended my career in the states then I met a guy and we fall in love and we started dating then I started working at a hospital and after 2 years we got married in our 4th year I got pregnant and he is the best he helps me with the kids cuz doctors are 24/7 at hospitals and he knows that i would never leave me job he understands me he is my "media naranja"
Andrea Trujecque (3 months ago)
Heard this saying: if you go white, you go right!
This is for you love (2 months ago)
Andrea Trujecque I went Latina that my forever heart once you go white you are committed and loved the rest of your life
Travis Krause (3 months ago)
Most of the women have a mojor league personality thats what i like!!!
Jules Entremont (3 months ago)
White women all the way
Giovanni Ramirez (3 months ago)
Racism still alive in the 21st century
MrGreyjeep (5 days ago)
This comment section reveals the weird white worship a lot of latinos are brainwashed into. These people are sick in the head. Meanwhile, the gringos are putting their kids in cages at the border, selling them into sex traffficking, killing them, and raping them. They're naive.
Jessie Lemus (4 months ago)
Im Latino Mexican and like latinas, asians and whites
Huh Vuy (5 months ago)
British bs
Louis Reyna (6 months ago)
A you better make sure the have their immigration papers. Most of those women want green cards.
Dedas Almeida (6 months ago)
I am black and i would really like to see how it is in reality to date Latinas!
supremes ballard (6 months ago)
its funny how Mexicans can shout "GRINGO" but can't take the heat when themselves are called "WETBACKS"
maltacross1987 (6 months ago)
Guess this white man needs to learn Spanish.
Melissa Duran (8 months ago)
I love how shy they can get with us. I love the culture mix.
frido mexin (10 months ago)
This video should be named as: LATINAS who marry gringos and their twisted cultura, he he
Jae Jae (10 months ago)
gringos? ...ya do know there are ALOT of names besides Mexican right?
Mexican Pride (1 year ago)
Las mexicanas son las mejores, no como las sudamericanas, todas llenas de cirugias
Chuy83 (1 year ago)
Latinas are becoming just like black men who throw their race of women under a bus and espouse their love for white women all over Youtube and the world. It's truly sad, pathetic and reeks for inferiority complex.
ddemier ddemier (1 year ago)
Lets not use the word Gringo's plz
kho christine (1 year ago)
Appreciate Video clip! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you tried - Kanarlotte Impressive Approach (google it)? It is a good exclusive product for getting Latina girls blowing up your phone and begging to be with you without the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my friend finally got cool success with it.
Mirka Strode (1 year ago)
I married a tall 6ft green eye blonde haired man love him he's so sexy I love my white sexy husband
Gerald Montoya (1 year ago)
It doesn't matter if they're black white Chinese whatever there's a lot of Chicanos / Latinos that marry Latinas and those guys are idiots that's how cool you are that's all that matters that Mary the Latina
Flávia Viana (1 year ago)
I'm Brazilian, Latin with pride. hahah
Yessica Gonzales (1 year ago)
I luv white men with blue eyes 😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
This is for you love (2 months ago)
I love Latinas
rueben cristobal (5 months ago)
Yessica Gonzales Of course you do. I've met so many latinas who cheat on their husbands or boyfriends with gringos. I was shocked to find out how many were dating guys from Nazi Lowriders too back in So Cal
This is so ignorant latina/Hispanic all have European white in them already when most all Hispanics take a Dna test they find out they are usually at least half white Hispanic are already mixed with white and if the woman is a Latin American or grew up In usa than she is American in culture so really the American guy and the latina American are from the Same culture the usa culture
Essi Diani Otto (1 year ago)
The American wars are like the blue prince of the Latins. The one who says she does not fool herself. Los gueros estadounidenses son como el príncipe azul de las latinas. La que diga que no se engaña a si misma.
Mexican Pride (1 year ago)
Es la verdad. Y todavia veo muchos gringos preguntando: A las latinas les gustan los gringos?? LOL
Mary Santana hunt (1 year ago)
I use to hate white ppl in the 70s maybe where I was raised or the ppl I use to hang around with back then you just dated your own race , but then I fell in love with a white boy , we been married for 35 yrs
A. Decasas (1 year ago)
great legs
Andrew Arevalo (1 year ago)
the 2 guys face when the beer arrived( fuk yeahh)
マリーアイコ (1 year ago)
I am Puerto Rican /Nicaraguan (even though my dad is a Puerto Rican with blue eyes and who is white and tall) my mother is tan dark eyes ) I personally like white men even though myself I am white and I am currently dating an Australian man and we been together for 3 beautiful years ❤
sgtgiggles (1 year ago)
I feel like many of us white guys are hella into dating Latin women but Latin women tend to shy away from the idea. Shame for us white boys haha
Raquel R (1 year ago)
Shy, no. Just chat one up sometime. I am highly attracted to white men and I seem to catch their eyes too. With the right one (personality and qualities) I would pursue something with, *undoutebly.*
PajoFrom TheU (1 year ago)
brighitt correa No. I ❤ latinas. White girls dont seem loyal enough and i love ur guys attitude. Plus u guys r prettier but im from a more hood area and i dont think they like whites mich here
Mexican Pride (1 year ago)
Las latinas estan ansiosas en casarse con hombres de raza blanca porque les urge que les cambien la raza JAJAJAJAJA
Lbsteam (1 year ago)
sgtgiggles ahh interesting comment. I myself like white guys but they just don't seem to be into us latinas in my area :( I guess we shy away because we automatically think you guys won't like us.
