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Lethal Ninja Weapons You'll NEVER Want to Encounter

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Ninjas need a lot of skills to use their weapons and they start practicing at a young age. Here we take a look at the most lethal ninja weapons. Subscribe for new videos: http://goo.gl/SaufF4 Voiceover by Rodney Tompkins: https://www.youtube.com/c/BigBadada2012 11: Kusarigama As if a sharp sickle and a heavy iron weight were both not dangerous enough as separate weapons, the Japanese decided to combine those two with a metal chain, giving birth to the kusarigama. The deadly chain-sickle weapon was developed during the Muromachi era, and has its own unique art of handling known as kusarigama-jutsu 10: The Kakute Ring Kakute are small metal rings with spikes protruding from it, worn as a finger ring. These weapons are very much favored by the kunoichi, or female ninjas. The reason is that kakute rings are simple to use, and are concealable as they look like any other normal ring, but with spikes hidden inside the hand. The weapon is obviously only used up close, but still, is very capable of delivering 9: Tekko-kagi Imagine brass knuckles, but with forward facing iron nails like bear claws. That's the tekko-kagi, a ninja weapon that has a close resemblance to the X-man Wolverine's protruding adamantium claws. The origin of the weapon was a rather peaceful one, as a tool for farmers to reap weeds. But in the hands of a skilled ninja 8: Neko Te If you think the tekko-kagi was scary enough, then you should take a look at the neko-te. It is also a claw like weapon, but worn like a glove, and with the blades protruding directly from the ends of the fingers much like a cat's claws. And that's exactly what the neko-te 7: Metsubushi Metsubushis are the pepper sprays of the ninja world. The name translates to "crush the eyes", and is one thing a ninja's opponent should avoid at all costs when in a fight. The weapon could come in many forms, but are typically delivered from a small pipe that can be blown at an enemy, or from an egg shell that can be thrown 6: Ninjato Many people know of the katana, the traditional Japanese sword used by samurai during ancient and feudal times. But ninjas also have their own version of the katana, known as ninjato. Compared to the swords carried by the samurai, ninjato were smaller in size and more compact in form. The overall length is usually less than 60 cm, and is relatively thick and straight with no curves 5: Fukiya The fukiya is a type of blowgun used in Japan. The practice still exists today in modern Japan as a national sport similar to archery. However, fukiya was known in the past as a ninja's weapon, with numerous ninjutsu schools specializing in its use. Ninjas would often fire two inch long poison darts, or fukibari, from a concealed location. The dart itself is usually not enough to kill a target 4: Sai Sai, the weapon familiar to those in the West as the weapon of choice for Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the female assassin Elektra from Marvel. Traditionally used on the islands of Okinawa, the sai is useful as both an offensive and defensive weapon. The weapon has a very distinctive look as a long pointed metal baton with two curved prongs projecting from the sides. Sai users practice a variety of fighting styles 3: Kunai The kunai is a dagger-like-weapon which serves as one of ninja's most basic but multi-functional weapons. Historically, it is believed to have been derived from hand trowels, as farmers and masons of feudal Japan used to make weapons out of any spare tools they could get their hands on. Kunais are crafted from metal into sharp blades with balance and weight in mind, as they are used both 2: Poison We've talked about how poison could be used to compliment some weapons, often coated on tips of blades. But its deadliness and wide variety makes it deserve a special mention on this list. As stealthy assassins, ninjas could not avoid using poison, as it enables them to kill their targets without confronting them directly. Poisons could be placed directly into the food and drinks 1: Shuriken You definitely can't talk about ninjas without mentioning shurikens. Shuriken literally translates to "sword hidden in user's hand", and are sometimes referred to as throwing stars in the West. They are crafted into many different shapes and sizes, usually with a hole at the center. Shurikens might be small, but are essential tools in a ninja's arsenal. They often serve a secondary role, as a nuisance or distraction when facing an enemy. A skilled user would target
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Text Comments (2401)
For Honor? Anyone? Lawbro meet Shinobi = execution
UrSoMeanBoss (1 day ago)
oh for fuck sakes its this channel... The moment i hear his voice and the rising background music, cringing becomes an autonomic response.
ShadowStorm 0076 (1 day ago)
I want to be a assassin kakutu Rings are hidden blades
eric zulu (1 day ago)
This video is 100% legit! I met a homeless ninja on a bus in Cleveland and he said so
Gabriel Villalva (3 days ago)
Hey thats from naruto
you know (3 days ago)
Who would of thought cock rings were ninja weapons
Roberto Salmeron (3 days ago)
Kakute ring also works for ninjas with premature ejaculation. 😂😂😂
Ashmeed Mohamed (4 days ago)
Wtf is an "exotic" country?
