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Florent Mothe - Itw Séduction Absolument Stars 17.08.2014

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Suite de l'interview Questions de fans dans Absolument Stars diffusée sur M6 le 17 août 2014. Florent répond à des questions "séduction"
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Text Comments (11)
Фермерша Джо о ,российский юзер в комментах!
Laure Marin (2 years ago)
Loo AllSaint (2 years ago)
je suis le style de Florent kyah!
Emilie Carreel (3 years ago)
tu est tros beau
CLÁUDIA LIMA (3 years ago)
Alguém poderia traduzir o que ele respondeu, por favor?
Lia (3 years ago)
Anyone up to translate this one?! ^^
Miranda Tg (1 year ago)
please please do so!!
Fima (1 year ago)
please do)
Cleo Ghisgant (2 years ago)
Maybe not like every word but I can. @TheMissyLia
Cleo Ghisgant (2 years ago)
If you want, I can.

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