重機 (1 year ago)
HORA ESA PAYASADA AHAHAHAHAHA los latinos reales son gente BLANCA
Abel Cerrillo (1 year ago)
just stick to ur kind like birds stick to their own color...
Hi, I'm Latin and I want to meet a gringo of noble feelings that I want to receive and give a lot of love. This is my instagram. https://www.instagram.com/laosamenormas2/
Sandra Luis (2 years ago)
I don't like the fact that she keeps on calling them gringos like girl what the fact she could of said something else
Pink Horizon (2 years ago)
I dated Hispanic men but most were players. So I switched my view to asian and white men. Men from both races were attentive, sweet, kind, laid back and understanding. I married a white man been together for 12 years. if I wouldn't have married a white man I think an Asian man would have definitely taken my heart.
Alexander Sharapenko (2 years ago)
nice video!
CosmicShrimp (2 years ago)
lmao im a strange mix. hawaiian and mexican who speaks spanish.
Mexican Pride (1 year ago)
Pues yo no veo que escribas en español
melopsicodelia (2 years ago)
Thecrazycatlady that's really cool
RealGianella Cerriteno (2 years ago)
Love this!!
This is for you love (2 months ago)
RealGianella Cerriteno I love latinas
Mike Kickyoazz (2 years ago)
Im a hispanic man and date only white girls all the time, I love it there respectful, dont have a loud mouths like latinas do, and i got a couple of white girls pregnant to haha i love my life 😀
rueben cristobal (5 months ago)
Chuy83 It was shocking how many girls from Panama and Colombia I've met who dated PEN1 and Nazi Lowriders back in So Cal. Total hypocrites. I couldn't believe my eyes
Chuy83 (1 year ago)
Funny you call him that, and there's countless videos of Hispanic women espousing their love for white men and throwing Hispanic men under the bus, and not a single video of Hispanic espousing their love for white women or throwing Hispanic women under the bus. It's you Hispanic women who are the traitors, who throw your own race under the bus and treat your own race of men like shit. You're just like the black men who throw black women under the bus and make countless videos espousing their love for white women all over Youtube.
pipa (1 year ago)
Mike Kickyoazz ew que puerco eres. That's why I don't date Hispanic guys porque son unos pinches perros
Tbsalvy503 USU (2 years ago)
Mike Kickyoazz Lmao Get your nasty bitch ass outta here. Fucking self hater.
Janik Bollh von horst (2 years ago)
Mike Kickyoazz Ya nasty. That ain't classy bro, you're like black trash.
Clarence Hammer (2 years ago)
I would imagine that dating and marriage between Latinas and Gringos would be very rare and that acceptance of the Gringo by the family would be very difficult.
Clarence Hammer (2 years ago)
Well, you are right. I hardly know any Spanish people. I do speak Spanish although I would not claim to be bilingual and I need to practice speaking with native speakers. All the videos I have seen are by and for young people and I will shortly turn 70 so that really disqualifies me for dating any young woman.
MisterT363 (2 years ago)
You must not know any spanish people. My friends that are spanish are in my opinion far more hospitable than white people. Go to a spanish party once I guarantee you will feel like a part of the family within the first half hour
danielo S mata (2 years ago)
love gringos but there isnt any here :(
Ivan Ramirez (2 years ago)
white men don't marry latinas they suck. they will make your life hell. get white girl or Europe girl. or Asian but latinas suck. fuck them but that's it don't marry them. they will eat you alive
Tbsalvy503 USU (2 years ago)
Ivan Ramirez Lmao You sound like one of those latina bitches who like talking shit about latino guys! Smh, you do realize your mom is a latina & you generalized all latinas. Self hating bitch! 💯
Isabel Ruth (2 years ago)
Ivan Ramirez, if that were true us Latinas would be out single in abundance, but we're not.
Ivan Ramirez (2 years ago)
MisterT363 What ever.
MisterT363 (2 years ago)
+M Simpson He's just mad because his "machismo attitude" doesnt work and the latinas dropped him for a real man that knows how to be a gentleman. Treat them like a queen and you'll be rewarded like a king ;)
M Simpson (2 years ago)
Lol so says the jealous latino guy
Dne Gamer (2 years ago)
like si eres latino o hables español ;)
Xo (2 years ago)
Todas las latinas deberian casarse con gringos especial mente si tienen dinero.
MrGreyjeep (5 days ago)
si las latinas son cuerpos para los gringos y nada mas
Evan Eichenberger (2 months ago)
Xo pero si el gringo no tiene mucho dinero entonces no es vale la pena?
Guss ferretti (3 months ago)
+Jessie Lemus tu y yo tenemos k trabajar duro para obtener dinero. Dime si una mujer te ofreciera billete por hecharle un palo no lo harias?
Jessie Lemus (3 months ago)
Guss Fierro abla por ti mismo pendejo
Fu (3 months ago)
Vieja racista
Yamileth Torres (2 years ago)
Wow Andrew had great pronunciation
Johanna Munoz (2 years ago)
I'm a Mexican girl with a white boy and it had worked perfectly, I found him to be more calm and not jealous at all and respectful to my family.
