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Amazing Custom Lego X Men Minifigures Series !!!

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Huge Credit to legocustoms00 : https://www.instagram.com/legocustoms00/
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Brick News (4 months ago)
Huge Credit to legocustoms00 for making this amazing X-Men Series : https://www.instagram.com/legocustoms00/
Jalen Wiggins (4 months ago)
Brick News awesome video and what's the music name
Yellow Ninja (4 months ago)
Brick News i checked out his website its amazing and so are your vids
Anthony Chang (2 days ago)
I hope they do this.
lukas cz lunar gamer (3 days ago)
Mcu x men
Kendall Phillips (10 days ago)
Beast needs to be a bigfig
Thu Thuy Nguyenthuthuy (17 days ago)
Iceman ^^
Ram the Lamb (1 month ago)
Inaccurate but good
Jaydon XD (1 month ago)
Why there iş no *Quicksilver*
Christian Hatcher (1 month ago)
Yo, I never fully agree with cfm drafts but this... this is beautiful. I really love this. Thank you
xJoshRyanx (2 months ago)
Great video!
Cookie Cat (2 months ago)
This is a good idea. They should release An xmen series of lego there’s alot of Mutant students we haven’t discovered yet in most movie. Isn’t gonna be easy for collectors to search for prof X and Angel? Since they have Big pieces
Jaunicles 2.o (2 months ago)
Is this real
Bickverg (3 months ago)
Make this mappen!!!
lego marvel studios (3 months ago)
Lego will never be that good at side Printing and leg printing or hair printing and I love these I wish they existed
Some of them were already made but still good job
Manuel José (3 months ago)
Who want to open a Lego Custom's Shop with me?
양승호 (3 months ago)
Mr.VictoryTV (3 months ago)
I call Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Jubilee, Jean, Dr. X, and Rogue (and maybe the rest of the characters)
Golden Light Pictures (3 months ago)
Name of song?...
Ismael Alexander (3 months ago)
Damn i would buy most of them
rant osaurus (3 months ago)
I wish
Ric Anderson (3 months ago)
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youtube ANGEL (3 months ago)
That what song?
MJSYT (3 months ago)
Plz sell these online every custom
Griezmann The Legend (3 months ago)
Why you cant buy this amazing figures!!??😫
Aby Vandanath (3 months ago)
this is amazing
LEGO Deadpool 2 and x-force
Golden Light Pictures (3 months ago)
I keep back to this video just for the music!!! Lol that music is awesome and some of the minifigures look Great as well Great video as always!!:)
TheRelaxinH2o _ (3 months ago)
I'm going to talk to my boss about this
Ultra Nerd (3 months ago)
Woah. Hang on. Am I seeing things, or are wolverine's legs just a tiny bit shorter than everyone else's? Because that's awesome.
Chemar Martin (2 months ago)
Ultra Nerd yeah very accurate to the comics and 90's tv show
God of Evil (3 months ago)
needs more Brotherhood minifigures
Berry Stealth (4 months ago)
Great video I agree with all of those
Mitchell Reilly (4 months ago)
Plz make these as real custom mini figs plz
Tommy 2003 (4 months ago)
Someone must make this happen!
LilFenrir GT - Growtopia (4 months ago)
hhhhoooollyyy shhiiiitt where do i buy
Ultra Phoenix (4 months ago)
This video is AMAZING!
Where is Quicksilver?
Jerry.m Hut (4 months ago)
Actually all the hair for these figs are so wrong.
Jerry.m Hut (4 months ago)
Cyclops’s hair is so wrong
Bing Han (4 months ago)
That so cool
Christopher San Miguel (4 months ago)
I wonder if the trash deadpool from x men origins will be made
NTNProductions (4 months ago)
Awesome! The dead pool and cyclops minfigs are the coolest!
J David Rogers (4 months ago)
Name of song?
27 Csan (4 months ago)
Good ideas! I like this
x-men lol (4 months ago)
I would buy these if they were real
drift deriva (4 months ago)
Thank god you are a youtuber
drift deriva (4 months ago)
If you chose me it Will be a honor to win your giveaway
CaptainFlash 18 (4 months ago)
I want the Wolverine, Cyclops, Deadpool, and Gambit to become real figures!
lighting productions (4 months ago)
If this was real I would so get it just for the cable,deadpool and cyclops
JP Gillespie (4 months ago)
Can I buy the guys
DeathTrooper productions (4 months ago)
Why not movie costumes beside like Deadpool and some others
Jank Foots (4 months ago)
Will we ever get another set with Deadpool in it?
