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KENYAN SCHOOLS. Tumutumu Girls docudrama.

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True Story contrasting the perspective at which students from Kenya perceive their schools and the way those from other countries perceive the same schools. The Beauty of Kenyan Schools.
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maureen ndereba (15 days ago)
The hilltop pride....proud to be an alumnus
Lions Productions (19 days ago)
nice documentary.....I remember Prudence and her schoolmates,they attended IYF last year at Kasarani sports,,,I sincerely hope your school can attend even this year.Looking forward to see more students even this year.
Faith Kirimi (25 days ago)
Proud of Tumutumu girls.
Sir Alvine (1 month ago)
Why are we not showing this on mainstream media. This is just great work.
Esther Kamau (1 month ago)
my former principle.at ndaragwa girls
Waziri Wany (2 months ago)
Carol N (3 months ago)
Great video. Wa, maybe it’s because times were different 20 years ago, my school we banded against teachers, lol, which teachers were more strict and which ones were not. the rules were nothing to worry about. Of course food is boring, 😂, nothing beats home food. Some kids just don’t belong, that kid who played the character prudence, did well. as long as they are treated fairly and taught right, nothing more can be done. I do feel for her, boarding is no fun when home is close.
HUDMOON (18 hours ago)
stephen kimotho (3 months ago)
WOW i cant get enough of this documentary,,,,,,,proud to be part and parcel of Tumutumu,,,,,Eunice Ndung'u
Kerenoh Okwako (3 months ago)
Good Job!!
Rebecca Wanjiru Wambugu (3 months ago)
Wow!This is a good job.May God bless Mrs Mwangi and the entire administration.Instilling societal values in the girls.
Ayodi Kelvin (4 months ago)
I loved that piece
josphine mwihaki (7 months ago)
After leaving tumutumu girls due to some circumstances ...I proudly say that I am proud to have been there and also for unleashing the students talents I am really proud of u guys...kudos!!! And bravo....from Pascaline migwi
josphine mwihaki (7 months ago)
Continue with the good work
boaz macharia (8 months ago)
Respect to Jedidah Mwangi... I really appreciate her role in mentoring the ladies...
m.arbren (9 months ago)
Such a treasure ❤❤❤❤😩
John Wandii (10 months ago)
I just love this documentary. How I wish it can reach as many secondary school students who have got pessimistic perception about their schools so they would realize it's only an imagination and ought to change. Thumbs up bro, Sir Hudson Munayi. Your work is very creative and noble.
Hudson Munayi (9 months ago)
thank you @john wandii
regina wamuyu (10 months ago)
Tumutumu Girls' High School... My Alma Mata. Proud alumni. Very nice documentary.
Jossymsafi Mwangi (8 months ago)
woow so cute documentaru
therock teen (10 months ago)
awesome school, keep it up
merceline gatimu (10 months ago)
Oscar Churchil (10 months ago)
Well shot documentary thumbs up🖒

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