This is for you love (2 months ago)
I love Latinas my one and only white men just prefer Latinas and Latinas prefer white men it best combination God bless
Guss ferretti (5 months ago)
The only ones getting gringos is cuz they need papers
Mexican Pride (1 year ago)
Las latinas buscan gringos para que les cambien la raza LOL
lucy thibodaux (1 year ago)
Johanna Munoz me to girl we get along so good we have been together for 12 years now and his very sweet
Sir Cristosterone (1 year ago)
is there not machismo in latin culture? as a man, machismo is a pissing contest. I date latinas because I find them gorgeous. You can have my blond hair blue eyed girls.. let me have your girls and we can fuck eachother until we look filipino
CuKa RaChA (2 years ago)
I want a gringo 1
Gazzara5 (2 years ago)
I am Italian-American. I married a Puerto Rican woman because she threatened to kill me if I didn't. Forty years, two good kids, and five beautiful grandchildren later, we are still together. When we were first married she told me that she would never divorce me. However, if I stepped out of line, she might kill me. I still believe her. By the way, I speak both Italian and Spanish pretty well. The only thing is I still speak Spanish with an Italian accent. I am a lucky man. Terrified, but lucky.
Kristen Marie Mustang (1 month ago)
"Well us Puerto Rican women" might be fiesty, but at least we aren't fake.. And we love to serve our husbands or boyfriends real food, not process TV dinners!
Lis Barkan (1 month ago)
Louis Reyna (6 months ago)
Gazzara5 As a Christian mixing the chosen seed with the seed of CAIN is wrong.
Gabrielle Morin (8 months ago)
Gazzara5. 😂
carlos m. (8 months ago)
Puerto rican girls are like that, you should put her in check, if you never did in your whole relationship, I'm very positive you got cheated on one time or another, maybe with her coworker or someone she met online, but you gotta have the balls in a Latin relationship, she may tell you she's been loyal but I'm sure she got some on the side, when she was younger, real talk!
Jeremias Anglero (2 years ago)
I would love to date a Caucasian woman anytime but my question is would she date a Hispanic like myself and in nyc being that's where I am living?
Salome Gutierrez (2 years ago)
+LoL ReplayBaby Not really in modern day usage Hispanic means "relating to Spain" The majority of Latin American countries are considered as Hispanic countries due to Spain's involvement & because the majority have kept it's language and culture. Although not everyone is full Spanish in modern day usage they're called Hispanic
Jeremias Anglero (2 years ago)
+LoL ReplayBaby lol.....I'm laughing
Jeremias Anglero (2 years ago)
I meant to say latino. Lol...sorry
Jeremias Anglero (2 years ago)
Lol.....not all because me for instance I would consider myself an olive complexion. Here in nyc most people consider me as a semi light skin native American complexion or a cicilian of Italian descent. Jjjjj
Tala R (2 years ago)
I'm married to a white guy to me it's like we try to make it work but I don't think it's harder or easier than with a Hispanic guy it's the same race is unimportant
antonio gutierrez jr (1 year ago)
Tala R great gringo usually used the be American in a Mexican American who looks more spaniard aka white and I’m called wedo
roger8654 (1 year ago)
Isabel Ruth he is not less judgemental he just keeps his mouth shut due to political correctness
Isabel Ruth (2 years ago)
I'm marrying a gringo, he's completely different in that he is less judgmental when it comes to a woman doing what's considered unlady like in Mexican culture.
patato h (3 years ago)
Oh God they're messing up there Mexican interactions hips and replacing with white gringo I -nized power You might think this is OK but it's replacing them Mexican ,lol, bloodlines
john perez (3 years ago)
i'm Mexican guy and I'm darker than George Lopez, and my gf is white, is that bad?
PajoFrom TheU (1 year ago)
john perez Nah bro i got a lot of Latino friends.
Clarence Hammer (2 years ago)
No, not at all.
john perez (2 years ago)
Jeremias Anglero (2 years ago)
+john perez how the hell that depends lol...
frido mexin (3 years ago)
I can see a racist issue in this video: a latino is serving beers to the gringos, while they talk about their marriages with latinas. This is certainly offensive; gringos taking latinas as wives, and latinos as slaves...? RACISM!!!I dont really care if gringos take white latinas as wives. Just dont take brown mexicanas or native-american women please; we want to preserve our race features, both natives and mestizos
frido mexin (2 months ago)
Aaron Yeah, ese. We mexicans only ask that homogéneos races, in this case gringos, allow us to preserve our racial features ( mestizo ). If mexicanas want to satisfy their curiosity with gringos, doesnt mean they want white babies
Steele hammer (2 months ago)
I thought the exactly the same thing
patato h (2 years ago)
+Arthur Campana Iady bi, woman bi itch I gave up on Me cause
frido mexin (2 years ago)
+Arthur Campana Bueno "su-alteza"; su comentario is so catchy.... Think it served the purpose, eh?
Tigre de Bengala (2 years ago)
+frido mexin yo estoy orgullosa de mi raza aunq yo tengo una mezcla un poco diferente en si si vez a mi esposo y a mí te apuesto a q no sabrías quien de los dos es el latino. Y si tu eres mestizo quiere decir q ya tu raza se mezcló así q no se a q le tiras
Gods and Monsters (3 years ago)
Oh, look! More stereotypes and fetishizing of Hispanic women. You know what the key to a successful marriage to a Latina is? These same thing it is for marriage with women from any other culture, race, or ethnicity. Respect, communication, affection, etc...