WARMACHIN 22693 (4 days ago)
When I was little I called the shuraken ninja stars
XANAX Happy Pants (4 days ago)
I had a tekko kagi, it was shaped like a bear claw and it was beutiful but... I sold it because it was very dull from being used so much on wood and fruits and vegetables.
Poe Keepsie (4 days ago)
hahaha holy shit what the fuck are you talking about
Poe Keepsie (4 days ago)
209CALI * (4 days ago)
Poison can be added to this comment to make it deadlier
Avinash gupta (4 days ago)
Naruto naruto ....
Thick Man (5 days ago)
You said poison a lot
kura paska (5 days ago)
1:11 Expecting to find some ancient shit here but that's just Hanzo vs Mifune
he used a damn naruto picture xD 1:15
MK The ThugLife (5 days ago)
Why am i even watching.
Winplays 101 (6 days ago)
Your intro gets me every time
Deonarine Naipaul (6 days ago)
Did anyone see naruto characters
juan gonzalez (6 days ago)
Ahh, I can feel that tumor a growin.
Pegoes Gt (6 days ago)
I thought its mitsubishi
Carlos Pagan (6 days ago)
Was that Han vs Hashirama? lol
Nishan Gurung (6 days ago)
Almost every weapon exists in shadow fight 2
Don Raggo (6 days ago)
There is no plural for Ninja... 100 Ninja are still just 100 Ninja ffs....
elemental spectrum (6 days ago)
Anyone got a heart attack at 0:19 I did
elemental spectrum (6 days ago)
I'll need to get used to it
Chrissi (7 days ago)
I dont want kill someone Laugh I love to training this HIHIHI
JAEDRIAN JORDAN (7 days ago)
fares 121 (7 days ago)
FUKIYA too :)
Arturo Serrano (7 days ago)
i fucked my
Arturo Serrano (7 days ago)
Arturo Serrano (7 days ago)
Hailey Olivia (7 days ago)
Um, that’s mike not Raphael
Ali's here (7 days ago)
I remember shadow fight 2 from sai
Tino Gisondi (8 days ago)
Lit cigarette butts are a highly useful decoy a shinobi practitioner could use to end a deadly encounter. Just carry a shortened butt on your ear, light up when it's time and it's IMMEDIATELY READY for use (it has to be shortened because it's 10x harder to pitch a full cigarette). Just clip a cigarette in half and carry it on your ear. You should have 2-3 seconds to end the threat. You have the right to carry a pen anywhere on the planet (including a plane or courtroom). Use that
Tino Gisondi (8 days ago)
Ninja techniques are highly applicable to real life once you know and apply the reality of all weapons, especially sharp weapons when it comes to street fighting. All "soft" martial arts are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE with SHARP WEAPONS (i.e. aikido, systema, wing chun, tai chi, kung fu). For example: if you're feeling anxious in a dangerous area/situation, just light up a cigarette. Any shinobi worth his own salt carries a steel pen in his pocket. Pitch the cig in his face, grab your weapon
Rechordian (8 days ago)
Loved that lil picture from Naruto.
Lorin Stoll (8 days ago)
Why is the person poising Ice Cream?
jentry mc (8 days ago)
*no wonder ninja drops so much kills in fortnite.*
Fluffyassassin (8 days ago)
This is probably the dumbest video
Giantum gaming (8 days ago)
All weapons in for honour
Christian (8 days ago)
Shadow fight 2.
Aquastian (8 days ago)
Cringiest fortnite streamer
Thomas Mica (8 days ago)
перстень - здарова пидор !
jack giuffre (9 days ago)
I love that he uses picture from naruto
Ben Wall (9 days ago)
how did they make this subject boring
Awesome Animal (9 days ago)
Never shake hands with a Ninja! I'm not going to be rude to a Ninja.
Gods Plan (9 days ago)
Poison ☠️ isn’t only a ninja weapon we all can use it 😂👌🏽👌🏽
Sad Frog Playz A Game (9 days ago)
Isn't a mitsibushi a car
jonathan l (9 days ago)
These are bull shit
FSUA Airsoft Team (9 days ago)
Every ninja is a pic of a white guy lol
Warm Milk (10 days ago)
Why start this video with a jumpscare?
noFl3xBlu God (10 days ago)
Naruto Is in this
PurplePie69 (10 days ago)
I mean, honestly speaking ninjas used poison like 95 times out of 100, and it wasnt even on a blade. They would just slip it into food or the well or some shit
Gianna Acevedo (10 days ago)
I miss rick from the walking dead
efenty FNT (10 days ago)
SederixHD (10 days ago)
Poison is a womans weapon
TANKER_ BRUH (10 days ago)
lol none of these are scary ill just grab a glock 20 and spray them
Jack McConnell (10 days ago)
Lol, who’s here from Metaton?