Golden Light Pictures (3 months ago)
Jank Foots probably not because of the movies rating but we can always wish can't we or can always customize:)
SiegeBrickStudios : (4 months ago)
Omfg I wish this was real
the brick maestro king (4 months ago)
This is so awesome I so wish they would do it
juuzousuzuya 929 (4 months ago)
I'd buy the whole box because the X-Men are my favorite marvel team I mean ice man could get some blue hair but other than that they're pretty damn cool
gustavo lapaz (4 months ago)
jean grey have other hair cut
SuperPumpkinHead (4 months ago)
We need these!
BrickCraft Studios (4 months ago)
That was Awesome custom minifig.You the best👍.You list was great too,i like it.😀
Lit Potato (4 months ago)
Not gonna lie these are pretty good
Mr.VictoryTV (4 months ago)
Id so save my $$$ fur these
Elb Torres pintado (4 months ago)
Awesome lego video
Elb Torres pintado (4 months ago)
Awesome video
DANNYBRICKSTER 10 (4 months ago)
Absolutely amazing I wish they were real
beast gamer (4 months ago)
I wish they were real
Paul Kuk (4 months ago)
For ice man there should be a light blue Justin Hammer hair piece for him
dompteur de jeux (4 months ago)
It s fake or real
LEGO/TRAIN LOVER (4 months ago)
I want that Deadpool one
FortNite Awesome Parodys (4 months ago)
These are probably the best custom figures I’ve seen in a while!
eazy game123 (4 months ago)
Where is Quicksilver
mecanizaciones (4 months ago)
Stop_It (4 months ago)
Most of these are great! The ones that I don't especially like are still good figs, I just don't think they represent the character well.
iRun That (4 months ago)
Damn Cable is looking pretty dope no need to customize it 0:22
PineappleExpress (4 months ago)
Ok they should make some of theses the new ones give them time they might make it
Grand Admiral Thrawn (4 months ago)
Those looked so cool
Yellow Ninja (4 months ago)
Loved Dead Pool and Cable love your vids brick news
PATTY T (4 months ago)
they would never make another deadpool get fucked cuz i have the orginal :D
Michael Tetto (4 months ago)
Thank you! LEGO needs to make more LEGO X-Men. It's so sad that we only got two sets!
One Maker Studios (4 months ago)
You seem to start using music tracks you used in your early days on YouTube :) Very happy about it, since I like those tracks. BTW 0:12 This dude looks awesome with this hairpiece.
Super Luigi Productions (4 months ago)
There all amazing they should come out with this
Ismael Alexander (4 months ago)
Do cobra kai
rant osaurus (4 months ago)
I would live this
mr cringemaster (4 months ago)
00:7 hev Would be better with Zane hair in black
Lego ninjago Productions (4 months ago)
Krosmaster Team Spain (4 months ago)
Hope lego bring more X-Men Sets there are a lot of Characters that i want to see in minifig: Gambit, Rogue, Havok, Jubilee, Emma Frost, Hellion, Anole, Cannonball, Archangel, Angel, Colosus, Profesor X....
Krosmaster Team Spain (4 months ago)
Know that but if Disney recorver the rigths this year i hope they take an eye on the X-Men , Fantastic Four and all iconic characters that fans we want. Hope to LEGO reveal more about that this year cause they tell that in LEGO MARVEL SUPER HEROES 3 probably the X-Men and Fantastic Four return... so knowing that the Game is planed for 2019-2020...
Flash Studios (4 months ago)
Krosmaster Team Spain I think Lego don't have the right to X-Men , Fantastic four and all the characters fox has. They had them until 2013 then I think they couldn't use those characters anymore. That's why no X-Men or Fantastic Four characters where in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.
mrleomovies (4 months ago)
Kitty pride should come with lockjaw though
mrleomovies (4 months ago)
Yes please
Stachu Animator (4 months ago)
Wow its so cool my favorite is deadpool
Flodest Tracque (4 months ago)
Vinicius G (4 months ago)
Um ruim mesmo é que essas minifigures seria em torno de 25 reais aqui no Brasil :/(se houvesse)
brick legend (4 months ago)
I want this to be a series
Captain Cool (4 months ago)
Lego should have made more X Men minifigures.
니니니니니니니 (4 months ago)
The music is campfire
Eli Rosenberg (4 months ago)
Like my comment brick news. NOW!!!!
OneBaiOneBrick (4 months ago)
Looks cool
Lionel Richard (4 months ago)
I wish
Emanuel Santiago (4 months ago)
Nice minifigures
Josiah N (4 months ago)
i fucking need this
jokerman 56 (4 months ago)
Oh god plz have someone make these
crazie gamer 89100 (4 months ago)
Love it

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