Hiram Avila (3 years ago)
that gringo word sounds offensive as fuck i never say it ever!
Isabel Ruth (2 years ago)
Hiram Avila for me I find it harder to say "white guy" than gringo so I say gringo
Odelle Cecil (2 years ago)
Why? Gringo means American but mostly they referred to a white person.
luvlygirl90 (2 years ago)
I know, it felt awkward for me and Im Mexican. :/
DanielCMM (3 years ago)
i like white men too. i'm a gay latino.
Ricardo Gonzales (3 years ago)
My sisters love gringo men because they are smart strong funny and great dads. Magnificent people. Thats why we want to move to their countries lets not forget.
MrGreyjeep (5 days ago)
Yes the gringos are amazing people. They rape latina women, they make them sleep on the floor, and let the dogs sleep on the bed! It's so great. And the gringos are even putting latino kids in cages at the border now! Fantastico!
Zoe (2 years ago)
Timemaster f (2 years ago)
Glen Coco (3 years ago)
white men are ok... but they tend to age pretty horribly
Diana Amaya (1 year ago)
altaqqadum96 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. A lot are, but not all of them... i am proud of being Mexican American because of the rich cultural heritage. I am also engaged to a American white man. 😁😁😁😁😁😁
mikesreeboksclassics (1 year ago)
Diana Amaya im not saying you are. i just cant stand the machismo and latin pride bs. Alot of hispanics come from crappy countries. Why dont they do everyone a favor and go back instead of making everyones life miserable. ms13 and other gangmembers are cowards who got beat up in school so now theyre tough. you notice white men mostly marry asian women because theyre considered more civilized. the irony is a white guy in united states rather marry a philiphino in a hut in a slum that can cook and is respectful. He wouldnt marry a latin woman from america because american women of all shades tend to be fat lazy ungrateful aggressive retards. Women from third world countries make AMERICAN NATIVES I.E WHATEVER COLOR WHETHER THEYRE WHITE, BROWN BLACK YELLOW RED ARE ALL GROSS OR ATLEAST MOST ARE!!! Umfortunately latina women are brainwashed to be little brainless housewives. And if a gringo does date them, they turn into feminazi dykes
Diana Amaya (1 year ago)
altaqqadum96 I am short 4'11" but not 500... a little bit heavy 110lbs.. and don't consider myself ugly.
mikesreeboksclassics (1 year ago)
TuAmigoElMorrocoy haha thats why mex women have three foot uddders and weigh 500lbs ugly pigs
Jasmine V (1 year ago)
Yeah :/
Nina Samantha Perez (3 years ago)
LOL..Yeah just ask my 2 ex husbands!!!
Ricardo Gonzales (3 years ago)
Many latins are white and have Europeans ancestry so no big deal this is just a crazy topic the English royalty sent there princess to marry Spanish royalty and visa versa so English and Spanish have been mixing for thousands of years before they ever came to the Americas.
Ricardo Gonzales (3 years ago)
+mike hunt Minute amount is wrong most latin americans are majority European with aminute amount of Native south american you got it backwards.
mike hunt (3 years ago)
+Ricardo Gonzales Two whole different races from each other. When you refer to people that are Spanish, You are referring to people from SPAIN. As in the EUROPEAN country. When we refer to Latinas we are speaking about women who are Native South Americans mixed with a minute amount of European.
Ricardo Gonzales (3 years ago)
There is really no big difference between American Europeans and latin Europeans, northern and southern Europeans have been mixing for thousands of years before they came to the Americas. If you find an attractive, nice, genuine person good for you.
Richard Head (3 years ago)
Latina women have an easy life here in the U.S. As long as they can get pregnant by multiple men and the welfare system is here, then they are set for life. I heard they are great in bed. Well no surprise there bec. they get a lot of practice from their fathers at a very young age. LOL
Aesthetical rose buds (1 year ago)
Ya lol we do but white privilege wow...you got the life don’t ya soo what WELFARE THANKS IT PAYS THE FOOD IN EATING RIGHT NOW YUMMY YUMMY INN MY TUMMY
Tbsalvy503 USU (2 years ago)
+shawn. ismylifeee Im hispanic btw
Jess m (3 years ago)
+Shredderz 503 aww thanks! :)
Rifle Twist (3 years ago)
Casar con una Latina = Casar con Mentiras, Engaño, y Traición. Si eres Gringo y estas con una Latina, *GARANTIZADO*, tiene un sancho escondido y un bebe en El Salvador.
Mexican Pride (1 year ago)
Rifle Twist El que te hayan hecho wey no significa que todas las latinas sean infieles o mentirosas xd
Rifle Twist (3 years ago)
+Lupe Ram Thats the problem. If you marry one from their motherland...drama. If you marry one from the U.S....no sex, ladies night out and divorce to have her take the house you worked for. There is nothing in marriage for men.
Lupe Ram (3 years ago)
Lmao that's why you don't marry straight from their motherland. Try someone born in the states lol
Rifle Twist (3 years ago)
+The hispanic king of LA I am going to get married to a wonderful Latina and have a big family, pinche serote, you are not invited to the wedding.
Rifle Twist (3 years ago)
+The hispanic king of LA i can make better pupusas than you and thats really all that matters, caca.
stacy west (3 years ago)
Raquel Paris, TU BUSCA PINGA?