CzyJoe666 (11 days ago)
You don't know your asian weapons and how there used well enough to make this video or properly rank the weapons just one is traditionally sai were never bladed and yes you might be able to stab some one but they were usually used as a blunt weapon where you'd break the persons bones rather then cut or stab with them. I won't get into all the inaccuracies of this video but they kinda make me cringe at your lack of knowledge and or research.
Alpaaca (11 days ago)
Ninjas are Chinese, not Japanese...
Alfie hamberger vlogs (11 days ago)
My fave one is fuk ya sword
Keybord Warrior (11 days ago)
fukiya too
FaZe Keagan (11 days ago)
7:17 He is a fake black belt. You can tell because your collar should also be black if your a black belt
Xeuik (12 days ago)
posion is deadly, but if you put poision on the tip of the poison, then the poison would get the job done.
Son Sanchez (12 days ago)
And Sai in shadow fight 2
Son Sanchez (12 days ago)
Kusarigama is in shadow fight 2
TECH PRO (12 days ago)
Ninja bollshit it's all fiction if you wanna harm some one it's easier with out this propaganda shit video fucking idiot
wrestleswithangels (12 days ago)
Fake News
xxbam timexx (12 days ago)
Sapphire Gamez (12 days ago)
The thumbnail is like:TOP 10 MOST DANGEROUS WEAPONS THAT ARE ILLEGAL *A toothpick*
Uchiha Sasuke (12 days ago)
1:12 it's hanzo of the salamander and hashirama senju
You better make sure you hit your target & it hits them in the right place with those throwing stars because the person you’re throw it at, can pick it up & throw it back at you. Eww shit!
BiltemakÖrV & EPA (13 days ago)
I have an Errand so Where can you get deadly poison
tacomandie (13 days ago)
I really like this narrator
Carolyn Colebeck (13 days ago)
This reminds me of mortal combat
Carolyn Colebeck (13 days ago)
bob Zombie (13 days ago)
*This video is sponsored by poison.*
droger 144 (13 days ago)
Chakra, a Ninja’s energy which allows them to use ninjitsu like fire style, fireball justu, also can be coated in poison
Jaydon Goodrich (13 days ago)
ThE kusharigama at 1st. He shows a clip from Naruto Shippuden when Hanzo fights using this weapon lol hahaha
Kim Y (13 days ago)
Dude you know that you showed rikamaru from tenchu
wilton rogers (14 days ago)
imagine brass knuckles with nails shows gauntlit with swords
Juboo Juboo (14 days ago)
I swear all of this is what someone thinks after they have searched up “Cool Anime Weapons”
braig crogan (14 days ago)
GachaNerd (14 days ago)
How many times was poison said in this video?
Jayson Torrino (15 days ago)
You forgot the *ONIONS*
andrea Azucena (15 days ago)
They use 1.rasengan 2.kame kame wave
ayden rojas (15 days ago)
The background music is not the right sound for this video
Fairy Tail Fan (15 days ago)
1:14 - these two seem like they are from Naruto... the one on the right looks like Hashimara Senju... the one on the left I don't know... Is this just a coincidence or is it actually from Naruto?
Someone find out how many times he said poison
Dieseluk2k (15 days ago)
If you get hit by a fukiya ninja you'd be fuked
YourNotDrew (16 days ago)
What does this guy think poison is?
blue squid (16 days ago)
Abdullah Ejaz (16 days ago)
😉 naruto for life
Caleb Anderson (16 days ago)
Is that yo CHAIN?!
M mangla (16 days ago)
Maggie Harris (17 days ago)
this voice over sucks and slack
Ian Kempster (17 days ago)
Always with the poison.
glen quagmire (17 days ago)
Fritz (17 days ago)
The Metatron has spread this guy's cheeks.
Geo San (17 days ago)
Shurikens was not a lethal weapons... Samurais use them mostly (like ninjas hedgehog) on remission ;-)
Admin NoRDM (18 days ago)
Ninjas when the get a new weapon (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡 PUT POISON ON IT

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