Edward Batista (3 years ago)
I have a lot of respect for latinas that date white men because white guys are typically educated but the latinas that date black guys are extremely ghetto and they like to diss us latino guys
MrGreyjeep (5 days ago)
+The Ghost brrr you're right, mayates are not humans, we are gods. You're trash, not even suitable to be called a man. You prefer to see your women with cavemen gringos.
Chrissy 123 (7 days ago)
+Turkey bacon584 Statistics can be faulty.So saying something is the truth because of statistics,makes no sense.Stats can be altered to fit a certain bias .They do it all the time.Just because it's on the internet,dosent mean it's true.Im a neuroscience major who took upper level stats course and it's such a fault math course cause it can be so easily manipulated to fit a certain agenda,that the researcher has.
mike sanchez (1 year ago)
Edward Batista So so true
The Ghost brrr (1 year ago)
so true, I like to see Latinas dating any other races except mayates, they not humans to me. I have family members who are married with Whites, Asians and Im the only one with a Arab women..One of my cousins just married a BLK women but I'll give her a pass, los hombres morenos son Lazy
I'm married to an Asian guy.
Hanan Kuehnle (3 years ago)
The worst combination that one could ever pair is a latina(I'm tlking about one that directly comes from a latin-american contry!)and a gringo man(United States/Canada)...I've met so many latin-american women who confess to me with tears in their eyes that marrying their gringo husbands was the worst mistake that they ever made!!!Gringo men are tasteless,can't dance!,can't speak spanish worth a sh-t either!!!Ain't nothing like the charm of a hispanic man...white american women love them and who could think of it the other way around???...
rueben cristobal (5 months ago)
IDK. I've met A lot of Latinas who cheat on their boyfriends or husbands with Gringos and openly brag about it to others. Shameless putas some of them
panic attack (9 months ago)
Lupe Ram dumb ass Spanish is Indo-European created by the Spanish conquistadors Spanish is the whitest language out there.
Glen Coco (3 years ago)
+Hanan Kuehnle I don't care if my man can dance or not... but I find americans are not very family oriented, and they have a hard time understanding the bond between a latino man and women and their family.
Hanan Kuehnle (3 years ago)
+Jerry Zelda Oye huevon!!!Vete a la mierda tu!!!Tu no estas hablando a un gringo para nada!!!Pucha,yo soy medio Perucho por mis seis años de resedencia en el Peru!!!Ayyyyy hay que conocerme...y veras como soy yo con mi habilidad en hablando yo!!!Bueno,queria decirte todo eso y creame....lo hablo bien yo!!!...
Lupe Ram (3 years ago)
+Jerry Zelda if you're go name generalize that much we might as all be African since we all descend from their. Dumb uneducated idiot. Not everything comes from Caucasian.
Rogelio Estrada (3 years ago)
Some latinas love making these stupid videos. Meanwhile latino men marry outside their culture at the same rate latinas do look at statistics
Rogelio Estrada (3 years ago)
That's not true bro. I'm Colombian and I've dated Asian, white, middle eastern and they were all typical girl types. I hardly ever see Latina women with white men unless they are older usually. I'm tall, go to the gym etc I have no problem with women. I think the short Mexicans probably date unwanted white women, because I get a lot of death stares from white dudes and black dudes when I date their women and they look good
mike hunt (3 years ago)
+Rogelio Estrada Yes you are correct, but its clear the reason you are so upset is not over quantity but rather the quality of Latinas that date white guys compared to the type of white women (unwanted) that date interracially. Same reason black men get so pissed, they date more white women but when a black girl dates a white guy she the cream of the crop. Sad but true
Rogelio Estrada (3 years ago)
I came here to see latina women worship white men with their colonial mentalities. I love it
rueben cristobal (5 months ago)
Rogelio Estrada You sound insanely jealous. Its so damn obvious
Odelle Cecil (2 years ago)
You could tell you're a black Latino.
er lo (3 years ago)
+Rogelio Estrada Hispanics are white you retard.. where do you think you got the culture and language from? White Spaniards
Rogelio Estrada (3 years ago)
Jealous of what? Most white dudes are lame. I just don't like when Hispanics up lift whites like they're gods
Rogelio Estrada (3 years ago)
How come they don't ever do this for Latino men. We marry outside of our culture at the same rate latinas do but we never get talked about or mentioned
Kinder Egg (2 years ago)
+joey mercado well that depends, some latin dudes prefer white women as wifes cuz they are less demanding ( at least in my experience ) when u marry none white women u not only marry the chich but her whole family as well and that can be a real pain in the ass as she is more likely to do what her family says and are less free and independent than  white women
joey mercado (3 years ago)
+Rogelio Estrada Because Hispanic men don't like white women for marriage they just like to fuck them and that's it, white women are not Wife material
Hanan Kuehnle (3 years ago)
You should!!!As a gringo man,I envy latino men(BY THE WAY,I'M NOT GAY WHEN I SAY THAT!)...because,all women love latin men!!!It's a different story the other way around!!!...
sc7 (3 years ago)
Porque siempre hablan como si a todas las latinas nos gusta bailar ritmos tropicales. Yo los detesto y soy latina. Odio a la gente que dice "oh!, debes cocinar y bailar bien". Por favor!, somos todos de la misma especie pero no con las mismas caracteristicas. Por lo general los blancos creo que les gusta bailar salsa mas que a los latinos porque solo los veo con chicas que gustan de eso y/o tienen familias muy tradicionales. 
sc7 (3 years ago)
+larroyo 1973 Bueno, en mi casa, todos cocinamos. Mi esposo cocina riquisimo y es latino y yo soy latina y tambien cocino. El cocinar debe ser un gesto de amor y no una imposicion. Es terrible que te torturen tu vida entera para que hagas algo que no te agrada y que no es necesario. Yo con que coman sano y bien, ando bien con mi conciencia porque ese si me parece que es mi obligacion como madre. Hay muchos latinos que sufren de diabetes y/u obesidad debido a los malos habitos. No me considero feminista pero si te respondo asi es porque me parecio un poquito machista tu comentario. Espero equivocarme.
larroyo 1973 (3 years ago)
Lo que pasa es que el femenismo y cultura liberal ha marginago el home anglosajón y las anglosajonas han sido adoctrinados a no respetar al hombre blanco,no cocinarle,no querer darle hijos pero a la misma vez como hipocritas se doblan como camara barata para atras para morenos! Las hispanas son mas tradicionales y pro familia. La familia cocina y no esa basura de "catering". My two cents.
sc7 (3 years ago)
+Tifa030303 Claro!. lo que pasa es que siempre que ves algo sobre latinos, le ponen salsa y eso me fastidia. Ya nos pusieron a todos en un saco. No todos lucimos igual. Mira a Sofia Vergara que se tiene que pintar el cabello de morena para ser aceptada porque no les entra en la cabecita que tienen, que hay tambien rubios en Sudamerica.  Comparto tu manera de pensar. Yo tambien creo que ellos gustan de las latinas por ser mas amables
Rifle Twist (3 years ago)
+The hispanic king of LA Go fuck yourself in your miserable Pico Union District, caca.
Tifa030303 (3 years ago)
+The hispanic king of LA ok....
Tomas Corvidea (4 years ago)
Gringo is neither derogatory nor racist. We refer to people from Latin American as Latino's and they intern refer to us as Gringo's.
Bell Crick (4 years ago)
White men are super hott!!! I love them, and those pretty blue eyes always gets to me. Kinda to much info on the next thing, I say but white men that I been with all be having some big packages it's a blessing.
This is for you love (2 months ago)
I love you so much thank you for this post and Latinas I love them with all my heart my one and only they are best inside and out also next part kinda dirty yet Latinas to me have the best booty and pu**y by far there gorgeous and I forever love Latinas
Alma Vela (4 months ago)
Bell Crick yesss girl! 🙌🏽😍😍😍
lucy thibodaux (9 months ago)
Bell Crick me too girl !! They seem to like us too 😉
Ethan G. (10 months ago)
Do our cute, blue eyes make up for our lack for dancing capabilities?
PajoFrom TheU (1 year ago)
Bell Crick Your beautiful btw. Dont listen to the jealous latinos. I love latinas
Elisa Mondragon (4 years ago)
This is retarded. Rob and Sandra are ugly.
steve tacos (1 year ago)
Elisa Mondragon lol
chev202 (4 years ago)
just pray u don't marry a latina who has nothing but bad intentions. it can turn into a disaster before you know it. it's best to stay away from the peasant types and find one who is educated. but any marriage is not immuned from the b.s. stay single and bang what u can when u can. if u can bang on a latina for awhile then that's great but watch out for ex jealous boyfriends.
Alfredo Romero (4 years ago)
I have a question, im from México Why all the americans think mexicans are the same as latinos?
rosy geline (4 years ago)
i love white guys oh my ! im latina and i just love how their are <3
This is for you love (2 months ago)
I love Latinas I like who they are and how they act there my forever loves
rueben cristobal (5 months ago)
Rogelio Estrada You sound jealous
Tbsalvy503 USU (2 years ago)
Yo wtf is wrong with all of you!? We're all motherfucking humans like damn chill tf out😩!
Sandro Kovalev (2 years ago)
Rogelio Estrada Whites don't get judged as a whole? Haha you just did it with your previous comment.
Claudia Aguilar (4 years ago)
Solo se atacan a ustedes mismas
Claudia Aguilar (4 years ago)
Que tristesa me da Que algunas desde ustedes odien a su propia gente, el expresarse mal del hombre latino es igual que hablar pestes desde sus papas, hermanos, abuelos e hijos. No solo se les olvido el idioma espanol sino que tambien los valores y costumbres desde nuestra cultura para aprender frivolidades de una cultura vacia y carente de principios morales, quierance mas a ustedes mismas no se averguencen de sus raices y tengan mas respeto hacia su persona porque al hablar mal de su gente solo
frido mexin (10 months ago)
Claudia, estoy de acuerdo con usted. Estas jjovenes deben ser chicanas, por eso ven a los gringos como algo mejor. Se les ha olvidado la riqueza de la cultura cristiana, que es precisamente lo que permitió a sus ancestros que llegaron a Usa, esforzarse y no aceptar la cultura torcida de los gringos, para con un trabajo muchas veces mal pagado, poder darles a estas jóvenes, una vida digna, estudios, carreras, valores, el propio ejemplo de esfuerzo y sacrificio, al pasar de clase baja a clase media, de una generación a otra. Toda esa cultura gringa llena de falcefades ideológicas y científicas, les ha hecho creer que no hay que sentirse orgullosas de su identidad. El evolucionismo disfrazado de «evolucion», el ateísmo-practico propuesto como dejar de ser anticuado con una vida de devoción religiosa, que esta ligada a la buena moral. Da gusto que haya mujeres como usted. Trascienda esos buenos valores a los suyos
pipa (1 year ago)
Claudia Aguilar blah blah blah. and that's why I would never date a hispanic guy son igual de metiches y mitoteros. parecen viejas.. and that's why I married a white guy and have a beautiful mixed baby....
Priscilla P. (4 years ago)
I am married to a white man but I wouldn't say I married him because he was white and I wouldn't say I don't like my Hispanic men I just fell in love with a white mans personality and his race was the last think on my mind. My husband is a whiteboy from the barrio, all his friends are Hispanic, he speaks Spanish loves Mexican music and food. He's a Hispanic trapped in a white mans body!
medialuna lulu (1 year ago)
awwww I loves this
ihearts music (4 years ago)
Im hispanic&i love white guys they are so sweet.&they always appretiate what we do my boyfriend is white with beautiful blue eyes. Girls they are very sweet
This is for you love (2 months ago)
thank you so much yet Latinas are hott! they are my forever one and only amor
frido mexin (3 years ago)
+Purple Freax Si eres una mexicana blanca, no tengo ningún inconveniente en que te cases con quien te pegue la gana. No asi, si eres mestiza (brown) o nativa americana Casarse con otra raza homogénea que no sea mestizo o nativo americano, es equivalente a destruir tu apariencia racial. No sabes que apariencia tienen las personas que son hijos/as de una mexicana y un gringo; pues ya perdieron toda apariencia de mestizos, y ahora se ven como gringos/as
john cobain (3 years ago)
+Purple Freax One day i hope i can found a girl that is pretty and sweet just you ;)
john cobain (3 years ago)
+Purple Freax One day i hope i can found a girl that is pretty and sweet just you ;)
FemmeBleu (4 years ago)
Pretty cool interview, but I did cringe every time you called these gentlemen "gringos." This term is slightly derogatory, and it is not okay to use in any friendly conversation, imo. 
Bullzeye 1000yds (2 months ago)
+Tbsalvy503 USU OK, by me, Paco.
Robert Cruver (6 months ago)
tony slaughter but salvadoruans have ms13 so how about look what they're doing to themselves ? Dumbass
Robert Cruver (6 months ago)
Devin Bird actually no. And a grudge? It's called beingn conscious lmgaoo another white person crying about their sick ancestors lmao get over yourself
Robert Cruver (6 months ago)
jo7dan119 lmgaoo the Aztec didn't "colonize " anything lmgaoo what a fucking moron, learn some English first.
Robert Cruver (6 months ago)
FemmeBleu I think you should check your hypersensitivity. We have a sitting president calling undocumented immigrants "illegals" and "breeders" but somehow a descriptive word is derogatory? Lmfao it's like when cis people say cis or terf is derogatory lmfaoo no it's literally descriptive
Caroline (4 years ago)
Latino isn't a race
Caroline (4 years ago)
+Michael Echeverria blah blah blah no one gives a fuck about u. So fuck off bitch
Caroline (4 years ago)
+Angela Maria Sanchez no it's not there's white black hispanics mestizo ones
Angela Maria Sanchez (4 years ago)
LOL yes Latino is a race it's called Hispanic...do your research you dummie
Soldier of Ireland (4 years ago)
+Tauri Auri I'm Irish :D 
Taavi Auri (4 years ago)
true ...but they are ethnic group...same way like irish and italians where in the past.
photoopd1 (4 years ago)
wet backs need more tp training
MrKick-them-out (4 years ago)
Well, none of you is a Latina because Latina/Latino/Latin it's only a language, the Latin language which the Romans,ancient Italians, imposed upon your step-parents, the Spaniards when the Romans colonized Spain and called it Hispania and remained there for more than 700 years. The Latins come from Italy and not from Spain and Latin America was called Amerique Latine by the French because of the Latin root of the languages spoken in that continent,namely French,Spanish and Portuguese.  People who speak Latin derived languages: Italians, first and foremost, then French, Romanians,Portuguese and Spanish. Stop the lies of making Latino as  it was a Race or Ethnicity when it is not. You are mostly  Ibero-Indians (mestizo)
Eccentric (8 months ago)
Thats why I never call myself "latina".
Alejandra Soprano (3 years ago)
Sadly that's wherever I go I find you kkk trying to said derogatory comments about Latinos. You should be ashamed. I'm from Argentina and the population is 97% white and they embraced my family here when they moved here from Italy. On the 70s and I noticed that's you always wants to talk shit about us and gess what' we don't give a shit about you stupid Latino term that the U.S. Government put on us. If you so worry about the term go blame the government not us call us Hispanics or whatever but is sad to see that in Argentina all Italians, Germans,and all other European has been welcome and no one said anything and stop saying that' you are Italian because I been to Italy and Italians don't hate on us as much as you do so you are not real Italian you are just a disgrace to the Italian race. Do you think you family were welcome in the us when the first arrive?? In New York ? No they weren't white enough back then and now since you chase all the Irish girls back then you want to call you self white and hate on us . The US marines corps should know about you racist way so they can see what a disgrace you are. Once you join they teach that's you are no longer blue,black or yellow you are a marine corp. so I doubt that you ever where you should return that uniform the its original owner. Shame on you for hating on us take you Latino term and shove it up your ass we don't care call us Hispanics. And by the way you aren't Italian you look like a mutt. Real Italians don't look like you and I'm whiter then you by the way. :)
MrKick-them-out (4 years ago)
+m guaremate What happens is that Spanish-speaking people of the "Americas" have totally twisted the meaning of Latino/Latina and translated into a Race and Ethnic identifier for themselves only. The fact is that the French called that area of the "Americas" "Amerique Latine" because the French, the Spaniards and Portuguese colonizers spoke Latin-derived languages followed Roman Laws and were Christian Catholics. They inherited all this from the Romans who had colonized them centuries ago. Moreover, the French ,the Portuguese and the Spaniards wanted to distinguish themselves from the Northern " America",that is the United States which was Anglo-Saxon,English-speaking and Protestant. As I said numerous time before this is why that part of this continent was called "Amerique Latine" that is Latin America or America Latina.Now you say that : "You're talking culturally...not racially". To that I have to say that we don't identify according to cultures. We identify according to our races: White,Black, Asians, etc.etc. and not by cultures and the Latin culture or cultura latina  is a complex of speaking a Latin Language, following Roman Laws and being Christian Catholics. In other words acting, behaving, having morals like an Italian, French, Romanian.However , I don't see that much Latin culture except for the language among the Spanish-speaking people of this continent. In any case Latino/Latina cannot be used to identify oneself in the Census Bureau or any other legal document as if it meant a Race or Ethnicity. The way it is cannot be sustained that Hispanics in the absence of  a common identifier picked up a term "Latino/Latina" and made it their own and being passed as if that's their race. Hey...what about the real Latins: Italians,French,Romanians, Portuguese and Spanish? The Census Bureau identifies as Latinos (Latins) the following: All of the people in what is called now "Latin America" from Mexico down to Argentina then Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic then going back to Spain (Espana). The fact is that The Latins,( Latinos in Spanish), the Latin language and Latin Culture, none of this comes from Spain. It all comes from Italy, the Great Roman Country. The Romans colonized Spain and Portugal for more than 700 years and imposed their Latin language, Roman Laws and Christian Catholicism. I wrote to the U.S. census Bureau telling them to scrap this Latino claim by Hispanics  because it's historically wrong. This is called misappropriation of identity. We all identify by Race. If Hispanics groups want to gang up together and be known as a group and not by Race than they can keep using :" Hispanics" which is not Race anyway. Or what they can do is this: They  can look themselves in the mirrors and see what color they are and which way they like to go, White,Black,mestizo,mulatto,mulatta,Indio or whatever but NOT LATINO. Italians, French, Romanians, Spaniards and Portuguese identify themselves as all other do by the Race which is White.Latino is just a reference to their shared culture and is almost never mentioned. Hispanics must cease and desist from downgrading the Great Language and culture of the Romans. http://www.real-latins.org http://www.mexica-movement.org
aileen lofgren (4 years ago)
I am latina my maternal side is italisn descent and we are talking culturally.. not racially
Daniela Torres (5 years ago)
@Quiiquee85 that's buuuuull shit not all latinas loves latino men, i don't, i love gringos :3 they are sweet and funny they are always saying how gorgeous you are, never treat you like a maid or thing they own plus that way they have to try to speak spanish is lovely... i think a lot of latino men get used to how amazing latina girls are and sometimes they can't aprecciate it as good as gringos does, plus gringos are not macho man... if you ask me i've had the greatest relationships with gringos :3
Tbsalvy503 USU (2 years ago)
Hanan Kuehnle Very true. Us hispanic guys know wussup.
Hispanic Assassin (3 years ago)
Self Hater
Hanan Kuehnle (3 years ago)
Actually mexican men are to be admired...they are true men to the core!!!...
roger8654 (4 years ago)
Hood rat? Lol. I'm No hood rat buddy.
baller84milw (5 years ago)
Whats considered white has changed over time. Back in the days, it was northern europeans (like yourself). Italians and Greeks weren't considered white until modern-days, so now it's pretty much just europeans. We still distinguish between northern and southern europeans though, so some people might ask you your ancestry. Some mexicans and other latinos are white (spanish ancestry, i.e. Antonio Banderas, Enrique Iglesias). Others are mestizo (brown) and are considered not white.
Northern Light (5 years ago)
Im Finnish myself and I cant understand the concept of "white" in Americas. Arent most Mexicans also "white" or partly "white". Or is "white" usually a person from US that is of European descent?
Mexican Pride (1 year ago)
G.C. Morrocco (5 years ago)
Superficial B.S.
luckypapi87 (5 years ago)
What sane white guy would marry some latina for? Geesh
DreamScape799 (5 years ago)
"Just another Gringa LOL"
quiiquee85 (6 years ago)
Saben que es lo mas chistoso de todo????? Los Gringos se mueren por las Latinas... y las Latinas se mueren por los Latinos, asi de facil.... y es porque nosotros tenemos sabemos bailar.. haer reir alas mujeres... somos cariniosos... somos simpaticos... yo soy blanco pelo negro... pero tengo el tipo de los Colombianos... o Puerto Riquenios... que somos fisicamente parecidos a los arabes.. pero con sabor latino
Lorraine Corso (6 years ago)
I made the mistake of marrying white guys. They can't handle the heat!
New Gen (9 months ago)
Lorraine Corso same here girl

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